Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Saturday

Gener8Profit: completed my first 15 days today and am paid in full! I also made an additional spend a few days later so that one has 4 more days to complete. This is running really well so I might just make a new spend tomorrow. Thanks Jack :)

DailySharePro: requested two cash outs today. Got one really fast and waiting on the other now which I'm sure I'll receive soon. Still doing good also.

ACX: my withdrawal request from the evening of the 25th has been "Pending" for 93 hours all dayI am guessing they stop the clock now over the weekend. I thought for a minute I was losing my mind but that's all I could come up with for a decent answer.

By the way... Turkey makes Cats sleep too.
Mine were bugging me for turkey so I gave them some.
Been sleeping all afternoon, lol

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fat and Sassy

Feeling a little fat and sassy today after that nice turkey dinner yesterday. Even though I had to cook my own this time, cause the kids are out of town, it was still good. Leftovers tonight so reheating will be easy :)

LatitudePay: always feel bad when I remove a banner from my side bar but I think the Admin is just paying out what's left now as best he can. RIP Latitude and I hope no one lost too much, if any.

Gener8Profit and DailySharePro are both doing great and I've decided to cash out of both tomorrow. Will make my Saturday a little more special.

No, I'm not a Black Friday or Saturday shopper.
I'd rather NOT get trampled, thank you very much.

ACX: dang it's moving up on my side bar. That's sort of scary don't ya think? Going there now to check and surf. Any bets that my URL from Nov 17th is still not approved??
-- I'm back. Nope, it's still not approved.
The Media surf is not working either. Oh well, guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I have a few minutes to kill so thought I'd do a little surfing over at ShowBizHits. They're having a special today that I thought you might be interested in IF you surf these Traffic Exchange sites.

Just a heads up that we have 75% Credit Boost going on right now at ShowBiz hits. It will not be at 75% all day so come rack up some credits while you can:) If you do not have time to surf we are also having some awesome BlackFriday / Cyber Monday credit deals now through Monday. We rarely sale credits at these rock bottom prices so give them a look see.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

to all of you in the U.S. who celebrate this day.
Hope your day is filled with, ummm, everything you want.
I'll be back after I get my little turkey in the oven. I already had my pumpkin pie and cool whip for breakfast. Yum!

Gener8Profit: time flies!
When I receive my daily earning today, that will put me over BEP on my first spend. I did add more funds 4 or 5 days later so all in all, it's working great!

DailySharePro: surfed and earned and will cash out another time.

LatitudePay: payments may have stopped but I can't be certain. Sure wish they'd take down their facebook page though. It's just full of spam now :(

ACX: currently have 2 pending payments, one at the main ACX side and the other over at the old ClickPaid side. The last payment I received took about 5 days to arrive. Would be nice if ACX kept going in the right direction. But then again... would be nice if I won the Lottery too.

So once again, Happy Turkey Day!
I'll have more news for you on another program soon but I'm afraid if I mention it now, it'll ruin my appetite.
Bon Appetit

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Not much to say today.
Received an email from a program Admin that hit me like a ton of bricks. I'll be sure to tell you about it when it's time.

Other than that, everything is fine and running as usual. See yesterday's post if you missed it.

Trying to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow so am a bit distracted right now.

I'll be back to chat while my little turkey is baking.
Have a great evening :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Hecklers

No matter how good a program is performing, there always seems to be someone who thinks the worst when the slightest of delays occur. For example, read the update that Jack at Gener8Profit just sent out:

Update: Patience is not spelled P A N I C

Greetings members,

I feel this must be mentioned....

Our connection with the Perfect Money server was interrupted for about 2 hours overnight and a few people started to panic. While it is mentioned in our FAQ's that withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours this did not deter some from yelling in forums and monitors that they were not paid "instantly". This just confirms what we already know. If instant withdrawals are advertised and if for any reason it goes to pending, it is interpreted as a bad sign! In fact, there could be many reasons out of our control, to cause this exact situation. Let me repeat ... This only happened for 2 hours.

As some of you should already know, we are not going anywhere. We want to set an example of what you should expect in a quality program. We need and want your patience and support in case of any other unforeseen incident such as this. We are working hard, 24/7, to make Gener8profit all it can be for you. Your continued support, both morally and financially, is required.

