Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween and remember, don't eat too much candy :)

AdClickXpress: noticed the ghouls the goblins were out last night at ACX and ate up all our funds.
Another Restart (or profit shift as they call it) wiped out 90% of my Ad Packs and Media Packs. Now they did however leave the cash in my account but moved it to a Wallet where all you can do with wallet money is spend.
Yeah, they really socked it to us this time :(

At least BioFuture looks good and is one week old today!
Congrats to Admin and all the members. (clap clap)

Keystone: surfing and earning daily (M-F) as normal. I cashed out yesterday so will wait a few days before doing it again.

Pnenow: we did cycle last night (or this morning) and am happy to report that I've earned enough to request another withdraw. But first, need to be sure my Testimonials are up to date, lol.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ma and Pa Pumpkin

BioFuture: another successful payment received today. Tomorrow will be our one week celebration for this program. Whoo Hoo!

Keystone: got two more instant payments from KLD today!

Pnenow: we're trying to figure out the 'testimonial rules' if there are any. Admin says there are no "rules" but if you've been withdrawing without submitting testimonials, you may have to do a few to get caught up. I have no problem with that as long as we keep earning and getting paid.

AdHitProfits: did my daily surfing for a 2 cent credit which makes me wonder if I should continue or not. I know it's a great program but it seems people have lost interest in it.

ACX: well, I knew this was coming:
Your Solid Trust Pay withdrawal request for $50.00 has been cancelled.
And now the site is down for maintenance so can't even check to see what's happening :(

How's this carving for an amateur? No, not me.
My son made it for Olivia who loves Lightning McQueen.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Still dark, dreary and cold at my place.
Drizzling rain off and on. Snowing in the mountains.
At least it's supposed to warm up by Halloween :)

BioFuture: another good update from the Admin:
(and I was paid again today in record breaking time!)

An amazing start!

BioFuture has crossed an important milestone - over 50K deposited in just a few days!

It is excitingly evident that member confidence in BioFuture is high. This sets the stage for a fruitful collaboration between admin team and members. Keep up the great job while we keep working with our advertising plan.

As we approach our first week online we look forward to rapidly crossing bigger milestones. We are modest enough to give a generous share of credit to all members for making BioFuture stand in a class of its own.

To a Brighter Future!
BioFuture Admin


Keystone: earnings were credited last night and I surfed again today. Just noticed this one has been open for over a month now so... I'll continue to report on it but don't really expect any new members at this stage. K

Pnenow: we're trying to figure out what the "rules" are about testimonials. Seems to be a glitch in the program OR we need to send one in daily. I certainly hope not but Gord and I are trying to get clarification now.

AdHitProfits: had trouble getting into the site today. Was getting a Security Warning. Then I realized the URL has changed from https: to http: (no s). So try that if you're having the same problem.

ACX: hasn't it been over 48 hours since the additional restart / shift was announced? Yeah that's what I thought. Things that make you go hmmm.

Speaking of Halloween... looks like the party got a little wild after I left on Sunday, hehe

"Ut oh...ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead....OR.....someone may have had too many tequila shots. Choice is yours. Is your glass half full???"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays...

It is rainy here today, cold and dark.
Current temp: 36F, even the cats don't want out.

BioFuture: stats are looking good but says they opened on the 25th. Mmmm, was the 24th where I live. Anyway, received another payment today for a little RC this time, which is very much appreciated. wub.gif

Keystone Loans Division: don't forget to surf and our earnings start up again tonight.

PneNow: requested a payment last night and was received early this morning. Thanks Chung :) We should be cycling again tonight also.

AdHitProfits: had trouble getting to the site earlier but finally did and was able to do my daily surf there too.

ACX: I still need to re-read that update but have a feeling it's going to give me a headache :( Ahhhh Monday's.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Go Broncos

On my way out to watch the Broncos game and eat chili.
I'll check in later to see what I've missed today.

BioFuture: paid again and everything looks great there!

Bye for now, running late (as usual) lol

--- Just got home and read the news about another restart at ACX? What the heck is that all about?? I'll have to re-read it in the morning and maybe it'll make more sense than it does now.

