Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Program Alert Today

And now the moment you've all been waiting for... 

Opening today ... Bi-24 - The Power of 2% 
A brand spankin new advertising program that offers a steady daily earning from your Ad Unit purchases. Some of the benefits are: 

-- Cost $10 per AdUnit position (no add'l fees) 
-- Receive 100 credits per position for advertising  
-- Earnings are 2% daily - up to 150% ROI
-- Accepts AP and STP (no CC available yet) 
-- New purchase from earnings balance IS available 
-- No sponsoring required to earn however a generous 7% will be paid on new AdUnit purchases made (via pay processor) by your direct referrals 
-- Minimum withdraw is $5 (there is a small fee on w/d's) 
-- One withdraw allowed every 72 hours 
-- Payouts will be made in 12-48 hours after request 
-- Free members can earn RC (nice for those who can't afford to buy a position but enjoy promoting... your commission can also be used to purchase your own AdUnit when it reaches $10 or more) - The Power of 2%

Well I think that covers most of it. 

On a personal note, Bi-24 is owned and operated by an experienced Admin who I also consider a personal friend of mine. I've known him for several years and I can honestly say that his commitment to this program is exactly what I like to see from any Admin. 
So it's really up to us now to get the word out (if you share). Let's see if we can top what some of the 'other' programs have done in past years. Nothing like day one to get things moving right? YaY!! - The Power of 2%

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quality Not Quantity

--- CWC is up and running (for most) and things should get back to normal soon. The Admin just sent out an email about why we were 'down' for a bit. So remember to promote responsibly and please don't spam. 
Now of course there wasn't much in the kitty to cycle last night since the site was down for quite a while. Hopefully tonight things will pick up again from where we left off. Cool :) 

--- JBP-JSS: I finally got my missing payment from the 26th yesterday. So I went ahead and requested another one, and was paid last night. YaY! Makes me think it was just a script error or glitch in the system and that everything should be back to normal there too. 

--- GBC: received a nice $25 surprise payment today for one of my K-Game 40 Boards moving along. Thumbs Up to Gord for doing the leg work on this one for all of us. Those boards make NO sense to me. I am SO glad that I can play without having to think. hehe 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got paid from Kent today also. Looks like the member count is picking up slowly but I would have thought there would be a few thousand members by now. He's such a good Admin and takes care of business every day. Not many surf sites around for over 2 months with no complaints. 

--- editorial coming soon 

Unfortunately I got side-tracked so my Editorial will have to wait. Just thinking ... please come back tomorrow to read my blog. Afternoon probably. I'm a little worried about sending the ALERT's since I recently moved my entire list from one email to another and I've never sent from gmail yet. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow aftermoon (my time), just check my blog for a new post. Coolio  Thanks 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Up, Not Paid, Nadda

--- CenturionWealthCircle: waiting for the site to come back up. Note from Larry: 
We are hoping the site will be up again this afternoon GMT. GoDaddy suspended us after receiving SPAM complaints about our members. When we are back we will need to highlight our anti-spam policy and act against those who ignore it.
Thank you for your understanding

- 10:15 MST: Site is on it's way up, but not for Admin yet. Once he can access, he'll open the member area and we can be back in business. 
-- Almost midnight in the UK and Admin needs some sleep. He still cannot get into the site himself so we should be up and running tomorrow.

--- JBP-JSS: Received another reply to my support ticket about my missing AP payment from the 26th (normally paid next day). Fred said "paid" but when I check my AP account, it's not there. Re-opened the ticket to let them know :( 
- New reply to that ticket: "will pay next" 
-- Got Paid finally. About 3:00 PM my time. Whew! Now I can get back to normal. YaY!! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: smooth surfing day and requested a payment from Kent also. Will probably see that one tomorrow since he usually pays once per day.

--- Heads Up! The new 2% daily program that I've been talking about should be opening this weekend (maybe Sunday?) and will accept AP and STP as their pay processors if you're thinking about getting involved. Cool :) 

--- I have no energy today. So if I sound blah, that's why. It's day 15 (or 16) in the 90's here. Sure wish it would cool down a little before I melt... like the wicked witch of the west. LOL 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

CWC Offline Temporarily

--- CWC is temporarily offline for some. Note from Admin: 
PLEASE NOTE: Our website is down - this is a technical problem we are trying to resolve.
It seems our DNS settings have been changed to


Of course, we have not been spamming or abusing anyone and hope to be up and running as soon as possible!