Let's all work together for a common goal.
Best Regards,
Jack Tyler

On a personal note, I don't use Perfect Money and was not aware of the delay overnight. But if for some reason my own withdrawals went to pending, I would probably guess that it's a glitch or perhaps Jack changed it to the way it's written in the FAQ's. This nonsense of yelling in public forums is just that, nonsense.

Which brings me to another thought. Admin's do read what we're saying in forums, facebook, twitter or however many places they have set up to let your voice be heard. Do you think those who cry scam at the drop of a hat will be on the admin's 'nice list' or 'naughty list' from now on? I've never been an admin myself but am thinking that it could make a big difference when it comes down to that time when admin's need to make decisions.

LatitudePay: saw a few more "Paid" posts last night and today in the forum where I hang out. I'm really happy to see those members being paid. It's not as fast as it was at the start but at least 'some' are still going out.

DailySharePro: surfed for a nice 1.3% today :)

AdClickXpress: did not let me down.
Should I say that again since it's out of the norm?
ACX did NOT let me down.
Well at least they did not let me down for delivering the payment to me that I requested on the 21st.
Yep, you heard that right. I Got Paid!
Now, what about my Advertising URL? I'll have to check.
- Nope. Still pending since Nov 17th :(

My friend dr.capoon mentioned today how some posts in the forum threads reminded him of the two old guys in the balcony from the Muppets.
They pay their money to watch the show (play the game) then complain through the entire event.
I almost fell off of my chair laughing when I read that. Took me a good 5 minutes to stop too. But he's right... some are just... well... hecklers.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Crabby Monday

Well, the Broncos (football) lost last night in overtime.
I didn't sleep very good and I've had this killer headache all day, so I'm certainly having a hard time sitting down to write.

I did however just receive my two daily instant payments from Gener8Profit. That should make me feel better. Thanks Jack.

Haven't seen much of anything with Latitude today :(

DailySharePro is working just fine though and completed my surf for the day.

AdHitProfits... I think I need to put them to bed.
Surfing 25 sites daily for 1 cent just isn't worth the time.

ACX: waiting on a payment which is 4 days pending now. Sure would be nice to receive that to pay for a book I just ordered. Also my Advertising URL is still pending since the 17th and trying to withdraw today I get "Daily Limit Reached".

Pnenow Admin seems to think the program is going to come back to life all by itself. I don't see him doing anything to help revive it and believe me, he's had more than enough suggestions from members who want it to survive. But at this stage, who would join and put money into a program where earnings are "on hold" again till Dec. 12th?

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's Sunday and I thought I had something else to do today, but I don't. So here I am as usual, lol

Gener8Profit: excellent newsletter from Jack follows and I was paid again today instantly, twice :)
Seems to me that Jack has really good plans for his program and sounds like he's got the experience to carry it though our 'slow time' as well. Thumbs Up!


Greetings members, 

I wanted to send a small update about the progression of Gener8Profit.

It's at this time I proudly announce that we have joined the highly respected blog/monitor Money News Online (MNO). You can read Paul Abramson's Review by clicking the following link 

Part of our strategy includes systematically adding key promotional outlets which, in the near future, will include Facebook, Twitter and Skype Chat. We have not failed to embrace any sources. If we are not utilizing them it's because we feel it is not yet time. We plan on being here for a long time and there is no rush. We do not want to saturate the market this early.

If anyone would like to chat with me you might find me on the Shoutbox at MNO, username G8Jack. Hope to see you all there and on the forums.

I would like to personally thank everyone that has been showing their trust and support. Please keep it coming. Remember, the greatest form of advertising is word of mouth.

Jack Tyler 

LatitudePay: I am so happy and relieved to hear from members and see some paid posts in the forum today. Although it appears not everyone is being paid, at least some are and that's a good sign.

DailySharePro: unlike yesterday, I had no problem getting to the site and doing my daily surfing.

That's all for now. Don't want to depress you talking about the other programs. (giggle)

OK I'm back. I didn't want to complain tonight but...
ACX claims to be Advertising Success At Its Best!
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals. 
And yet, my URL for Gener8Profit is still pending since Nov 17th!
That's hog wash. I just submitted a support ticket.

