Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

RSA Update

Below is a note from Admin via their facebook group.
I'm not in their FB group so I can't verify its authenticity. But here it is for those involved and interested. (sorry that it's cut off a tad but I think you can fill in the blanks).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I don't even know what to say today.
Yesterday's launch of the RevShare at RevShare Advertising started out OK. We earned almost 2% in the first hour so I thought, well... if we times that by 24 hours that's 48% per day. Can't complain about that.

But members did complain about that so the Admin decided to give us a real time revenue share for the balance of the day.

Now that was awesome and we all made our money back pretty darn fast. But of course we did have to re-purchase with the 25% but hey, this thing is smokin hot right now so who cares? We're doing great!

Thinking it would stay that way, I for one made the mistake of putting too much of my funds back in for another day. (sigh)

So today was quite a shocker to see it plummet from 37% (one of yesterday's shares) down to .027% a little while ago.

Well hell. Nothing we can do now but hope that business will pick up again soon and we'll start seeing some decent returns in future days.

-- On the other side of the street, the Daily Earner Plan is still kicking out that 3.84% on a daily basis. Whew! Thank goodness for that.

OneLineAd announced it will be launching on November 9th and their new plan is on the site if you care to review it.
I sort of like it and think it could go a long way with the right support.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tomorrows Launch

RevShareAdvertising is launching their Revenue Share plan tomorrow. Please check the site for the official launch time in your area. Every time I check, it seems to move an hour further away, lol.
Currently showing a 9:00 AM launch for me so that would be 11:00 AM EST.
Here's a portion of their email with a few details:

Take Note of The Following:

-RSA has two good sustainable plans put together and we want you to take advantage of the two.

-Add Money to your wallet now, using the FUND WALLET link in your member area

-Buy one or more adshare in the Daily Plan to qualify for the PURE REVSHARE PLAN

-If you have bought in the Daily Plan before now, you are qualified.

-Use your referral link to invite family and friends as you will earn referral commission down to 3 level in all their purchase in Daily Plan and Pure Revshare Plan

-Calculate the launch timer hours to know when it will be in your country and stay close to your laptop during that time.

And something they didn't note:
- Minimum RevShare Purchase is 2 units = $20
- 25% of what you earn will go into your repurchase balance.
- Don't forget to Surf! You must surf at least 3 sites daily to be eligible for earnings in the RevShare Plan.
-- Best time to do your surfing... right after the server day change. Was 6 PM for me, would be 8 PM EST.
- Only 1 withdraw request allowed per day.

I'll be here when this launches and watching the action.
Good Luck to All who are Playing!!

PS, our Daily Earner Plan is steady at 3.84% daily.
Sure hope it stays that way :))

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Please and Thank You

It pays to be polite. Just ask my squirrels.


- Received a small payment today. Thank You Admin.
- Also purchased a couple more Daily Earner's.
- Was another day of 3.84% earnings.

Below is a portion of their latest update. I'm especially happy because Mondays launch will be at 8:00 AM my time and not 7, so I should be a little more alert by then.

We are set for the big launch of our Pure Revshare Plan...Take NOTE of the following.
-Launch timer for the Pure Revshare Plan has been added on home page.
-Another payment method known as Bitcoin has been added
-You must have an active adshare in the Daily Earner Plan before you can be part of the Pure RevShare Plan 
-You can use your earnings in Daily Earner Plan to purchase Pure Revshare Plan or add fresh funds to make purchase
-The Adshare of Pure Revshare is $10 but you must buy a minimum of 2 shares which is $20 before you can partcipate.
-For details of Pure Revshare Plan see link below
-If you have any question that is not answered there send support ticket with it or come over to our skype room.
I am looking forward to Monday as we make history together to be part of a sustainable and long term program Wishing you the very BEST this weekend
Stefan Zucht

New Update from OneLineAd also:
(hope their new plan is a good one)

A big thank you to each and every member for supporting us. We are overwhelmed by getting such a wonderful response and the appreciation we received via support requests.

We are glad to inform all our members that we have already setup a new Pay Plan and as promised, new pay plan will be more lucrative and help One Line Ad to sustain long term.

The new pay plan will be a Unique Hybrid Matrix program which will benefit all the members for a long term and steady financial growth.

We have tried our best by designing a new pay plan and hope that it will be able to attract maximum number of members.