- Update: site is back up for me but the member area is closed. Looks like Admin is doing some work in there :) 

--- JBP-JSS: ended up sending in a support ticket at 2:30 PM yesterday about my missed payment. Got a response at 9:30 last night saying give them 24-48 to respond. Ummm OK. I'll wait. lol 

Off to the Hardware Store. Dang toilet is messed up again and needs some new parts and pieces for the tank. Hate it when it flushes itself. Catch ya later (wave) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late Pays and Votes

--- JBP - JSS: Normally when they tell you you've been paid, you have. So even though they sent me the email during the night saying I was paid, it's not in my Alert Pay yet. But I see it's happened to others who have sent in Support Tickets, so I'll wait it out and not bombard the support desk. Probably just a small glitch in the system overnight. Just wanted you to know if you're waiting too, we're in the same boat. I'll give a holler when mine comes though. 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: Admin has added a place to VOTE in your member area due to many member requests for it. Seems people aren't satisfied with the way things are moving now. So to speed the cycling up, they're hoping that by lowering the cap from 400% to 200% ROI for each position will help. Will it? I really don't know. It seems to be a good plan and once those early purchases reach their cap, those who have voted YES should be coming back in and supporting what they voted for. Assuming it gets passed that is. 
- Here's how I'm seeing it for 1 Token purchase: once you reach 200% ROI, you can get your spend back (minus fees) and you still have 1 Token working for you. Now you can leave it at that OR if you were to replace that expired Token with a new purchase, now you've got 2 Tokens running on the same $15 spend. If this goes the way one would hope, we should see more positions cycling each day plus members seeing the value over long term. This program was not meant to be a quickie, ya know? 

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent is going to accept AP CC for a little while. It's detailed in your member area if you're interested. I personally don't play with CC funds but I know a lot of others do. So go read up if you're a member and happy surfing :)  

--- Hey what day is it? Oh it's Wednesday huh. OK. 
That new 2% program could be coming along this weekend. I'll write about it when it's more of a definite. But for now, keep the weekend in mind. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sky is Falling

I am just speechless today. You take a break for a day or two, come back to your normal reading and catching up, and you see that some people think the sky is falling. 
Well, I don't see the sky falling. If it's falling in your backyard, then you were probably part of the cause. I am so disappointed in some of the comments going around about a program that's working exactly the way it said it would!
Of course there is always room for improvement, and I'm sure all suggestions will be considered. But to start posting negative anywhere in public doesn't help any of us in the long run. Sure wish people would think things through a little more and not bite the hand that's trying to feed you. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: 60 days old now and still purring like a kitten. For the life of me, can't understand why the member count is so low. Kent has done a wonderful job with this and we're all very proud of him. Maybe people just don't want to surf anymore. Well it's auto-surf, so it sure is a piece of cake to do. Plus hasn't he added a non-surf to the pot? In any case, I was paid again on Saturday so am a happy camper there still :) 

--- GrandBankClub: got my usual Sunday profit share from Gord at GBC. Rolling rolling rolling, Gord he keeps it rolling, The Club! haha 

--- JSS-Tripler: not much to report other than, everything is up to snuff there too. Daily 2% earnings, fast payments, lots of members blah blah blah. This one is actually going to pay my deductible for the work that needs to be done on my house. Fixing those holes, remember? Big Thanks to all involved!  

--- CenturionWealthCircle: profit continues to be shared among all members. Please remember that this is a profit sharing program and not a guaranteed earning percentage per day. Seems like no matter how many times I repeat those words, people still seem to think something is wrong if they don't cycle all (or any) of their positions each day. 
Larry the Admin has recently changed the two-way cycler to a one-way cycler, which will 'even things out' more. Prior to that, he realized that some were cycling twice in a day whereas others didn't cycle at all. So being the 'let's play fair' kind of guy that he is, he made the change. 
And more changes will be coming I'm sure. We live and learn and fix things as we go. So now it's just a matter of keeping the momentum going and continue to build the program. I'd much rather be part of the solution than part of the problem.

By the way, I don't care about Ad2million any more. Kind of wish people would stop posting comments here about it. It's been over 2 months since I was involved. I spoke my peace, wiped the dirt off my hands, and laid it to rest. I would hope those who got in early when I first announced it made good money. But if you let it ride too long trying to build, you probably didn't. So bottom line, I'm sorry for your loss if you lost. Congrats if you won. But I honestly want to put this out of my life now. Thanks :) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New gmail for Alerts

Yesterday I created a new gmail account to use for my Alert Service. Used to send through AOL but now that I'm finally on DSL, it works totally different. 
Last time I did a test send through aol, a lot of people didn't receive the email. So from now on, the Alert's you receive will come from 'blondiesalerts' at gmail. 
Remember to check your spam folder after the first time I send, but I'll let you know when the next one goes out. K Thanks :)


Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Much Better Today

Had such a bad headache yesterday and couldn't focus on anything here.

Felt a lot like Mr Magoo with my little magnifying glass trying to see this screen.

