Monday, February 28, 2011

Need a New Job?

Can't help but wonder what this gal does for a living...

and WHY her employer would make her wear this t-shirt? LOL


Just a quick note about my Alert Service before I forget. After you join, don't look for Alerts the same day, week or even month. I don't do a daily or weekly newsletter, and I don't send Alert's unless there's something that needs to be shared right away. Plus it must be something pretty special, OK?
So feel free to sign-up then just keep an eye out for an Alert from blondie :)


Speaking of Alerts, am guessing in the next couple of weeks I will be sending out a new one. So if you have been enjoying the program I alerted you to 6 months ago ... then you're gonna enjoy this one too. Maybe even more! Is that possible? Sure it is. Can't wait.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary Ad2Million

Happy Anniversary Ad2Million

Seems like just yesterday we launched this program and quite honestly, I had no idea that it would catch on and take off like it did.

So here we are today with well over 7,000 members celebrating Ad2Millions 6th Month Anniversary!!

Whoddathunkit? Six full months of earning 2% daily this entire time.

Well I could give you a list of things that this program has helped me with recently, but I won't bore you with that. I just want to tell you it's been a real blessing for me to have something like this fall into my lap when it did.

Of course I continue to support it by re-purchasing on a consistent basis. Sure I could use the money now, but I also realize that if we all support it, it will support us for a much longer time.

You know what they say,
"never look a gift horse in the mouth".

So once again ...

Thank You Carrie for running a good show with Ad2Million. And Thank You to all the members that have made it what it is today! WooHooo!!!


One more note about Ad2Million: I have referrals that joined on Day 1, bought 1 or 2 positions, and there they sit. Did they forget they joined?? Or have they just been cashing out every time they get to $10? Anyway, if you joined and forgot about it ... what a nice surprise you'll have today when you log in and see how much money you've made, LOL


Friday, February 25, 2011


This is cool and I forgot all about it ...
Transfer received from AlertPay Reward Department $5.00 USD
So even AP pays an RC for referring. Nice.
And they didn't even take their Fee out of it, LOL


--- Checking in at Ad2Million: members 7257 and our 6 month anniversary is tomorrow! I'm expecting another small payment soon and in the meantime, re-purchased 5 more positions.

--- Always something good happening at GBC-Easy40Plan and I can't thank Gord enough for running this show for us. You know, I'm also playing this "game" through another Team ... since Feb of Last Year! Haven't seen a dime from that one yet. And even though Gord started his long after theirs, I believe they could use a few pointers from him on how to speed things up and keep their members happy. Ya think?
For instance; GBC Today:
Congratulations to members jordancburke and meltcat for winning the latest PIF draw for 40 Board positions.
GBC Yesterday: Congratulations to members danish... nica40 and roberteb for getting paid from the 40 Board.
See what I mean? Great Job Mr Gord :)
--- Carbon-Profit is working like clockwork so far. Every afternoon that I've requested a withdrawal, I've received it the same evening. Got a feeling these first 50 days are gonna go by fast! Then the next 50 are all profit days. Yippee!

Ummm anything else?
I had a Big Mac and Fries from McDonalds today.
That's like a heart attack waiting to happen, isn't it?
Well, I still feel OK, just real full of it. LOL
Later :)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

No News


Women are like phones:
They like to be held, talked to, and touched often.
But push the wrong button and your ass is disconnected.

Women are angels, but, when someone breaks our wings,
we simply continue to fly on a broomstick.

We’re flexible like that.


No News is Good News, right?
Everything is quiet today and working as expected, so I'm gonna switch computers and print some stuff that I need for my upcoming tax return.
Have a good day and if anything exciting happens, I'll be back :)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

Here is another one of those songs that I hear first thing in the morning and the poor Cats have to listen to me singing it all day long, LOL


OK, business as usual.

--- Being the 23rd, Ivan of Synergy Money will be paying some refunds today for those who were NOT in profit when Synergy stopped. The day is young so be patient while he works out the numbers.
* And here's the first post about it in MMG: Got some refund. Thankyou Ivan speak_cool.gif

--- Ad2Million: received a payment from Carrie yesterday and also re-purchased 5 more positions. We're getting closer to that 6 Month Anniversary and we're gaining a LOT of new members daily. It'll be at 7,000 before you know it. That's just flippin incredible!

--- Gord at GBC-Easy40Plan writes: A big GBC Thank You to member jobrick for a $30 PIF contribution today. How cool is that? Always great to see members helping other members even when they don't have to. We have such a good group there, ya know? Also an excellent blog article written last night which you can view from the main GBC site, then click on "The GrandBankClub Blog".

--- Carbon-Profit: received my first payment from CP on Monday evening. Thank You Admin and members. It's such an easy site to understand and navigate. I really like it so far ;)


Hours later ............
Didn't mean to leave you hanging. I started looking at a $5 / 2x2 Matrix that a friend sent me. I'm trying to get some clarification on how the spillover works, because once I get my 2 or 6, am not sure I can be of any help to anyone else. And we all know it can be hard to find people to join, even for 5 bucks.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Post # 2 for a Monday

Yeah, am gonna start a whole new post.
Need to leave that last one all by it's lonesome.


--- Ad2Million: no changes, no updates, everything is still running perfect. Next ...

--- GBC-Easy40Plan: got my weekly profit share yesterday. Now it's just a waiting game. Next ...

