Saturday, April 28, 2012

Got Me a Twofer

JBP-JSS-Tripler: received the daily percentage twice today on my Triplers. We knew they were running a little late on that so it was nice to see them keeping their word as always and paying us twice. If you're still waiting, please be patient while the payment script is running.
Still seeing plenty of Tripler purchases from my personal referrals and their referrals also. Nice that we're all on the same page with regards to loading up on those Trip's :)
I missed the morning call today. Anything new and exciting?
- Just arrived so I thought I'd share with you:
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Restart Next Week!

Welcome to all our new members!

Because of several emergency situations we had to handle during the past week, it will take several more days before we're ready to do the Restart. Expect it some time during the coming week.

Some great Restart Training is now available:

Most important is that JSS-Tripler accounts opened after about 3/24/12 (exact date not yet determined) will NOT be affected by the Restart.

ALL JSS-Tripler positions bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be affected by the Restart.

GBC: received my weekend profit share today, Thanks Gord. I read in his blog that because of volume he's paying the PF over 4 days now ... Sat-Tues I believe. Just something to be aware of if you're watching your own account for that.

aDailyCash: didn't get to the store for that Energy Drink yet so still haven't stayed up long enough to cash out, LOL. Looking at the payout numbers though, guess last night's max. allowed was $70. Ummm, OK ok... the problem I was having there was when I went into "Account History" and checked the "Interest", it didn't match my daily interest earnings. So the Admin has been checking into it and assured me that all is fine and it's just some weird calculating error that will be worked on soon. So if you ever notice the same thing, know that it will be fixed and check your actual balance, not just that line.

Baseball season is here.
And for some reason,
when I think about one of
these programs I'm in,
I think of baseball.

"For it's One, Two, Three 
Strikes you're OUT at the 
old ball game."

Friday, April 27, 2012

JBP-JSS-Tripler: ">>>> DAILY PAYOUT SCRIPTS NOW RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! >>> Pay Will Take At least 7 hrs to Complete."
That was taken from the Conf Room. So now you know why you don't have your 2% yet, IF you don't yet. It's coming!
- Did my fair share of buying Tripler's yesterday rather than cashing out. Figured I might as well get it while the gettin is good.
- Just listened to Frederick's call from last night. Don't waste your time. Some guy asking way too many Tax questions which cannot be answered by the JBP team. Another asking and complaining about Alert Pay and STP. And yet another who just found the site and had tons of 'newbie' questions while reading the terms & conditions. (sigh)
Frederick has a lot of patience on these calls and I respect him for that. He did mention that our new 'Surf' site could be up in a month or so. Also Level 2 Membership is still a month or two away, same with Platinum placements.
- There is something new called 'JBP Living' coming in June or July, which hasn't been announced yet but those who are aware of it seem to be excited about it. Can't wait to get all the details :)

BRB, I need to go thank some MMG forum friends.
The majority of people there are really good people. But the few who caused me grief can kiss my arse!

GBC: rolling right along as usual. Thumbs Up!

aDailyCash: OMGoodness. My account balance is getting BIG but I haven't stayed up long enough to try to cash out since they had problems and put restrictions on it. Maybe I need to suck down one of those Energy Drinks at 9 PM to stay awake till 10 and hope that I can get in OK. Hmmm

theMint: needed to create a support ticket today. Nothing big, just something I don't understand. Everything (besides that) is working good for me and I have received the profit share of 1.77% today and 1.71% yesterday for my Advanced tokens.

Here's the latest Update from T2MoneyKlub:
Hi T2MK and C150 Members.
Here is a new update regarding the T2MK restart layout.
C150 members please click the link below.
T2MK members, please click the link below or the link in your dashboard popup message.
Thank You.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick JBP Update

Just a quick JBP-JSS-Tripler update then I need to run out for a bit. Wanted you all to be aware of the missed 2% daily earning from your Triplers.

^_^) JSS-Tripler - New Security Enhancements!
Welcome to all our new members!

Some new security enhancements were installed today - sorry about the short notice, and we didn't realize it was going to take some of our members up to 24 hours to be able to take advantage of the enhancements.

In any case, we are certainly one step further in our journey to provide more reliable server up time.

Unfortunately, our sales of JSS-Tripler positions were significantly decreased as a result of the downtime experienced during the time the new security enhancements were being installed today.

And when significantly less sales are experienced on a given day, it makes good business sense NOT to pay out so many 2% Daily Earnings.