Guess it could have been the heat. It's been awfully hot here this week and no, I don't have air conditioning :(

--- The New 2% Program that I've mentioned before is coming along nicely. I'll see what I can find out about it today and let you know if there's any news. 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle
News Update 07/22/2011
Hi blondie
Can you believe we have over 7,000 members?? That's incredible in just a few short weeks!
Many members are enjoying good returns from the Profit Sharing System and the Commission payouts have been awesome too!
Remember, when you promote CWC you will earn $1.50 for every token your recruits purchase - now and forever - as well as - $0.75 for every token theirSERIOUS INCOME!! recruits introduce - this can add up to
This week we will see the introduction of CWC Banner Advertising as well as a brand new range of digital products for both free and premium members to enjoy.
After this we will work on a new emailing system that will share the benefits of upgrading as well as keeping members much better informed.
Keep up the good work blondie.
To the success of all our members!
Regards, Larry
I just checked my own account and was able to repurchase 17 new Token's. That should help a little with tonight's cycling. Congrats everyone on doing a wonderful job of getting the word out for CWC! 

---JSS-Tripler: same as always, 2% daily on my Tripler positions and receiving some nice RC from others who joined me there. Thanks guys :) 
Looks like tomorrow I'll need to buy 5 more to replace some expired ones. Just trying to keep the income level the same without going overboard.

--- Have you heard about this today?
Bombing in Norway. WTF is going on? 
It happened about 100 miles from where Kent, the admin of Global Surf Pro lives and he reports that he's just fine and well. What a mess our world has become though :( 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's on your agenda today?

I'm waiting for a call from my Insurance Company about the hail damage to my house from years ago. Those who have been with me for a long time may remember the "holes" in the side of my house? Well they're still there. Hopefully anything that needs fixing will be covered, minus my deductible that is :( 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: just a reminder that the daily cycles are not a set percentage, but instead equally split out over all token purchases for as long as it lasts. Some days will be more than others, some not so much. So yes, they will differ day to day depending on the number of Tokens sold. 
Completed 2 weeks of operation yesterday. Members now are 7,372 and we should be seeing a new update from the Admin sometime soon :) 

Something gave me a headache today. I just don't understand why some people take things so personally and try to make a mountain out of a molehill. What I posted here yesterday was very general and meant to help others think about not spending more than they could afford to lose and/or not to rely on 'earnings' until it's in your hands. Nothing wrong with that advise as far as I'm concerned. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Get Carried Away

You know, I love these online programs that we play in as much as the next guy. Maybe even more, lol

It's just that I get concerned seeing members with high hopes and big dreams, and totally forgetting about reality.

The reality is anything you spend is at risk. The programs I'm playing in now, I fully trust. But you never know when the unforeseen could happen and they have to say bye-bye to you.

Just saw a member post a payment proof at a forum for over $9K. 9 K. I would never leave that much money sitting in ANY program. I don't care who the Admin is or how much I trust them. Something bad could happen when you least expect it, but by then it's too late and you're left with "damn, why didn't I cash out when I had the chance?".

On another note, other 'players' are letting it ride. Some let it ride too long. For instance, if I join this today for $250 dollars and keep repurchasing and building my own account till the Cows come home, how much will I have in one year???

Well, you'll make a Lot if the site is still around in one year. But in the meantime, why not take out a little here, a little there, get your seed money back then continue to play with your profit and make more profit?

If the program is a successful one, you'll still make good money. But if the program ends up being a flop or changing the rules so many times that getting paid seems like a fairytale... you'll be glad for the payments that you DID receive along the way.

I hope those reading this take it to heart. It always hurts me when I hear something like "I spent $300 in this, never withdrew, always repurchased, and now with the new rules in place... doesn't look like I'm ever going to be paid!" 

Don't let that happen to you, OK. 
I'd much rather see everyone make a little in a short time than losing a lot in the long run. You know what they say ...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


--- Centurion Wealth Circle: we are officially over 7K in members now! Quite an accomplishment in such a short time. Congrats to everyone who's promotions and sharing are helping the entire membership. 
Just to refresh: this is a Product - Profit Sharing System and all profit from daily sales are shared with members when the cycling takes place for the day. 
Also tomorrow will be our Official Two Week Anniversary of operation :) 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: am always surprised when I receive the email telling me one of my JSS-Matrix positions is FULL and I received the $60 payment for that. Got one of those notices yesterday along with some very generous downline RC notices. Thanks to everyone who enlisted under me to play the game. We're doing good, are we not? LOL 

--- Did I just read the TAB sites are gone? Both of them? All of them? Some of them? hahaha Losers !!! (meaning the admin's) 

--- Feeling serious today and don't know why. 
*Not any more. The next post just made my day! 

