Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

I had plans for a very long post today.
Then something more important came up and I got cut short.

Happy New Year Everyone!

We'll continue our journey in 2011 :))

Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Respect

On the right side of this blog page, it clearly says:


You can join my Free Alert Service here. This is ONLY for my Alert Service. Plse send regular email to:

And I really do try to keep my list clean.
So to the jokers who think it would be a good idea to join this, then SPAM me endlessly with no mercy ... let me just say you're an Idiot! Once I send an alert, I hardly go back to that address anyway. So stop wasting your time. Besides, I am very well aware of how to press the f-u ... oops I mean 'report spam' button.

No Respect I tell ya ... No Respect!


I'm running on empty today. Was up late last night waiting for one of the cats to come home. He never did. So like a Mom when the kids are out late, you just can't sleep good until you know they're home safe and sound. For me, that was early this morning, so I think I got about an hour of restful sleep...ah well.


- Synergy Money's New Years Eve Contest will be starting in the MMG forum in a few more hours. Why so early? Well because we're doing this one on Ivan's time, not the server time. Here's part of his note:
On the New Year's eve, we will award two posts on topic about New Year - one based on creativity and one picked randomly. I will announce the winners before 12 AM. You can come up with something creative or just simple "Happy New Year"
I will announce the start of the contest in the MMG thread. The start will be at 3PM server time. The contest will run for 24 hours.

Back to me, I purchased a New Serial Advanced Plan this morning plus received a payout! Very nice rhythm I've got going there. Maybe we can dance our way into the New Year eh? LOL


- Ad2Million ... sometimes when I get bored I start looking at stats. Was thinking about referrals the other day so decided to check up on my own. Found myself squinting at the calculator when I realized that exactly 50% of my personal referrals are "Active".
Now we're talkin about over 4 months here, and there are members who joined under me on day one and never bought even one position. Well not under me anyway.
Speaking of stats: Total members now: 2740
That number goes up every single day, along with my earnings :)
Am lovin it!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bert's New Coyboy Boots (har!)

Bert always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots, so, seeing some on sale, he bought them and wore them home.

Walking proudly, he sauntered into the kitchen and said to his wife, "Notice anything different about me?"

Margaret looked him over. "Nope."

Frustrated, Bert stormed off into the bathroom, undressed and walked back into the kitchen completely naked except for the boots.

Again he asked Margaret, a little louder this time, "Notice anything different NOW?"

Margaret looked up and said in her best deadpan, "Bert, what's different? It's hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, it'll be hanging down again tomorrow."


"Nope. Not a clue," she replied.


Without missing a beat Margaret replied, "Shoulda bought a hat, Bert. Shoulda bought a hat."


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Another Day

- Synergy Money added a Testimonial Section today on the front page of the site. So now those who are not members yet can read the latest 5 posts from current members. Good idea and I'm glad Ivan decided to do that so you can read what others are saying, not just me, LOL.

- Ad2Million - got a nice $15 RC today (thanks to my referral who did that) and also received payment from Carrie last night. Whew! Now maybe I can breathe a little easier. This Christmas thing along with other obligations took it's toll on me this year. So TG for these programs so that I could keep my head above water.
PS, my first spend from launch day = cycled 125 times = $ 25.00 in earnings back. So we've made 2-1/2 times our money back before tonight's cycling. Very cool :)

- GrandBankClub is doing just great and I understand Gord is having a record breaking month with PIF contributions and those winning the Free $40 board positions. Hats off to you Gord!

I didn't sleep well last night and kept dreaming about tea bags. Don't ask me why, just was.
Oh wait ... maybe I DO know why.
Was thinking about JS yesterday since it's been 3 months now, and for his last birthday on June 4th I sent him a gift basket of tea bags and snacks. Didn't even think about that until just now. Weird eh?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Anniversaries ...

Spaced out yesterday that Ad2Million celebrated their 4th Month Anniversary. That's a pretty big feat to accomplish in this business. Membership still grows at a good rate and personally, I don't see any reason why this can't go on and on.
Also as of yesterday, I am officially at 100 positions. So earning $20 a day is fine by me and honestly, I really need it right now. So Thank You Carrie and all members of Ad2M. Let's keep sharing with others and make this the program of 2011. How about that?


Another Anniversary today that's not so good is the passing our dear friend JS. Can't believe it's been 3 months since I chatted with him. I still miss him like crazy.


Planning ahead and looking forward to the Synergy Money New Year Contest in the MMG forum. Ivan has been sending out emails to members about it or you can read it in his News on the site. As for me, I've been cashing out a little and rolling over a little into the Serial Advanced plans. Only 14 more days for my first spends from day one to totally mature. Then it's decision time again :))


GrandBankClub just keeps going and going too. Was chatting with Gord this morning and he shared a bit of information with me about how he "works it" and how things are progressing. Also since I was the first in the Club (after him of course), I should be getting a nice surprise payment sometime in January. YaY for that!


