Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So what have I been doing all day? and Wed?

I don't feel like starting a new post today so I'm just gonna add to this one as I go along my merry way. Updates will be in blue.


Well, I surfed over at the new MindPowerSurf. I really like this one so far. Took me a while to figure out that the "Advertising TV Rotator" link meant 'start surfing'. Duh! Anyway, day 2 and I already got a payout from it :)
Oh and if you join then have trouble logging in ... make sure there is NO www in front of the program name.
This works fine: http://mindpowersurf.com/?ref=blondie
Just replace blondie with your own username.
Another good surf day. Another good profit. I'll probably cash some out tomorrow.


Our very special PAC-RevenueShare is back online. But you already knew that huh?
Today (Wed) am getting a "Server Too Busy". I'll just try to log in later. I heard in MMG that folks are having problems so at least I know, it's not just me.
*Admin is aware of it too. So sit tight.
** 8:00 EST: I was able to login and surf. Noticed that my last payout went to Cash Balance instead of Rebate. (big sigh) Not sure what to do now. I'll sleep on it and work it out tomorrow.


AdRebatesPro could quickly turn into one of my favorites! Diane is awesome support and always seems to be there when you need her. I haven't requested a w/d from there yet. Still trying to build my funds to a good amount ... and it's coming along very nice :)
PS, those 10% max earning days are still happening!


I'm still in love with PACforAll. Waiting on a few payouts now but they have been coming in regular so I'm not concerned. Kazzy and EL (and support Karen) are doing a great job. So thumbs up!


And for you Private Surf Players ... you know ... the one that starts with a "G"? Today and tomorrow are compound days there. Don't forget.


MyMarketShares is doing good. Margaret (the Admin) is always coming up with new ideas to help us all. Just a reminder that tomorrow is cash out or rollover day. Cool
Did my daily surf, cashed out a bit and rolled the rest.


AdShares4U is OK too. Seems to be too slow for me right now. Maybe just cause I'm more in the 'Quick! Make Money For Christmas' mode. I dunno. On a scale of 1 - 10, I would have to rank this one kinda low. Just seems like it's not what I wanted or needed at this time. Catch my drift?


Oh goodness. Just saw a new update in 10DollarsWonder.
I don't know what he's proposing now. I didn't want to take the time to read it. All I noticed was this:

High12009-09-18 09:49:321254137360-RP13$ 0.30

So that last $10 purchase made .30 cents in 11 days.

You do the math :(


Made my weekly withdraw request from GoldNuggetInvest today. Should receive it tomorrow. YaY!


Have you noticed our SPAM is on the rise? Just cause these idiots see my email address here in my blog, they think I'm gonna open everything I get? NOT!!! Especially when it's sent to ME from ME! Duh! How stupid do you think I am? Go away spammers and leave me alone. Else I'll start opening every program you send me and report you for SPAMMING! Would you like that? Yes? So would I.


Promise I'll answer emails tomorrow, ok? Got side tracked today and read some but didn't respond. And I apologize for that. Tomorrow is the day. Thanks :)


I just wrote a wonderful post ... and yet, I can't convince myself to post it. But I did save it for a later time ... just in case I need to vent.

Night night :)


Monday, September 28, 2009

New Surf Just Launched AND PRS is Almost Back

If you're interested ... a new surf just launched MindPowerSurf.
Note quoted from the Admin via MMG forum:

"WELCOME to MindPowerSurf!

Our goal is to offer our members reasonable online advertising prices for showing their websites all over the world and also very good income opportunities - 150% and 140% ROA on adpacks purchased.

Our Features: the newest Neversay Secured Script, hosted on a Dedicated Server and DDOS Protection will secure your adpacks purchased.

Free members can join and surf for a maximum of 50 credits each day. No referral commissions for Free members.

Upgraded members can earn 150% (5% x 30 days, cashout daily) and / or 140%(10% x 14 days, cashout at expire) from their upgrades (adpacks purchased).

