Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Humor... Just what the Doctor ordered

Funny commercial landed in my inbox today.
OMG, hahaha. Thanks Paul for sending it :)

"This is so funny ...

the expressions on the women's faces are priceless...."

Needed to look up Clint Eastwood for something
and saw that Today is his Birthday. He's 84.
Happy Birthday Mr Eastwood !!

Friday, May 30, 2014

What? No Coffee?

This morning I turned on the coffee pot as usual. No light went on. Oh No! Had to brew it manually by pouring boiling water through the coffee and filter into the pot.

Also what a crappy week this has been online.
Good thing I had a lot to do around the house to keep me occupied else I might be stomping my feet and throwing a fit, lol

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday I think the
PlutusProject is on shaky ground. Do not join.
There are some strange things happening which seem to be out of Admin's control. What a shame.

AdHitCash: site is up but nobody's home!
No payouts for over a week, no updates, nadda.

PAS / PerfectAdSolution: is getting ready for their 'real' beta testing soon. Then will open their doors about 2 weeks after.

Twentyby30: still doing good. Requested a cash out yesterday and once paid, will purchase again via STP.

ACX is going to start giving RC when your referrals upgrade their membership level. Ummm OK, they used to do that long ago so I'm glad they're bringing it back. BUT they've also created a new Wallet for it so it's not added to your regular RC wallet. Yep, another flippin wallet to watch. Sheesh :(

Gotta go.

Thunderstorm coming through but high-five to Blondie for fertilizing the grass today.
Cheers :)

Much later in the day... the storm blew over.
For some strange reason, I can relate this song to a lot of different situations.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Project

Thursday: links removed for Plutus.
Sadly I have my reasons.

that I joined late last night...

PlutusProject opened last Thurs so it's still fairly new.
The plans range from 2% (daily) up to 15% (for a set time frame) for smaller spends. Of course if you spend more, you can make more, if you don't mind the higher risk.
- Min spend is $10. - Min withdraw is $1.
- No deposit or withdraw fees.
- PM, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin accepted.
- Daily plan expires daily, same time as your deposit.
- The other plans are paid after their set time frame.
- One account per IP address strictly enforced.
- Dedicated Server, SSL and Ddos Protected.
More info in the FAQ's but that's the basics.

As mentioned I joined last night using Payeer in the 1 Day Plan. I intend to cash out daily and re-spend my principal daily while I'm comfortable with the program. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut feeling on these things :)
Let me know if you have any questions and
Good Luck if you decide to join and give it a try.

PerfectAdSolution: was playing with the Beta money last night and ended up spending it all. Had no idea how fast I could go through one thousand dollars. Anyway, I'm getting emails like crazy today telling me I got paid and other things.
The "Beta" Contest starts on May 30th but the actual opening of the program won't be until 2 weeks later, so mid-June I'll call it. Still learning and trying to figure out my plan of attack.

Twentyby30: another great night of cycling and my balance is on the grow, lol. Thanks Ryan, I'll be cashing out and purchasing more in no time.

AdHitCash: not a peep from Admin, Support or any members reporting payments received. Dang! This really ticks me off.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Holiday

Remembering those who served.
All gave some, some gave all.

On to business.

PerfectAdSolution: been playing in the Beta test and have made some earnings already. Getting a lot of email notices for shares expired, getting paid, new matrix positions etc. It's kind of fun to watch even though I'm not totally following the flow right now. I'm sure we'll catch on as time goes by.

AdHitCash: am so disappointed with them. Their last Update was May 23rd and to the best of my knowledge, the last payments that went out were on May 22nd. Have sent them a ticket begging for an update but they're not replying to anyone right now. Just shaking my head wondering what the heck is going on?

Twentyby30: the good news is it's Monday and we start our week day cycling again tonight. Been running smoothly for an entire month already and membership keeps growing so that's a good sign :)

Ummmm what else?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Springtime in the Rockies

Yes that's Hail.

Glad I didn't fill that flower bed yet.

Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Friday and I'm Back

Was busy yesterday and out for most of the day. Tried to stay on top of things here online but this little 'almost' 4 year old kept asking "Will you play with me?" Well of course! That's what I'm here for.