So I was just in the shower and thinking.
Are you guys feeling better now that these programs have made it through Christmas? Will you feel better about them after the New Year?

I've heard quite a few folks say ... I'll join this one and buy into it after the 1st. So am wondering, why is that? Is that because Christmas took a toll on your pocket book? Or is it because you want to make sure they're still online after the new year? LOL, or maybe a little of both.

Anyway, I feel good about what I'm 'playing in' now and hope they all last a very long time. But you know, it's up to us to keep them alive and well. We're not dealing with scammers here so that's never been a concern. But these types of programs do need new members (and recurring spends) to keep them growing at a healthy rate. For that, we need to "Come Together" and make it happen.

So now, are you a lookie loo or a player?
I'm a player in the three programs above and have been since day one. Ad2Million covered my entire Christmas expense this year. Synergy Money just paid for my heating bill for the month, and Grand Bank Club will cover an unexpected debt for me come January. So there ya have it. You CAN make money here if you play your cards right. Don't sit and wait too long watching to see how it goes. I've been in all three of these since they opened, with no regrets and have never looked back.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Trying to get back to work, if you call this work

You know, sometimes when I'm gone for a day or two, it makes it harder to get restarted. But I'll do my best.

At least my feet are warm again. Nothing fancy for me, just some cozy butt kickin new slippers.

Had a great Christmas yesterday and as soon as I can, will download a pic or two. Of course Baby "O" was the highlight of the day in her little Santa outfits. Just too cute :)


Happy Boxing Day to my Canadian friends out there too!!


In an attempt to get back to 'work', I checked my Synergy Money account this morning and realized that another 15 days had passed and I received my (3rd) 25% principal back (in the Serial Plan) on top of earnings. YaY! Yes it was the 3rd time for me since we're now at the 45 day mark. So once again I re-purchased more positions in the Serial Advanced plan (using the paid out principal plus earnings) and withdrew a little for myself too.
Thanks again to Ivan and all the members we have so far. Got a feeling 2011 will be a good year.
PS, our 12 Days to Christmas Contest is over BUT we'll be starting a new one on Dec 31st and will run for the first week of the New Year. I'll tell you more about that later.


Also checked into Ad2Million and realize it's been a week since my last withdraw. So now it's decision time once again. How much to repurchase with and how much to take out? Hmmm
And with the membership count constantly on the rise, (over 2600 members now), I can picture Ad2Million having a nice long life in 2011 also.


GrandBankClub's usual profit share was done today and I received my fair share. Thanks for that Gord! I gotta remember the end of this week to pay my PIF for January. It's all good and things just keep moving along there too. Thumbs Up :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

I'm guessing since I can't find much time to write, that you're probably busy also and wouldn't have time to read even if I did write a long post.

So here I am for a few minutes, to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas!

I'll be around if anything urgent comes up but for the most part, I need to try to stay offline for a couple of days at least.

Happy Holidays !!

PS, Thanks for all the cards and videos and youtube links that you all sent for the Holiday. With my slow connection, it'll take awhile for me to get them all open since I can't do anything else during the process.
Just wanted to tell you I have them and will get to them, I promise :))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Could Use Some Help Here

No matter how hard I try, this Christmas present wrapping thing just seems to take longer and longer every year.

Ah well, it's worth it once you see the reactions of those on the receiving end.

I enjoy giving more than receiving anyway, don't you?

I'm bad with the poker face thing.
If I get something that's weird, am sure my face tells a story, LOL


Thank goodness I don't need to babysit those first three programs listed on the right. They just seem to run by themselves ... like magic :)
Of course I do need to check them daily and make decisions every once in awhile, but for the most part, they just go go go. TG for the Admins of those. They are the real worker bee's.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day of Winter

Well, I don't know what to write today.
First day of winter and the sun is shining and the only snow I see is up in the mountains. Which is fine cause I have to go shopping, again :(

All of our business stuff is doing just great so no need to mention anything in particular today. Except for maybe the Synergy Money contest in the MMG forum. The 12 Days to Christmas game is still on and will run through Saturday. So if you're an active member in SM, either put a snazzy post in there or just say what you like about Synergy Money. There are 2 prizes daily, one for creativity and one random. So you have no excuse not to enter. OK then :)


Thank goodness for youtube and my friend Paul who sent this to me. Just too cute not to share.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So easy, even Cash Cat can do it, LOL

This pic came from one of the many priceless posts in the MMG forum in our SynergyMoney thread.

I'm amazed every day at the creative things these folks are coming up with. Surely the happiest and most colorful thread in the forum right now.