So we will NOT be paying out the normally expected 2% earnings tomorrow morning.

However, most, if not all requested withdrawals will be paid today, depending on whether my computer gets access to the necessary JustBeenPaid Admin Area used to make AlertPay Payments in the next few hours. Other payment processor delays are not expected, and AlertPay withdrawals will be paid, at the lastest, just a few hours later than normally to be expected.

Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Back later :)

- Sorry I never came back. I started cleaning house and it's a lot worse than I could have imagined. And I need to done by 9 AM tomorrow. I'll catch up with you after that.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: From the JustBeenPaid Conference room:
"If you are unable to access the main site today, please understand that the techteam are implementing improvements, there will be times when the site is inaccessible. All will be back to normal soon."
(Thanks to Patrick for posting that in the forum. Saved me the trouble :)

I'm gonna save my T2MK thoughts for last. Cause I need to think it through first.

GBC: received another payment from Gord for an Easy 40 Plan I bought recently. And he's changed the way he's doing things a little bit. Update is in the GBC blog today.

aDailyCash: my balance is growing but I can never seem to be there at the right time to do a cash out request. Looks like only 31-32 payments are all that is allowed per day. Doesn't give anyone much time to get in there and make their request. So hmmm

Blogger changed our back office and I can't say I care for it very much. Doesn't feel like 'home' anymore.

theMint: is doing well and I bought myself another Dragonfly 'Spectacle' today. Funny name for a position, but oh well. Also congrats again to member "soulMerlin" who won the first Lottery contest and also happens to be my referral, YaY! Next week will be another contest and another winner.

Off to buy a Lottery Ticket for tonight's drawing.
Will catch up when I get back.

Not having a good day. My engine is knocking. Thought it just needed a quart of oil but 5 minutes running, after filling it up, still knocking. The other car I have available is dead. Won't start. Started on Monday, but today it's dead :(
OK so I'm stranded here. Might as well pay some bills.
Went to pay a student loan and noticed that a big fat -0- has come off the principal balance for the past 3 months and every penny is paying the interest. What the f is that all about? I know I've said this before but I'll say it again ... no wonder these kids can NEVER get their Student Loans paid off. Our flippin agencies make it impossible!!

So maybe I'm not in the right frame of mind to discuss anything else right now. Plus I'm not exactly sure how the T2MoneyKlub Restart is going to go down. Better let the dust settle, then wait for more updates to see the finalization of it. Besides, I'm old school and like to see it on paper for it to make sense. From the sound of it though, we're just starting over. Hey, is that the same as a do-over? LOL

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T2MK Restart

Been waiting all day for this and here it is:

Hi T2MK and C150 Members.

For important news on the T2MK restart please go to your member dashboard (T2MK members) and click the link in the dashboard popup.

For C150 members, just click the link below.

Thank you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Madness :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: estimated 4 more days before our next restart and Tripler's continue to be bought in droves. Well I myself purchased another chunk two days ago and now have more Triplers active than I've ever had! Ever!

T2MoneyKlub: Dave finally showed up in the T2MK forum, so if you're a member, you can go catch up on his posts.
He DID say "I will go on to say that as far as mandatory tasks go, they are now finished. No penalties will be imposed in May." So that's a Yippee!
He also mentioned that 'we may need a full restart'.
Now after reading his remarks in the forum, you will know why he said that and may find it understandable.
I feel bad for those posting that they've compounded 100% since the start while anxiously awaiting the Matrix... while others (who are the big promoters) continued to cash out the max allowed daily.
Bottom line is we should have a new Update in the next 24 hours or so. Then at least we'll know exactly where we stand.

aDailyCash: looks like about 30 people managed to get a cash out today. I did not stay up long enough to even try. Reading a few forum posts, reports are that you have to be there right at the 00:01 Server time in order to request and 5 minutes after is too late. What? That's a pretty tight schedule and with as many members as they have ... could be a lot of angry players out there.
PS, if you're not already a member, now is not the time to start.
PS again ... since I am never around at the "cash out" time, decided to purchase 7 more spots today. Ahhh, what's a blondie to do :(

theMint on the other hand, is just gearing up for it's official May 1st launch. Was going to post a couple of notes here but decided to post their entire "5th Mint Newsletter" instead. Yes it's very long so if you're not interested, just ignore it. Otherwise, enjoy:

Let's go directly to business. Mint has had an especially exciting, profitable week. Many of our members have felt the Dragonfly's wings, and advanced-Token owners have received an impressive profit share this last week.