The tentative date of pre launch is on or before November 1st, 2014 hence we request all our members to stay tuned for more updates from the one and only -

Store run.
I'll check back in later for news.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Had my own little "snuggle bug" on my lap when I posted that pic. Then the brat nipped at me. OK fine buddy, go find someplace else to snuggle then, lol

Loving those half hour notices from RevShareAdvertising telling us we've made some money. That kind of stuff can fill up my mailbox any time it wants too.
First full day of the capped earnings were 3.84%
At that rate, we'll be at BEP in less than a month.
It's well over 2,000 members now. Don't know how many are active though.
Well, it's fresh and new and smells good to me.
Hope you guys are enjoying it too :)

777Payouts sure has slowed down.
Proceed With Caution.

PAS: there is NO WAY to withdraw today. If you try to w/d, there is nothing in the drop down menu. Crap!
Could be The End I suppose but sure wish we'd get confirmation of that from the Admin.

Later in the day,
UPDATE from the PAS Admin that explains it all:

Dear members.
Despite the member count growing every day, only a very small number of people actually makes a deposit.
Those deposits are simply not enough to cover the daily payments for the members.
It wouldn't take much longer until the program would have totally collapsed.
That's why the only solution that seems viable is to make a complete restart of the whole system.
What will happen with the current balances/adpacks/matrices will be evaluated and decided in the coming days.
November 10th is the day we'll bring the program back. We'll start with a contest for new members to experience the system with PLAY MONEY(or so called monopoly money).
Until then stay tuned for more information about the re-launch.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd

What a nice smooth launch for RevShareAdvertising this morning. I wasn't here when the bell rang but made my first spend about a half an hour later.
Earnings are coming in every half hour as they said they would and I do think everyone is anxious for the real revenue share coming in 4 more days :)
Thank You to those who joined from my link.
I really do appreciate it!

Got paid today from OneStability
That puts me at 60% ROI now. Crossing fingers.

Don't forget PAS's Time Matrix will do it's restart at approx. 8:40 AM MST (10:40 AM EST) tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the STP option has disappeared from the drop down menu to withdraw. That's not good.
Well, let's hope it's just a glitch and everything else is fine. Yes, support tickets have been sent in about that already.

Heard a rumor that OneLineAd may be relaunching on Nov. 1st. But it's only a rumor so we'll wait for the official word before we spread that around, lol

One more thing, it's Thursday Night Football

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RevShare Thursday

RevShareAdvertising opens tomorrow at 7 AM my time (9:00 AM EST) for purchases in their "Daily Earner Plan".
I may or may not make it in time for that but it shouldn't matter too much since this is the plan that has a capped 3-4% daily earning.
When the 95% RevShare opens, 4 days later, that's the one I don't want to be late for.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OneLineAd - Do-Over

The launch of OneLineAd didn't quite go as expected so a Do-Over is in the works.
Here's the latest:

Dear Blondie,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the errors members have experienced today.

Because of these errors we will start refunding the funds to our valued members and the refund  procedure will take 5 to 6 hours max to be completed.

We have planned complete restart of One Line Ad and we might come up with better and bigger Pay Plan in near future. We will inform our members about tentative date of complete restart  and pre launch. We expect that members will appreciate and respect our decision. 

Please note that One Line Ad will always be a unique Hybrid Matrix program and we will never compromise on quality of the program.

We would also like to inform all our members that the database will remain the same and there will be no changes made. So your sponsor and referrals will remain the same thus all the sponsors will not lose any referral commissions when we restart.

We request all our members to bare with us and stay tuned for the next update. 

We sincerely thanks all our members for their continued patronage.


Paid from 777Payouts last night (now at BEP)
Paid from OneStability this afternoon.
So I now have 50% back from my spend.
Thank you Admins :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Reminders

OneLineAd opens tomorrow at 11 AM EST.
- AdPacks are $5 each and earn 3% daily for 45 days unless (or until) that pack completes a cycle in the 4 x 1 Matrix. In that case, you're paid out from the cycler ($20) and your earning on that pack will stop.
- STP, Payza, EgoPay and PM are accepted.
- Members can purchase 10 position per 24 hour period.
- There is a 25% repurchase rule.
I am going to play with a little and see how it goes. There's only 355 members as I write this so I'll be sure not to overspend.