Was happy to hear that I got a new referral today in Gord's Easy40Plan through Grand Bank Club. Thanks Robert. I'm sure you'll be real happy with us all :)
Also received my weekly Profit Share from GBC, so come Jan 1st, I'll be paying the PIF at full speed once again. Maybe even a little more. I mean ... it IS the giving season right?


As mentioned before (I think), bought a total of 10 new positions at Ad2Million over the last 2 days and today also requested a cash out. Pretty neat eh?
Date: December 19, 2010 6:51:26 PM
Amount Sent: $200.00 USD
Sender Name:
Cheers to Carrie and the new and improved Ad2Million!
Aren't ya glad you joined? (grin)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interview with Ivan, Synergy Money

OK, before I forget (again), there's an Interview with Ivan of Synergy Money posted on the Ratings page of the site. You can go there to find it or simply Click Here.

I really enjoyed reading it. It's very straight forward, all business, no bullshit, no fake promises, no hype. It's sincere and honest and tells it like it is. Yep, my kind of Admin and my kind of program.

I'm doing great there! Having started with a couple of Serial Plan deposits which, as they return my 25% principal quarterly, I am able to reinvest that into the Serial "A" plan and continue earning from my original spend.
For those who can't (or don't want to) start in the Serial, there's also the Starter Plans that pay a healthy 1%-2% daily also. Those you can start for as little as $13.

One more thing to keep in mind ... Ivan does daily payouts and the minimum is very small compared to other programs. Now if you're using AP or STP, you might want to wait on the cash out request because of their high fees. But if you're using LR, you can pretty much cash out every time you get to .50 cents (if that's what you want to do) since their fees are so low.

OK then, go take a look if you haven't already. I personally am enjoying every day there.
PS, don't forget about the contest in the MMG forum. Runs for 8 more days! Reminder: you must be an active (paid) member to win the contest, and that's only fair.


Once again while I was sitting around scratching my butt last night, I cycled in Ad2Million just like I do every evening about the same time.

You remember what I wrote yesterday? Makes me feel bad that all I have to do to make money is invest money. Same goes for Synergy. You don't have to have referrals in either one to earn the same % that I am, but they sure do help with the bottom line. I think of my referrals as an added bonus and am extremely fortunate to have them.

So for the last hour of my online 'work' last night, I did quite a bit of surfing in the Traffic Exchange sites. I even bought some credits in one of them to help me get the word out faster.
I just felt guilty sitting here doing nothing, making money, while the Admin's of these programs are working hard for us keeping up with all the day-to-day events. Just trying to do my fair share, ya know?


Speaking of Admin's busting their butts ... we have Gord. He's like the "old faithful" of his Grand Bank Club working hard for us in the K-Game activities. Then he also goes out of his way to give a share of what's coming into the program via PIF fees and profit.

Hats off to ALL the honest hard working Admins out there, especially at this time of year.


Friday, December 17, 2010


I'll catch up with you tomorrow.
Been busy today shopping, hanging Christmas lights, cleaning house (eck) and the usual cat babysitting.
I feel kinda bad cause the programs I'm playing in don't require me to do anything in order to cycle or earn. Well you know what, I've got some time to do some TE's before I log off. Am gonna go do that now so at least I know I'm helping my favorite programs gain more popularity. Kapish?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black December???

Well I got my PetSmart Christmas shopping done today. Kitty presents, Grand Doggie presents, and the usual food, food, and more food. Oh and kitty litter of course, 2 buckets, LOL. Even donated a few bucks to help the homeless pets. Which as you may recall, that's what my 'Freak' was... homeless. The neighbors moved and left him behind. Idiots!


Been having fun in the Synergy Money forum thread reading all the wonderful creative posts there for our 12 Days to Christmas campaign. Be sure to join in and submit a few words if you like. Don't be bashful, we're all having a really good time there... even Gord in his silk Santa boxers that light up, (don't ask, just go see).


Happy to report that Ad2Million is back on track, and the downtime on Tuesday didn't seem to have hurt it one bit. Membership grows, cycling is resumed, all is good :) Thanks you guys for keeping the faith.


What is this Black December anyway?
And who coined that term in the first place?
I keep reading about Black December yet I'm not feeling it.
I'm hearing a lot about it though... all the programs that are running away this month, closing shop and stealing what's left in the cookie jar. But it's not affected me in any way, TG for that! Guess I was careful enough to stay away from those sites that are now collapsing left and right... just in time for them to withdraw your money for their Christmas. That's just f'ing sad.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're Baaaaaack !!!

If you read the below earlier, have no fear. Ad2Million is back up and running where I live. If you can't login yet for some reason, just try again later. We're back in business!!