--- Carbon-Profit: or is it Carbon-Profits? Am still confused since the site says one thing and the URL says another. Anyway, it's starting off really good and everyone seems interested in it. Like I said before, the more I think about the plan, the more I like it. So with loyal members and good growth, this really could go a long way.

--- Cash-Twist: any new members who join under my link will be paying their Level 1 payment of $9 to someone in my down line. That's the power of the spillover. Am I repeating myself again? Yeah maybe.

Oh and I do still have something New up my sleeve. But can't announce it quite yet. So sit tight or hang loose, whichever you prefer. Mmmm I'm gonna hang loose. OK :)


Presidents Day huh?

Dear Mr President,

Although I'm not exactly sure what all you do in your job, I thought a portion of that job was to help our country and its citizens. So I have a few questions for you that for the life of me, I just don't understand.

- You wonder why so many of us are not covered under medical insurance. My insurance premiums went UP $35 per week starting this month. What used to be $47.50 is now $82.50... per week! So I would imagine most people cannot afford it any longer. Well that was an easy answer, huh?

- You allow big companies to make decisions for us that cost us, not them. My mortgage company decided I needed more flood insurance so they bought me an additional policy which costs me $464 MORE per year. My existing flood policy was already Twice the amount I owe on my mortgage. Why was I forced to buy more?

- Do you wonder why the 'G' Student Loans never get paid off? I've figured that one out for myself. Helped my step-son get his loan caught up. Then made the last 2 payments before the due date. YET the principal balance of that Student Loan is going UP and not down!!! Geez, no wonder people can never get these paid off. It's impossible!!

- Then there's the grocery store cost. The overall cost of all items there have gone up 29% over the past year. When was the last time YOU went grocery stopping? Hardly anything in the cart and it costs over $100.00

- Perhaps a mandatory Cost-of-Living pay increase that ALL employers would have to abide by would help. I know people who have worked at the same job for 10 years, yet are still earning the same amount of money as when they first started. These kind of situations affect all of us.

So Mr President, I know I haven't touched on many of the issues this country faces because quite frankly, I can't even comprehend how big some of them must be. But currently, the issues mentioned above seem to be affecting me more now than they have in the past. Every time I turn around, the G has their hand in my pocket for one thing or another. And quite honestly, my pocket is damn near empty now.

Also Mr President, heard your family is here in Colorado enjoying a little ski vacation. Awww that's nice. If I could afford to put enough gasoline in my car to drive there and visit with them, I would do it. Oh well, maybe next time eh?

Now you have a Wonderful Day Mr President.
I mean ... this IS your day right?



Please no comments.
And I hope I didn't make anyone angry.
I know there are more important issues out there than the ones that have affected me. I just felt the need to speak my peace today, on paper, since I don't discuss my personal issues very often with you guys. So didn't mean to whine, but this past year I've gotten more of a taste of what others complain about. And it's not a good thing.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

New 2% Daily

Decided to leave this post up for Sunday as well.
I may add to it if I think of anything else of importance.
And No, you don't "have to" listen to Queen again if you don't want to. LOL

Am gonna repeat what I said last night cause if you checked my blog early in the day, then you missed it. So here it is again, *with updates this time:

Just placed a banner for a new program that opened yesterday called Carbon-Profit. Recommended by a good friend of mine who knows the Admin. OK. If they say it's ok, then it must be ok.

- Pays 2% Daily for 100 days
- Accepts AP, LR and PM
- Minimum spend is $5 - Maximum 5K (giggle)
- Compounding is not allowed.
- Sponsoring is Not required to earn, although ...
- Referral commissions are
between 3-5% depending on your spend
- Interest is paid every 24 hours from the time of your deposit
Cash outs are allowed daily and the minimum is 1.00. Allow 24-48 hours for completion.

OK then, don't bet the farm, enjoy yourself and have a great night!

* Checking one of the forum threads today, looks like we've got some monitors coming in to 'play', which is fine and they should bring in a good crowd themselves.
* Remember this just launched 2 days ago and I am # 187.
* Am going to add more funds later on (after my sponsor does), since the RC you receive is based on your own spend.

** More funds added. Am in a good place now. Gotta remember you will see your spend back after the first 50 days. The 2nd 50 days is all profit. So I've added a nice chunk of change to get it going, LOL
Good Luck to everyone who joins :))

*** Read this in the forum yesterday and I will quote Susan:
For people who like Ad2Million I think this is a similar program (although a hyip) but with lower referral commission and an earnings cap.
With the no-compounding and the earnings cap, you are forced to put fresh funds in rather than re-cycling the same money over and over. Not saying there's anything wrong with Ad2M because it HAS been perfect for almost 6 months now. Am just thinking that Carbon's plan could last even longer because of those differences. Besides, it's always more fun to spread your seeds around, just in case one doesn't grow as fast as the others.


Is today Saturday? Cool. I get my new Tires put on today.


--- Ad2Million: Not much to say other than everything is going puuuurfect. Meow =^..^=

--- GBC-Easy40Plan: tomorrow is profit share day.

--- Cash-Twist: well, I've done OK there but it seems to have slowed a bit. How are you guys doing? Making any progress with promoting / sharing it?

--- Mcfads: guess it didn't occur to me that our daily earnings were separate like our spends. What? Well I have enough to withdraw (combined over 2 spends), but since they're separate (like the spends) I need to wait till I have a little more.