PerfectAdSolution: best to read the "How It Works" on the site. It's quite lengthy but explains it all in great detail. Certainly affordable with good plans that help newer members and newer spends along with those of us who join at the start. Will update more on that later but in the meantime, read up (like I'm trying to do) and I'll do my best to stay updated :)
NOTE: Beta Testing just opened. Check it out and Try Before You Buy, lol
Greetings, everyone!
We'd like to inform you that you can already start testing the system.
Our contest however still begins on the May 30th

Now a bit more about our current Beta settings:
- You can purchase up to 5 P. RevShare and 5 P. Cycler positions every 3 minutes
- TimeMatrix is restarted every 2 hours
- You don't need to surf to get RevShare payments
- Revenue is shared every 18 minutes

Last but not least, we're happy to say that we have crossed the 200 members line.
Keep 'em coming!

AdHitCash: they've certainly been busy the last couple of days with our PTC's expiring and everybody cashing out and hopefully making new spends. I too have cashed out and also bought a couple of new Cash-Pro and PTC schemes.
NOTE: the old 15 day PTC is now an 80 day PTC that pays 2% daily including your principal. Similar to the 90 day Cash-Pro with the 2% daily but the 90 day plan only costs $19 whereas the PTC is still $45.00
They have also added some Bitcoin plans but they're out of my price range so I'll stick with the two above for the time being.

Twentyby30: this is cool... the positions I bought on 4/24 when this launched have now given back my $5 spend (.25 cents at a time) and are now 'on hold' for 10 more days after which the other $5 will be added to my account balance.
Now in the meantime, every time I receive a payout I have been purchasing new positions of at least 40% of my cash out. No complaints here :)

This is just too funny (and scammy) so have to share...
Some spammer tried to post an Advertisement in my comments section for a HYIP that pays
9000% After 1 Day.
I think we can all see what their intentions are so please don't ever fall for something like that. I like a good game as much as the next guy but programs that offer that kind of return are just too slimy!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Program - Perfect Ad Solution

Just added a new banner to my sidebar for
Perfect Ad Solution
At first glance it looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but we've got plenty of time to decipher it all before the official launch.
Beta Testing will begin May 30th and Launch will be a week or two after that. I'll be checking it over more in coming days but have to run out later today and will be out for awhile tomorrow too.
If you decide to register, your Welcome message might end up in spam but you really don't need it to log in.
I don't know about you but I've been looking forward to something new to replace the others that have died out or disappeared :)

AdHitCash Update:
Few of the members still did not get their principal back due to some technical issue in the server.
We have already fixed the issue. 
Principal will be returned within next 24 hours to their account.
We appreciate your patience.
AdhitCash Team
The Lifetime Business Opportunity

I'll be keeping an eye on my account as often as I can today. Might be past my bedtime though before the 24 hours is up.

** Happy to report my first PTC earning scheme has now expired and the principal sent to my cash balance. I transferred some of it over to Wallet and purchased another PTC plan with that. Requested a cash out for the balance. Sure hope this thing is all fixed and running smooth from here on out.

*** Paid Already!

Twentyby30: another perfect cycling night at 20x30.
Will be cashing out and spending again tomorrow.
Thanks Ryan!

Why Jake is in Olivia's car seat... I have no idea. lol

Monday, May 19, 2014

Just The Facts plus Tuesday

Been watching AdHitCash all afternoon waiting for my PTC scheme to expire and return the principal. Has not happened yet. But word on the street is the site was having some little problems overnight (my time) so that could have delayed our expiration dates. Hoping to receive an update on that soon.
* Still no update from AHC. Waiting.

Twentyby30: will be starting our week day cycling again tonight. Always look forward to that.
* Cycled last night and in a couple more days will be withdrawing and purchasing once again.

ACX: temporarily down and under maintenance.
Hmmm Is it restart time?
* Not yet but 'surfing not required'? Weird.
** Later in the day, I surfed and received my daily credit. BUT it was not added to my balance. Still weird.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having a blurry Saturday

Everything is blurry here today and not sure why. It feels like I'm wearing somebody else's spectacles. Well, I did get too much sleep last night and I was spreading cow manure yesterday. Wonder if either of those could have anything to do with my eyesight?
I did manage to make a batch of Potato Salad this morning but had to use the magnifying glass to read my recipe, lol

AdHitCash: new interest earnings keep coming in right on schedule. The site is loading faster for me today which certainly gives me more confidence to advertise in the TE's that show a new site every 10-20 seconds. Good job Admin. Hope that slow loading problem is now fixed forever :)

Twentyby30: Hey... remember those 'old positions' we could "claim" from Twentyby20 when it switched to Twentyby30?
Well I did claim 5 and as of this past Wednesday, I see that they have started cycling. How cool is that?
So whether you're a new member or an older member, we are cycling at 5% M-F steadily. Cash outs have been paid fast and those of us adding new funds regularly are seeing some nice growth in our own accounts.