--- PneNow: my testimonial was approved and I just submitted for a withdraw. WhooHoo!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Good Morning

BioFuture: Our first update received last night:

BioFuture has had an EPIC first Day! The Stats as you can see are sensational. We know we have to thank you all for the extraordinary response.

Let me now assure you that this blockbuster opening was exactly what we had in mind to achieve when we put our advertising wheel in motion. And more importantly I want to assure you that our first week will be fully devoted to keep up, tweak and fortify our campaign so BioFuture can capitilise on this phenomenal start.

The HYIP industry is unpredictable, members are constantly striving to "keep ahead of the game" and it's becoming increasingly difficult for even good programs to make it beyond the first cycle. We understand that there is no sinister motive on either side, the driving factor is profits or "winning" if you like. The last time we checked that was perfectly alright. Our job is to ensure that BioFuture stands apart from the rest, we are here to win your confidence because that is the only way to "breakthrough" the arid climate facing the HYIP industry. The answer is clear, we are going all the way. We are not here to pay for 2-3 cycles, BioFuture is thinking BIG. Our classification may be "Mid-term" because of the reasonable rates offered but our intention is to go long term!

Inspite of the hectic schedule, you will be bound to have someone on live support for most of the day. You are welcome to drop in for a chat or request support.

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans
BioFuture Admin

AND just received another payment too.
Not instant but damn close!

Keystone: just received two more instant payments!
Thanks Admin :)

PneNow: didn't cycle last night as we should have. Sent a note to Admin to see what's going on.
-- Just Cycled! Maybe he forgot to do it last night or was unavailable. Anyway, nice to see our .5% earnings show up today. Thanks Chung :) Also submitted another testimonial so that I can place another withdraw.

AdHitProfits: off to do my surfing. OK done.

ACX: didn't they say payouts from the Media side would be sent in 24-48 hours? Or am I high? Still staring at this one waiting for it to change...

Solid Trust Pay$50.002 days agoPending
OK, where's my Black Cat and my Magic Wand when I need them?

And we thought the "Green Light System" was bad. Now we have to deal with "Daily Limit Reached" again. So frustrating :(

Hey, I entered a contest today to WIN $100,000 worth of Gold or cash instead. Wish me luck. I sure could use it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me?

Nothing really new to write about today.
Read something this morning that's been on my mind all day, so it's been hard to think about other stuff when your brain gets swallowed up early in the AM. But I'll try to shake it off for a minute.

I did receive my first payment plus a little RC (thanks guys) from BioFuture :)

Keystone: decided to wait till tomorrow (with no worries) to cash out from there.

Tonight we will have another cycling over at Pnenow.

And I'm still waiting for my $50 w/d from ACX that was requested yesterday morning my time.

OK... that's all she wrote.
(hey, this version of the song is a little different. Randy, did you notice that too?)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Program Opened

But I'm kind of in a hurry right now so will write it up in a bit.
It's straight forward and short term.
Play smart and safe and I'll be back a little later.


OK I'm back. Hungry, but I'll write before I go eat.
Like I mentioned this is a straight forward program and the details of each plan are right on the front page.
- Pay Processors: STP, EgoPay and PM.
- Earnings are posted to your account each 24 hours after deposit.
- Withdrawals are not instant but will be paid quickly.
- Only one account per IP address allowed.
- There are no deposit or withdraw fees.
- You can make new purchases from account balance.
- Principal is included in your daily earnings.
- and for those who promote, RC is given 2 Levels deep.

So that's the short version of the FAQ's. If there's something I didn't address, please check the faq link for your answer.
Now this is the program that I heard was coming a few days ago so I did jump in as soon as I saw it was open.
Hoping for a nice long run here and good luck to us :)
Remember though, spend only what you can afford to part with. You know the drill. Cheers!

Keystone: received my daily earnings (as always) and will cash out tomorrow, or maybe Saturday to save on fees.

Pnenow: as promised, we cycled last night for .5% of each position we have, and will cycle again tomorrow night.

AdHitProfits: off to do my surfing now and still earning daily.