**The below is old news now, but at least you can see what the problem was**

- Still waiting for
Ad2Million to come back to us. I'll ask Carrie for an update if we don't see any progress soon.
*Wow, as soon as I hit my 'publish' button, an email came through from Carrie.
Here's the latest update from the hosting company. Am happy to hear that it was NOT a ddos attack.
it was not DDOS attack, every time new software release for the server, we upgrade the same without any problem, but this time unfortunately some issues came up while migrating the server to newer version, our technicians are working on it, it should be online within 4 to 6 hrs. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Now don't freak out if it's NOT in 6 hours. We all know these things take some time to get going again once they're down. So just relax, enjoy your day, and check it later on. That's what I'm gonna do.

- Ivan announced our two Winners yesterday in the SynergyMoney 12 Days to Christmas
We have announced our first 2 winners from the first day of the "12 days to Christmas" contests. To find out who that is, follow the link to our forum - at MMG.
Remember, anyone can win up to 3 times and we choose 2 winners every day - one based on most creative post and one random. Posting daily increases your chances of winning.
Merry Christmas,

PS, I made a new Serial A deposit at SM yesterday and got some cash back also. YaY! And more cash today. YaY again!

- On Dec 13th, I won the PIF drawing at GrandBankClub. I didn't want to say anything because I thought Gord made a mistake since I already won one. But he tells me no, no mistake. Folks are winning more than once now. Whoo Hoo! Thanks Gord and all the PIF Contributors!

Hello GBC Members
The weekly Profit Share took place yesterday and no change in the rate. Members...regillett, numberonebulldog and Jooko72 got paid from the 40 Board this morning. Member Freedomseeker is at center of his board and will be paid on the next payrun as the Club continues to push members up onto the 75 Board.
Congratulations to member Blondie for winning the latest PIF draw. Thats 120 dollars in positions won be Members so far in December.

- You all know I hate shopping, but yesterday was actually fun. Picking out stuff for others is always more fun than shopping for myself or boring groceries. LOL Plan to do it again today too. Wish me Luck.

Late night note: I did great shopping today. Hit up 2 stores and found exactly what I wanted. Came home after that only cause I was hungry and had to pee. LOL Tomorrow is PetSmart for my 3 kitties and the grand doggies. That will be a fun shopping trip :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days to Christmas & Ad2M info

Here's something fun to do for the next 12 days, and Ivan will be awarding prizes. You do need to be registered at the MMG Forum to post and participate. Okie dokie.
Later in the day update: You really should visit the forum. We're having a lot of fun other there!

Dear blondie,

As mentioned before in one of our updates, tomorrow we start the "12 days to Christmas" contests. Every day there will be a selected winner who would win a monetary Christmas present.

The presents are secret and they will differ each and every day.

To win you simply have to post at least one thing you like about SM. There will be one winner a day chosen randomly from these posts. The same person can win up to 3 times. This means that posting daily gives you the best chance of winning.

Your posts can be in the Christmas spirit if you want. Also, a simple "I like SM, because I get paid always on time" can win you the prize, as the presents are given randomly.

The 2 awards left from the voting contest are added to the "12 days to Christmas".

I wish you all Merry Christmas,

I forgot to mention in the previous message the place where you can post your comments about Synergy Money. The 12 days to Christmas will be taking place in the Money Maker Group forum found here -

I would like to add that the counting of the 12 days to Christmas contest starts every day at 12 AM server time and ends in the end of the day and that is when we choose a winner (12 AM server time).

Only posts in the Money Maker Group forum count and you have to be an active member to receive one of our secret presents.



Yes we know the Ad2Million site is temporarily down. It's a technical problem according to Carrie and the hosting company is working on it right now. Sit tight, it should be back soon.

A little more info from Carrie:

I couldn't get to site and email for last few hours. At&T phone msg indicate that they are having nation wide problems. Some web sites may not accessable in certain area.
I am having web hosting looking into the problem also.
Hopefully, problems will resolved soon. We are doing great. We can not afford any glitchs.
thank you for all your help

As of 2 PM EST:

There are some DNS technical problems on our server. Web hosting company is working on it. It will take several hours till it fixed. It just happened to At&t is having issues the same time.

As of 5:30 PM EST:

The web hosting is still working on it. All operations (cycling, payout etc.) will resume on 12/15. Hopefully.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Seems kinda weird ...

That I don't have any AutoSurf sites to do anymore. Well I do, but the one I do is NOT mandatory.

With AvatarSurf being a scam from the start (and I don't use that word loosely), GreenAdsClub (that I haven't mentioned in a long time) has pulled the same crap. No email from them, they just stopped paying from what I can tell.
And in the HYIP world, CherryShares bit the dust. HYIFund, same thing. I could list more but there's not much point. They're all garbage.
Well, it's that time of year where these things happen all too often. Admin's and their "crew" have a nice Christmas at our expense.
Just be careful out there guys, December's not over yet.


I am a very happy camper with what I'm into these days. So I'll collect my thoughts and give you a run down of my stuff in a minute. OK, here we go ...