We have almost reached the 700 Member mark being just a few short! At the same time, the system deleted inactive members. Remember, inactive members are deleted on the 30th day of inactivity. This is done automatically from the system, and we are happy to confirm the system works like a charm.

Mint now has an active member ratio of 61%, quite an impressive and amazing percentage, considering we are just one month into our pre-launch!

Now May 01 is only a week away, and many members are already sending support tickets on what the prices or changes are once we officially launch the program. We have tested the system and the profit-sharing works, the banner rotator and surf features work and the MLM system is absolutely mind-blowing. But we! know this doesn't quite answer all your questions on what will happen.

So here's to everyone: on May 01, we will change prices, plan length and advertisement feature for new investments. EXISTING Membership and Token holders will have no changes on price structure or any negative effects on new ROI caps. You earn as advertised! Only new purchases of Memberships and tokens have higher prices or a lower end ROI.

One thing's for sure, the system is stable and everyone who helped us test in the pre-launch will profit higher than ANY NEW Member after May 01! In other words, Tokens cost more, some Tokens will be closed and the ending ROI will be lowered on new purchases. The program will offer greater and more advertisement spots, but pre-launch Members will always have our special treatment. The more you help us, the more you will earn!

Now, a special surprise for every Dragonfly owner!
If you are one of the lucky holders of the Dragonfly Membership, you! will also earn on Advanced Tokens even if you decide to exten! d only y our Dragonfly Membership. The Buddy Membership needs to have already been owned once, of course, to be able to purchase a Dragonfly Membership. However, you may just renew the Dragonfly the following month and drop the Buddy Membership altogether.

But (and this is a BIG but!) if you are not holding the Buddy Membership, you will lose out on further Matrix upgrades from your existing or new downline who extend or buy the Buddy membership. So, for Matrix Downline Builders, it is strongly recommended to keep both Memberships. For investors who are not interested in building a Matrix though, the Dragonfly Membership might be all you really need.

Once more, just to make sure everyone understands: a Buddy is needed to buy your first Dragonfly Membership. You may not purchase the Dragonfly directly without holding a Buddy Membership during the time of purchase.

Speaking of the Dragonfly, we have the Lottery results and our first Winner!
The winner is user: s! oulMerlin (#591), Token ID: #231713, Type: Spectacle, Processor: Alertpay

A round of applause to our good sir, you have just received a new Spectacle Token. Congratulations! Remember, next week we will have one Lottery Winner for the weekly contest and also one overall Winner.

Recap: You will never get a better offer for Tokens or Membership upgrades after the official start, which is just a week away. You will still receive amazing deals of course, but the prices or ending ROI will be different.

Recap 2: Your downline will get deleted after 30 days should there be that length of inactivity. Do not lose them; make sure you tell your downline about the opportunity they might miss and e-mail them about it. You can find the 'E-mail My Downline' on the left side of your Navigation under the 'My Account' structure.

Until next week, folks!
Mint up your life,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday in the Back Yard

Attention Dog Owners: please take a few minutes out of your day to read THIS ARTICLE. It could save your Dog's Life !!!
Thanks to Charlene for sending me the link. And I will be sure to send it to my Grand Doggies right now!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: as per their latest update:
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - 3 New Records!
Welcome to all our new members!
Each day -- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- purchases of new JSS-Tripler positions hit all-time highs!

I would also like to add that JSS-Tripler now has over 500,000 Members! That's pretty amazing, don't you think?
I myself bought more Triplers this past week than I have the past two months. Why? Because it's a great program and Frederick was kind enough to give us a heads-up on the next restart plans, so that we can plan also.
Updates are important in this business and without them, well... one can only guess what's going on.

Speaking of updates, I was really expecting to see one from Dave of T2MoneyKlub today. Yet he's still silent. Now I know there are times when "Silence is Golden", but I don't think that applies here.

Also just removed the Compound150 banner from my side bar. Doubt it would be smart to join at this point. I was born at night ... not last night.

GBC: received my weekend profit share today. Remember now that Gord does it over the Sat-Sun weekend. Guess we're keeping him too busy to do it all on one day like he used to, hehe

aDailyCash: I did not stay up last night to request a withdraw, and can't now because the daily limit has been reached already. So am watching my account balance grow in the meantime and might try the w/d tonight, if I can keep my eyes open long enough.

theMint: 1.69% again for the Advanced and of course 2.5% earned from the new Spectacle tokens. I should be taking more advantage of the opportunity there, but I think I'm getting lazy in my old age and just do what's necessary these days. Hey don't laugh, eventually you'll know what I mean, if you don't already.