ACX: was happily surprised this morning when I got a withdraw to go through. It was from the Media section of the original ACX site (not the ClickPaid one). But of course, when I tried to w/d from the Ad Pack side: "daily limit reached". So at least there is a little progress there.
Oh and did you notice the new withdraw limits? (sigh)

You all know how my mind works by now. 
BioFuture = BF = Best Friend. Well?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday... Yawn

Ate too big a lunch today. Now I feeling like sleeping and it's only 5:30. No dinner for me tonight else I might blow up, lol

Keystone: received two payments today.
STP was Instant but Ego had a little hiccup which needed Admin's help. It was paid fast though. Thanks!

Pnenow: expecting our first cycling tonight for the .5% earning. Then the same should happen on Friday. Then starting next week, M-W-F. Nice :)

ACX: tried to withdraw today from the Ad Pack side.
Got the "Limit Reached" message for both STP and EgoPay.
Went to their Live support to ask when it would be open?
They didn't know. Said they are waiting for a written update about it also. (sigh)

Later in the evening: my friend Gene got one to go through. (see his comment) although I'm still SOL.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ACX ReStart... Already?!?

Didn't we just have a restart in September?
Well if you've logged into your ACX account today you will see that we just went through yet another unexpected restart.
And this time, they didn't just "restart" our current ad packs. They took all the money in our Ad Pack and Ref Balance and put it into our "Wallet" where we can only spend from. Good Grief! I did spend. Bought quite a few new ad packs and praying for a miracle.
But there was one sentence that I did enjoy reading in their update and that was:
Going forward ALL withdrawals will be available for
100% of Daily Sales Commissions, not 25/75 as was
mentioned earlier!

So now the question becomes... will we really be able to withdraw when we want to? Yes I know it's changed to $50 minimum but still, am curious to see how long it will be before there is some kind of restriction or road block in the process.

I'll be back after I do some surfing and stuff.
Trying to shake the anger of that restart but it's hard.

Keystone: don't forget to surf. I'll be doing my regular cash out tomorrow. Love it when things go right :)

Pnenow: tomorrow should be our first cycling day for the new plan. Can't wait!

New HYIP that I mentioned a couple of days ago: Coming Soon!

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Late...

and I got side tracked today.
Filled out a couple of surveys to win money or prizes.
Couldn't even win a free pizza :(

Then I started searching online for a particular Christmas present and OMG... only 10 thousand sites to choose from. Where do I start?

Not much news here anyway so I'm just gonna take the rest of the day off. Have a great day or night and I'll be in touch.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Solitude

Meant to post earlier but decided to overwork myself again instead. Slept better last night so maybe that's the trick.

I do know of a new HYIP launching on Monday or Tuesday but not sure if I'm playing yet or if you'll be interested. Don't have any details at this time, but should soon.

You ever meet or know someone that gets under your skin... kind of like a wart? No matter how hard you try to ignore them or get rid of them, they just won't go away!

It's raining here and is slowly turning to snow. Nice :)

Not much else going on.
The Tigers (baseball) lost last night so they're out of the game for the season. Better luck next year eh?

Speaking of the Tigers, "For Love of the Game".
It's a great movie if you haven't seen it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What a Messed Up Night

Went to bed at my usual time.
Woke up at 2 AM with a leg cramp.
Watched the clock roll until 5 AM when I finally fell back asleep.
So today I overworked myself trying to get my body tired and my muscles loosened up so that maybe I can have a normal rest tonight.
But hey, my windows look great and my drapes are clean and free of cat hair!

Keystone Loans Division: paid as promised.
Gotta love those Instant withdrawals! Thanks Admin.

30DaysProfit: reading more and more disappointing posts from members not being paid in 30dp. Geez, not even two weeks. It really makes me nervous to join (and especially to share) anything like this again. Sure wish I had a crystal ball for this sort of stuff. Could save us a lot of heartache and money.

ACX: anybody listen to the Thursday night call?
Did they mention the new withdrawal system at all?
I would listen to the recorded version but those speakers make me a little sick to my stomach. Give a holler if you know anything. Thanks

Oh and I did cave and buy a Media Pack for $5 bucks to go along with the free one they give you for $5. Since we are able to use our Ad Pack or Ref balance towards it, plus our Basic or Premium balance... figured what the hell.

