Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th to you all :) 

I am not at all Superstitious about Friday the 13th, but
not surprised that ACX and Crypto300Club decided to 
do an Adjustment of our Premium packs on this day.
It's all explained in their latest Newsletter for those of 
you who wondered what happened and didn't read it yet. 

Big Investor biz was NOT affected by this adjustment. 
As a matter of fact, I was PAID from them again today 
and see no signs of any problems. 

Which reminds me... tomorrow will be Big Investor's 
two month anniversary. Yep, they opened on July 14th. 

The only gripe I have with them is the fact that they 
still haven't supplied any banners for us to use for 
advertising. I have thousands of credits in TE's, but 
have no banners to post right now. C'mon BI, get 
with the program, would ya? ;)

With that said, hope you all have a good weekend 
and don't mess with any black cats... 
unless they're smiling that is, lol

Cheers :) 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

ACX Crypto and Clones Update

Just a quick update today. 

ACX Crypto, Crypto300Club and Big Investor have 
all added their 2.2% Daily Return on your packs
to all 3 of their programs. 

They call them their Premium Packs purchase and 
they are only available for a short time when offered. 

Big Investor and ACX Crypto are doing them right now, 
without restrictions, but it won't last much longer. 

Also, just realized today that my first batch of 3% Premium
packs bought at C300Club have completed by paying 
me out 150% of my purchase! 

Let me know if you have any questions and 
Have a great day! 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Big Investor Opened Today

** Updated July 18th

Big Investor .biz just opened for business. 

Yes, this is another ACX Clone and should do well IMO. 

If you're familiar with ACX-Crypto and Crypto300Club,
it is using the same Variable Earnings System and the 
look of the site is very similar to C300Club also. 

You can earn 2% Daily (half on weekends) or change 
that to 1% or even .5% within 7 days to reduce your 'risk'.

Currently only accepting BitCoin for purchases but will 
be adding Perfect Money soon.

** Perfect Money was added on July 18th! 

This one is a little different whereas it's a new 
Crypto and Forex Trading Club.

Of course you can join for Free and promote to earn.
But personally, I believe in 'putting my money where my 
mouth is', which I've already done today :)

You do receive a Free $10 C-F Pack just for joining. 
(C-F meaning Crypto-Forex) 
That pack should 'expire' after you earn $1.00 from it. 

** You can also earn a $1.00 Free Bonus just for visiting 
the Conference Room! 

The Site is brand new and is still being tweaked ATM. 
So if you see something that looks 'weird', either 
report it or wait it out until they're done working on it.

They're already aware of the 'banners' not being right 
so hold your peace on that one :) 

But this is day one of this site and the best time 
to Get In and Start Promoting (if that's what you to). 

If I think of anything else, I'll be back.

Have a great day!

Cheers :) 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Update

**Monday: I see the 3% per day packs are no longer
available. That was a short run and I hope they 
continue to offer this on a regular basis.**

Crypto 300 Club and ACX-Crypto are both doing their 
3% Daily Premium Crypto/Ad Pack Purchases Today!

 3% per Day Premium Ad/Crypto Packs
are NOW for SALE!!!
- No Earnings Adjustments
- Earn 150% in 60 Days
- Only Available for a Few Hours

I've already funded both of my accounts and 
made my New Purchases! 

PS, there is No Surfing required to earn at 
ACX-Crypto any longer. Just login and click 
'Get Paid Now' and follow through. 


PTCShare has it's countdown clock on the site 
for it's Grand Opening! 

Looks like it will be Friday at 10 AM my time, 
which is Mountain time in the U.S.

Join for Free and watch for updates.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

ACX-Crypto and Crypto300Club Update

* As of May 30th, C300Club 3% is no longer available. 
ACX-Crypto packs can still be purchased at 3% Daily.

* Later in the day, ACX also discontinued their 3% daily.
This will be offered again, so stay tuned :)

Just a quick note today to let you all know that 
ACX-Crypto and Crypto 300 Club are BOTH having 
a 3% Daily Premium Ad/Crypto promotion on Now! 

That's right, now you can make 3% per day
with ACX Crypto and Crypto300Club

3% per Day for Premium Ad/Cyrpto Packs!!!

- No Earnings Adjustments
- Earn 150% in 60 Days
- Only Available for a Few Hours

Of course I've already added some BTC to my accounts 
and have made my 3% purchases successfully.

Have a great day!
Cheers :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Something New is Coming Soon :)


About PTCshare

What is PTCshare going to be about?


PtcShare will give you the opportunity to build an additional stream of income by interacting with paid ads, completing surveys and other simple tasks! It will be possible to earn starting completely for FREE. What is more, PTCshare will include various loyalty progression features, that will allow everyone to prove their value via various activities on the site, and that way earn themselves a chance to earn more over time!