- SynergyMoney, YaY! Ivan's been doing a great job for all of us every day since launch. We're over 30 days strong now and building our membership at a good pace. When checking my back office for referrals, I notice their ID number. Up over 300 I see! Nice :)) And yes, am lovin that 2% daily with the quarterly returns of principal (in the serial plans). Just remember those who don't have $100 to start can also earn 2% daily. Only takes the lucky number 13. Go check it out if you haven't already. Go!
PS, 12 days of Christmas starting tomorrow. Ck back for details.

- Ad2Million ... you know, I get those "congratulations" emails from them every day telling me I've earned a commission from my downline spends or re-spends. Man am lovin this one too! Every day is a surprise but I always know that I can count on that 2% earning showing up daily. Thumbs Up Carrie (admin) and all members who are sharing and helping this one grow!

- GrandBankClub: Easy40Plan, K-Game, Karus. Has lots of names but it's all the same thing. Gord is the reliable one who is 'watching over' our spends in the Club and taking care of all the details. Gotta love it! Yesterday being a profit share day, am happy to report that I've made a couple more bucks which has been added to my account balance. Geez, I already have enough in there to pay for a premium PIF next month. Thanks guys and gals for sharing in the PIF as often as you can. And Congrats to all the drawing winners too!!

- ProductShares ... hmmm. Well, profit share sites aren't the most popular things right now and this one is no exception. But the good part is, we can promote it, we can use it to promote our own stuff, and I'm pretty sure Valerie will be around for quite awhile so it won't go to waste. I've been showing off my stuff there in banners and text ad's so it's all good. Also getting paid an occasional 'profit share' earning of a few cents here and there. No complaints. It's just a little slower than I thought it would be.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ivan !!!


Just realized how late I am with this Birthday greeting.
Ivan, the Admin of Synergy Money and a very good friend of mine lives in Holland where it is now the next day. sheesh. Well better late than never right?

I could tell you a lot of really cool things about Ivan, and will over time.
Today I just wanted to wish him a Wonderful Birthday and to let him know how much we all appreciate him and what's he's doing for us here in this crazy online money making world.

Happy Birthday Ivan !!


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Was thinking about this last night, so for those of you who are new to my blog, here's the story.

Progression: Math a series of numbers or quantities each derived from the one preceding from a consistent operation.

On August 22nd I was contacted by a gal named Carrie to help with the launch of a new program.
Why me?
- Well, because you introduced the last program that ran on this script and it did very well for a very long time.
Who else will be involved in the launch?
- No one. Just you.
What? OK (grin), let me take a look at it.

So I checked it out. Yep, same script as the old one. But I see she's offering 2% instead of 1%. OK, so far so good.
I wonder how people will react to this plan being launched as a new program? Well, there's only one way to find out. Launch it and see what happens.

For the next 4 days I went over the site top to bottom. Clicked everything I could, tested and re-testing all the links. Made a deposit to be sure it was working properly. Even recruited a couple of my friends to help with the testing of the 'Buy positions' button.

(wanna hear something really funny? I told them if for some reason this didn't work out, I'd refund their $10 personally. har!)

Now it's August 26th and Carrie's getting antsy. "Can we launch yet? Can we launch yet?"

So at 11 AM that day, I announced the grand opening of Ad2Million.

- First I started the thread in MMG.
- Then I posted here in my blog.
- Then my friend (Quick Draw Mc)Gord was super fast in sending his Newsletter before my Alert was ready, haha
- Finally, my Alert is done, sent, and I can rest for a bit.

The first 6 hours brought in 50 members.
The first 24 hours we hit 100 members total.
Today, 3-1/2 months later, we are at 2038 Members!

Now do you see the "Progression" here?
Me, to you, to them, to everyone else in the world.
And we're still growing every single day!!

So blondie? What made you think of all this?

Well, while chatting with Ivan of SynergyMoney yesterday, it occurred to me that there's no reason WHY we can't duplicate the same success to Synergy as we did (and continue to do) with ad2million.

You and I and everyone else involved all have an equal hand in this. And as Ivan said in his last update,
"The program is owned by its members." (I really enjoyed that line by the way.)

So back to the Progression.
Everything has to start somewhere.
If you share this with just one person, who shares with one, who shares with one ... do you see what can happen here?

Progression: Math a series of numbers or quantities each derived from the one preceding from a consistent operation.

I do consider both of these programs a 'consistent operation'. Carrie has done a great job for 3-1/2 months with the only change being the set 2% 'daily'. Which is much better as far as I'm concerned.

Ivan in Synergy Money has a small team of associates who have helped with some of the planning of the program. And I do believe, after a few improvements during the first month of operation, he's got it right where he wants it now. (which is pretty darn close to being perfect IMO)

So without sounding like a Commercial, I'll let you check the programs yourself. Gimme a holler if you have any questions. I'm extremely pleased with BOTH of them and just wanted to share my thoughts today.