Was so proud of myself yesterday. Got home from running an errand and noticed how dry and icky my front lawn looked.
Did you know that this past March was our driest March in History? Yep, and the poor grass is proof of that.
So after eating a quick piece of pizza, I got out the lawnmower and tackled the front yard. Started watering as soon as I was done and today, it looks like a million bucks! Woo Hooo! (pat myself on the back). Now the back yard needs the same attention. Dang :(

This tune needs no introduction but sure does remind me of someone. Actually more than one person now that I think about it, LOL

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Again Already?

JBP-JSS-Tripler: always nice to get emails telling me that my referrals or their referrals have Filled a Matrix. That way I know those who I sponsored are also doing well... plus the $5 or $2.50 that I receive doesn't hurt my feelings one bit :)
Congrats to you all !!
-- I love good Updates, don't you?

JSS-Tripler now has 492,756 members.
Thank you to our many promoters for doing such a great job! Yesterday purchases of JSS-Tripler positions hit an all-time high. Today's purchases could be another record!

This is a great time to buy JSS-Tripler positions, because buying now and during the coming weeks is like buying just after a Restart.
The chances are very good that there won't be another Restart (after the one coming in about 6 days) for about 90 days, meaning the positions you buy now will most likely mature, paying out 150%, before the following Restart.

This is a great time to promote JSS-Tripler, because new accounts and new positions will not be affected by the coming Restart.

GBC: was just informed of a new blog article which I'm going to read right now. That Gordon... always making changes for the better.
- Just read it, sort of. Gord goes into a lot of detail and I'm in a hurry today so I skimmed through it, but it's always there to read when I have more time. Also bought myself a new Easy 40 today along with one each of the PIF's that are offered. Also got paid for an expired Easy 40 Plan. Right on.

aDailyCash: still no luck in picking the right time to request a cash out. Maybe I'll need to stay awake until after 10 PM my time and give it a try then. Someone in the forum mentioned 'right after their server day change' was the best time, so if they're on EST... well, you do the math.

theMint: today's profit share for Advanced tokens was 1.69% and of course the Spectacle tokens were 2.5% (fixed). I did purchase another Spectacle yesterday so now I have 2 running in each group.
Wondering about the monthly membership fee and if it will be paid from our account balance. I bought in with Liberty Reserve so a "subscription" was never created. I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

T2MoneyKlub: just read the following in the T2 forum from Lola asking Dave some of the questions we've all had the past few days:
"Anyway, he did finally email me back about the following things. He had been away for the last 12 hours, and is back now. He will be catching up with everyone today. He said April tasks are still mandatory(He did not mention anything else about that),he is considering merging (only considering)the two programs, but subscription fees will remain as T2 is only on temporary measures and could be returned to 2% daily if all gets good again."
- Well ... I've done 1 task so far this month and am not pleased that we would have to 'jump through hoops' to complete them for April. They are not available in the task section currently and I really don't think we should have to "hunt them down" and go through several steps to get them done; with NO guarantee (at this point) that they will be counted towards our total.
- Haven't seen any payment proofs either via any of the pay processors. He said AP was on hold but.....
- So we wait for another Update which we will hopefully see today.

Just received a SPAM email that promotes something like "We have developed a software that automatically places your ad on millions of blogs."
Now that could explain the SPAM comments I receive with tons of URL's. Either that or they're just trying to promote their junk to my readers the "sneaky way". Idiots!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Bandstand

JBP-JSS-Tripler: no news for today, but while watching my balance grow faster than normal (thanks to referrals and their ref's) decided to put the money in a few more Triplers instead of cashing out. I personally an not concerned about the next restart one bit, and it sure was nice of Frederick to let us know ahead of time exactly how it is going to 'go down'.
PS, just got 2 more JSS Positions placed, so am off to upgrade those to premiums right now.

T2MoneyKlub: a lot of questions resulted from the last Update that have not been answered or responded to yet. I do check the forum a couple of times per day, but Dave has not been around much. So if I hear something before we all do, will let you know.