You guys already know I'm a screwball, right? OK
Was down in the basement doing laundry and found myself staring at a giant "Detroit Red Wings" wall hanging that my Son left behind when he moved. (Kids always do that, right?). Next thing I know, I'm singing this song. So I pull it up on Youtube and started laughing. What is this guy wearing? Are those shorts or boxers? O-oh, looks like Gord's got some competition now. hehe

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Full Moon Friday

My friend reminded me that this is a day when crazy things happen, being a Full Moon and all. Well, I need to go to the grocery store and get $100 worth of food, which I will pay $129 for :( You did read my other post about that, right? (sigh)


Thanks to Carrie at Ad2Million,
and Gord at GBC-Easy40Plan,
and members of Cash-Twist,
my new tires have been ordered and I can now pay for them without that nasty credit card. YaY !!!


Just placed a banner for a new program that opened yesterday called Carbon-Profit. Recommended by a good friend of mine who knows the Admin. OK. If they say it's ok, then it must be ok.

- Pays 2% Daily for 100 days
- Accepts AP, LR and PM
- Minimum spend is $5 - Maximum 5K (giggle)
- Compounding is not allowed.
- Referral commissions are
between 3-5% depending on your spend
- Interest is paid every 24 hours from the time of your deposit
Cash outs are allowed daily but the minimum is 1.00. Allow 24-48 hours for completion.

OK then, don't bet the farm, enjoy yourself and have a great night!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Favorite

Of all the different "Intros" to the Drew Carey show, this one was my favorite. Not sure why they felt the need to change the opening song over the years.

Good Morning :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Why Day

Not sure why this is hard to understand.
I've been asked twice in the last 12 hours about how Ad2Million works. I suppose it's just too simple for some to comprehend. Those people must be too smart for their own good, LOL

--- Ad2Million basics: You purchase an advertising position for $10.00. That position cycles daily and earns you 2% commission. After 50 days (2% x 50) that position is at a break even point. Everything you earn after that is profit.

- Let's say you bought 10 positions to start. Your daily earnings are $2.00. Now, you can let it ride and continue earning $2 per day OR once your "Available for Withdraw or Re-purchase" balance is $10 or more, you can Withdraw or Re-purchase.
--If you withdraw, you've got money back in your pocket.
--If you re-purchase, (let's say 1 position) then you've spent the money on a new position and now you have 11 positions earning you $2.20 per day.

Re-purchasing is a good way to build up your own account to earn more daily. I've been doing a lot of repurchasing and am now at 155 positions earning me $31.00 per day. Not too shabby :)
Re-purchasing also helps the program by leaving more funds in the system to help others as well as yourself. In the FAQs the suggested strategy is to re-purchase 20% of each withdrawal. I know of some who are re-purchasing more than that, like maybe 30-50%. Kudos to those folks !!

OK so that's the basics and I hope it made sense to you.


is Gord's moose-stash so big?


--- Why is everyone petering out on me in Cash-Twist?
It's actually a pretty good program once you get it going. My 2nd Tier (Level) is filling up nicely and those are the people who pay my 1st Level referrals when they join. Once my 2nd Tier is Full, then new members will pay my 2nd Level members when they join. Ahhh the power of spillover.
Without going into too much detail, I only need 6 more to fill my 2nd Tier and then the next group will start receiving the spillover and payments.

--- Why do people have to HAR the good programs out there? Don't they believe in anything long lasting anymore? Well I feel sorry for them. They may be earning more than I am but I can sleep at night knowing that I'm not 'one of the ones' who caused a good set-up to crash. I prefer a good honest long lasting program over a one-night-stand any day.

--- Why did the overall cost of everything at the grocery store go up 29% over the past year? These are items we need to survive. Food, laundry soup, bar soap, light bulbs, toilet paper, etc. Did your pay go up 29% this past year? No wonder more people than ever are malnourished and starving.

And last but not least ...

--- Why would someone from Donald Trump's organization want to get a hold of me? Did Donald himself read my blog and wants to get in on Blondie's ventures? LOL
Hey Donald? Got a couple million? I'll hook you up with some great programs!!

This internet stuff is just too weird sometimes.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Punxsutawney Phil

Am beginning to wonder since I forgot to mention Ground Hog Day on Feb. 2nd, if by chance I've somehow cursed myself.
For some reason every morning seems the same, like in the movie "Ground Hog Day". The furnace turns on, the coffee pot beeps, the alarm goes off, and the Cats start playing with each other and meowing, and I yell 'shut up'.
Now maybe there's something I forgot to do, or that I'm not doing right, so I need to re-live the same day over and over until I figure it out. Now I have to think about what it could be. Ahhh


OK, Happy Valentine's Day before I forget that too. LOL

(You expected to see the heart at the top, didn't ya? You should know me better by now. I'd rather look at the big fat ground hog.)

I'll be back with updates.
Just had to get that out in the open first.


--- Ad2Million is doing great, as always. I've had a couple of folks question me regarding my Saturday post about it. I was not trying to imply anything other than the fact that we should all stick together and do our fair share of purchases and/or re-purchases. If we all do this, along with the new members, we will have a very long happy life here together. That's my goal :)

--- GBC-Easy40Plan: Am buying a new $40 Caribou board position there today. Yippee! I also see the PIF's coming in good so am sure Gord will be doing his "draw" again soon. Kind of matches his name ... Quick Draw McGord, LOL

It's been nice and quiet here this morning. Haven't gotten interrupted much at all, so on with the show.