RevShare Advertising has changed their launch day to Thursday, Oct 23rd. Looks like 9 AM EST for this one (yawn for me) and their current member count is 1,249.
- Daily earner ad packs are $10 each and expire when they earn 150%
- These ad packs have an earning cap of 3% to 4% daily depending on business of the day.
The 95% Revenue Share will open 4 days after the daily plan and I'll discuss that one again later. We've got plenty of time.
I'll be playing in this one too unless something comes up that makes me back off.

In other news:
Was Paid again overnight from OneStability,

and paid again instantly from PerfectAdSolution.

Had another Media Pack complete at 777Payouts and have 2 more right on it's tail. One more payout to me and I'll be at BEP with a few more packs still running.

Now I know of some members who like to compound til the cows come home, but be careful if you do that. You never know when the floor could drop out from under your feet. Kapish?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few More Details on RevShare Advertising

RevShare Advertising that I mentioned yesterday is currently up to 456 members and growing by the minute. That's pretty darn good with less than 4 days to launch.

- Launches at 9 AM EDT on Oct 22nd.
- Only the Daily Earner Plan can be purchased at that time.
- Each share costs $10.
- You will earn every 30 minutes with a fixed ROI up to 3%-4% daily which will mature at 150%

- The 95% RevShare will open 4 days later. You'll earn every hour with no fixed hourly ROI. Matures at 150% also.
- You must view at least 3 advertiser ads daily.
- You must purchase in the Daily Earner Plan before you can participate in the RevShare plan.
- The RevShare could be fast and furious when it opens so it would be best to be there at launch time if you can.

- There is a 25% repurchase rule for both plans.
- Accepts EgoPay, Payeer, PM and STP (my favorite).

I think that covers it. All of that information is also in the Welcome Letter that you receive when you register, but do give me a holler if I missed anything important. Comments are always welcome.

Was Paid last night from
777Payouts and OneStability.
Thank you Admins :)

Re: OneStability, I now have a 30% return from my initial spend.
777Payouts has slowed a bit but I'm sure that's due to the increasing amount of AdPacks that members have running.

I'm going to be sort of busy tomorrow cleaning up around here for an Insurance Adjuster coming on Monday. Hopefully I'll get a new roof, siding and maybe a couple of windows from that dang Hail damage we had awhile back. Wish me Luck!

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Program Posted Today...

Called RevShareAdvertising
but I'm too sleepy to write about it. 
Been up since before 5 AM so don't gimme grief and I'll share the details with you tomorrow.
Doesn't launch until next Wed. so we've got plenty of time to check it out and give it the thumbs up. Right?

If you decide to register, they send you a really nice Welcome letter that tells you all about it. No need to go through all the pages on the site.

Pssst, looks good from where I sit and we'll keep an eye on it. The one eye that's open that is. (yawn)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


You ever see the movie "The Replacements"?
Good movie and I'm about to play that card myself.

AdsRevClub launching on Monday has lost my interest. My friend sent in a support ticket four days ago which was never answered.
Hello! That's no way to treat members especially gearing up for a new launch. Apparently they don't care about their program so it has gone bye-bye from my eyes too.

In it's place, I have taken a liking to OneLineAd.

As you can see from the banner, Ad Packs cost $5 each.
You will earn 3% a day for 45 days unless and until that position completes a cycle in their 4x1 matrix.
When that happens, you earn $20 but there is a 25% repurchase rule.

Never seen anything quite like this so am anxious to get started and see how it goes.

Launch is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:00 EST and of course all information can be found in the Details button and/or the FAQ's.

PAS: Good News! I got paid! Took a little longer than usual but it's all good. YaY!!


OneStability: cashed out and got paid yesterday.
Will wait another day to cash out again in order to save on those pesky pay processor fees. Doing good.

777Payouts: I'm an idiot. Logged in this morning and went to re-purchase from my re-purchase balance and didn't check the drop down menu. Oops. Ended up purchasing with my 'unpaid balance' instead.
Well, at least now I'll remember to double check where I'm spending money from.
In the meantime, I bought 2 more instead of the one I had planned for. That's OK. It's still moving along nicely so should be able to get that back in no time :)

Oh it's Thursday! I need to go surf at ShowBiz and collect those extra 75 credits for surfing only 25 sites. Whoop Whoop.

Don't forget to 'Enter Surf Code'... surf.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday and My Blog Anniversary

Been trying to pay my bills online this morning but it keeps timing out. What's up with that? Does everybody and their brother pay bills on Wednesday's and clog up the net? lol

Just remembered something...
Today is my 7 Year Blog Anniversary. Holy Moly! Doesn't seem like that long ago but you know how time flies when you're having fun.
Thanks to everyone who's been reading my daily or weekly chat about programs and anything else I decide to share with you all.
Will I make it another 7 years?
Not likely but then again, you'll never know.