Thanks Pj Cusack ... for John

Let me think about what to write today.
The below kind of threw me for a loop.

Actually will just start a new post.
I should leave this one as a stand alone.


Thanks to Pj Cusack for putting this song on John's wall in Facebook. Guess it never occurred to me until I saw someone ask "hey what happened to 9planet?" Now, I'm not a facebook fan so was never in js's friends list there. But Pj is, and am glad he thought to do this for John and those on his friends list.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2, to, two, 2, 2 and 2000

Let's start today with an Awww!

2 days ago my grand baby turned 5 months old.
Happy Birthday Baby O ... Hugs and Kisses!!!
Gramma Loves You! (Isn't she adorable?)

Today is Synergy Money's One Month Birthday!!!

Two days from today is Ivan's (SM Admin) Birthday!!!

Yes I am still earning 2% daily at SynergyMoney!!!

Yes I am still earning 2% daily at Ad2Million who just happens to have over 2000 members as of today!!!


Number 1 on my list is SynergyMoney where I just received this update from the Admin:

Dear blondie,

Today is a special day for Synergy Money and all members. We celebrate our first month of operations.

I am extremely excited about that fact and without a slightest doubt I can say that this was a month of accomplishments. We stand in a very healthy position at this moment and this would have never been possible without the support of the members of Synergy Money.

This was also a month of challenges. We had plenty of challenges in the beginning – script issues, glitches etc. However, we overcame those with precision and attention and now are stronger than ever.

I see how we all will have a very happy holiday season in Synergy Money and after New Year, we should expect even more growth than ever.

As a guideline in my administration job, I consider the creation and addition of ethical value to Synergy Money and its structures the most important.

The program is owned by its members. Each member is seen and treated as an equal and is in no way to be considered to be any less valuable than anyone else.

Happy Birth once again.


P.S. Remember we have a chat incorporated in the contact and customer support pages. You can always come and chat with me there. Also be sure to check our exciting thread in the Money Maker Group forum -

That is one rockin good update and Thank You Ivan for taking such good care of us.
I especially love this part: "The program is owned by its members" as I DO take pride in ownership of this program.

Hey, it's here for us and if we treat it right, do our fair share of promoting (sharing with others), and/or our own fair share of re-investing to make our program grow, there's no reason why we can't be celebrating a one year birthday before we know it.

Speaking of which, today being our One Month Birthday also means that another 25% Principal Return will be paid to me from the Serial "Premium" Plan that I started on day one. (Which also puts me in profit at this point (had I not reinvested already :)) With that being said, am off to buy a new position as soon as I get done here. Gotta take care of "my" business, ya know? LOL


Number 2 on my list is Ad2Million
Not that it's number 2, just next in line, ha!
I just re-purchased 5 more positions today (with profit) and am happy to report that things couldn't be looking better there.
Being 3-1/2 months young, over 2,000 members as I write this... it just doesn't get any better than that.
Love seeing the Paid Posts from my readers, friends and associates in the forums too. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
We're doing great guys. Keep up the good work sharing and being supportive. It does pay off, don't ya agree? (grin)


I've gotten way more SPAM today than normal. Do you think it's cause one of these "closed programs" sold our names to their spammer friends? Hmmm
So who's to blame? There's so many that have closed recently, hard to say.
Oh well, tomorrow's another day and another click of the "report spam" button :)


This morning I removed a nasty post I added last night. Now I'm wishing I hadn't.
There's another big time recruiter/blogger out there that's no better than the one I mentioned yesterday. He recently joined AvatarSurf, put a lot of money in, and I KNOW it hasn't been 12 days since he joined and promoted it. Meaning, no one who joined under him got into profit.
And all he has to say is: "Has hit cash flow problems and not continuing!"
That just burns my behind.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over

It's times like this that I really hate being right.

I saw a lot of my online contacts playing this "game", but I didn't think I should write to each and every one of them. I mean ... they know what they're doing and know where to find me.

Am also happy that I put it to bed, made about $12 profit (so I was not one of the big HAR's he claimed to have), and was smart enough not to share my link with anyone after day one. I only had one referral to worry about, and he's fine.

Also feeling bad now that I laughed when I read the post below ... but c'mon! The writing was on the wall. I only had 3 people ask me what I meant in my "back pedal" post on the 23rd. Too bad it wasn't more.

Oh well, here's the News:

Hello Avatar Surfers,

Today we are here with a very bad news!

Due to a large number of HIT And Runners taking away their big profits and no more investing, also chargebacks of AP fraudulent funds has caused the closeness of AvatarSurf

We are very sad to say this but this is a fact! Only I am not responsible for this but the members are too

Can't end up now with a good day message so bye guys

John Williams

PS, you know that wasn't a real name, right?
I'd eat my Yogi Bear hat if it was!