Go Broncos!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Freezing Week and Weekend

Been really cold here the last few days.
It's just above freezing right now but goes down to the teens overnight. Woke up the other morning to 17F. Now that's cold for November.

Gener8Profit: doing just great and about to do my daily cash out.
- Done and received payment instantly again. Thanks Jack!

LatitudePay: still not sure what's happening with it. Am seeing a payment proof here and there yet others are complaining of not being paid. Waiting.

DailySharePro: site's been down today but it just came back. Cool, off to do my surfing and yes, I did receive the payment I requested yesterday.
- Finished surfing and received 1% for today.

AdHitProfits: nothing new.

ACX: nothing new there either. Same ole same ole.

Pnenow: extremely disappointed to see the program "on hold" for almost three weeks again! Why would the Admin think new members will join and put funds in while it's not paying anything? Just amazes me how some Admin's think. (yes, I'm angry)

Friday, November 22, 2013

What a Wonderful World

Had a fun morning searching for some gifts online for Christmas presents.
Looked for a globe for Olivia today. Yes, she's only 3 and a third but she's a smart one and asking a lot of questions about where other people live.
So believe it or not, found the best price over at Barnes & Noble and they even offered free shipping on orders over $25. Globes are not cheap so I was happy that I had the time to search.

Gener8Profit: still waiting for the Admin's update but I did see G8P advertised in another well visited blog/website. Hey, the more exposure, the better results is how it should work.

LatitudePay: received another payment today and re-spent again as always. Have been seeing some posts of non-payments in the forum so I hope those are just problem accounts and nothing more.

DailySharePro: finally decided to cash out since it's been quite a while since I have. Received my EgoPay pretty fast but still waiting on the STP. Will look for that in the morning.

AdHitProfits: I know the Admin Charles works really hard on this site, but I'm not sure how long I can continue surfing for a penny a day. Thinking.

ACX: believe it or not I was paid last night, about 11 PM my time. Since it had been 3 days I also earned enough in Ad Packs to request another, so I did.
PS, my advertising URL is Still Pending since Nov 17th.

Pnenow: oh it's Friday. Let's see if Pne will cycle us again.
Good Luck Everyone :)

Play it again Sam.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Got My Fix

Finally got my fix today.
Had to go out for an appointment down south and on the way home there is a "Long John Silvers" where I was finally able to get my fix. Yum!
Plus the plate was big enough for two meals so I know what's for lunch on Friday too.

Gener8Profit: received my daily 8% earning as always. Cashed out and looking forward to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day :)
Running for 15 days now, the first 'cycle' has completed for those who joined on day one. Congrats! Also, Jack mentioned he'll be sending out an update soon. Should be a good one.

LatitudePay: received my daily earning and left my principal there for another day. So far, so good.

DailySharePro: today's earning (after surfing) was 1.4%. Good to see it on the rise.

AdHitProfits: anybody notice how the guy in the blue dress shirt and tie has monopolized the ad surf section? lol

ACX: saw a member that received his payment in less than 48 hours. Well, I'm at 72 hours as we speak. Hope they didn't forget about me.
BTW, shit like this just irritates me:
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals. 
To ACX, if you aren't doing it, then just say so!
I have a new URL pending since Nov 17th. Sheesh!

Pnenow: have been seeing PAID posts in the forum. Sure hope to see more of those after the next cycling which is supposed to be Friday. Mark Your Calendars!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Day, Another Dollar

Not feeling very talkative today.
Too many things going on in my head.
But the good news is:

Gener8Profit: working perfectly and received 2 more instant payouts today.

LatitudePay: also received payment and re-spent my principal.

Other than that, not much has changed since yesterday.
Ho hum.

ACX: been 48 hours since my w/d request went it. You think I'll get it tonight? You think I'll get it at all?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

Starting from the top, as always.

Gener8Profit: made a new spend today using STP and cashed out my daily earning via Ego which was received Instantly. Doing great! Thanks Jack :) Also, the Active Member Count has more than doubled since I joined! YaY!

LatitudePay: my 2-day plan expired again today. Re-spent my principal. Cashed out my earning. Done until next time. Also doing great! did my surfing and saving up for a withdraw. Oh wait, we did have a 1.3% day today instead of the minimum 1%. Cool.

