Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th

Yup, it's April return filing day for the USA.
Just wouldn't seem right without the Beatles to remind us why we are taxed so much, lol


Advertzer continues strong and adding new things on a regular basis.
I know I told you before that I was going to help with their forum but I backed out of that. It was just too time consuming and I realized I didn't have the patience for it.
Anyway I continue to do my surfing (clicks) daily and keep purchasing new ad packs in order to stay at the level I am comfortable in.
Also Kudos to the Admin for the extremely fast payments made!

Digadz: is it just me or is every day like groundhog day there? Every day I get the same dollar amount of value ads as the day before.
Well I suppose that could be BeeJay's instructions to his crew while he is unable to work and monitor the site stats.
I don't mind, but I am getting anxious for a change up.

MoBrabus is back on track and doing good.
Since they reopened the first of this month I have paid for another months membership fee, am back to doing my daily surfing, requested a cash out, got paid and have been purchasing new $5 ad packs along the way.
Their down time wasn't the best time but I'm happy to see them come back to life now.
** Thursday 4/16/15: Payza has been added as an additional pay processor.

There's one more thing I'd like to mention to you but not sure if I should. This is one of those "I hate to admit it" kind of statements but feel that I should tell you about it in case you were not aware.

Well, let me ask this...
When was the last time you checked your AdClickXpress account? You might want to take a peek at it especially if you have (or had) referrals who were active at some point in time.

ACX recently started a "Withdrawal Rewards" bonus where you get paid for posting your payments. Also a new 3% daily earning on new purchases. Plus on the Media side, withdrawals have been lowered to $5 minimum so it's much easier to cash out.

I won't go into any more detail since ACX is a sore subject for some, but I can tell you their current plans are working and I've been real pleased with the results.

Almost forgot to show you my Ducks. You just never know what's going to land in my backyard these days.


HermitJim said...

I like the ducks! You always have an interesting yard!

blondie said...

Yes I do Jim
It keeps the cats entertained too, lol

As always, nice to see you again