--- This was too funny not to share. 
An anonymous poster just commented on my July 14th blog and said: 
July 19, 2011 4:02 PM
I think you are all crazy. I've been with this company ad2million for a long time now and I'm still bankin. Don't believe all the hype :)
And my response was:
And you are so proud of Ad2M that you couldn't even sign your name?
Who Is This? Carrie? hahaha

--- There's a member in the MMG forum who goes by the name of "day by day". Every time I see their posts, it gets me singing this song from the past. TG for youtube. Makes it much easier than going through old vinyl records, hehe 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Title: Never Did Decide

--- Looks like that program that makes everyone stress out is back online. Damn. I personally was hoping it would stay gone forever. 
Except for those who are NOT in profit, most probably felt the same as I did... relieved to see it go. 
But Noooooo, it just had to come back to torture you more! 
Well good luck to those still waiting for payments trying to at least break even. 

--- Now don't forget there will be a replacement for that one soon. And if you recall when that other one first started, it was very good and paid out very fast. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing that again? Starting from scratch and being able to enjoy the benefits without the concern of waiting 3-4 months for payments? Yeah me too :) 

--- Looks like Centurion is still doing a little maintenance so I'll grab a shower now and check back after that. 
C'ya in a bit. 
-- Ran some errands while I was waiting. Just read that the cycling has now started for the day. But I'm not logging in quite yet. Don't want to crowd anyone there and I'll have a peek later on to see how it went. 

--- Just want to ask, did Alert Pay cut off the "withdraw by check" for everyone again? or just certain Countries or areas. Does anyone know? 

--- Feeling a little discombobulated today. Maybe it's the heat. I'll update more tomorrow, K  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dead Surfs, Copy Cats and Suspended!!!

--- I read yesterday that "Old Days Surfing" is gone. We all know these things don't last forever. Word on the street is that it's failure is blamed on the HAR's (hit and runners). Well I don't know but I was not playing in it for personal reasons anyway.  

--- The good and the bad of copycats. Don't you think copycat sites/programs can be beneficial if started at the right time? For instance, when a once successful program has obviously run it's course, maybe it is time for a copycat to replace it. But when there's a newer program getting a lot of attention, who has a great Admin with plans and ideas for the future... a copycat appearing out of no where with an unknown (invisible) Admin is not a good thing. There are way too many dishonest people in this business and I need to pick and choose my programs wisely. And you should too. 

--- It's a beautiful day here today. Getting warm, the sun is shining and I wonder if it'll rain again this afternoon? I love the afternoon rains. Everything smells so fresh when it's over and the sun peeks through again. 

--- Just saw this and shaking my head:  
This Account Has Been Suspended
Yep, that's what it says when you go to the ad2million site. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? Did Carrie just have enough and throw in the towel? Did she owe way more than she could ever pay out? Was she still accepting new money when she knew darn well the members would never see it again? Or maybe even complaints from higher authorities? I guess we'll never know the answers to those questions... and quite frankly My Dear, I don't give a damn. RIP 
PS, am sorry to those who got in too late or re-purchased for too long and are not in profit. Always hurts to lose money. 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: another nice cycling day today albeit a bit lower than other days. Well it's the weekend and folks have other things to do. Should pick up again come Monday or Tuesday when more promotions are going out and folks are looking for a good program to help with their pocket money. Still well over 2% as my positions have cycled 2-3 times each. 
I personally have been receiving payments plus adding to my own number of Tokens on a daily basis. And I do love how the 50/50 rule takes all the guess work out of it, LOL 
The site has been updated that CWC cannot accept credit card payments through Alert Pay. Not sure if that can ever change, but in the meantime you will need to pre-load your AP if you want to get involved. 

--- JSS-Tripler: always comes through for me too. Never a dull moment there. Replaced 5 more of my 'completed' positions yesterday and our payments are still arriving the day after request. Gotta love it. 

--- GrandBankClub: profit share received on Sunday as always. Thanks Gord!

--- GlobalSurfPro: a few changes which are good. I'll let Kent tell you about it: Some changes on the plans have been made.
Since 99.7% of the users invest into the 40 days plan i decided to remove the 45 & 50 day plan.
Reason for this is that it became difficult to maintain that high %.
There was 4 users who had an active deposits in the 50 plan, and those have now been moved
 to the 40 day plan and the cash is available if you want to cash out now :)
For the lazy ones (and because of the summertime) I have now added a new 50 day plan who is NON SURF.
You get the same & as the 40 day plan, not required to surf and cant cash out until it expires.
Hope this help those who think 40 days is a long time to surf.
Hope you all see that this will improve the program and thet its giving you back a realistic % a' day.
Works for me and I've always surfed in the 40 day plan anyway.
PS, just received another payment from GSP's Kent which will more than cover the cost of next months coffee too :)  

OK, so in memory of "Old Days" ... couldn't help myself. 
No, none of that is me. Just a cool youtube I found. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Missed Day

Yeah I know I missed posting today. 
I'm alive and well and enjoying watching the rain in the sunshine. 
Everything is going great and I'll catch up tomorrow. 
Night Night :) 

PS, why are there such arrogant people here on the net? They don't listen, they don't care that you may know more than they do, they just always have to be right. It amazes me and bothers me. I am open to learning when I have something to learn. And I learn something new every day. I listened to those who knew more than I did and I still do. But not everyone is like me. Nope. Not at all. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Is Going On With Coffee?