AdHitProfits: made my usual penny.

ACX: waiting on that pending payment that I requested yesterday.

Pnenow: did in fact cycle last night and I read that several members are now eligible to request a withdraw. But first, you need to make sure your testimonials are up-to-date. Anyway, I'm glad they cycled and hope to see some 'Paid' posts in the forums soon.

KeystoneLoansDivision: been waiting all day to see movement over at KLD. The site was down on Sunday. Came back up on Monday and some folks managed to surf and get paid. Then all pay requests started landing in "pending" instead of the usual "instant". This is not a good sign and since no one pays me to post their banners, I've removed it from my side bar. Would be nice to hear a few words from Admin about what is going on, but at this point it does not look good. :(

Monday, November 18, 2013

Back To Work Day

Gener8Profit: although STP was available a few days ago, the Admin Jack is announcing it to members today. Maybe cause some were waiting on STP before making their spend. That's my best guess. Here it is:
(PS, cashed out again today and will probably make a new spend tomorrow with STP this time)

Greetings members, 

Hello, This is the Update that many have been waiting for. 

It is my pleasure to inform you that you can now invest with SolidTrustPay. Our merchant account has been approved and fully integrated with Gener8Profit. 

Deposits are credited to your account automatically and Withdrawals are processed in the same manner as all of our other approved e-currencies. 

Please remember you need to add your STP ID to your account from back office. As part of our security you will need to enter your transaction code and then the system will e-mail you a confirmation code that you need to enter to complete the process. I recommend you update this information at the time of deposit. This will make your withdrawal effortless. 

As a side note, The growth of our membership base has nearly doubled in the past 72 hrs. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. 
Jack Tyler


LatitudePay: almost time for my cash out. BRB
* OK back. Cashed out my earnings for today. Will do the same tomorrow and re-spend my principal again too. Gotta love the "routine".

DailyShare.Pro: did my surfing and earned 1.1% today.

Keystone: don't know what happened to the site yesterday but it's back up and members are surfing again.

Oh yeah. Today's the 18th huh?
PneNow: we're supposed to cycle tonight at .5%
There are a few members that I'd really like to see cycle and finally be able to get a cash out submitted. It's been a long wait for them and they only needed a few more cents to be eligible for a withdraw. Sure hope the Admin keeps his word!!

Just dropped by ACX, did my surfing and requested a cash out. What do you think? You think it's alive, or not?!?
You have successfully requested a $32.50 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account
Young Frankenstein... It's Alive! It's Alive!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Gener8Profit: member count when I joined 2 days ago:
"220 members so far with 102 of them active."
Today there are:
282 members and 153 active.
That's a nice size jump in less than 48 hours.
So I decided to cash out my first days earnings which were paid Instantly! Nice Job Admin! Thanks :)

LatitudePay: cashed out my daily and re-spent my principal.
Also received this update:
Hello LatitudePay investors,
We are pleased to announce that now more than 1 000 members have joined Latitude Pay. We are happy with those positive results and thank all members for their trust.

Thanks Alan. That's good news too.

DailySharePro: did my daily surfing and earned 1% today.

Keystone: sites been blank for hours. Hope it's not a major problem.

ACX: not sure I can even talk about them today. 
I'm trying to have a nice day and I'm afraid mentioning them will just ruin it. It's just one big ugly circle there... playing with play money forever! So unless you're a member I'm sure it's of no interest to you anyway.

Here's a funny song from the 60's that I hope you don't find offensive. Just reminded me of ACX for some reason. Maybe the Monopoly part or maybe that it's just not very interesting anymore, lol

Saturday, November 16, 2013

333 - What Does It Mean?

I've been waking up at 3:33 AM for the past few nights.
What does that mean? Hopefully something good :)

Gener8Profit: received my first 8% daily earning just now.
I'm going to sit on it for the moment and decide later if I should cash it out or maybe re-spend. Thanks to those of you who have joined me so far :)

LatitudePay: cashed out my daily earning and re-spent my principal for another day.

DailySharePro: surfed and saving up for my next withdraw.

Keystone: cashed out my last two days earning and taking a break for the weekend. No surf - No earn.