--- Cash-Twist: Received another $15 payment last night from someone who is on my Level 2 and upgraded to Level 2. So this is definitely moving, although maybe not fast enough for some. If you can get the word out and promote it a little, that will definitely help the speed of your payments. If you're waiting for spillover, well, am doing the best I can.

Also, Ivan of Synergy Money has signed up in Cash-Twist and will be using all of his profit for the SM refunds. If you're not in the Twist yet and would like to join under Ivan, you can do so from this link.

--- Had a little trouble with McFads this morning. Zone Alarm didn't want me to go to the site telling me that it could be a fake or phishing site. Weird stuff eh? Could just be a ZA setting that I need to adjust. Anyway am there now and about to do my surfing.

Hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the............

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't Get Me Wrong

When I wrote about Ad2Million yesterday, about re-purchasing and helping others... just wanted to get the point across that you're not in this or playing this alone. We're all there for the same purpose and that is to make a few bucks. It's all about helping each other out and not hogging the best thing around right now. Or as one of my readers/friends mentioned, was merely a pep rally or pep talk. Nothing is wrong there and every time I mention making changes to Carrie, he assures me we're doing great and no changes are needed right now.
So there you have it :)

Meant to post about some other things but being a Sunday, turned out to be a busy day. I'm sure you understand and can relate.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend time (unless it's over already) and I'll try to catch up tomorrow.
Night (wave)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leading By Example

You ever hear that term? "Leading By Example".

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing."
- Albert Schweitzer

I got to thinking about that yesterday after reading a very good email from one of my referrals in Ad2Million. He also attached a spreadsheet for me to view showing Ad2M earnings when you cash-out-only vs. re-purchasing along the way.

Now I know some of you enjoy reading my blog to check and see if I have any new "critter" stories to tell or baby pictures to show off. But I would guess the majority of you come here to see what I'm doing to make money and how YOU can do the same. Am I right?

So let me expound on that by chatting about Ad2Million and the importance of purchasing or re-purchasing along the way.

You do realize this Advertising Cycler constantly needs funds In to pay funds Out. Without that, it will surely crash n burn long before it's time. Now if you read the FAQ's about re-purchasing, Carrie does say that a good strategy is to re-purchase with 20% of your cash-out earnings to help grow your own account PLUS it helps the program by keeping the money in the system.
So are you doing that? Have you been doing that? Will you start doing that???

Do you remember my post about being an "Odd Duck" the other day? Well I would hope there's many of you Odd Duck's out there. You know ... hesitate when pushing that cash out button, thinking about if there's something more you can do to help the program that's helping you?

Just today, I checked my Ad2Million account and saw that I had $114.00 there. So I re-purchased 5 positions and placed a withdraw request for $64.00. Damn close to 50/50 right? Now I'm not saying that you should put a 50/50 rule on yourself. But if everyone did their fair share of repurchasing (instead of just cashing out) we would all benefit for a lot longer, which would make us ALL Happy!!

Ad2Million has really made a difference in my life since it launched. I had a couple of BIG expenses take me by surprise and if it wasn't for Carrie and Ad2Million, I don't know what I would have done.

My only regret is that John (js, micronuts) is not here to enjoy it with us. I know he'd be Woo Hooo'ing in his blog and building up his own account. Yes, I remember him doing that in the old 10dollarswonder program. He re-purchased more than anyone I know. And as much as he needed the money, he could see the importance of keeping it in the program and helping ALL the other members in the process. John was a good role model for "Leading by Example", as he always put others before himself.

As of right this minute, Ad2Million has over 5500 members. Now, I realize only a portion of those are "active" with a paid position. And there may be some saving up the $10 to be able to join. Remember $10 is a lot of money to some, even though we have the bad habit of saying "ONLY 10 dollars".

--- OK so why did I take the time to write all of the above?

You know I keep you informed on what I do on a daily basis. But what are YOU doing? Are you following my lead and doing the same? Or are you one of the few who are planning the easiest way to rip off or HAR a program that I show you?

I really wish all of you would take a moment and think about that. I am aware of what my personal referrals in Ad2M are doing, and I must say for the most part, I am extremely proud of you all! You guys rock!!

Then I hear about others, who bought a little, got a lot of referrals, then do nothing but cash out. That is just plain wrong as we all know they're doing more harm than good.

I want this program to last as long as possible. And I really do feel that if everyone had the same goal, to help others as well as themselves ... that we, as one big happy group would still be saying "Woo Hooo" in years to come. Gosh I sure hope so anyway.

Thanks for reading.
Cheers :))


Thursday, February 10, 2011

As The Dust Settles

I'm sure the dust is still settling over at SynergyMoney since not everyone reads their email daily. So I'll put it aside for now and move on to my other stuff. Ivan did tell me though that he's received some nice emails from members supporting SM. That's really good to hear. We all know he's doing the right thing and I'm happy that everyone else is seeing that too. Thanks guys!


--- Ad2Million continues to rock and I re-purchased 5 more positions this morning. Now over 5400 members and our 6th month anniversary is right around the corner. That's just incredible! I personally am still getting new referrals and the most recent (paid ref) who joined on January 27th is already at 65 positions. Way to Go!

--- Gord over at GBC-Easy40Plan never stops working doing our board placements, payouts and that nice little 'profit share' thingy he does for us. You know, that covers my PIF contribution every month thanks to my referrals who contribute and thanks to Gord for sharing. So back in the pot it goes, always anxious to see who the next $40 Board Winner is.