Was just enjoying a cup of coffee with a few friends over in the forum I visit regularly, and it reminded me of what I called my "dreadful grocery shopping day" yesterday. 
Bought a 2 pound can of coffee, nothing fancy, just the store brand and it cost $9.99. What?!? That's just crazy expensive! So thank goodness I got these little 'side jobs' here to help pay for my addictions, hehe 

--- I see Kent is back from his lightning strike and must have his new modem set up for GlobalSurfPro. Just got a payment for $28.00 as I was writing this. Thanks for the Coffee Kent and Welcome Back! 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: picked up another 170 or so members in the last 24 hours. That's an amazing growth rate as far as I'm concerned. I hope the folks who are joining now take the time to read the front page and listen to the 6 minute video on the site. The way the 2 way cycler is working, it doesn't matter if you joined today or last week. The PSS (profit sharing system) does just that ... shares profit with all members.  
Now don't forget to use the Product Tokens you purchased. Currently we have advertising on the site available but there will be other products coming soon.
PS, the surprise I mentioned for Thurs...isn't done yet. I'll just wait and let the Admin tell you about it when he does his Newsletter, which will be any day now. 

--- JSS-Tripler: steady as she goes. Hard to believe I've been in this since April 3rd and don't recall having any surprises. By that I mean everything is running as smoothly now as the day I joined. Wonder how long this can last and/or if it has the makings to make history here? Sure hope so. There's a few things around the house that I desperately need to replace, so TY Tripler for helping me out with that :)    

I'm sure you've seen this one before, but thought it was a good TGIF pic. Nooo, that is not what I do. I am still in my jammies. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

--- Got a comment here the other day to my April 16th blog post which said: "Hi Blondie, I just joined ad2million. Can you tell me when it cycles? I'm in the pacific time zone,USA
Now apparently this guy doesn't read NEW posts from me (or doesn't know how) else he would have never wasted his money. Oh well, hope he figures it out sooner than later, LOL 

--- Speaking of ad2million, I will have a replacement for that one soon. The New Program is being worked on now and will be similar to ad2m but with some much needed differences to help us all in the long run. Stay tuned for more :) 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: had a good cycling night again and I see the members are getting the hang of it now. I personally started with 10 Tokens, then reinvested a little (from earnings), then started to withdraw/reinvest where the 50/50 rule gently holds your hand and walks you through the process. So now my Tokens are growing PLUS I'm getting Paid each time I do this. 
Total Members today 6,289. That's 200+ since yesterday! 
Also a new Update in the member News area. 
** Don't forget to add a Testimonial on the site. Log in, click on My Account, go to the bottom of the page, write something nice, and click on Change. 

Do I have a strategy? Not really. It's only been Open for a week so I'm just going with the flow right now. Besides with the 50/50 rule in effect and the 400% max ROI and the Limit on New Purchases and the 2 Way Cycler ... I think Larry's got everything well thought out already. Don't you? 

--- Just got home. Another dreadful grocery shopping day. 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: seems every time I turn around I'm replacing my Tripler positions for the ones that have completed. I don't remember buying that many before so fast, but I guess I must have, LOL  In any case, all is going well there and I'm still cashing out every few days. Thumbs Up! 

--- Looks like Kent still hasn't gotten his new Modem set up yet. Don't see any movement in GlobalSurfPro other than my own daily surfing and all. Plus I'm sure when he's back online, he'll check into the forum too. OK, so we wait :) 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Had to Start the Day with a Laugh :)