AdHitProfits: made another penny after surfing :(

ACX: still shaking my head at their blunder. Do you think it was intentional? Show everybody that their Panels are cycling so they spend fresh money? Well, those of you in the program have read their update. At this point, all I can do is laugh when I read their choice of words.
Forget the Roll-Back. How about another profit shift instead!
Good Grief! Enough already!!!

The Ad Click Xpress website is
Temporarily Unavailable and is Under Maintenance

The ACX Website will be unavailable temporarily while our IT Staff completes maintenance and updates for the required XpressShift procedure

We anticipate the site being down for only about 6 hours, after which the ACX System will be back running smoothly once again. We appreciate your patience while we take care of this important matter.


BioFuture: everybody is probably wondering what happened to it. The more I think about it, perhaps the writing was on the wall for the last two days.

Received my last daily earning on the 13th, but didn't cash out. On the 14th I noticed no daily earning and my active deposit had disappeared. O-oh.
Members were sending support tickets that were going unanswered. Other members had 'pending' payments for too long.
Now regardless of what the "site stats" show, I learned a long time ago not to put too much trust in those stats.

So the Admin, who I thought would close shop and walk away, surprised several members last night instead. I received a few emails and read a few forum posts that payments were being received. Well that's good news!

Even though accounts were being closed and information disappearing from the site, at least the Admin decided to do some additional payments.

I'm sure not everyone managed to get into profit or even break even, but knowing that this Admin went the extra mile to send out 'final payments' makes him OK in my book.

I do wish he would send out an update so that we are all aware of the situation. Unless he's not done yet and it's coming soon. But until then, it's still a wonder as to what really happened here.
I'm sorry if you lost :(

Friday, November 15, 2013

New (sort of) Program - Gener8Profit

Gener8Profit: opened on Nov 6th. I joined today.
Only 220 members so far with 102 of them active. So although it's been open for 9 days, it's almost like brand new :)

What I like about this one is even though it's a high daily %, it expires at 120% so no one can go too crazy or take advantage of it.

I first heard about it when the Admin contacted me. I checked the site and looked around my favorite forum to see what's up there. Had a few brief email chats with Jack (the admin) who promptly answered any questions I had.

You ever notice how sometimes you look at a site and go ewwww... that one just doesn't feel right to me.
Well, this one had the opposite effect. Not trying to make brownie points with the Admin but something just felt really comfortable when I looked it over.
Oh there you go again blondie, you and your gut feelings, lol
Yeah, I rely on that a lot.

So I'm not trying to wine and dine you into joining here, just telling you that I have joined and I plan to have a nice long stay with them.

Admin updates have been excellent so far and he even quoted a Beatles song in his update today. Now you know that got my attention!

OK, here's the nitty gritty of it if you're interested:
- accepts STP (just added today) EgoPay, PM and OKPay.
- pays 8% for 15 calendar days (120% ROI).
- no compounding allowed but you can purchase from account balance.
- min spend is $10 - max is... a lot.
- earn 7 days a week.
- earnings are credited 24 hrs after your deposit.
- min withdraw is 50 cents.
- no fees to spend or withdraw.
- payouts are sent within 24 hours.
- free members cannot earn referral commissions.
- RC is 4% (I am assuming on new deposits only).

That's about it and of course all that info was found under the FAQ tabs.
So like I said, I joined today and am looking forward to checking my account daily and deciding exactly how to 'play it'.
Hey, TGIF !!

back in a bit with updates on our other stuff

Later in the day:
Dang it. Today got away from me. Been super busy.

Was paid today from LatitudePayFast as always :)

Other than that, just laughing at the ACX news.
What was that all about? 'We screwed up and now have to do a rollback?' What is this... Walmart? lol

Dinner's in the oven. See you guys tomorrow.

One really late PS: I'll talk about BioFuture tomorrow.
Yes they are removed from my side bar :( 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let My Hair Down Today and ...

Trotted off to the grocery store.
Spent 116 dollars on... cat food cans, pouches, bags of dry, kitty litter, kitty powder (to help the box smell sweet), peanuts for the squirrels, generic cat food for the skunks, hamster food for the mice (outside) and... toilet paper! Doesn't seem like this was a 'me' day for shopping at all but more focused on the critters. Ah well, they love me.