* 4% referral commissions for Active members - upgrades min. 5$
* 6% referral commissions for VIP members - upgrades min. 250$

MPS Power Plan

* 140% - 10% daily x 14 Days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Cashout at Expire

MPS Mind Plan

* 150% - 5% daily for 30 days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Daily Cashout"

OK,, so why not try a new one?
And from what I've read, he sounds like a great guy.

So I've joined and put a little in both plans.
Let's see how this one goes.
Plus I see lots of support in MMG already.
That's a Good Sign indeed :)


Note from Karen / Support re: PAC-RevenueShare ...

PRS is up and running! Okay to log in and surf!!!
If you're having problems, try clearing temp files..

This post has been edited by KarenL: Today, 04:27 PM

Although I think it's still propagating in certain areas.
Shouldn't be too much longer IF you can't login yet.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just A Quick Update ...

- AdRebatesPro is off to a great start. Yes I joined 2 days after launch, and that's OK with me. Not everyone has to get into these things on day one, ya know? I'm happy as heck with it and if you're just now coming here via my Alert, scroll down to Thur's post on the 24th for details.

- PACforAll has decided to allow "compounding" from your rebate balance. They are charging a 3% fee for that but you save your own pay processor fees plus 5-7 business days waiting for your payment. Yes they also changed the 'terms' for payouts from 3 biz days to 5-7. So plan accordingly.

- PAC-RS site is still down, being moved to a new server. Remember when you see it come back, NOT to login or anything. Kazzy and/or EL will let us know when the coast is clear.
9:00 PM MST Update:

Hi guys,

Sorry for not updating sooner. Our hosting was causing a problem and they seem in no hurry to help us.. sigh. So, we have bought new hosting. Everything is moved but we need Gotenks to update the new details in his script and he wont be on tomorrow. I don't think it will take him too long, so we should be back on track sometime on monday.

Please let your downline know if you can as we can't send out as mass email yet. smile.gif


- Sorry ... feeling a little serious today and I'm not sure why. So who's the wise-guy that borrowed my sense of humor? huh? huh? I'd like it back as soon as you're done with it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Did You Say "Greek"?

Every time I join a new program, it all looks "Greek" to me. Have to figure out where all the buttons are that I need in order to make a few bucks from it.
So when I logged into AdRebatesPro this morning, it felt real comfortable already.
It's a nice site, laid out real well, easy to understand, and works (surfs) like a charm. I'm really impressed with this one and I do believe with Diane behind the wheel, we should be in for a nice long ride. Kudos!
PS, I changed a couple of things in yesterdays post about it. Realized what I wrote was wrong so it's now corrected. And I've just made a new purchase there myself. We did have another 10% day yesterday. Nice :))


PAC-RS site is still down or just not totally moved yet. Remember NOT to login or anything, even if you see it's up. NOT until AFTER Kazzy or EL give us the word that everything is OK from the server move.


GoldNuggetInvest will soon celebrate it's third year of online presence and one year of opening their doors to the public. They've opened a Private Forum for Members Only and announced that they will be going Private sometime during the first quarter of 2010. That's good news :)


Couldn't help but think of this sign this morning. I do love playing in the fast moving, high paying, exciting to get your payments 'in hand' auto-surfs or HYIP's.
But those of us who have been here for awhile know that these types of programs can only last for as long as the members support it. (assuming we have an honest Admin that is.)
Support it how? By putting in more and more and more money. So where are we? Did we join early enough to profit? Or are we going to be one of the losers in the end?
Think carefully before you risk your money. And don't get greedy. Keep some in your pocket as you go along and never spend more than you can afford to lose. All of these types are a high risk. All of them.



Thursday, September 24, 2009


As you can see, I've joined AdRebatesPro. Will work on a write-up for them right now. Banner is on the right :)

4:00 PM Update:
OK, you may have heard about this one already. I did wait these 2 days to make sure all the little bugs were out of the program first .. and it's gettin there.

Run by a gal named Diane who is having much success with her AdsDailyPro program. I never did join that one but I've heard that she is the best thing since sliced bread! Another good honest reliable Admin that we can place a pretty good bet on.