Alright, I need to get some good mojo working here.
Decided to listen to a happy song today instead of a not so happy song. Maybe it will turn the tables for me.
(ps, Randy, that's 2 days of Beatles in a row.
And can you believe this was 50 years ago?
Well, I guess the black n white tells a story, lol)

Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF for You

Woke to a snow covered Colorado this morning. Should have took a picture but I got this new camera for my birthday and not quite sure how to download pics to my PC yet. Maybe next time.

30DaysProfit: I had a warning above the banner on my side bar but I don't want anyone new to join by mistake, so I removed the banner today.
Yes it's still paying, selectively, which is OK with me. I hope those who joined from my link or those not at BEP will continue to be paid.

Keystone: is doing just fine and I plan to make another withdrawal tomorrow.

Pnenow: did you all check your accounts there? Were you happy to see that little bit of cycling? Yeah me too. I doubt we'll see any more before next Wednesday so am just chillin till then.

AdHitProfits: still surfing and still being paid. Even if I do only earn a nickel on some days, eventually it adds up to what can be withdrawn or used to buy a mini pack.

ACX: I haven't checked out the new "Media Xchange" info yet. Is it worth it? Heard it was like the premium when it was released. Anybody have a comment about that?
(later) checked it out. good grief. that's all.

You know, this month has not been very productive for me. I was really hoping that the Fall season would bring more to get excited about than it has. Well as George Harrison says, all things must pass. Right?

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Did I forget to blog today?  :o
Sorry been busy with offline stuff.
Tomorrow I should have more free time since there's a storm coming in and I don't have any plans to leave the house.
Later (wave)

Oh I know, re: Centurion Profits: Keith is still working on refunds so please be patient.
"please be patient.. i am doing as many at a time as I can whenever I get a chance between work and home life smile.gif
Thanks all!"

PneNow! You guys might want to check your accounts tonight. Admin did a test run of the .5% cycling and you may be surprised.
To the best of my knowledge, this won't be run again until next Wed. the 23rd. So enjoy your test run earnings.
Also, you will be required to submit a testimonial before any additional withdrawals are paid. Hey, not hard to say Thanks once in a while IMO.

Enjoy your evening. I'm watching the Tigers baseball game.
Cheers :) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today Could Be Better

The day is not starting off like I'd want it to.

Was expecting a payment from 30DaysProfit which has not arrived yet. Will be 48 hours pending soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is just a temporary delay.

Just read a new update in Pnenow. Not sure how to wrap my head around that one either.

Keystone: well at least I know when I hit the withdraw button there, it will be paid Instantly (if it's STP or EgoPay). Will be doing that in a couple of hours.

AdHitProfits: surfing daily and earning a small amount.

ACX: was wondering why they're focusing on the new promotion rather than the new withdraw feature. Maybe cause they need more money in before they can kick out 25% of our earnings to us? Well, it's a thought.

The Ricans: skyped Richard Cannon a few days ago but it doesn't look like he opens his skype any longer. I suppose his skype could be full of crap messages which he chooses not to read. Mine was just a polite question but I guess he'll never see it.

Had to end my post with a little humor though...

"I may not always go for older men.....but when I do.....I will tell them that I have touched the International Man of Mystery's ass!!! — at El Tapitio."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BooYah - Six Years Baby!

Today is my 6 Year Blog Anniversary!
Can you believe it? I've been here shooting my mouth off for six years.
And I have not missed my new years resolution yet either. Which was to post something every day this year. Only have 2-1/2 more months to go on that. Wonder if I'll make it?
Anyway, Thank You all for sticking around and seeing what I have to say or complain about on a daily basis. I try not to complain too much... especially when there is money at stake, but sometimes things just need to be said.
So Happy Anniversary to me and I hope you all have a great day!! Hey it's snowing and I'm about to run out for Pizza to celebrate. Will be back later.

Centurion Profits: in case you did't receive Keith's email regarding refunds, here it is:
If you are looking for a refund (first step is between 70-100%), just for security measures and to double check things on my side, please send me your:

CenturionProfits username - 
STP username if you used STP -
Egopay username if you used EP -

Even if you think I have all the details, please do this still.
Our email is:

CP Admin


It has come to our attention that there is currently a security risk with the Perfect Money payment processor. As such, we have decided to disable instant payments to Perfect Money accounts until the risk has been dealt with by the payment processor and we are confident that our members money is safe. SolidTrust Pay and EgoPay withdrawals are still instant and are not affected.