OK so just a quick post today... received payments from:
LatitudePay and KeystoneLoans

DailyShare: could have cashed out but might purchase tomorrow instead.

BioFuture: payments have been sporadic today. I have not requested any and would rather wait to see what's happening.

ACX: don't forget to change your password. If you click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions, you should be able to do it with ease.
Tried several times today to get a withdraw request in. Finally, just a few minutes ago, I did get one submitted. WhooHoo!
Now I can really let my hair down!

PS, check in with me tomorrow. There's a relatively new program out there that hasn't gotten much attention yet. But after chatting with the Admin, I think this may be the quiet one that goes the distance.

(Might want to listen to this song in the morning.
It's a good wake up song, trust me)
(pps, thanks to my son who used to bless me with this song shaking the floor boards in the morning each time he played it to wake his ass up. Miss you kiddo.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just got home and found an update from
LatitudePay in my inbox:

Dear LatitudePay investors,

Our program is officially 1 day old. We are extremely happy you have chosen to include Latitude Pay in your portfolios, and we are looking for a fruitful mutual cooperation with you.

We are truly trilled about the success the program had in its first 24 hours after opening, reaching almost the top place for the fastest growing program:

Thank you for the contribution everyone is expressing towards the overall success of the program.

Please remember that having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, and there are strict consequences for abusing our system. Members who try their chance by registering multiple accounts for the purpose of self-referring or RCB cheating will have their accounts suspended without prior notice. This is written in our FAQ and it your responsibility to read it before joining. If you see members complaining, the reason is that they had abused our system.

Below you can find our forum, Facebook and monitor links:





As for me, my deposit matured earlier today so I cashed out my earnings and re-spent the principal for another day. That's the way to do it.

DailySharePro: happy to see the daily % increasing. Started off with the minimum of 1% daily, then was 1.1% for a couple of days and today's was 1.2%. Good stuff and don't forget to surf.

That's all for now.
Off to see if I can get another withdraw to go through in
ACX. ..... nope. Had to change passwords in both systems and the one where I have more than $30 gave me the "Daily Limit Reached" message. Maybe I'll try again later if I have the energy that is :(

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Tuesday (cause I can't think of a clever title)

LatitudePay: great start yesterday and going strong.
I did cash out a little today and received it super fast!
Thanks Admin and members. Good times for sure :)
(those who missed yesterday's announcement post, please read before joining.)

DailySharePro: surfed, earned and cashed out. Piece of cake.

BioFuture: those who started in the higher plan on day one should be over the hump now. The lower plan is at 85.5% return as of today. Really happy to see this moving along so nicely. Oh and I was paid here today too.

Keystone: got a little nervous when the site was down earlier but it's back up now and payments are instant as always. Thanks Admin!

CyclerPassive: seemed like a fun idea when it was first announced, but since then I'm losing interest real fast. Not sure if it's because it's being overhyped by promoters, or maybe it's just me with my gut feeling telling me to stay away. Am not impressed with their email updates either. Sorry admin but you're not showing that you're very professional IMO.
- If you already signed up and decided to play, by all means Good Luck to you, and I mean that.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned (a penny since yesterday).

ACX: once again my pending withdrawals were cancelled. Wondered what the hell is going on? Checked the time of my w/d requests and hmmm, they were both on Monday server time. Now what's the problem?
Well seems they've upped the minimum withdraw request from $20 to $30 and of course mine were below $30. Geez Louise. No respect I tell you, No respect.

Later in the evening, am happy to report that I did get another w/d request to go through for just over $30 AND got paid from my pending requested yesterday.
OK, maybe this isn't so bad after all :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

LatitudePay Open for Business

Yes, this is the one I've been waiting for!
I'm really excited to have another good program open so soon after the last one (dailyshare), which I also feel was worth our attention.

So here is LatitudePay

As you can see the plans are good, registration was easy and I'm looking forward to a profitable run here.

Lots of pay processors to choose from: Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Ego Pay, Bitcoin, OK Pay and Pex Pay.

Note: when making your Deposit, be sure to choose your Plan at the same time.