--- Cash-Twist is going very well so far. Of course when I first announced it, got a good handful of new members. Now it's tapered off a bit, which is fine and as people grow their own downline and start earning, they're seeing the big picture as well. Yes I am at Level 3 now and enjoying every minute. Don't forgot to share with others and let's keep this puppy growing.


Mystery Solved.

Heard this song on a TV commercial two nights ago. What IS that song and where do I know that from? Think think think. Nada. Went to bed, but heard it again last night. Then "Grandfather Clock" comes to mind. What? Where do I remember Grandfather Clock from? Keep thinking. Then I can picture a man jingling keys on a key ring. Hmmm So just before bedtime, it came to me. I jotted it down (so I didn't forget today) to pull it up on youtube to see if I was right.

So if you hear this song on a TV Commercial for Insurance (here in the States I imagine), allow me to save you the trouble of trying to remember where you heard it before. LOL

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doing It The Right Way

Just received this update from Synergy Money. I'll post it first, then my comments below.

Dear all,

This is an important update so please take the time to read it carefully. Given the recent circumstances in respect to the inflow of funds coming in to the Synergy Money payment accounts we have to implement some immediate actions. Let me first say that I will work out a solution that serves best the interest of the
members of Synergy Money.

**What lead to this situation**
The big ROI (considering the 25% return of the serial plan) and the slow growth during our 3th month. We raised bigger deposits during our 3th month from our old members who were increasing their accounts regularly but the new members joining were more reluctant to deposit new money in the program. This is simply a natural cause and it is better to take actions before the imminent end.

**What is next**
First step will be to disable all deposits and cashouts from the program. Also the deposits that were made this week will be refunded in full.
Right now I have a list of all the members and how much they have made or did not make from the program. I will zero out the accounts which gained profit. You can see if you are in profit or not by the ROI calculation on the home page of your back office (Wallet funding – Wallet cashouts).
The accounts which are still owed will be refunded to the point of breaking even their investment amount. In the case of potential opportunity to generate profit on the top of your principal amount, I will definitely take it under consideration and pay deserved bonuses to those members. The amount will depend on the success rate and how the process of those opportunities has performed.

**A matter of consideration**
The whole process might take some time. That is why I am going to refund specific amounts on biweekly terms. The first refund round will start on 23th of February. However, investors with losses under $10 will be refunded faster.
Each refund week I will be crediting your account with the appropriate interest on the difference amount (Wallet funding – Wallet cahsout) and it will be announced to you via email and published on our News section. I cannot give you an estimate or a number of how much that would be. Then, you will be able to request a withdrawal to your payment processor. The minimum to withdraw will be $1. Your accounts will be reflected with the difference amount of your invested money and your withdrawals.

I will be keeping you updated on regular bases. I am not going anywhere and the site will stay online for as long as it takes.



This is a very sad day for me and other members of Synergy Money. But you know, a HYIP that runs for 90 days without missing a beat is a success no matter how you look at it.

Please keep in mind that Ivan will continue doing payouts until everyone who is NOT in profit has their deposit back and is at a break even point at least. There's not many Admins out there who would go the extra mile for their members, whether it's a $3 refund or a $300, they're all equally important. That takes a lot of dedication and I applaud Ivan for his continued support.

He has been one of the best Admin's I have ever dealt with over my many years here online. He has done an absolutely wonderful job running Synergy and keeping up with all the daily tasks, not to mention the fun contests and ongoing upgrades to the site itself.

So without going on and on and on ... I wish Ivan and all Synergy members the very best. We WILL be kept informed on how the refunds are going via the site itself and news updates.

Still I am sad but we know good things don't last forever.
I'm just happy that I was able to be part of it all :)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold and Snowy Tuesday :(

Yep, the cold is back, high of 6 F here today. Snowing again to the tune of another 6 inches. Depending on the weight of the snow, it's shovel or snow blower. I'll decide later when it stops.

My Cat wanted my cinnamon roll. Gave him a piece but he turned his nose up at it. What? So I put a little cream cheese icing in it. Ohhhhh that's what he wanted! He's the one we call "one ton" LOL


--- SynergyMoney: 90 Days Running Today (not 3 months, that will be the 10th). And I do believe I'll have a couple more Serial plans expire this afternoon. Bought them on Dec 10 so this should be my 60 days completed, right? Very Cool :) Will check out the numbers and decide later.


--- Ad2Million: Noticed a new update there today. Carrie is a woman of few words and there is a new payout schedule posted in the withdraw section. Here's what she wrote: (except for I fixed her typos)

News update 02/07/11 - Auto-repurchase; Withdraw and payout;

You can turn on or off auto-repurchase every 7 days. We are still working on this function. It will functioning at 100% soon.

Withdraw and payout processing time:
Our membership is now over 5,000 and grow steadily everyday. To improve our work efficiency, the payout and withdraw will be adjusted. The new processing time is posted to the member withdrawals status.

Great job everyone and thank you for all your support. Our system has become one of the best opportunities on the NET. We pay an attractive 10% direct sponsor commission. You simply invite people you know to read our fantastic testimonials submitted everyday.


--- GBC-Easy40Plan: Was surprised (as I always am) when I wake up to find a $25 payout in my AP account sent from Gord at GBC. Whoo Hooooo!! I've got quite a few of those $40's running now, and a $75 also ... all built from that one (or two) starting purchases of a $40 board. Right on and Thanks to all.