Thank You,
Kali Mack
KLD Admin


Watching the
Tigers. BRB

(later in the day,
dang they lost)

Pnenow: Admin has a plan and we should be hearing more about that soon. Don't give up. I think we can get it together if we stay positive.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day and Thanksgiving

Happy Columbus Day to my U.S. friends and readers and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends as well.

My head hurts today. I think I think too hard sometimes and when that happens, I can't think anymore... but trying.

30DaysProfit: just requested another payment which I'm sure will arrive soon.

Keystone: don't forget to surf today in order to get tonight's earnings.

Pnenow: thinking and brain storming with friends and Admin.

ACX: what are you guys doing with that? Spending your earnings cause you can't withdraw it or saving it up for when the new w/d system is live. Just curious.

Yes, the Broncos won yesterday but then I made the mistake of tuning into the Tigers baseball game when I got home. They were up 5-1 until the 8th inning when the Red Sox hit a home run with the bases loaded and tied the game. Then in the 9th the Tigers lost. Oh well, back to Detroit for the next one.

Oh hey... come visit tomorrow. It's a special day for me.
Thanks in advance!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Out for a while

To watch the game
and visit with the 

Will check in when 
I get back. 

Go Broncos!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Got Lucky

Checked my Lotto numbers this morning from Wednesday's drawing and I got 4 out of 6 right! Unfortunately it's not a million dollar winner but a nice $46. Well, at least it's enough to stock up on cat food for a few weeks. Thanks Colorado Lottery!

Keystone Loans Division: remember me saying how fast my payout was yesterday? Now I know why :)

Dear Members,

I'm very excited to announce that for the past 12 hours we have been testing the instant withdrawal feature and it has been a great success. From now on all withdrawals will be instant!

I wish you all a great relaxing weekend and thank you kindly for your support!

Thank You,
Kali Mack
KLD Admin


CenturionProfits: just removed the banner from my side bar. As members are aware, it's closed and refunds will start soon. The update was quite long so I won't post it here but if you did NOT receive it, let me know and I'll forward a copy to you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm OK, You're OK

Pnenow: there is a new write up in member area that goes something like this:
News update 10/10/13 - Clarification;

We are NOT changing our 2% daily cycling plan. After 4 weeks of opening trial run, we simply need a little more time to grow our membership to be ready for the aggresive 2% daily plan. We will resume the 2% daily on 11/05/13. Don't panic!

Between now (10/10/13) and 11/05/13, the cycling will go by the "one new purchase from STP or EgoPay will cycle 35 positions" method. Please stay positive, take advantage of our promotion and submit your testimonials.

I'm not going to comment at this time because I believe there are a lot of members who are now offering suggestions for improvement to the Admin. So I'm just gonna chill and see how this goes. Of course if I think of anything helpful, I'll send Admin a note as well. And you should do the same :)

Keystone: requested a payment and was paid almost instantly! How the heck did that happen? Must have caught the Admin at his desk just itching to press the approve withdrawal button, lol
Don't forget to surf!

ACX: sitting here waiting for a green light.
What are the chances? (whisper: slim to none)

Centurion: supposed to hear from Keith tomorrow. Stay tuned.

30DaysProfit: was just getting ready to write about them and here comes a newsletter in my inbox. Good timing.
Hello blondie

I would like to personally welcome all our members that have joined 30 days profit over the past week since we have been online.

We are excited to report that we are progressing just as we had envisioned. The stats speak for themselves and are extremely encouraging.

Started: Oct 2, 2013
Running Days:8
Total Deposited:$ 12,632.94
Total withdraw:$ 3,044.24
Total accounts:154
Visitors online:19
Newest Member:cashrain
Last update:Oct 10, 2013

We are experienced enough to know that the HYIP market is volatile and success can neither be taken for granted nor guaranteed but we are rather astute at reading signals and we predict that 30daysprofit will be a success story. We look forward to serving your financial needs for a long time.