- This is a Profit Share - Surf Site
- There are 3 levels of Membership (Free, Gold and VIP)
- Surf 20 sites per day (semi-auto) to earn a daily rebate of 2% - 10%
- Ad packs expire at 140%
- Cash out is 1 or 3 times per week, depending on your membership level
- Upgrades are $10 each
- Accepts all our standard pay processors
- Daily ROI will show up after midnight server time
- Compounding IS allowed from cash balance, min. $10
- No 50/50 rule for upgrades and payouts

So I joined, I upgraded (buy adshares), I surfed. Guess that's it until tomorrow eh? It's getting late in the day here and I'm losing my concentration thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner :P

So until tomorrow... keep smilin :)


I've not seen Sunshine for several days now and I think it's started to affect my mood. Oh wait ... I see a light peeking out around the clouds. Wow! I must have special powers or something, haha


Remember NOT to do anything yet in the PAC-RS site until we get word from Kazzy that the server is moved and we can get back to business. Could be another 12 hours or so. Sit tight.


AdShares4U is having STP problems. So if you're expecting a cash out via STP, they will pay you through Alert Pay or Strict Pay. Log into your profile and Add your AP or SP ID's so that you can receive your funds :)


Received a private invitation to join yet another Matrix that is in pre-launch. I'll pass. I haven't done that well in them and barely get my own money back. Not to mention my poor referrals who may never see a dime. I know some like to launch these things for their own (rc) benefit ... but I'm gonna stay away from it. I don't want you guys to lose any money there, and most people do.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Crazy Squirrel !!

Hello Blondie? Are you home?
Sure could use some peanuts out here!

Hellooooo! Anybody home?
Maybe if I rattle the door, I can grab her attention.
YO Blondie! We're hungry! Chop Chop!

He looks like a little Koala Bear hanging there, doesn't he? LOL

And the Cats sure go ballistic when he does that! What a Crazy Little Squirrel I got!

You think I've spoiled him? a-oh

And since I've taken those pictures, he's rattled my door about four more times! Little Rat!


I saw that Colorado made it into The Weather Channel headlines today. Floods, Fires and Snow. While the poor folks in Georgia are swimming in the flood waters, the folks in California are still battling those wild fires. Here in Colorado we had 10" on Snow fall in the mountains last night. Global warming my ass! I just cranked on my heater, in September no less That's just wrong.


Hey if anyone is still confused on how to work the PIPs in MyMarketShares, Margaret just put a step-by-step (with pictures) in the MMG Forum. Should help me understand a little more too. TODAY is Cash Out / Rollover day. And don't forget to surf!


PAC-RevenueShare Update:

Hello Everyone,
You may have noticed that Plan A is back on Daily Cashouts.
Our Programmer has informed us that it's not possible to have weekly Cashouts while Plan B is paid daily upon expiry.
We would also like to inform you that we will be moving to the PAC server sometime in the next several hours and the site may be offline for some hours - 48 hours Max.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Kazzy and EL.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy BirthMonth Jessica!

My daughter-in-law Jess thinks BirthDAYS are too short. So she has a Birth Month every year in September (gotta love her for that!!)
But this month on her BirthDAY ... they were in Mexico.
So I had planned a dinner for when they got home. I made Lasagna and took it to their house (along with garlic toast, of course) for her Birthday/month dinner.

When we got there, Jake was patiently waiting on the Patio.

Then of course Louis and Jake had to put on their Party Hats to join us in celebrating their "Mama's" Birthday!

Now ... does this Cake look like a Giraffe or a Cow?
It's supposed to be a Giraffe cause Jess loves giraffe's. But when I picked it up at the store, the gals thought it was cow also.
Well Jess recognized it AS A giraffe right away ... whew! lol

As you can see .. she really really liked it!

So we lit the candles and sang!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear J-Mo!
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Here is one of her gifts that my Grand Puppies picked out for their "Mama". One of many Boxer items they forced me to buy from PetSmart :)

That is a Boxer Mouse Pad which came with 2 Boxer Coasters. She also got a Boxer Coffee Mug, Boxer Key Chain, Boxer Calendar and a Boxer Nail File.
(Remind me NOT to take the grand puppies shopping anymore, ok?)
Just kidding!
Shopping is Fun when it's for someone else :)

So Happy Birthday(month) again Jessica!
Hope you're having a Wonderful Month so far!
Love You,

PS, if you just got here ...
Tuesdays business posts are in the first Tues post.
Look down down down !!!