After many years in the field, we've designed a sustainable system that allows you to earn cash from viewing ads in our platform through the Bulk Ad Points program. For those willing to go an extra mile, we have a big bonus reward... for every $1 you will spend on Bulk Ads, you will be credited with 118% in BAP directly into your account. BAP will be one of the systems we use to distribute paid ads to users based on their BAP group, the higher the BAP group the more valuable ads you will receive!


PTCshare is brought to you by the same team behind, one of the leading PTCs that has been paying for almost 5 years! We have taken many valuable lessons of PaidVerts' unique concept, and applied them to PTCshare to perfect the system - making it simpler to use for both earners and advertisers - and provide both with better results and more potential earnings!


Spread the word to your friends, relatives and others! Should they join us, we will reward you with unlimited commissions from what your referrals achieve in our website. We don't have any silly limits on amount of people you can refer to the website - if you're willing to work for it you can have as many referrals as you can get - you deserved it!

You will earn 7% referral commissions on any of your referrals' ad purchase, and an additional 3% on the VALUE of all of your referrals ad views.

Due to the great loyalty programs that incentivize our users to stick with us for years, this means that most of your referrals will end up being regular purchasers and view a ton of ads for years to come, so the potential for you to earn is enormous!


PTCshare is scheduled to go out of prelaunch and open up the full website for operation in early June 2019 - so that gives you a few weeks to start referring and prepare in advance to make the most of the huge start we are expecting!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Win some, lose some :(

Just a quick note re: Bit Fortune Global that I wrote about last. 

Up until today, everything was working fine and I was being paid daily. 

BUT when I requested my daily "Instant" payment today, it went to Pending. 

Now that's telling me that either the funds have run out 
the Admin decided to pull the plug and keep what was left. 

Either way, it seems to be a goner now :(

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bit Fortune Global

After a 5 day successful run with the 'King' that I wrote about last... decided to change it up a bit and take a walk on the wild side :)

Yesterday I joined a High Risk program called 
Bit Fortune Global.

They have three different hourly plans to choose from depending on the amount of Bitcoin you want to spend. 

Minimum purchase is 0.002 Btc and minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 Btc.

Payouts are Instant but I haven't requested one yet so have nothing to show you right now. I have seen plenty of payment proofs in the forums though, so that's a good sign. 

*Later in the day: my 1st instant payment received... YaY
Hello blondie.
$0.00050400 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account xxxxx

Now I haven't played in HYIP's for a long time, but with ACX Crypto and Crypto300Club being In Limbo for what seems like forever... I was bored to tears and just needed something to have a little fun with.

Hope you're enjoying your day.
Cheers :) 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 again

Silly me... 
Two nights ago I posted a very nice introduction to that I joined on that day. 
I made a deposit, checked for earnings the next day, and the site was Down!! 
Kept checking for it all day, never did come up, so I decided to Delete my Blog Post. 
Late last night, looked again, the site was back UP. YaY
Saw my earnings, requested a withdrawal, and was PAID within a few hours.

Dear blondie,
Your withdrawal request was processed successfully.
Withdrawal details are as follows:-
Date: 26th Mar, 2019 02:21:10
Request Amount: USD12.5 
Receive Amount: USD0.002777
Processor: Bitcoin

So there ya have it. They are back up and they are paying, so if you want to take a look, feel free. 

Have a great day! 
Cheers :)

Sunday, February 24, 2019

New Owners for ACX and Crypto 300 Club

Yep, you heard that right. 
ACX and C300Club have new owners to take over the job. 

It's actually quite a relief since we've had... 
- 3 resets since January 6th 
- no news updates since Feb 13-14
- the Conference Room disappearing 
- no meetings with the sales manager for well over a week and
- no withdrawals being paid since Feb 13-14 

So we all knew something was going to happen, 
we just didn't know what.

That being said, I'm happy to tell you they should be back to normal soon, with the New Plan they told us about before all this silence :) 

In case you missed their last update about the New Plan, 
allow me to copy n paste for your convenience...


2% per Day for 60 Days, then 1% for Life

1% per Day for 120 Days, then .5% for Life

.5% per Day for 240 Days, then .25% for Life

What is the difference then?

2% and 1% Crypto Packs could be affected by
a future Earnings Adjustment, if necessary.

.5% Crypto Packs will NEVER be affected by
any type of Earnings Adjustment - unless
absolutely, absolutely necessary!

Now they say the new owners intend to keep "the plan" the same, but we won't really know until further updates come in.

So in the meantime, keep clicking (surfing) in ACX, keep pushing the "Get Paid Now" button in both ACX and C300C and keep purchasing or re-purchasing Ad/Crypto Packs like you normally would.
Then we'll just have to wait and see what our next move is.

Well, I don't know about you but that's good news to me.
I was dreading what was going to happen, but this turned out to be a nice surprise after all.

Hope you all have a good upcoming week ahead. 
Cheers :) 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

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May 2019 bring us all Happiness, Healthiness, Peace and Joy!

So what's new? 