Technically, we are happy to report that there have been no glitches reported. We deliberately chose to go with the GoldCiders script because it is widely used in the HYIP industry. Later on, we may move to a custom script and build a better site.

There have been only a minor case of 2 members who had the wrong payment proccessor details in their profile. One has corrected the mistake. Member roberteb, please correct your STP ID from an email to your username so your withdrawal can be paid. We kindly request that all members have their payment processor information updated in their back office before making a withdrawal.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge all members that post on discussion threads on the various forums. This is very responsible behaviour that is beneficial for one and all. It gives a good HYIP program an edge over the competition. Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,
Pat Brown


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cycling Changes in Pnenow

Here's the latest news in Pnenow:

Cycling changes;Our current purchases are not reaching the average of 2% daily. Starting today(10/8/13), our cycling will temporary follow our original method. The method is that every new purchase from STP or EgoPay will cycle 35 positions. This cycling method will continue till our membership reach 2,000 and the average purchases from STP and EgoPay meet the 2% daily requirement. You are still earning 2% but in a slower pace until we reach our potential. 

I read it and said OK, that makes sense. The front page* has always shown the cycling in this format but Admin decided to kick start the program by giving us 2% daily instead. No complaints about that :)

When a purchased position is purchased, a total of 35 positions will be cycled and each position will receive $0.4 ( 2% ) commission. Since the cycling process is 35 times faster than purchasing, the cycling process will continue to accelerate when more positions are puchased. Therefore, 100% of positions will continue to cycle and cycle again. We adopted this wonderful concept to control cycling positions with amazing 2% cycling plan with 200 to 150 max times cycle.

Now that membership is growing and those bonus positions have been paying out steadily, I can understand why a change needs to be made.

From the note in the member area, there are now over 5,000 positions. So roughly 2K needs to cycle out daily. But is 2K still coming in daily?

Experience tells me if more is going out than coming in... of course a change needs to be made. I would much rather cycle my positions every other or every third day than to see the Admin give up.

For example: my early positions have cycled 23 times.
23 x .40 cents = $9.20 x 2 (ad2m bonus) = $18.40
Now there is also an upline RC that is paid out and that is $2.00

OK so those early positions are pretty close to a break even point (for previous ad2m members) and everything from there on is profit. For non-previous ad2m members, it will take a bit longer.

Then I go and check out the forums and am shocked at the reaction to it. Especially from seasoned members, that's the worst part. Sounds to me like they would rather continue collecting their daily 2% and have it crash and burn before it's time, which would also leave newer members at a loss.
Well, if that's how they feel then they should just quit now. No point in torturing the rest of us with their negativity.

These posters have no idea how much has come in or gone out, yet someone accused the Admin of 'holding back'. Well yeah, he was holding back by giving everyone 2% daily whether that was coming in or not. Then changed it to M-F. And now another change to actual funds coming in. All sounds reasonable to me.
Almost wish I didn't read forums. Sure makes me think differently of some of those members.

Sorry for the rant at the end here but I just had to.
Night Night :) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hmmm Tuesday

Centurion Profits: Keith just posted this note in the forum and thought it may interest you as well:

Hey All, 
Still here. STP is majorly slow which is a first for me. Usually they get back pretty quick from my experience. 

Anyways, please hold tight.. If for some reason this is not taken care of soon, I do not want you to be waiting forever (as that is not fair to you), I might just have to start refunding everyones money back to BEP. At least no one loses that way. Frank is also not the admin I thought he was - he is lazy. I will never again work with another admin as I think it is just a pain as I cannot incorporate some more good ideas that I want. So perhaps I SHOULD refund everyones money back and just concentrate on my own again. I don't know. 


But nonetheless, If I do not hear from STP soon, I will let you all know. Thank you for your patience and kindness. Be back soon! Thanks all!

Keystone: requested a cash out and was paid within minutes!
YaY and Thanks Admin :)
PS, don't forget to surf Monday through Friday.

PneNow: member count is 813 and I'm pleased as punch with how this is going. Then again, knowing this Admin for as long as I have... wouldn't be surprised to see this cycler still around after others have fizzled out.
Don't forget about the new promotion positions with a 25 max cycle bonus. I think that was a great idea for those who were not in ad2million. See the news update in your member area if you missed it.