Birthday Pics to Follow :)

I didn't forget you Jess.
Will get some of those Birthday pics in today ;)


PAC-RevenueShare has a nice new look AND the withdraw button is open for cash outs. My first 12x12 expired at midnight so it felt really good to click that button today. I'll be adding a new one later on. Off to do my surfing first.


Same with PACforAll ... got another 12x12 expiry (bought on the 10th) so it was also completed today. I have been buying new ones every 3 days just to keep the cash flow steady. Works for me :)


Received a nice RC payment from GNI last night while I slept.Thank you to my referrals there. I'll be pooling money soon to add to it myself.


What? No links today? Naw. All these programs are listed on the right and I'm too lazy to copy the codes here :P


MyMarketShares had another good week. Remember tomorrow is the day for Cash Out or Rollover. Here is a portion of Margaret's update:

"Tonight is the night! Remember as long as your upgraded and surfed all week you can upgrade or buy pips today and still get roi for the full week. This week the ROI is already going to be 20% so go ahead and upgrade now to take advantage of the ROI.

Free members can still earn this week on referrals so what are you waiting for? MyMarketShares is growing by almost 100 members a day so get your Share now."


Monday, September 21, 2009

Attn: Original PAC'ers

Just got word that a gal in MMG (Mordk) has started a thread to 'pay it forward' to help the Original PAC Members who are still waiting for their refund. There are conditions so please read the below to see if you might qualify, then visit the thread which is called "PAC to PAC-RS Profit Donations", READ the entire first note and write to Mordk if you think you're a candidate.

To be eligble you must follow these criterias though;
1. You are waiting for a refund from PAC and have not participated in the new PAC or any of the sister sites.
2. You have received less than $5 in refunds from PAC so far.
3. You must post in this thread OR send me a PM if you wish to be in this draw.

When you visit there, you will see that several of us have offered to help with the 5$ donations to keep the ball rolling. I do believe PAC has a long way to go and am happy to be a part of this kind gesture.


The PACforAll withdraw button is LIVE today! If you have an expired ad pack ready to cash out .. go for it! I've decided not to withdraw the small ref. comm's I have in my account. I'm going to wait 2 more days until my oldest ad pack is expired (I have 5 running) and combine the money then. Hate to make Kazzy work so hard for so little to me. Make sense?


Also rumor has it that the PAC-Revenue-Share withdraw button will be open soon for the 12x12 expired plans. Don't get too anxious. Just check periodically. (wink)


AdShares4U ...
:. Monday - Cashout Button open for Both Rebate and Commission Withdrawals
:. Tuesday - Auto Roll Over Of Rebates and Commissions
I have such a small purchase in this one that I'm going to let it roll again :)


Just sent Amber $5 for her birthday via the Birthday Bonus Club. Happy Birthday Amber! One more to go for me this year and that's it :)) YaY!


It is only 41 degrees F right now, windy and raining. Brrrrrrrr
And here's the proof (pic taken from my kitchen window).
While pouring coffee decided to look at the Mountains (now that I can see them (they were covered with clouds earlier)) and OH! What is that? SNOW? Are you kidding me? Yes I'm as shocked as you are! :-o


Was notified from GoDaddy that it's time to renew my blondiesblog website address. OK, I got no problem with that. So I thought I'd look to see if the DOT COM was available yet for the title I'm using.
I checked and it says: "Click here for some free porn ..."
HOLY CRAP! Just so you know, that's NOT ME! I am at blondiesblog.tv NOT DOT COM. Dang those pornsters!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

You'll Never Know ... WOW!