Compound150: still compounding and haven't cashed out yet.

aDailyCash: tried again to 'withdraw' this morning, but I must be picking the wrong time to do it. Again I got this message:
Daily Limited, Please Try later. And PayOut In Process...
So like yesterday, instead of cashing out I bought a few more positions. Might as well eh? :)

theMint: am enjoying that set 2.5% daily for the Dragonfly's Spectacle tokens. I might just decide to buy another one today, after breakfast maybe. Oh and yesterday's rate for Advanced was 1.74% and today's was 1.69%

Was sad yesterday when I heard about Dick Clark passing away at age 82. He, along with many others were a big part of my growing up years. My older sister always made sure the TV was tuned into American Bandstand for every show. Never missed a beat those days. RIP Dick Clark.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17th

Yep, today's the deadline for U.S. workers to get those tax returns filed. Well mine is done and gone and paid for. Now I can breathe easy for another year :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: I did it again this morning... got up at 5 AM to see if I could 'beat the clock' for an AP cash out, and it worked! YaY! As far as I'm concerned, JBP is still the daddy of all programs out there. Just can't be beat.
PS, the site is on and off today as far as being able to login. They're doing some maintenance and certain parts need to be shut down while that is in progress. Just try back later if you can't get there now.
- They just removed the Captcha Code so you should be able to get in with no problem. Makes life a little easier, eh?

T2MoneyKlub: Update...
"Hi T2MK and C150 members
Here is a very important update that you must read regading some very important changes in T2MK!
The update is visible to ALL visitors of the forum so clicking the link WILL allow you to read the update.
Here is the link.
Thank You.

I'm not going to speculate what happens next because I see a lot of questions and suggestions in the forum. So Dave very well could change the way he wants to continue with T2. Perhaps another Update is right around the corner? Guess we'll see.

aDailyCash: I was able to log in there today, but then received the "Under Maintenance" sign rather than viewing my member area. Hope to see them back in action soon :)

theMint: received 2.5% all around today. My Advanced tokens plus the Spectacle tokens all raked in the same nice percentage. Looking forward to a long relationship with these folks.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dragonfly for the Dragon Lady (me) :)

I apologize for not posting about Dragonfly that launched yesterday as part of the Mint program. I wasn't really around much and am short of time today as well. But I did just now buy myself a Membership in DF ($25) along with buying my first Token for $24.99. So let's see how it goes from here.
Oh and if you have money in your account balance, you can transfer that to your Wallet then use that for your new membership fee and/or to make new token purchases.

Dragonfly! NEW
New Membership called Dragonfly (available NOW!)
Membership Fee: $25
Recurring Purchase: $14.99
Initial FSB Amount: $2.5 per Member
Initial FSB Amount: $1.0 per Referrer
Re-Cycle Earnings: $75
Total Matrix Earnings $90
So first, there is a new Matrix making everyone up to $90 for every 6 members joining!

Token: Spectacle
Price Per Unit: $24.99
Credits Per Unit: 7500
Expiry Type: On ROI 200%
Daily ROI: 2.5% Fixed
Earning Frequency: Daily
Hold Earnings until Expiry: NO
Allow Principal Withdrawal: NO
Principle Return on Expiry: NO
Per Purchase Minimum: 1 UNIT = $24.99
Per Purchase Maximum: 400 UNITs = $9996
Daily Maximum:  200 UNITs
Minimum Active Requirement: 1 Advanced Token
Membership Requirements: Dragonfly
The maximum purchase is 200 Units a day and 400 Units in total, per user!

But the token can do much more with the power of the Dragonfly! You not only earn 2.5% FIXED, but you also double your money in a relatively short period of time.
Every single Unit you purchase gives you the power to be in a weekly lottery. 
Every 7 days the system picks one purchased Spectacle Token, the owner of this token receive one additional free Spectacle Token! 
Every 14 days, owners of the Dragonfly Membership enter the Lottery and the winner receives a free Spectacle Token. He also receives one free Advanced Token! The Lottery doesn’t stop here; every 30 days, two lucky Members will receive 25,000 Advertisement credits!

Of course, the key to the Lottery is having a Dragonfly membership. You can’t have a Token if the Dragonfly isn’t with you. The Lottery itself is based on the deposits of Spectacle purchases every 7 days. Additionally, this happens every 14 days for Memberships of the Dragonfly!

Oh yes! The Dragonfly Spectacle is enormous, it’s massive, and it’s amazing!


OK what else is goin on?

T2MoneyKlub: started making payments again last night but we're still waiting for Dave's official update to come out. I had a good batch of DP's expire today which should be creating new matrices. No word on that yet. Just waiting like everyone else.

aDailyCash: is having a little trouble with the site (still), and new spends are disabled. Hope they get that all fixed up soon. It really has been a good program so would hate to see the hackers get their way this time.