30DaysProfit: requested a cash out today and made an additional spend as well. It's not quite a week since this opened so I think we're still good to go.

ACX: did you guys receive their update about the new way to withdraw? LOL It's not very clear at this time but they say they're still working on the details. Now you'd think nothing could be as bad as the green light system but don't bet on it. Not just yet anyway. Waiting for clarification.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Monday

Well darn it.
I don't really have anything to add today.

- Note the Pnenow update I posted yesterday.
- Got paid from 30DaysProfit overnight.
- Still waiting for that Centurion update.
- ACX, have not been able to submit a w/d request for days. So in case you were wondering, it's not just you. The green light system sucks. Sure hope they come up with a better idea and soon.

KeystoneLoansDivision: here we go. I knew I was missing something, lol
Dear Members,

First, I would like to welcome all new members that have joined us in the past week. Keystone Loans Division is growing at a good steady pace and we are seeing new members from all over the globe. Today, we will be implementing a translation feature on the website to make it easier for all members and advertisers alike to understand what KLD is about.

We have received many requests to lower the payout minimum because of the lower rates we are paying. Unfortunately, with processors such as Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay, this would not be feasible for members due to the minimum fees they charge per transaction. The good news is that Perfect Money only charges a percentage per transaction. With that in mind, we have lowered the minimum request for Perfect Money to just $0.10

Some new members did not notice that we charge a deposit fee when using Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay which left them short of the minimum amount to purchase an ad token. Afte! r careful consideration, it has been decided to leave the minimum deposit at the current $10 limit, but to change the minimum ad token purchase to $5, to avoid members having to deposit again.

Lastly, to add more value to our advertising, we will be changing the ad system on the main page. We will be adding additional ad spots, thereby allowing advertisers to benefit from the prime advertising page of KLD.
Thank You,
KLD Admin


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frustrating Day

On a personal note, went to the store for some Thera-Flu. I remembered it worked way better to help me sleep than NyQuil. Guess what? They don't make it any longer. Had to choose an alternative.

Well that's OK. Off to "Long John Silvers" for a nice fish lunch. The building looked empty when I got there, then I saw the big sign that said "Coming Soon - Dunkin Donuts". Damn. Guess I'll have to settle for a McDonalds fish sandwich.

Got home and turned on the Bronco football game. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter, my Cable went out. Found the game on the radio and realized we were missing a great game. But the good thing is, the Cable did come back with 2 minutes left so at least I got to see the Broncos Win!

How you doin today? Better than me I hope.

On a business note, glad that Sunday's are a little quiet around here cause it's really too late to write about anything anyway.

I did hear that Centurion Profits will be sending out an update soon.

30 Days Profit is doing great and I requested another cash out today.

Keystone is good. Pnenow is good. Both will resume earnings tomorrow.

Guess that's all for now.
Have a great night and I'll catch up with you tomorrow, assuming I can get some sleep tonight.

Wait Wait... Just in: PneNow!

News update 10/06/13 - Great news: Promotion positions for all members;

Promotion positions for all members;
Many of ad2m positions never been renewed. We now offer15 promotion positions (with 25 max_cycle) to all existing and new members. Every ONE new purchase from STP or EgoPay will activate ONE promotion position. This offer will continue till our membership reach 2,000(Our fist goal). 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Day Pnenow Reminder

Woke up to snow and frost on the ground, dead flowers and dead tomato plants. Oh well, that's it for my summer.

PneNow: last day for the ad2m bonus renewal positions. You have until midnight EST to get on it.
ad2m renew end TODAY (10/05/13);
Ad2m positions renew TODAY 10/05/13 (Saturday). The cut-off time is 24:00:00 EST time zone.
Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers 

PS, don't forget both STP and EgoPay are available now.
7:00 PM my time, bought another batch myself. Noticed the lucky numbers when I logged in and said 'must be a sign'.
Total members now: 777

30DaysProfit: received my first payment while I was sleeping. 30DP has gotten off to an excellent start as far as I can tell. Thanks to everyone who joined and thanks to the Admin for being so fast!