--- Cash-Twist: This is turning into a LOT of fun. Looking at my back office stats today, I see that:

- My Level 1 is filled with my first 5 referrals (that's $9 x 5 for me)
- Those first 5 are still receiving 'spillover' from new folks joining from my link (that explains why you pay the $9 to someone else now, and not me)
- 4 out of those 5 referrals have upgraded to Level 2
- My Level 2 downline already has 14 out of 25 (to fill it)
- I have received one $15 pmt from Susan (who's under Gord) for her Level 2 upgrade
- Level 3 downline shows 9 people. Level 4 shows 3 people.

So those who have joined are promoting and getting a good number of referrals for themselves. I am also diligently helping with the "spillover" as much as I can. All the 'details' on what I'm saying here are on the 2nd page of the site (more details link, bottom of page).
From what I can tell, we're building up a pretty good team of members in a short time. Way to go guys! Keep up the good work and we'll all be in profit before ya know it.

* Later in the day update: Received another payment for a Level 2 from downline. So I went ahead and upgraded myself to Level 3 so I don't miss anything. Am not going to "twist" quite yet. I'll wait and see how it goes from here.


Was chatting with someone today and the term "Against the Odds" came into the conversation. Well, you know what I thought of, right? Sad but that's just the way it is sometimes.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Already?

There's a gal in the forum who always posts the cutest pictures.
Just had to borrow this one today. Thanks treebartt :)


BBL with updates.
I need to go to the grocery store first.
Would rather do it when it's 40 degrees F here today, as opposed to the 8 F we're expecting tomorrow. I do have good news to share, so come back later, K :)

Ohhhhhh, after grocery shopping, putting it all away, having a bite to eat and cleaning up the cat puke waiting for me when I got home, am feeling a little burned out now.
Everything is fine and dandy here, no fires to put out, and promise I will update tomorrow.

Thanks to the new folks who joined Cash Twist last night and today. I'm debating on upgrading to Level 3 because of the nice long referral list I see everyone building below me. Will let you know tomorrow. Am just too pooped to think about it right this minute.

Thanks and have a great night!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

Snowing like crazy again. Well it's February. What else is there to do in Feb?

--- Synergy Money: Ivan released a very good update yesterday about our growth and the plan for LR. If you're already well into profit and using LR, your plan will be expired. If you're not there yet, you'll continue to earn until you reach 20% profit. Sounds fair to me considering no one is using LR for new spends or re-investments any longer. AP and STP continues to grow and our 3 Month Anniversary is coming up in a few days. So members who joined the Basic Plan 1 will complete that plan if they joined on the first day. Cool :)

--- Ad2Million: Today has reached over 5K in Members! Wowie wow wow!! Quite an accomplishment in this day and age of cyclers. Well I'm happy as heck there and Carrie, the program, the members and my personal referrals are rockin my world and helping me save up for those new tires, LOL Yep, that's my latest goal. Hey, I spent 75 cents the other day to put AIR in those tires. Highway robbery I tell ya!

--- GBC-Easy40Plan: Another program that never sleeps. TY to Gord and everyone involved. Now don't forget about February's PIF if you haven't paid it yet. You could be the next WINNER of a $40 Board Position!
A big GBC thank you to member Freedomseeker for additional contributions to the PIF Pool today. Also being Sunday, our profit share run as been completed and I've got a couple more bucks in my account balance. TY again Gord :)

--- Cash Twist: still trying to figure out how the heck this thing really works. I did get all 5 Level 1 referrals and payments last night. So now I believe anyone new who joins under my link will be paying my 1st level downline? Hmmm Like I said, still working out the details. And I've love to hear from anyone who does join under me today, as to who you send your payment to. Then I'll know better how it works. Fair enough.

** Gord's doing well here too and just wrote up a nice article / explanation about it in his blog. He's very detailed sometimes so when I get dizzy and don't get it, he helps me out, hehe

*** Just learned that spillover does not go in order left to right (like an old fashioned matrix). Seems Gord got one of my guys and now I see another ref. of mine who just got 2 more. So here's how the Admin's explained it when I asked:
Our spillover is "waterflow" , evenly spread, (so there is a "random" element to it) - NOT left to right as in a matrix program. Although this time you might think it is "out of turn" it saves all 5 waiting for the one before to fill before getting any spillover.
Sounds good to me.

**** Got my first $15 level 2 payment from one of Gord's referrals who's got a few under her belt already. Good promoting and Thanks, WTG Susan!

***** One last note before I sign off for the night ... spillover is working really well. I just hope (wish) my referrals check their accounts every day (or twice a day) to catch it. If they don't, not sure what will happen to them or their account. In any case, I'm happy to be able to provide my referrals with spillover.

--- Mcfads: Matt just reopened the Alert Pay option for spends. Ummm OK Guessing he got the AP Fee lowered or worked out somehow. Anyway, am surfing and watching to see how it all goes. Don't get me wrong, Matt seems to be a good guy and will run an honest show. Am just a little concerned about the 12x12 plan that he added. So we'll see eh?


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take It From The Top

Good Morning :)

--- SynergyMoney: Ivan accidentally disabled all of LR yesterday rather than just deposits. So if you're an LR user and check your account today, all should be intact. More news on that later.

--- Ad2Million: perfecto !

--- GBC-Easy40Plan:
Congratulations to February's first PIF Pool winners...Jooko72 and Gooch228.

--- Mcfads
: Well I just hope Matt made the right decision opening a 12x12. I'm not playing in it and also hope it doesn't affect our 15 or 60 day long term advertising. (sigh)

I have something new to show you, am deciding on how to present it. So I'll BBL :)
OK ... I'm back.