PPS, you should have seen the post in MMG that quickly got deleted by the Mods. There was a lot of SOB, MF'er, Bast..., a.hole, rot in hell stuff like that in there. Poor person. Said they lost 9K. Can you believe it?!?

One more thing: thanks to my informant for giving me a clue what was going on here. Once I opened my eyes, I saw all of what they told me, and more.


Gosh, I hate to mix good programs with bad ones.
Let me think about it for a minute and I'll try to ease my way into a happier chat subject.

Party Day tomorrow. Am loading some pics right now, plus we've got a couple of things to celebrate. So guess I'll see you then. Bye Bye


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weird Stuff

Story has nothing to do with this pic.

Looking up into the tree in front of my house, I see a dead bird hanging. How could a bird die in a tree? Birds live in trees so surely they know how not to get their head stuck or foot stuck in between the branches. But from where I sit, it sure looks like a dead bird. The feathers even flutter when the wind blows.
So I go outside to get a closer look ... no such thing in the tree. So what the heck am I seeing from here?

Another weird thing, yesterday around lunch time there was a Coyote wandering around the farm looking for food I'm sure. In the middle of the day?!? Holy crap! Where are the cats??? Well the cats were all in the house, safe and sound but man ... something weird is going on.


Had a quick chat with Ivan this morning who told me Synergy Money has been growing at a good rate. Lots of new members wanting to join in on the fun and profit. YaY!
This is actually my number 2 money earner right now. Only by virtue of it being newer than the other.
And if you guys don't visit the MMG thread for this, you're missing out on a lot of laughs. We've got some really entertaining folks in that thread that just knock my socks off, ha!


And the other is ... Ad2Million, what else. Growing steady also and those cycles just never quit. You know, I was thinking about this the other day. If my friend John (js) were still here and 'working it', he'd be paying his Rent from his earnings by now. He always got more referrals than I did and always had more money to invest than I did. Therefore, he always did better than me. Nonetheless, he knew a good thing when he saw it and went for it. And so did I.
PS, got paid another $100 this morning. Thumbs up!


Talked to Gord this morning and told him since I had more than $30 in my account at GBC / Easy40Plan, to go ahead and take $15 of it, to use for an additional PIF for this month. That should help another person to win a $40 position in the game. I've already won one so just Paying It Forward :)
PS, Congrats danish (Dave) for winning the latest $40 board position! Can't wait to see who's next.


No new earnings in Product Shares today. And that's OK. I'll check again tomorrow .. same time, same place.


And in Team Ca$h Cow ...
Congratulations to our Stampeder Star winner for December - Susan P.!
You go Girl! You deserve it!!
I swear, there is no better Traffic Exchange 'Guru' like Susan. She just rocks and deserves every bit of credit she gets from TCC or any other program she's in. WTG Susan :)


OK then. That's all she wrote.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Other than ...
- waiting for the family to locate John's Iraqi Dinars (that may be in a box in the garage),
- and waiting to see if the "Health Debit Card" really does come through,
- and waiting to see if the "Bunny Bump Game" really does send the refund that was promised ... look what I got today:

Congratulations, you have earned a bonus referral commission at ad2million!
Your direct referral micronuts has repurchased $ 20.00 and
you have received a bonus referral commission of $ 0.40!

Do you know what this means?!?
After about two months of waiting (and nagging at) John's (js) daughters mother to find the time to actually log into Ad2Million, change the profile information, and do what I suggested she do ... I'm finally off the hook 'watching' his account! YaY!!!

So those of you who are signed up in Ad2Million under micronuts may rest assured that any earnings (daily or referral commission) will be going to his daughter, as I had intended from the start. Whew! Can I relax now? It's been a long hard journey and I'm glad it's almost done. (sigh of relief)

PS, John didn't start with many positions, but it's been growing the entire time. So my guess is that his daughter cashed out today about $100, more or less.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Synergy Money and More, maybe

- Forgot to mention yesterday, my fellow blogger friend Gwen did an excellent write-up on Synergy Money in her Gwen's Profit Hub site. Go take a peek. She may have touched on a few points that I didn't, and it's always better to read more than one view anyway. Agreed?

- Ad2Million
amazes me every day I log in, see my earnings, read all the happy forum posts and testimonials on the site. And being December, already over 3 months old and 1850 members as I write this. Man, this couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks Carrie and participants!

- Yes I cashed out at AvatarSurf yesterday. I didn't 'play' with much, so did not make much. Am I going in for another round? Nope. Am I going to tell you why not? Nope, am just putting it to bed now. All I wish to say is good luck to all of you who have chosen to continue to play. And I honestly mean that.

- I need some help again. John (js, micronuts) had another blog that was through blogspot. Anybody remember what he called it? I have it bookmarked but it's on my old laptop that doesn't work so good anymore. Gimme a holler if you remember the name. Thanks :)

- Product Share members. Please read this. Was sent out by Gord on Friday via his newsletter and I thought you all might like to see how the profit share / income works out in the long run.