I'll be back after I can focus.

(Later) Nope. Ain't gonna be today.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday's Turmoil

What a crappy start to the day.

Banners removed from my blog today are:

Oil Rig Contractors... it just ran it's course.
Well, could have had some help from a few greedy (or misinformed) investors which sent it to an early grave. 

ATBVenture... sadly our small membership never grew enough to get off the ground. Amanda is working on refunds as we speak. (note: she only has access to funds received since she took over.)

Tueps... I've decided not to leave the banner up for 4 weeks while it's "on hold". That's too long in this business and I honestly don't know if it will come back with the same name or not. Once it's open again, I'll check it out and share if it's worth it.

Banner I decided to leave:

ACX... just because newbies need to know what is really going on. I see a payment proof here and there but they're mostly paying RC to sponsors and that's about it. I'll keep my sad stats updated for you.

OK, now that I've got that off my chest...

AdHitCash: been receiving my 'interest earnings' daily and I'm keeping my funds building for now to be able to purchase more as soon as I can.
Also next week my first 15 day spend will be paid out. Yes, I'm planning to purchase again for another round.

Twentyby30: rolling right along and I'll be cashing out from there tomorrow. Once paid, I'll purchase my 40% or more to keep it going at the highest ROI available.

ShowBiz Hits: oh yeah, today's Thursday.
Surf 25 pages and receive:
75 Credits

It's that easy but don't forget to enter the surf code for today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Monday After

After watching it snow all day yesterday, then driving home in it last night... woke up to another 6" or more on the grass and cars today and it was still snowing! What a nice storm and on Mothers Day no less ;)

AdHitCash: Good News!
"Greetings! How are you doing?
Are you earning well on our system? We would love to receive feedbacks from you and It will inspire us!

We have a very good news to share with you.
"No More mandatory Surfing required to earn as a Free Member"

Now, you can earn without mandatory surfing!

Privileged membership and Country Representatives program has been published.

Well yes, I've been receiving my daily earnings on a regular schedule (since they fixed the server issues) and I'm a little relieved that surfing is not mandatory anymore. It's doing great IMO (clap).
Remember now, this is a long term program so if you didn't join on day one, it's not a big deal. No time like the present.

Twentyby30: purchased a couple more positions today and getting ready for the next 5 days of earnings.

Here's one of my (Grand) Mothers Day gifts from Olivia. It's a planter box personalized of course. She writes better than me and she's not even 4 yet, lol.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Hope all you Mom's have a fun day today. That includes Mothers of critters too since we treat our pets like children. Am I right?
We had plans to go to a Park today but it's been raining all night and is now snowing. Oops. Guess it'll be an indoor lunch instead.

Our programs are all doing well.
Have seen several paid posts in forums today from
AdHitCash, Twentyby30 and OilRigContractors.
Tomorrow I'll be paying my weekly sub in ATBV so perhaps we'll see more movement there too.

Guess that's about it for now.
Once again, Happy Mother's Day!

Later in the day...
What could be more fun on Mothers Day than to build two snowmen from the snow off your patio table?
Only in Colorado, lol

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Friday !

Funny, I have a squirrel or two who reach out like that when I'm throwing them nuts.

They look like little football players reaching for peanuts from heaven, lol

AdHitCash: received my daily earning for each of my spends just fine today. The site is still slow but that's OK since we're not required to surf again yet.
I do hope the Admin gives us advance notice of the surfing requirement. Sure would hate to miss that.

Twentyby30: just received a super fast payout and I will be making a new spend (putting back) 40% of that very soon. Thanks Admin.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


AdHitCash: 9 AM MDT, site is loading slow or not at all. Per Admin Support:
"We are moving our server to make the site faster and efficient to use for members.
We will announce new exciting Earning packages and features after moving the site.
We'll also upload new training/guidelines videos for the members to help them understand the system better."

Here's the official notice just received:
Dear members,

We are concerned that some of the members are experiencing slow browsing of the site.
So we have decided to move our web server to a better hosting company with upgrade to a advanced dedicated server.

We will notify you once we start moving the server.
For now, We have disabled "Mandatory Surfing" for general members :)

The system will be very fast and efficient to use for members once we move the server.
We will announce new exciting Earning packages and features after moving the site.

We'll also upload new training/guidelines videos for the members to help them understand the system better.