--- Cash Twist. Just added the banner to my side bar and trying to figure out how to explain it. So bear with me (or bare with me if that makes you more comfortable) LOL

I joined this last night as a Thank You to a good referral of mine in another program. I've been invited to it 3 times earlier but held off until now.

What it looks like to me is a Cash Gifting program that's semi-automated. After you join and PAY, you need to wait for your sponsor to confirm your purchase BEFORE you can get your OWN links to advertise with.

Don't join if you're not prepared to pay the $9.00 one time fee via Alert Pay.

Once you have 2 members in your down line, they urge you to upgrade to the next level. Well, that's OK since it's money I've already earned, right?

If you DON'T upgrade and your referrals do, they'll come up to me if I'm at a higher level than you.

This program already has a lot of members. Not sure how many are upgraded or to what levels. And I've seen team builds for it but didn't go that route. Seems I have trouble getting my referrals to go to forums for team builds and we end up losing anyway.

Now they do say in the member area that you can't SPAM (duh) or Advertise with Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange Programs. WHAT? Well my sponsor said he's been advertising in TE's with no problem. So maybe they just mean auto-surfs. Don't know for sure but I might ask them about it.

They DO give you some Ad's to send for email promoting. Just remember to send ONLY to those who accept email from you. K

I don't know what else to say so maybe I'll show you what my Sponsor sent to me. Here we go:

Hi Judy,

I'm sending you this invitation to join Cash Twist under my sponsorship.

This program will be a Super addition to our AD2MILLION venture as it fits right in with our existing referrals that all have AlertPay accounts already in place.
Cash Twist is an AWESOME moneymaker. There are NO MONTHLY FEES ever!

Join and start receiving instant payments directly to your AlertPay account. It's simple. (of course I changed that link)

YOU collect 100% commissions over and over again, from $9 to $80 multiple times endlessly! You also get forced Spillover & Spillunder Cash!
My team is starting to receive Spillover Cash from me. I keep sponsoring new people and since I already received 5 Level 1 payments, all my extra signups are paying Level 1 upgrades to YOU! What a great TWIST!

Cash Twist is not a matrix program, not not cash gifting. and not a 1-up or 2-up!

When you activate the Cash Twist, your downline starts growing automatically and you receive payments from random members that you did not sponsor! Your Twist downline is built for you!

Seriously Judy, I make money in many different programs online but NOTHING has surprised me more than Cash Twist! It's amazing. I started receiving multiple payments within hours of joining and within 2 days my downline started receiving payments too. Get in early and start spreading the word!

Go there now! (and again, hehe)

Please ask your referrals not to sign up until they are ready to pay $9 for Level 1. This is not a free program. They MUST have an AlertPay account that can accept Credit Card payments as well as cash and they must be able to spend $9.

Cheers !

So I don't know yet if this is going to work but am willing to risk $9 to find out. Up to you and Good Luck to those who want to try it out with me. Peace :))

UPDATE: Have gotten 4 referrals so far. Once paid I need to confirm the payment. So if you join later and don't get confirmed immediately, give me till tomorrow when I wake up. Cool.

UPDATE AGAIN: Just received my 5th referral and payment in Level 1. So I went ahead and upgraded to Level 2. Waiting for confirmation on that payment and am logging off for the night. Will be back tomorrow around 7 AM MST to confirm any further payments I receive.
Thank you all very much and Good Luck to all of us :)


I've had a weird day today. You?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking The Bull By The Horns

For an Admin of a program, who's watching closely what's going on 'behind the scenes', sometimes decision making can be hard,
when they look at the big picture, and realize what needs to be done in order to keep "our" program running healthy wealthy and wise, they just take the bull by the horns and do it!

What am I talking about?

Am speaking of SynergyMoney and Ivan's decision to disable the Liberty Reserve pay processor immediately.

Why would he do that?

Seems we've had a lot of "hit and runs" that have gone through LR and nothing of any substance coming back in. Sad isn't it?

Now, if you're using AP or STP, they are fine and have been growing with new deposits and re-spends on a regular basis.
If you have LR in your account, don't freak out.
Ivan will update us tomorrow on Synergy's growth (which is good) and his plans for the LR account holders.

Have a good night :)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Odd Duck

I must be an odd duck.

Why do you say that blondie?

Well, I join all these programs to make money, which I normally do. Then I find myself hesitating when it comes time to withdraw from the programs that I really care about.

Now I know others are taking money out left and right. Some are even raping these programs with their bad HAR habits. Still I find my fingers getting stuck sometimes before pushing that withdraw button.

Yep, I'm an odd duck.
But you know what? The tires on my old Jeep are about 10 years old, going bald and flat. So what can I do? I need new tires. So it's withdrawal day for me. A ducks gotta do what a ducks gotta do. Right?


--- SynergyMoney is doing great. Yep, I just placed a couple of small withdrawals with Ivan a few minutes ago. For the most part, I've been re-purchasing with my daily earnings with hopes of growing my account. And it's been working fine so far. Yes, this IS one of the programs that I really care about.

--- Ad2Million ... also placed a w/d request there today. Yesterday I repurchased 5 positions and another 5 today. So even though I take a little for myself, I'm also helping the program continue to grow. Although with almost 4800 members, looks like everyone is doing their fair share of promoting this. Thanks you guys! You're the best!!