Those who are familiar with hyip's should know how to 'play to win' without stepping on Admin's or other members toes.
My suggestion: spend in the 1 or 2 day plan.
Keep your spends reasonable and please don't try to HaR.
Re-spend your principal from account balance, cash out earnings only, show your support in forums, monitors or facebook etc. and take it easy on the compounding. I think we'd all like to see everyone earn some bucks here, not just a few who get greedy.
Back in a minute. Have to wash dishes :)

DailySharePro: requested and received my first payout from DSP today. WooHoo! Thanks Admin and members.

BioFuture: stats are good but will wait till tomorrow to cash out.

Keystone: it's Monday. Don't forget to surf. Earnings come tonight.
AND Keystone is 50 Days Online Today! Whoop Whoop!
Great Job Admin!!

ACX: if you were lucky enough to get a withdrawal request in over the weekend, be prepared for it's cancellation.
Looks like we cannot request on Sat or Sunday anymore.
So even though mine was cancelled today, they did return funds to my Ad Pack Balance where I was able to request it again with no problem.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Some Chat

New Program will not be launching today, so have a fun and relaxing Sunday. Do check back tomorrow though.

DailySharePro: has started out real healthy. Been surfing and earning for 3 days now. Big Thanks to those who joined from my link :)

BioFuture: requested payment and was paid super fast!

Keystone: no surfing or earning today. Come back tomorrow.

CyclerPassive: they just added some kind of 30% repurchase rule. Not sure if I'm going to play now but will decide before too long.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned a few daily cents.

ACX: believe it or not, received a payment from ACX today. Also managed to get another payment request in yesterday. Yes I'm happily shocked!

OK, that's the end of my chat.
Short and to the point :)
Cheers and see you tomorrow bright and early!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


I'm out for a few hours today.
Will catch up here and on emails when I get back.*
Later (wave)

* Let's make that tomorrow.
My "few hours" of babysitting turned into 7 and I'm beat.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF and New Profit Share Opened Today

I'll be back. Getting a little excited about something but wanted to post this first, before I forget, and it's good too!

BioFuture: new update if you haven't received it:
(lookin good :)

There is two more milestones to report - BioFuture was 2 weeks old yesterday and we have made it to $100K in Deposits! How Terrific is that?

We would like to remind you that we have added PexPay to our list of processors and you can now deposit using it.

So where do we go from here? Our priority in the first week, which we continued through last week, was to get BioFuture off the ground and that has been accomplished. There is little else that can be done in terms of "spending money to get money".  Now we must go through a fallow period.

In another week, we will start another advertising approach which will more likely involve mobilising our membership to solidify our position as a leading HYIP.  But the seeds of that campaign can be planted today.

How many of you have been receiving flawless timely payments for two weeks now? Although You would be surprised to think that if you went through the popular forums. There is only a handful of members that have been diligently showing their support for BioFuture. Those members are carrying us but there could be more than 20-25 times more of you posting. So, next time you are paid please take a few minutes of your time to let others know about it.

Let's see if we can make it to $200k before Christmas!!

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans


My apologies. The new site below has been up and down.
Looks like some jealous idiots trying to cause problems.
It should be back on stable ground before long.

The New Profit Share I've been hinting around at Just Opened!
I've only had time so far to get registered, make a deposit, then make my purchase. Clicked to Surf and it's AUTO! Nice one Admin!!
Name is: 
I'll be back with details in just a bit.


There is a FREE Membership also and it's posted on the site.
- Positions cost $5 each and run for 180 days
- Surfing is an Auto-Surf (not manual)
- Max surf is 50 pages per day
- Very experienced Admin
Here's another part I really enjoyed:
Earn a Minimum of
1% profit, Everyday!!

What we can guarantee you is that your daily incomes never reach lower than 1% per day, so this is the minimum amount you can earn daily with us. Good news is that there is no highest % amount of return so it could be 2-3 times bigger depending on BitCoin trades.
I'm going to check out the site a little more now but what I've seen so far is really slick! Good Job Admin ;)

PS... that was only ONE thing I was excited about.
Got News of another great program coming on Sunday (hopefully) so don't spend all your money in once place quite yet.
OK, I'll give you a HINT: if you enjoyed FarEastFunds, you will enjoy this new one too.
NOTE: this is NOT the same Admin as FEF.
I was merely making reference to the plans and how well it ran for as long as it ran. Cheers :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Before I get to happy stuff, there's a new update on
RAF (Rican) and ismAdsIncome and ismMagic:

Keep that link handy cause I'm getting rid of their banners. I know I should have deleted them months ago but only left them there for your convenience.
If they ever start paying again, I'll post here but am not holding my breath waiting for that.