That's the only news I have for today.
Will hopefully have more to say (and more time to write) tomorrow. Cheers :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coolness & Something Good

All kinds of coolness :)
- Our weather here will be in the 40's and 50's for the next few days. Expecting Snow again either tomorrow or overnight.
- Got up at 5 AM today (which is 7 AM EST) to make a withdraw request from JBP via Alert Pay. Was a little worried that I was too late BUT it went through! YaY!
- My grass looks really green. Guess that expensive fertilizer I put down is paying off.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: did you read today's update?

JSS-Tripler now has 469,217 members. Thank you to our many promoters for doing such a great job!
Starting on Monday, purchases of JSS-Tripler positions hit new all-time records every day for 4 consecutive days! Today a new record could be set.
We've started promoting JSS-Tripler on HYIP monitoring sites. By voting for JSS-Tripler you can improve our degree of success. Please vote here:

Now I personally am not into "voting" in monitors. I've known a couple of dishonest monitor admin's over the years which left a bad taste in my mouth. But that's neither here nor there.

The idea behind this seems like a good one. JBP will get more exposure to those who are into the HYIP world of online money making. And I think some of those HYIPsters are big players too. So perhaps they are on to something good that will continue growing the membership at a steady pace. Thumbs Up :)

T2MoneyKlub: waiting on an update from Dave. Payments are still on hold while he sorts out the double payment mess. Also I'm not even going to try to do those Tasks until they are working like they should be. I may get down to the wire and have to do them all quickly, but if they're working properly, it might not be so bad. I just don't have the patience to F around with it right now.

Compound150: guess the double payment issue is for both programs. Well, I've not cashed out of C150 yet, so with luck it'll be fixed before I do.

GBC: received my weekend profit share today! Thanks Gord! Remember he pays them on Sat and Sun now so if you don't have it yet, you will soon.

aDailyCash: just logged in. They were down for a few minutes this morning but back up and running now. Also purchased 2 more units while I was there.
- Update: looks like the site is up and down and I just got lucky when I tried to log in the last time. I'm sure it's being worked on so try again later.
NOTE: Take the "S" out of the HTTPS and try that. Just worked for my banner here on my side bar. Now go fix your promotions if you have any running.

theMint: expecting an update today about having no earnings overnight like we usually do. I can't speculate as to why, so I'll leave it there until we hear something solid.
1:00 PM my time: Mint daily earnings just came through and today's is 2.20% Nice one.

- While reading in a forum last night, a specific word came to mind. But the last time I used it in my blog, I got thrown out of a program and was accused of being a hacker, LOL. So I need to choose my words carefully these days and not use the term SNAFU too loosely. Even when the shoe fits. Har!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th :)

Never had a problem with Friday the 13th myself. Always been a good day for me, plus it's Friday. How could anything go wrong on a Friday?

JBP-JSS-TriplerListened to Dominic on the Conf Chat today. He does a nice overview of the program at the start of the call. Just like Carl Pearson did every day for two years.
He showed a screen shot of someone's account from the last Restart and explained it all in detail, the before and after results. I'm sure it was helpful for those who have not experienced a restart yet.
- There are over 460,000 Tripler members.
- JSS back office improvements are being worked on.
- Under JSS-Tripler - Positions - they've added a line called "Total active positions:" so that you don't have to scroll down each time to view how many are still active (not expired).
- Members who joined on or after March 24th will not be included in the restart.
- Triplers bought April 7th and after will not be included in the restart.
- Max daily w/d limits are $1,000 AP, STP and LR. PM max w/d limit is $500.
- Support Tickets: do not send duplicate tickets please.
- Do not send in Support Tickets re: placements, premiums, cycling etc. They know there's a lag in placing them and are catching up.
- There is a delay in Tripler's being placed into JSS.
- If your account gets hacked, email:
- Don't forget 2% daily drops to 1.5% on Sat-Sun.
- Restart is approx. 7-9 days away (sometime next week).
- Tripler's will be chosen randomly to be included in the restart.
- No news on when Platinum's will be available.
- No news on when Level 2 will be open either.
- You do NOT need to be upgraded in order to receive the JSS matrices from Triplers after the restart. But you WILL need to be upgraded to Level 1 in order to receive the funds.
- Correction on the above strikethrough:
The handles spam related issues, hacked accounts need to submit a support ticket. This is the correct information, mods were misinformed and they are letting members know about it.
That information was just posted in a comment by none other than Teilon, Support Director at JBP. (Teilon, correct me if I'm wrong on your title). Nice to have someone from the JBP staff watching over me. Almost like I have my own Guardian Angel here, hehe
OK, I guess that's it.
I've been trying to cash out from JBP via AP for the last 3 days with no success. Every time I try it tells me that AP has reached it's limit for the day. So I'm going to keep trying every hour on the hour all day today. If I don't succeed, then I'll do it via STP. But I'm stubborn sometimes and would rather have it my way, LOL