The thunder and lightning we had here last night kept me awake till after midnight. The weather reports did prepare me for it so I was smart enough to unplug my laptop and modem overnight. Didn't want to end up like Kent, the Global Surf Pro Admin who's modem got fried from that! 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: (a small circle of friends) Well I don't think it's going to stay small for very long! 6,055 Members as I write this post. This program is growing faster than anything I've been personally involved in for a long time. 
- Note that the maximum number of New Token purchases via AP has increased from 10 to 50 for the 14 day period. The reason? Members asked for it. 
- Still no limit on re-purchases (or reinvests) from your earnings. 
- Cycled last night as always, some of my spots cycled twice while others 4 times. Overall, that's a pretty good daily percentage. 
- My tokens bought during pre-launch have now earned $18.80. Some of yours may be more or less since we don't all cycle the exact same number of times each day. Our profit share is based on real sales, not 'funny money', hehe
- Payouts won't always be done at the same time each day either. Larry has other offline duties to tend to on a regular basis, so he may even need to skip a day here and there. Hence the estimated pay date to give him some breathing room :) 
- PS received another payment today which of course bought me more Tokens in the process. Thanks to Larry and our circle of friends :) 

--- Was kind of stressin about something today so opened my personal emails to see what was going on. Thanks Paul, you saved the day ... just like Mighty Mouse would! LOL Is it too late to take a break?!?  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Better All The Time

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: received another payment this morning that I requested just yesterday! 
Also, by popular demand - Larry listened and is doing the following: 
We are pleased to announce we will soon be extending our token purchase limit to 50 within 14 days! - Please tell your downlines!
Plus a little birdie told me he'll have yet ANOTHER surprise for you, possibly by Thursday of this week. So stay tuned for that, you're gonna like it! 
And Total Members now: 5,890 

--- Mowing the lawn is harder work than I remember it being. By the time I was done, I looked like a sweat bomb! And I only did the front yard :0 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: just can't get enough of this one. Nothing has changed since I started and am still earning that sweet 2% daily on my Tripler positions. 
Big Congrats to 4 of my referrals who have filled their JSS Matrix today, earning them a nice $60 each, plus gives me a $5 bonus when they do. 

While at the grocery store, there was a lady in front of me buying about 10 of these pot pies. I thought poor lady, that's all she can afford cause they cost about .50 cents each. 
The guy at the checkout said "you must really like these". 
She replied "NO, I don't eat them. They're for my dog. She's spoiled." 
Laughed my ass off. New Slogan: Banquet Pot Pies ... If it's good enough for your dog, it's good enough for you!!  

Monday, July 11, 2011

CWC's First Pay Day

I am so happy to announce that today is
Centurion Wealth Circle's very first payday and I am one of the happy recipients of a cool $225.00  

Special Thanks to those who followed me into this with their trust and their money. And believe me, I'm re-purchasing a lot too without cashing out in the process, which is building my own positions PLUS helping everyone cycle every day.

Was reading some forum posts about people being hesitant to join or buy into it until they saw 'payment proofs'. Well, I guess that can be expected these days with all the crooks out there. I'm just really happy that I got a chance to meet and chat with Larry before he opened CWC. Gave me the confidence to jump in with both feet and purchase the max. of 10 Tokens during the pre-launch without even blinking an eye. And as you can see, I'm already In Profit!!!
PS, I have some very good promoters on my first level that are bringing in quite a good number of folks. Remember this is a 2 tier bonus commission plan, so even if you are not a good promoter, maybe you can find one or two that are and your downline will surprise you too. Thanks again everyone!
Total members now about 5,700! 

--- Don't forget GlobalSurfPro's Kent is offline for a couple of days since his modem got fried. That's all. Just didn't want to see anyone worry.  

--- Remind me to talk tomorrow about how I've decided to do business in CWC. 
My brain is little toasted right now after looking at a picture of Donald Trump. But that's a story for later after I find out what the real deal is, LOL. I'm not one to spread rumors until I know the facts. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did You Say Profit?

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: had a little problem last night with someone trying to hack into the system while I was sleeping. Everything was fixed and back to normal by the time I got up, except for: 

We have had to rollback the database 45 minutes from 2.30pm to 1.45pm GMT (07/10/2011) due to hacker attack. If you made a reinvest or sign up during this time then you may need to repeat.
Notice: We are happy to announce our first Withdrawal Payout will be Monday 11th July.
- So if you are expecting a payment tomorrow, BE SURE your Alert Pay address is entered in your member area, via the "My Account" tab. 
- While checking my own positions at CWC, I noticed this: 
Cycled 82 times ... Total Earnings: $16.40
That was my first purchase bought during the pre-launch and is already above what it cost me. Now of course we're not cycling as many times each day as the first day (duh), but it should settle into a steady level soon.  
- The membership is about at 5,500 and growing!
- Remember also that not every position will cycle the same number of times each time Larry runs the cycler. I myself had quite a mix yesterday of positions cycling, 7 and 2 times. The ones that cycled only 2 were ones that I re-purchased yesterday. So I'm sure he has some reasoning to the order he enters and cycles positions, but at this point I don't know what that is, LOL
- Just re-purchased 10 more by the way.  