Keystone Loans Division: another full week completed, this time with the site being up and running all week. Yippee! Also received a payment overnight that was requested just yesterday. Thumbs Up :)

Centurion: still no email update to members? (sigh)

AdHitProfits: sat down yesterday to do my daily surfing. Feeling crappy as I have all week, was prepared to surf 10 sites then... what? I have to do 25 now to receive credit for the day. Ahhhhhh ok but not sure how long I can handle this. Maybe if I had thousands in here, it wouldn't be so bad but with my little spend, it just doesn't seem worth it.
I did however change my marketing ad today. Let's see if I get any good hits on that ;)

ACX: I saw a Green Light for STP earlier today. Tried several times to get my withdraw request in but NO GO. My friend told me he thinks it's rigged. Well, that could be since the 'regular' members are having NO luck :(
They did say something about another option coming for withdrawals that do not involve the green light system. Can't wait to hear what that could be.

Friday, October 4, 2013

One More Day for Pnenow Bonus Spots

Sure wish I felt better. I'd have a lot more to say.
Nothing much as changed since I wrote yesterday so what I said still applies. One important thing I want to mention though... 

PneNow: we all know the offer for renewal of ad2m positions expire after this Saturday, but wasn't sure of the time frame so checked with Admin and he said: "Sunday morning EST time."
So we've got all day tomorrow to purchase new positions and still receive the bonus ad2m position one on one.
Also remember only positions purchased on Saturday will cycle on Saturday and Sunday, and positions purchased on Sunday will cycle on Sunday. Then back to regular cycling of all positions starting again on Monday.

Hey it's been snowing today off and on.
Sure a big change from yesterday.
Cheers :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paying, Pending and Waiting

30DaysProfit: just opened yesterday and it's getting a warm welcome in the forums. Always a good sign when experienced players are quick to join. As for me, seeing it's early popularity I made a new spend today also. Thumbs Up!

PneNow: received a payment today that was requested yesterday. Bravo! Sure takes some weight off my shoulders.

Keystone: after surfing decided to let my earnings ride until tomorrow. Will req a cash out then which I know are paid quickly so no worries here.

CenturionProfits: just marked them "on hold". I currently have 3 pending pay requests (1 of them from last Friday) and have not received any updates as to the STP double payment issues. Sure would appreciate the Admin or co-admin letting us know the status.

ACX: sitting here blogging waiting to hear a green light ringtone. What are the chances???

How's the weather blondie?
Well it's 70F here today and sunny.
Supposed to start raining in a few hours.
Getting cold tonight, rain will turn to snow, high tomorrow 47F. Guess it's time to bring out the wool socks.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Program Launch

Just because I'm under the weather doesn't mean I should hold back from showing you this new program that opened just an hour or so ago. Yeah I'm still feeling blah but felt you needed to see this.

Getting my notes together on it. BRB

On second thought, I was going to write up all the details here but they're so clearly written in the FAQ's that I don't see the need to duplicate it.

The 4 Plans are based on the amount you spend.
The 3 pay processors are STP, EgoPay and PerfectMoney.
Earnings are credited daily (each 24 hours from spend).
No minimum withdraw - $500 max withdraw.
You can withdraw daily.
Site is DDOS protected. SSL Encryption by Comodo.

On a personal note, I heard about this one coming a couple of days ago. When you've been around as long as I have, you learn who to trust and who not to trust in this type of business. This one I believe will be run fairly for as long as it can. In other words, no one is going to skate off with the funds prematurely, if you get my drift.
But as always, spend only what you can afford to part with, get into profit as soon as possible and continue playing with profit to make more profit. You guys are smart, you know how it works. Good Luck to us all :)

Pnenow: doing great and I'm about to do a cash out request shortly. I have quite a few positions there so it does add up fast.
Also don't forget the Ad2M Bonus Positions end this weekend so not much time left to cash in on the extra.

Keystone: so nice to see Keystone come up each time I click their link, lol. Glad the problems are in the past and hope they stay that way! Kudos to Admin for getting a handle on that!
PS, since this is a long term program, no harm done and this week is a Fresh Start IMO.