I'm taking the day off today.
I think I wrote enough yesterday to last all week anyway. But LOOK what I found on youtube!!! I've been searching for this song for years and years and more years. Until now, it's been guarded quite heavily. Not sure how this person snuck it onto youtube, but I'm glad they did.
Just so you know, this song was not done by The Beatles. Even though the person who created it put them all in there. It is a Ringo Starr song and the first time I heard it was at the end of the movie "Curly Sue" filmed in 1991.
So Randy, that explains your comment now.
Enjoy :))



PS, Paul in Hawaii? Do you remember helping me look for this song back in the day? Hope you enjoy hearing it too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time To Bring Out The Socks

Thank goodness Summer is about over and we can get back to making some decent bucks here on the net. Do you realize Tues, the 22nd will be the first day of Autumn? Wow. Can't say that I mind one bit. Never did like the heat all that much, so Fall weather is a blessing for me. Oh hey .. I wonder if those socks have any money leftover in em from last year? Let me go check.


PACforAll ... if you've been following me in this one since the beginning, you should definitely be in profit now and 'playing' with earned money. Are ya? I don't think it's too late to join now since their Motto is "Get Set For Christmas 2009!". Plus they've passed the one million mark in deposits. Let's hope those who are playing keep playing and new members coming in will also make it more concrete. I myself made a new deposit there this morning. I'm in for another round, or five, lol


Why does my Cat always bug me when I'm trying to work here? And it's not the slender cat. It's the One-Ton-Tomato Cat that always wants to sit on my lap. Sheesh!


Just made another deposit in the PAC-Revenue-Share 12x12 also. I feel really good about this one too and they're Paying like clockwork. And you know, the old PAC members who are getting refunds will be joining us in PAC-RS. So there will be "new blood" there.. so to speak. Am sure once those new folks get more involved, they'll love it as much as we do :)


Now it's time to give a big Thank You to Gord of GordsHomeBiz for mentioning me in his blog post yesterday. Gord is one of the most unselfish bloggers in this industry I have ever met. While others may try to "pull the wool over your eyes" just to make a quick buck, I've found Gord to be quite the opposite.
OK, I've just gotta share this story with you ...
I have an online friend who was asking Gord about a new program. Gord did recommend it to him but suggested he join under ME since I was the one who got them acquainted. Well the guy goofed and joined under Gord anyway. So what did Gord do??? He went out of his way to send me the Referral Commission that he received from that guy joining that program. Can You Believe It?
Now that's the kind of thing that I feel Gord is all about. It's not only about making money here. It's about caring, and sharing, and friendship and not stepping on other peoples toes in the process. And you can take that to the bank!
Hey Gord??? (hehehe)


I think I have ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I can't ever seem to stay on one subject of concentration very long. Maybe that's why I sometimes go a little nuts here in my blog and talk about this and that and something else that no one cares about anyway. Ya know?


Now, where was I? ... oh yeah ... MyMarketShares
I just had to chuckle last night when I read an update in MMG from Margaret (the Admin) since a part of it read:

Referral contest is on going till the 25th, here are the top places as of now,
1st mike_li
2nd bigsteve
3rd marciapw
4th yippee
5th blondie
6th hula
7th iskofer
Free members also earn referral commissions during the contest period which goes till the 25th"

What?!? You mean to tell me that me and my 2 referrals since the 11th of Sept are keeping me in the running? Wow, that's great news! Wonder how many the top guy has? OK, I'm gonna go do my surfing at MMS before I forget.


Received two more payments from GoldNuggetInvest within 24 hours of request. It's still going strong from what I can tell. Link on the right if you care to check it out. (I never push. Only share how I'm doing.)


I've been giving some thought this week about renewing MyAdsClub monthly membership. The Admin, Patrick seems like a great guy trying to build a good business. But I just don't see the membership growing enough to make it worth my while. Besides the fact that no one seems to be promoting it any longer. So is it dead now? No, not really. Just not growing :(
If you're looking at the program for the matrix earnings, then you must promote! You cannot count on spillover these days. There's just not enough members in this one. So I've decided to forfeit the $8 bucks left in my account and let Patrick keep it for expenses. Good Luck Patrick! I do wish you the best.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Morning :)

This plaque is just priceless!!
I stress about everything and my kids know me too well.
So this was my gift from their recent trip to Mexico.
How cool is that?