Hello Everybody,

In yesterday's newsletter I got into how I figured the share calculations worked with Product Shares and I
was not far off.

Here is an example and explanation from the Admin, Valerie....

The first way you earn - Is by sponsoring
others that purchase product shares -
Those on your first level - Every time those
you directly sponsor purchases a product share,
you are going to earn (10%).

The second way you earn - Is by way of your
indirect referrals - Those on your second level -
Every time those on your second level make
product share purchases, you are going to earn (5%).

The third way you earn - Is by way of profit sharing
- Even if you have no referrals at all, you can still earn
- Every time a product share is purchased by a member
any where in the system, the profit is going to be
divided amongst the next 25 product shares in line.

Think of it as standing in line at the water fountain.
When you get your drink of the water, you go to the
end of the line to wait for another drink.
When one share is purchased, 25 product shares is
receiving a profit. When the next product share is purchased,
the next 25 product shares in line receive a profit. This
continues til it reaches the end of the line....
then what? It goes back to the beginning of the line again.

Of course, if no one sponsored anyone then there would be
no members and if no one purchased product shares there
would be no profits and if there is no profits then there is
no profit to share.

So this is why we must all work together, spread the word,
promote our ref url, let people know what they can get by
purchasing product shares.

It really is a win/win program especially for those that choose
to purchase product shares and choose to promote it.

* Thank you Gord for doing the legwork there :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not To Much Goin On Today

- Cherry Shares site is down. Will it come back? No one knows.

- Made a little profit in Product Shares today, .39 cents (per share) to be exact.

- Today is my last day at Avatar Surf. Will request my payment when I get home.

- Made a little more RC in Grand Bank Club due to a downline paying the PIF for the month.

- Daily emails from Ad2Million continue to come in telling me I've made RC on new or re-purchases from my referrals. Thanks guys!

- Had a hefty cash out from Synergy Money this morning. Now I need to figure out how I'm going to re-invest it. (grin)

That's all for now. Am not very talkative today.
Going to see the Grandbaby for dinner tonight, so am looking forward to that.
Until tomorrow (wave)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Casual Friday

I so used to love Casual Fridays at the office because I was allowed to come to work in Jeans instead of "dress clothes".

Here at home, Casual Fridays take on an entirely different meaning, LOL


Someone asked me yesterday about Product Shares. My response is... it seems to be a good program with lots of goodies to 'share', just keep in mind it's a profit share and there's only so much profit to go around.
I myself made some bucks the first few days after launch, but seem to be sitting idle now. So patience is the key here. And when your number comes up, you will earn your share of the profit from another person's spend. If you want to speed it up, do a little promoting then the RC will help you along also.
Don't join this to make money overnight, OK? ok :)


Speaking of making money overnight ... both SynergyMoney and Ad2Million are doing just that for me. And at 2% daily in each ... well ... let's just say the kitties, the grand doggies and Baby O won't go without this Christmas. Thumbs up to both Ivan (SM) and Carrie (A2M) for doing a wonderful job for us!


I feel like singing. What shall I sing. mmmmm

OK, here ya go Missi. This one's for you kiddo :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

Can't believe it's December already!
Was busy yesterday... made my house payment, went to the bank, stopped at the store for some 2011 calendars, then treated myself to Pizza (although I saved it for dinner). Cheaper to pick it up than have it delivered. And it was mmm mmm good, even reheated.


Ivan tells me Synergy Money is doing just great, and from what I see in my own account and the forums, he's right!
Notice the new banner? It's pretty cool huh? Now remember our new changes. You can start earning the 2% daily with as little as $13. You do need to invest the min of $3 into Basic I, then you can deposit your $10 into Basic II and earn 2% daily on that. See the Investments page when you get there.
We want everyone to be able to play and profit, not just the big wigs, ok.


Gotta love the 2% daily programs. Noticed today that my opening day spend at Ad2Million has cycled 100 times which has doubled my money since Aug 26th. Can't beat that :) Also with more than 1750 members now, looks like Carrie sure has the right ideas here. Hats off to you and your program!!
PS, bought 5 more positions yesterday myself.


Being a new month also means it's that time again to pay the monthly PIF for Grand Bank Club's K-Game. Checking my account this morning it's building nicely with the new loyalty rewards and revenue sharing that Gord recently added. The cost to help in the PIF pool is $6, $10 or $15 monthly... whatever you're comfortable with. And "
Congratulations to member Universal for getting paid from the 40 Board"


Who's a pro here in G-Mail settings?
When I go to 'compose mail' ... it's not giving me suggestions like it used to for completing the email address. It's just all blank now and I miss that feature. Any ideas on how I can fix it? Thanks