--- GBC - Easy40Plan ... here's another one where I just can't bring myself to push that withdraw button. Seems like whenever I see a few bucks in my account balance, I start thinking about how to re-spend it. And you know Gord is always happy to help with that, LOL. But hey, he doesn't take anything for running the K-Game for us. He does it because he enjoys helping others make money on the net. Cool guy huh?

--- Mcfads ... yeah yeah I know I wrote about it last night. I'm not doing the 12 x 12 dealy bob. Couple of reasons: 1) don't enough LR in my account to play, minimum is $25, and 2) it's just too high risk right now. People know Matt is honest and they will HAR it. Sad but true. And if I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat. (would somebody send me a hat please? I don't own one. Oh wait, I do have a Hoodie. I guess that will work if need be)


How am I doing Brian? Am I keeping you busy reading? LOL
Brian put a note in our Ad2M thread in MMG the other day about me not updating my blog. Silly guy. Got me on my toes though and I ended up writing quite a bit that night. Guess sometimes I just need a push. Thanks Brian and hope you get well soon :)


And it's Snowing again! Argh!
Shoveled the walks yesterday and thought I was gonna die. The air was sooooo frickin cold I thought my lungs were gonna collapse. Well, supposed to be at the freezing point here today and much warmer tomorrow. Can't wait.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Guys Up For Some Gambling?

Just got word that Matt who runs Mcfads (and is the owner of MyCashForum) has just added a 12x12 to the site. Well OK. I'm game. Here's the scoop:

Hello Blondie I have added a high risk plan,
12% x 12 daily non surf plan. please read number # 27 FAQ please. (posted for your review)
I have also updated the referral banners to reflect this new non surf plan. You will have to re-add your referral banners to your websites to reflect the changes. FYI the non surf plan we allow Liberty Reserve only. We are working with Alertpay on the fees. I will update you all tomorrow on this subject.

Yes. 12% x 12 days 144%

You can only cash out after expiration.

Expiration Plan:- 12% x 12 days 144%
In this type of plan, after user earn set ROA% daily, the rebate will not be added or credited to user balance until the Ad-Pack expires.
Say a plan is 12% for 12 days; after 12 days, user will have 144% of its initial principal added to his balance.

That's all for now. I'll be back when I wake up tomorrow :)

Next day update: Looks like I can't play after all. He only accepts LR and the minimum spend is $25. I don't have that much in my LR account right now. Probably for the better. These types of games tend to get HAR'd pretty fast. But since I'm in the regular surf, at least I'll know how it's all going. Later (wave)


Oh I'm Just Cold ... brrrrrr

The cold weather continues here, as it does across the States. Today's high temp will be 8 F, but they say tomorrow we'll get above freezing. Whew!

Of course my cats were inside all day yesterday. They won't even step out of the house when it's this cold. Smart cats, LOL

I did put food out for the skunks, but there was no sign of them either. Maybe after it warms up a little, they'll come out of their holes for a bite to eat. We'll see.


--- Good News at SynergyMoney and I'm really happy about the latest change ... part of it being that the Serial Premium plan has been discontinued. So now you don't need to be concerned about having a "premium" in place before investing into the Serial Advanced plan. What does that mean to you?
It means the minimum to join in the Serial Plan is now $30 (instead of $100) and you'll still be "twisted" (haha) by receiving your principal back over the course of 60 days in 4 equal installments. Not to mention the 2% Daily that you earn along the way. Total ROI 175% YaY!!
Gimme a holler if you have questions, or read the entire update on the site, or you can come to the MMG Forum thread. There's always someone around who can answer if you can't find me. K

--- I got nothin else up my sleeve at the moment.

Best wishes to go my friend Brian who's Dr told him he might have swine flu. What? That's just crazy. Anyway we wish him well and hope he's NOT that sick. Sheesh. We joke about it all the time but I've never known anyone who's actually had it. I hope the Dr is wrong. Get Well Soon Brian :))


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colder Than a Witches ..... what?

Without bothering to look this up in Celsius ... it was 66 degrees F here on Saturday and -13 here this morning. Currently 4 degrees. Even the Schools are closed today cause they don't want the kids waiting at the bus stops in this freezing ass weather. Brrrrrr

Yes I missed writing yesterday. Did you really miss me? LOL
But you know, sometimes when there's no fires to put out I just get lazy and take some time to myself. You know, think things through and whatever.


--- Waiting for couple more dollars in SynergyMoney earnings to buy another spot. Oh and I received a payment from there yesterday. Thanks Ivan and members.
And do you realize on the 10th we'll be 3 months running already? Wow! Good stuff Maynard, LOL

--- Got Paid from Ad2Million this morning. A nice chunk of change if I do say so myself. (remind me to write a long blog post about teamwork one of these days, ok?)
PS, just received a very nice $70 RC from one of my referrals. Now that's the way to start this bitter cold month of February. Thanks much to whoever bought in fresh. Yep, we're lovin it!

--- GBC is rolling along, perfect as always. Gord... thumbs up.
Jan 31 news:
Congratulations to members Regency and Dbmyatt for winning $40 Board positions in the latest PIF draw. And I think I read 'blondie' is coming up for another payment soon also ;)

--- Almost forgot to surf over at Mcfads. Whoops. If you don't surf, you don't earn. But it's all on "auto". Piece of cake. Thanks Matt for taking care of business for us.

OK so now you see why I haven't updated.
Everything is fine and running just like it should be :)

Wow, I need to find someone to call an Idiot before I bust, LOL