I know I haven't written here since the end of October, but I didn't feel it was necessary since the two programs that I told you about have both been doing incredibly well :) 

Assuming you are a member of one or both of them, then you know that the status of both programs and our payments from Crypto300Club and ACX-Crypto have been flawless! 

I do use BitCoin for my spends in both, and even though BTC has seen a decline in value recently, my payments from the "Clubs" keep coming in like clockwork. 

So with that said...trying not to talk too much to bore you, lol 

Hope you all have a Wonderful New Years Eve and a Very Prosperous 2019!

Cheers :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ACX Crypto Update

Howdy again :) 

It's turning out to be a great week after all.

Looks like ACX Crypto is now following the same path as Crypto300Club with it's 2% Daily for 60 days and thereafter 1% Daily with no expiry. 

They're also paying our withdraw requests in a shorter time than before. 

I've already bought a few new Ad Packs to get it growing again and loving the changes myself :) 

Hope you enjoy both of these programs as much as I do.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Crypto 300 Club Update

Howdy folks :) 

Just a quick update on our Crypto300Club compensation plan. 

I previously posted how the 2% Daily earning was going to be temporary. So as of today, the new plan has been finalized and it is now: 

- 2% daily earnings (1% weekends) for 60 days,
- thereafter 1% daily earnings with no expiry 
- the 2% per day also applies to repurchases
- Referral commission has been reduced to 5% for your level 1 referrals who fund 'new' funds
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (details on the site)
- New video coming soon but no definite date announced yet

IMO, this is much better than reducing all of our packs to 1% daily like I thought might happen after the initial launch period was over. 

And it also enables you to get your "seed money" out after approx. 60 days, (assuming you log in and "get paid now" every day) then everything after that is profit. Now that's good news in my book, lol 

So there ya have it :) 

Happy Monday and Have a Great Week!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday Tidbits

You ever write something down and then say... oh shoot, should have added this and that and something else? lol 

Well I did, so here are a few more tidbits about the Crypto300Club that you may like, then I'll put it to rest for awhile :)

- Crypto300Club is a Cryptocurrency Trading Club.

- After registering, they'll send you an email with a Confirmation Link in it. Check your Spam folder if not received to your regular email address. If you never receive it, just sign up again and watch for it. 

- Regularly Scheduled Conferences that are hosted by Jimmy the sales manager, are held every Mon, Wed and Sat at 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time. (these are for both C300C and ACX members)

- Members will receive $1.00 to their wallet for their first visit to the Conference Room.

- You can receive $2.00 for your approved testimonial (only for members who purchased at least one crypto pack).

- For those who share the program, there is also a Promoter Contest where you can earn points and money just for getting new referrals and more.

- A new affiliate site is coming soon that looks really nice. We got a preview of it during today's conference. 

So there ya have it. 
Those notes above are in addition to the "basics" I posted last week.
They are still paying 2% daily (1% on weekends) for as long as their "traders" are making us profits.


As for ACX Crypto, it's still going (at 1% daily for new spends) and still paying. As a matter of fact, I just received another payout while I was writing:
Your Bitcoin withdrawal request for $29.99 has been sent to your payment processor!
I don't usually post payments here but figured why not. Just this one time, lol 

Cheers :) 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I've Been Here All Along

Fall weather comes up fast here in Colorado. Yesterday, at 3:00 PM our temperature was 74F (23C), then at 4:00 PM our temp was 52 (11C). Quite the wake up call that summer is just about gone. And yes, it's already snowing in the mountains.

Tomorrow the Crypto300Club will be exactly one month old and so far it's been flawless. 
Sure would like to see it take the same path as ACX (wink). 
Of course I continue to fund and buy Crypto Packs on a regular basis and I did receive another payment from them today. YaY! 


About a year ago, after the MoneyMakerGroup Forum (MMG) shut down, I started looking around at other money making forums to see if there was any other place that I would 'fit in'. 

I remembered that I joined TopGoldForum back in the day... March, 2009 to be exact. So OK, let me go see what's going on there now.

I did a "Search" for the ACX thread and found several. 
Did you say Several? 
Isn't there only supposed to be one thread per program in these forums?
Well yes there is.  
So I became "active" again and started reporting all the problems I saw.

Poor Dennis, the Admin of TopGoldForum must have gotten overwhelmed with my reports and asked me if I would be interested in being a "Moderator" and could help clean up the ACX threads?

Well Yes I would!

So I dove in, head first, with everything I had, spent a good 
2-1/2 weeks deleting, moving and merging threads and got the job done.

Now today, if you do visit (or join) the TopGoldForum, you will find me there, mostly in the ACX Crypto and Crypto300Club threads posting payment proofs just like everyone else.

So there ya have it, I didn't totally disappear, you just didn't know where to find me. lol 

Now, I need to go cover my tomato plants so that they don't freeze tonight. 
Have a great weekend!
Cheers :) 

PS, go see my post from Oct 1st. It's been updated. Thanks