Thanks for your patience.

AdhitCash Team

ShowBiz Hits Traffic Exchange: don't forget on Thursdays you receive 75 additional credits after surfing 25 sites. Doesn't take long either. Enter Surf Code: surf

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Time To Surf

Just a reminder, if you joined AdHitCash and made a spend, it's now time to go surfing in order to earn your daily rate. (Unless you're a Premium member. Then no surfing needed.)
- The "earnings" have been credited at different times of the day but that is one of the things they're still working on.
- You can also earn an extra .01 cent each if there are any available PTC ad's to view.
- Those with referrals may have noticed that your RC is now going into your Wallet where you can only spend from.
Personally I like that idea. It forces you to use your RC where you will gain earnings on it slowly rather than cashing it out all at once. Good call Admin.

Twentyby30: here's a note I received today re: the 40% option. Yes I said option, it's not a rule, just an option.
To maintain 150% earning rate, you must make new purchase with 40% of your withdraw paid. The 40% rule is designed to serve two purposes: First, to increase our funding 40% and ensure program longevity. Second, to increase your earning speed 40% more, since you'll have 40% more positions. We are still working on the automation of the 40% rule. In the meantime, you may follow the rule by your own calculation.
I have done the 40% purchase already and plan to continue doing that for as long as I'm being paid :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Growing Pains

AdHitCash which opened just a few days ago is suffering from growing pains. There are some changes that have been done and a few glitches in the system that are being worked out now. Should be settled before too long. Overall I really like how it's growing and the plans for it's future.

Twentyby30: purchased a few more units which was about 40% of my last withdraw, so I'm in good shape now towards the 150% ROI, rather than 120% for those who don't purchase new.

Oil Rig is still doing good and I've just received a payment.

Tueps is On Hold again for approx. 4 weeks.
No growth. No funds. No comment at this time.

ATBVenture: am not seeing much growth here either and without it, not sure how much longer we can survive. I think it's really sad since the plan is good, the Admin is good and it could last a very long time... but without people being interested in it, well, it is what it is.

Hey, I gotta run out for a bit.
Need something to help take the pain away from a pinched nerve. At least that's what I think it is. Will be back later if anything new or exciting comes up.

ACX... here's something I found humorous...
Their latest update subject line says:
"Media Panels Filling Like Crazy"
yet when I check my media account I see:
Now how do you suppose they plan to pay out those media panels when they can't pay a regular withdraw for 85 days?
Amazing! (and I don't mean that in a good way)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Hybrid Open

Just got word that this new Hybrid opened last night while I was sleeping. It's called AdHitCash and has a few different ways to earn long term.

Finally it's opened.
Been waiting on this one for quite a long time.

Besides what's written on the Home Page of the site, the FAQ's are always helpful so I won't repeat what you already read.

"How It Works" has a nice video which shows you how to register and how to make a spend to get started.

I personally didn't go with the Premium Membership, but don't let me stop you if you see the value of it.

Basically you have 2 Plans to choose from:

Cash-Pro is a straight 2% daily for 90 days.
- ROI 180%

PTC pays earnings daily and expires in 15 days.
- ROI 117% - Principal return on expiry.

I can see some merit in each of the plans, so it's just a matter of preference which one you feel more comfortable with.

Pay Processors are: STPay, OKPay, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, EgoPay and Payeer.

I do know they've been working on this program and the plans for a long time now and it was not just slapped together for a quickie. Also I intend to see a nice long term program running here.

Now go check out the site and see if it interests you.
Hope to see you there ;)

Friday, May 2, 2014


Up at 6 AM today and kicked butt.
Did so much around the house this morning, not sure how to kill off the afternoon, lol

Twentyby30: doing just fine. Will be adding some funds in the next day or two then I'll be ready for another cash out next week.

OilRig: just read that they've passed the 1 million dollar mark in purchases there. Amazing! Twenty days running and doing very well.

Tueps: working beautifully for being 142 days old. Purchasing, cycling, cashing out. It's a nice pattern.

My-OPI has a power launch going on. So far I've made 6 cents having 10 profit shares and 3 matrix positions active. What a joke.
Sure hope the 'promoters' aren't promoting this any longer... and now wishing I never did.

ACX: my upline received an Ad Pack withdraw after waiting some 1000+ hours. My w/d is nearing 1000 now so maybe I'll get lucky too.

Watching my neighbor plant some flowers but we're still seeing frost overnight so I might wait another week before I do it. Hate it when you have to plant twice.