--- JBP-JSS-tripler: Another wonderful day at the Tripler, as always. Love to see all the payments proofs at the forum too. Some people are really getting into this big time. Me ... I spend what's comfortable for me and enjoy the daily earning and of course, the cash outs! 

--- GBC: old faithful Gord did his usual profit share run today and once again, my account balance is a little better than before. Thanks Gord :) 

--- GlobalSurfPro: I really like Kent the Admin there. He's running a good show for surfing and is always prompt in our payments. Today another of my positions expired so before I surfed, I went ahead and bought a new spot for another 40 days, had a smooth surf, then requested a cash out. Will let you know when paid, which I'm sure will be tonight or tomorrow, or not.  
-- Just pulled this off the MMG forum (thanks Mordk): 
Flagged message
I just received an email from Kent, they had a severe storm over his place and lightening fried his modem, so he wont have internet 24/7 until sometime midweek.
So if you requested a payment or submitted a support ticket, it may not be sorted out in 5 minutes 

Ewww, just got rid of an earwig that was on my windowsill. Do you have those where you live? Never saw one myself until I moved here to Colorado. Creepy little things and they pinch you with those tails. Nasty stuff :( 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hey What's New?

I heard this morning that the new HYIP (that I hinted at 'staying away from') that launched on the 4th of July ... has already Stopped paying! Now that's just a frickin out right scam, wouldn't you say? 
Thanks again to every one of my colleagues here who generously shared their knowledge with me. 

--- Speaking of paying: CWC Admin Larry posted in facebook that he will start doing our pending payments on Monday. Remember he's out of the 'office' today and needs to do a little more testing before payments start. So if you're waiting on one or two, now you know what day to look forward to.
Don't panic guys :-) we will process all withdrawal requests on Monday. No worries.
Someone wrote to me and asked me to "sponsor" them into CWC, meaning buy them a position. Well I'm not going to do that for a couple of reasons. 1)  if I did it for them, I'd feel obligated to do it for everyone, and 2) you can still earn on RC even if you're a free member. So get out there and do a little promoting and see how it goes. That generous RC builds up pretty fast.  

--- JBP - JSS-Tripler: received an AP payment for a couple of my referrals upgrading their JBP account for the next 3 months. Always a nice surprise to get those! Thanks to all involved :) 
Just noticed one of my downline bought 50 tripler positions today! YaY! 

--- Global Surf Pro: was gonna cash out today but noticed another of my positions will expire tomorrow. So I'll wait for that and probably buy a replacement for it once it's gone to pending heaven, lol  

That's all I got for now. 
Gord's gonna do his "profit sharing" thing tomorrow in GBC and wait wait ... got something else. BRB 
Nope, too early to share. Not allowed yet, hehe 
Later (wave) 

Chatting with my friend who is not in this Country, told him I needed to go brush my hair cause I looked like a scarecrow. He responded "What is a scarecrow? LOL" Guess he never saw the movie "The Wizard of Oz" 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia !!!

My grand daughter Olivia aka Baby "O" is having her First Birthday Today! Wow, seems like just yesterday I was introducing myself to her at the hospital. What a fast year this has been! 
As you can see, when you have a crazy gramma who grew up in the Wood Stock and Bean Bag Chair era ... that this is a 'must have' for a first birthday present, LOL 
More pics later after I load the ones I took on Monday. 
Happy Happy Birthday Baby O !!!  
Love and kisses from grammapotimus! 


--- Centurion Wealth Circle: ahhhh where do I start?
Well after a great launch day on Wed, then a great first cycle day on Thurs, today was no surprise to me either. Tokens re-purchased late yesterday cycled about 12 times each and a few more re-purchased via cash-out cycled 11 times each. Of course I didn't expect the 51 times like the first cycle day simply because we all knew the first cycle was 3 days worth of purchases. So all in all, I'd say that was pretty darn good for a day two :) 
-- Withdraws are currently taking 5 business day to be paid. 
-- Once you request a w/d, it will be shown in your member area (from the withdraw link) along with the 'Estimated Payment Date'. 
-- Once AP CC is added, the time frame may go to 10 days because AP holds funds for a week or so before releasing it.  
-- The Bug: what happened yesterday was while Larry was cycling and people were earning, they were jumping on the Re-purchase button as fast as they could. Those re-purchases showed as 'pending' BUT they also started cycling immediately. Well, that isn't how it should work. So those of you who got the 'extra few' cycles were lucky. But from now on, repurchases made during the cycling process will NOT become active or cycle until the following cycle day. 
-- NOTE: cycling today will be done a little earlier than the norm because the Admin has other things to attend to away from his office tomorrow. 
-- AND we're over 5,000 Members as of Today!!! 

Here comes my daily storm blowing through. It was like a monsoon yesterday. Guess I should play it safe and shut down for a bit. Lots of thunder and lightning. Back after it blows over :) 

--- GlobalSurfPro: Don't Forget To Surf !!! 