BioFuture: requested a payment today.
* Paid before I posted my blog. Thanks Admin.

Keystone: paid twice today instantly!

ACX: as I mentioned last night, I did get paid from ACX. Also submitted for another one, so we'll see how that goes.

This morning I joined a new program just for fun.
I say that because there is no way we can earn what the site claims in the time frame mentioned. But for $10 bucks I think it'll be fun to watch and hopefully earn a few along the way.

CyclerPassive is open for registrations now and purchasing will be open on Wed. Nov 13th. There is a countdown clock on the site for that.

So if you want to check it out you've got plenty of time to make a decision before it officially opens for business. I've already gotten some Spam about it which could be a good sign that it's being heavily promoted right now. Member count is up quite a bit from when I joined so maybe we can do good here. I'll stay updated on it. Just didn't want you to miss out if it looks like fun to you too.

Still waiting for word about the new Profit Share.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


* Tomorrow morning the new Profit Share should be ready to go. I'll give you details as soon as it's available. It may or may not be up your alley but you can decide after you have time to check it out :)

I do enjoy communicating with others in the forums with regards to our current running programs. However, it can get really annoying when these little guys show up who are clueless as to what is really going on.

I'm letting my funds accumulate today in both
BioFuture and Keystone so that when I do cash out, I'll save a little on those pesky pay processor fees.

Speaking of saving money, did you guys see this yet?
They're selling Arby's Sauce and Horsey Sauce in bottles now.
Next time I go there I am definitely picking up a bottle or two.

Can you tell I'm just killing time right now?
Waiting for word on that new Profit Share program that I feel will be a great addition to the other two programs listed above.

Back Later (wave)

ACX: at 4:42 PM Mountain Time for an EgoPay request:
The Daily Withdrawal Limit has been temporarily reached for this pay processor.
Oh No!! Already?!? Crappy-ola!!

** Tried again while my Tuna Casserole was in the oven (about 6:35 Mountain time) and:

You have successfully requested a $23.60 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this EgoPay account:

*** And to end my day on a good note:

You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as your receipt.
That was my first payout in over a month! TG
Night Night :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Coach

Want to start today with sending a big Happy Birthday to my good friend Randy V who often comments here in my blog. Randy and I have been online friends a really long time and I certainly couldn't miss his special day. Now Randy, you know I've been waiting patiently to finally post this song for you. About flippin time you made it!! hehe
Happy Birthday Hugs and Many More!!

Just got home from grocery shopping (yuck) so off to do my daily stuff now and will catch up in a bit.
Yes I know about Pnenow but I need to calm down a bit before writing. I try hard not to cuss here in my blog unless it's really necessary.

- BioFuture: requested another pay day and I'll bet ya I get it fast. *A few minutes later... Paid! Thanks Admin :)
PS, I'm in the lower 4.5% daily plan AND as of today, we are now over the half way hump to BEP if you joined on day one.

- Keystone: received 2 instant payments just now. Excellent.

- No Word on the new Profit Share today but I'll be sure to see what I can find out tomorrow.

OK, I couldn't calm down. I'm pretty upset and need to vent.
Pnenow: what a messed up update.
Again we're on hold for two damn weeks!
This Admin needs to realize things have changed and players are a lot smarter now than they used to be. You can't pull the same crap on members today that you did 3, 5 or 10 years ago. That ain't gonna fly.

Chung, if you're reading this. I tried hard to explain to you what you could be doing at this point. I also know of several members sending in support emails with good suggestions for growth and sustainability. But you just won't listen, will you? Don't you realize the harm you're causing to your program?
When I joined here, you said you respected my opinion and my knowledge. Yet, you won't listen to or consider a damn thing I say. Not to mention many other members with a lot of experience in what works and what won't work.
Now, get off your high horse and get this program moving. If people are earning and being paid, they'll start promoting again. But they sure as hell ain't gonna promote something that's dead in the water.
Over and Out
That's my last post about Pnenow unless some major changes are made.