T2MoneyKlub: I tried my hardest to do some tasks in T2 yesterday, but my heart just wasn't in it. Dave is sort of back from vacation now so am expecting an update from him soon. Also by tomorrow our "View Positions" for the DP's should be available again for viewing. Right now it's 'Under Maintenance'.

Not sure what else to talk about today.
You guys got anything on your mind that maybe I can help with?
I'm just chillin here, doing some surfing and listening to music. Oh and watching the squirrels in the tree chasing each other around and eating peanuts. Wait, I have some pics to download. Maybe I'll do that next and show you one or two if they came out good.
PS, guess Gramma got carried away on the number of pics but you know how Gramma's are, LOL

Easter with the Family, 2012 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running On Empty

Had a vicious night here. Heavy rain, thunder, lightening, windy as heck... was blowing the rain against the windows and banging on the side of the house. After you wake up from that, it's just hard to get back to sleep. Yawn! But at least I don't have to water the grass today :)

JSS Traffic Exchange: now has a "Visit Sites" button that says:
The Advertising Module of JSS will be implemented within a few days.

JSS-Tripler: now has a "Surf" button that says:
The Advertising Module of JSS will be implemented within a few days.

So there's new things coming, eventually. A surf and a traffic exchange site. It was mentioned long ago that we might have to "Surf" in order to earn in the Tripler. But I've not heard anything about that recently. Even if we don't have to surf, I'll probably join the Surf site anyway and give it a go. Plus it'll be good for promotion and getting new referrals. Don't ya think?

Speaking of referrals, I've noticed quite a few buying Tripler's like crazy ever since Frederick announced that those purchased now, will not be included in the upcoming restart. As for myself, I've purchased 50 in the last two days. Don't normally buy that many in chunks like that, but figured I'd 'go with the flow' and see how it turns out. There's two pluses to buying them now. 1 is they will NOT be included in the upcoming restart, and 2 is they have a good chance to 'mature' before another restart hits us. Bingo!

T2MoneyKlub: read that there was a problem with "Double Payments" going out to T2 members, so Dave put a hold on the payments until the end of this week. Now being the honest person that I am, I would have sent the money back if I were double paid, but I guess not everyone would do that.
So if you've been waiting on one, that's the reason why.
PS, don't even talk to me about the tasks. I need to give my noggin a rest for at least one day.

Compound150: still chugging along and getting our 1% daily. Well, that's what we signed up for right? LOL

GBC: perfect as always.

aDailyCash: withdrawal requests were disabled for a bit, but they're back open now for AP and PM only. I bought 2 more positions today, bought 2 yesterday, and requested an AP cash out today also. I sure hope they've got that dang hacker thing under control now. Hmmm
PS, just got paid from my morning request! YaY!!

theMint: today's profit share was 1.74% and yesterdays was 1.79% for the Advanced tokens.
Now they're got something else up their sleeve called "Dragonfly" that will be announced soon.
As mentioned in their 3rd newsletter:
- membership fees will be increased on May 1st (official launch date).
- Dragonfly will be announced 2 weeks later.
- you will need a 'Buddy' account to become part of 'Dragonfly'.
- token prices will be increased also, but if you already have tokens, you should earn more from it.
OK, that's about it without going into a lot of detail. Will update more as I hear more.

Tell you what. After working on my Tax returns yesterday, getting them both filed and paid for ... feeling like I'm running on empty today. Although it is a big relief to get that 'out of my hair' and know that it's a done deal for this year. Whew!
PS, if I hear or think of anything that I forgot to write, I'll be back updating today, K. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh My Poor Brain

Been working on this and looking for more write-offs for the past week, but it seems I got em all the first time around.
Honestly, I'm tired of looking at all these numbers, so I bit the bullet and said "OK I'm done. I'm filing."
Yep, thanks to JBP and a few other programs, the "G" is loving me this year with what I owed.
But hey, I'd rather pay taxes and know that I've done my fair share to help around here.
(Not to mention keeping me out of jail.)