Cake just arrived from my good friend Paul in Hawaii.
(thanks sweetie and Aloha :)

777 Payouts: I'm really enjoying it so far. The $5 Packs I bought on the 11th have already matured to $7.77 so I've been purchasing new and re-purchasing along the way. Hope this one lasts for awhile cause it's been fun.

OneStability is also doing well and my daily 5% keeps coming in. I've already cashed out once and will again later today. Nice start here.

Sparbs: received a little RC a few days ago and I thank my referral and the Admin for paying it out so quickly. Plus they've now completed 80 successful days running. Right on.

I'm a little worried about PAS. Requested a cash out 2 days ago and it's not paid yet. Sure hope all is OK but you just never know what could happen around here, good or bad. I'll keep watching.
UPDATE: Thursday around Noon... I Got Paid!!

That's it in a nutshell.
BBL if anything exciting comes up.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Could I Resist...

with a name like 777 Payouts?
Yes it's a profit share but at least the minimum is $5 which turns to $7.77 when it's complete. I think it just opened yesterday so now is a good time to try it out.
Accepts STP, Payza, EgoPay, BitCoin and more.
I just joined a few minutes ago so will be back and let you know how it's going after my spend is confirmed.*

"Please note: All earnings are split 70/30: 70% goes into your account balance and 30% goes into your re-purchase balance to ensure the ongoing income for all our members."

So this means I'll be re-purchasing for awhile to build my account a little more before withdrawing.
Happy Saturday!

* A little less than 5 hours since I purchased my 2 ad packs and as of right now:
Total Profit from Media-packs: $1.96


But wait... there's more! lol

For those of you who don't want to mess with a profit share site... here's something else that just opened recently:

I personally went with the 5% daily plan for 30 days. I'm not much of a risk taker so I'd rather make a little more while I can.
This one takes EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin and more.
$5.00 minimum spend in Commercial or 
$25 minimum spend in Industrial.
Both plans include your principal in the daily earning.
and there is no re-purchase rule here. YaY!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

She's Baaaaaack

Howdy Howdy. Did ya miss me? lol
Added a Gadget here on my side bar called "Follow by Email". I tested it out yesterday and it's pretty cool. You can subscribe to get a notification email when I do a new blog post. Now of course, in that email, you won't see any cute pictures or get to listen to any music I might post, but at least you'll know I'm still alive and kickin and writing.

While I've been away, it's not like I've been doing nothing. Actually been doing some Spring Cleaning. Spring? Yeah Spring.
I don't recall having much of a spring this year. Seems like it just went from Snowing to Melting Hot overnight. So those dang walls needed washing. And the windows. And the carpet. All of which are really time consuming and tiring, especially at my age. So I'm gonna finish up one room today and take a break for a few. Still more to do but it can wait.

Yesterday I joined and am watching AdsRevClub. It doesn't Launch for 11 more days so we've got plenty of time to dig into it a little more.
Not sure why the long pre-launch period but that's OK. It's sort of like a "getting to know you" time before we commit our funds.
$10 Ad Packs pay out 5% Daily but the kick is, there's a 30% repurchase rule in place. Now to me, that's a smart move for longevity and should keep the HAR's at bay. But will it also keep some from joining? Hard to tell at this point so let's keep an eye on it for now.

SPARBS: I completed another 15 day plan yesterday and went back in for another using the same principal amount as before. Of course I cashed out my 'earnings' from that time period and was paid fast.
Good Job Admin :)

PAS did a revshare restart just hours after I purchased another $25 plan. Duh! Talk about timing. Anyway, all is good and I'm earning on that spend, just not as fast as I would have liked. 

Earlier today we have gone through a RevShare restart.
It means that all of your old shares have expired and you were given new compacted-shares which will be earning 2% a day.
RevShare restarts help the program be sustainable for as long as it can.
Currently we have 2235 registered members - isn't that amazing?
We're growing stronger every day!

Also tomorrow will be PAS's 3 month anniversary. Now that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Congrats PAS and Members.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow.
Been a little down in the dumps lately and not very talkative.
Let me slap myself upside the head a few times and that might bring me around.
I'll try not to use a 2 by 4, lol