--- JBP & JSS sites: you know, when I log in there I feel as dumb as a box of rocks. I read the site and the forum to help understand but ... dang that Carl and Fred make it so frickin confusing for everyone. So to make life simpler for me, I'll just continue on with the Tripler and am a happy camper picking up that 2% daily and some nice RC along the way. Thanks everyone!! 


OK, you guys ready for Baby O Birthday pics? I've got a lot but will show you my favorites. She really enjoyed her first cup cake too! Lovin the sweets, just like her gramma, LOL  (don't worry, she won't get too much of that) 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

WoW! What a Morning !!

As you all know, yesterday was our Official Launch Day for Centurion Wealth Circle and today was the official FIRST Cycling Day!

Poor Larry has been busy cycling us all morning and is not done yet. Well that should be expected for the first day as there are tons of excited members watching their Token profit shares grow by the minute, LOL

Now it's past 11:30 AM and I'm still in my jammies. Been busy posting in the forum, reading 10 pages of posts since last night and chatting with the Admin a little on the side.

NOTE: When the cycling is done for today, Larry needs to close the member area down for 1/2 hr to 1 hour.
He found a little bug that needs fixing and cannot do it while the member area is active.
Not to worry, nothing will be lost and some of you have actually benefited from the bug. 

But I'm not telling you what the bug was yet

** Later in the day ... everybody did really well in CWC today! I think most of the members who purchased their tokens before the cycling started, earned about 60% of their spend back. YaY!!!

NOTE: Larry is going to do the Daily Cycling at around 7:00 AM GMT, which is midnight for me and 2:00 AM EST. So by the time I get up and check my account, I'll have all day to decide what to do next.

The little bug I mentioned earlier is not fixed yet but he's done something in order to avoid the problem from here on out. He'll tell you about it later.

If you've cycled and made money today, don't forget to Post a Testimonial on the site, if you like.

And Larry will Update us all tomorrow in the News in the Member Area and maybe email also on how everything went today.

Don't forget you CAN re-purchase as soon as you have $15 in your account. The 10 Token Limit (per 14 days) does NOT apply to re-purchases.

Plus, if you haven't purchased any Tokens yet, I got a feeling with the re-purchase option and the 50/50 payout rule you'll be in for a nice surprise even if you missed the first day. Remember in order to cash out (let's say) $90, members need to re-purchase 3 more Tokens. So as they cash out, money is always coming back in to help everyone else cycle. Kapish?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Are Live !!!

About an hour ago Centurion Wealth Circle was officially launched! YaY! It's been a long and short 2 weeks, and I must admit I'm really happy to get this show on the road for a very long road trip. 

There's a News Update in your member area that everyone should read. Also note that you won't see any cycling and/or referral commissions until tomorrow. Today is the Official Launch and Tomorrow is the Official first cycling day. Yippee!!! 

--- I gotta run to the store, out of cat food. Sure don't need those hungry kitty claws scratching up my legs saying "feed me feed me". More when I get back :) 

--- JSS-Tripler: another of my JSS-Matrix spots was filled last night. So another blessing of $60 in my account today. Haven't decided what to do with it yet and we all have different strategies about it. As for me, I don't think about it too much since I'm am a bit on the loosey goosey side, hehe. I look at it and say "Cool, now what should I do next?" Guess it all depends on my mood and how badly I need the bucks. Cause trust me, I love to play these games as much as the next guy :) 

--- McFads: is now a manual surf site, not 'auto' any longer. Well all I can think of is it's cheaper to run it that way? Heck I dunno and it doesn't really matter much. With the extended payout times I've pretty much kissed this one goodbye. Not sure if I'll put any more into it to get paid again. Just doesn't seem worth it. (sorry Matthew but it is what it is) 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got PAID from Kent last night! And did I mention yesterday, I'm in for another round, same amount as the first time. 

--- OK, you guys remember the "other" program I started hinting about last March? Well after mucho problemo with getting it set up, it's back on track and getting closer to opening now. It won't be tomorrow but it won't be 4 more months either. 
I was originally asked to help with the launch of this site back in March, and I've been in contact with the Admin ever since. It will be an Advertising site but much more professional than ad2million (giggle). As I learn more, I'll share with you. Oh and the Admin is not American so his English skills may not be the best. But neither are mine, LOL  I'm sure we'll be able to figure it all out. 

--- The HYIP to stay away from: without saying the real name: if you see a well known script, that was designed by one of the best designers around, and you check into the MMG forum to see how it's going, then realize that the Admin has been banned from the forum for multiple usernames .......
That's all I'm going to say. Just don't join any High Return HYIP's that recently opened. OK?