I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow.
I need a cold drink right now, LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012

JSS Has a New Look

JBP-JSS-Tripler: has a new look in their JSS section. You do need to clear cookies before you can see the change. I like it!
Here's a little more info regarding the upcoming Restart:
I expect that the maximum percentage of positions -- this will apply to the largest, most profitable accounts -- will be 40%. (In the last Restart it was up to 75%) Accounts not yet in profit as well as small accounts may not be affected at all, or only minimally.
Also, the actual JSS-Tripler positions to be converted will be selected randomly, (In the last Restart the most recently bought positions were converted.)

5:00 PM my time, just cycled a Matrix and got two more placed. So I went ahead and bought the placements and premiums immediately. Now we just wait to cycle those.

I might be spacey today. Been outside doing some lawn work, plus it's Monday and I can never seem to 'get it together' on Mondays :(

T2MoneyKlub: my friend told me the "Tasks" are working again. I'm not even going to try them until I get my taxes filed.
Also we should be about a week away from our oldest positions maturing, then for every four that mature, we will get a matrix. How fast those will fill and actually pay is yet to be seen.

Compound150: not seeing a lot of action on my end, and I can think of a few reasons for that. But at least we're earning 1% daily without doing anything :)

GBC: Gord was going to change the way we receive our Easy 40 Plan earnings... but I heard he's having a little trouble with the coding. So in the meantime, everything stays the same which is cool with me.

aDailyCash: the surprise program of the year. Just purchased more positions with requested yet another cash out. Right on ;)

theMint: Sunday profit share was 1.84% and Monday's is 2.0%. Funds are building slowly but they are building. 

Note to Newer Readers regarding Comments:
(most of you already know this but here it is again)
I do not post comments with links to other programs (that's spam).
I do not post comments if you include your email address (you could get spammed).
And I do not post comments unrelated to this blog or my writings. If you'd like to 'chat' with me, you're more than welcome to do so... but please use the email address shown under my picture near the top of the page.
I have a few hundred daily readers, so I need to consider what would be of interest to them before I publish a comment. Thank you for understanding.
Also, I've not been getting notified of new comments 100% of the time like I normally do. So if I miss an important one, or a question... please drop me a line separately. Thanks again and don't be mad at me :))

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to my Friends & Readers

Happy Easter to all who celebrate the Holiday!

Yes I have funny looking wabbits at my place, LOL

Off to watch "The Masters" Golf Tournament then to see Olivia and the family.

Enjoy your day :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Restart Coming Soon!

OK I'm in Shock!
Just received the following email and find it hard to believe that JSS is notifying us of a restart! How flippin cool is that? LOL
Well, it's been 90 days since the last one so I guess it was about time. Tell ya what, I am loving this program more and more as time goes by.
PS, to make myself clear to everyone reading this: I am not pleased that a restart is coming, but I AM pleased that they are letting us know ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. Kapish?

Welcome to all our new members!

JSS-Tripler now has 442,986 members.
Thank you to our many promoters for
doing such a great job!

Within the next 2 weeks or so, a Restart
will be done:

The "position cut-off date" is 4/7/12.
This means that all JSS-Tripler positions
bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be
affected by the Restart. So any JSS-Tripler
positions you buy from now on will not
be affected by the coming Restart.

The best time to buy JSS-Tripler positions
is immediately after a Restart. Any
positions you buy during the coming weeks
will effectively be the same as buying
JSS-Tripler positions immediately after
a Restart. The chances are very good that
there won't be another Restart for about
90 days, meaning the positions you buy
now will mature, paying out 150%, before
the next Restart.

The "account cut-off date" will be set
around 3/24/12 -- JSS-Tripler accounts
opened on or after this date will not be
affected by the Restart.

During the coming days, more details
of the Restart will be revealed. The
overall impact on JSS-Tripler earnings
will be far less than in the case of
the previous Restart.

This is also a great time to promote
JSS-Tripler, because new accounts and
positions will not be affected by the

The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System
is working well. All members who create
their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first
time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-
Tripler accounts. They can immediately
buy a JSS-Tripler position and start
earning up to 2% per day!

Please tell your prospects that if they
create their new JSS-Tripler accounts,
they get "$10 free money" to get started.
(Note that after 45 days their JSS-Tripler
accounts will be debited with $10.)

Working for our wealth and success,

Frederick Mann