If you have a rebate balance of $3 or more in your PACforAll account, today is the day you can request your withdrawal. And surprisingly enough, Kazzy has been paying them out already.
Also if you have money stuck in your StrictPay or Perfect Money balance, submit a ticket (with your username) telling them which pay processor you prefer to be paid to. You do recall they're NOT paying via SP or PM any longer.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleepy Thursday

Got home kinda late last night (well late for me anyway) so I'm not very talkative today. We had a great time though. I'll show you some pics after I get them downloaded.


Hey djanko, of course I remember you but I don't allow any type of promoting in my comments section here. Send me an email and tell me more: blondiejudy@gmail.com Also include your name in the subject line else gmail (or myself) may pick you out as spam. Thanks :)


Quick reminder: PACforAll payout request day is tomorrow.
RE FRIDAY PAYOUT: After THIS Friday, your purchases will show up in REBATE upon EXPIRY." Got it? Get it? Good.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Morning & Happy Hump Day

Was up bright and early this morning. I'm gonna be a busy girl today. Will be cooking lasagna for a birthday dinner tonight. Pics will follow soon :)


Speaking of Birthdays ... just did my surfing over at my Favorite Revenue Share, PAC-RS which is 2 months old now! They're having a birthday bonus today and giving us 6% on purchases in the 12x12. Of course I just had to buy a new one! Also today is Cashout Request Day there. So if you've been playing all along and have money available, go for it now!


PACforAll will be 1 month old tomorrow and should reach $1 million in deposits. The person who takes it over the $1 million mark will WIN $250 Cash. Nice :) AND they're also having the 6% bonus day today for new purchases! Right on!


Was just sitting here typing and noticed a little squirrel face looking through the glass door. But of course by the time I went to get the camera, he ran over to the tree to wait for those Peanuts from Heaven. Yes, he looks up when he hears the door open. He knows I'm a sucker for his cute little face.


Wednesday is also Cashout and/or Rollover day at MyMarketShares. And I see we had another 20% week. That makes me smile :) So now I need to figure out how to work this thing since I messed it up last week.
OK I rolled 100% earnings again today. Seems like the smart thing to do at this early stage.


Monday, September 14, 2009

I Feel The Earth Move

- Today is payment request day for both profit shares and referral commissions at AdShares4U. Don't forget to withdraw else you'll have to wait till next Monday. I'm personally playing this one pretty light, so I'm gonna "let it roll" this week and check it again a week from now.


- Just received yet another $5 birthday gift via the BirthdayBonusClub today. Well what can I say? Thanks :) I've got 2 more to pay this year myself. One comes up on Sept 21st but the other not until Oct 29th. Yes I'm going to delete myself from the site after that, but will fulfill my obligations first.


- The PAC Programs are still doing great. I added a few more bucks to both PACforAll and PAC-RevenueShare last night. Thought it was a good move. (links are on the right) And don't forget PAC-RS has their own 12x12 running along with the Revenue Share. Yes you need to put at least $5 in the Revenue Share first if you're new and wish to play in the 12x12. Just don't forget to surf Daily in PRS. I'm doing that right now.

UPDATE: I Won I Won! The PACforAll program was running a contest for those who posted either their payment receipts or deposit receipts in the MMG or TG forums. I WON THE MMG CONTEST! 3rd Place which paid me $15 buckaroos! I was so excited (since I never win anything), I immediately bought a new spot for 15 bucks in the game. Might as well put it to work for me huh? Whoo Hooooo!


- Watching a dog roll his face in a pile of poop that some 'thing' left on my front lawn today. Don't know if it is his own poop or some other dogs, but he sure seems to enjoy it. And remember, I don't even own a dog .. yet there is dog poop on my grass which is now smeared all over the place. hmm


- Got a check on Saturday from the Attorney "Receiver" who handled the 12DailyPro law suit. What I thought started at about $800, turned into $450 after being pro-rated, then we got 30% of that. So a whopping $135 for me. Sheesh. Not complaining but was looking forward to the larger amount.


- The cushions on my couch are always sliding off. So when I went to move one back, the one the Cat was laying on, you should have seen the look on his face! "What was that Buddy? Did you feel the earth move?" haha Of course I had to start singing the song for him. Yeah I know I'm nuts .. but who cares?


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's My Snuggie? & 10DollarsWonder Please Read

It's about 12:30 PM here, 54 degrees F outside and 59F in my house. Where's my Snuggie?

Is it just me or does this outfit make you like like a Monk? And have you seen their commercials? They make them for Dogs now too!

Wonder if Lou dog and Jake would like one for Christmas?

Damn, I'm glad I can entertain myself. I'm sittin here laughing my ass off while I post this. LOL


Sorry I'm late today, I've been busy watching the thread over at the MMG forum for the PACforAll paid posts ..and there are a LOT of em! Yes, today is our payday for our previous spends. Rock on!


Someone asked me yesterday about 10DollarsWonder. So I guess I should mention it. Should I? Maybe? Sorta? Ahhh not sure if it's worth it. Let me think it through for a bit.

OK after much consideration I've decided it's not worth talking about. Yes I know I'm in the "top promoters list" over at 10dw. So what. Just means I was the support person there at one point in time, and so was Missi. But Admin won't answer any of my emails (or hers) any longer. And he's not posted any kind of update since June 8th. That's just wrong in my book.
From what I can tell, ONLY purchases made since April 1st are cycling. If you have older active positions, forget it. They're not doing anything.
I was trying to let my cycles build up to the point where I could withdraw. Didn't happen. Why? Because I did not purchase new in 30 days, the damn script made a purchase for me.
And what ever happened to the 10CentClub? That was the old e2epay moving over to a new name. Yeah right :( It's been how long now? A Year and a half since that was "put on hold"? Shit.
Well that gave him plenty of time to clean out the Alert Pay and STP accounts. Don't you think?
Yes, if you've noticed ... I have removed those sites from my blog. I can't be involved with this farce of a program any longer.
And those who are still promoting it? Wake Up and Smell the Roses! As rotten as they may be.

PS, those of you who visit my blog via the 10DollarsWonder site link ... please please bookmark me. Cause who knows when the site will just be gone?!?

And I've found better ways to make money than 10dw. Believe me.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Says It All

Taking a break from business jabber today. I'm sure you don't mind. Besides, I said enough yesterday to last all week :)

Thanks to all my readers and friends who continue to visit my blog on a regular basis. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

So do try to have a good Friday, despite the sad anniversary that it is today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really need to catch up here today so I've decided to do a play-by-play with (hopefully) quick notes. Not like yesterday, ha!

1) MyMarketShares ... my rebate rolled over like I wanted it to, and just finished surfing my 15 sites for today (on auto). You must surf every day here to earn the max weekly profit share.

2) AdShares4U ... surfed a few here also. Remember we gotta surf 70 sites per week. Doesn't matter which days as long as it's between Mon-Sat. They changed their weekly schedule a bit. Here's the new one:

:. New Surfing Week begins Monday and End On Saturday
:. Sunday - Revenue Sharing Rebates Distributed
:. Monday - Cashout Button open for Both Rebate and Commission Withdrawals
:. Tuesday - Auto Roll Over Of Rebates and Commissions

3) MyAdsClub ... well dang. I was hoping this one would keep growing but it seems to have slowed to a crawl. Don't see any promotion for it except for it rolling by on the surf sites once in a while, (and it's probably my own Ad I'm seeing, hehe). So unless you're a really good promoter, don't join just for the spillover. I don't see it happening. (sorry to say that, but I must) PS, the Admin just sent out an update while I was typing this note. Let's hope it sparks more interest.

4) PACforAll ... if you have active purchases that were running prior to yesterday, you still need to wait for Friday to request a cash out. Then when that purchase expires, you can cash out the rest. New purchases starting yesterday will be paid on expiry (12 days). You DO need to request the payout. It's not automatic.

5) PAC-Revenue-Share ... yesterdays ROI was 3%. The new weekly ROI will be from 14% - 35%. You do NOT need to purchase the 50% of your earnings any longer to earn the Max. YaY! Just don't forget to surf :)
And they've added a 12% x 12 Day Plan to the program. You'll see it when you click on "Purchase Ad Packs".
Will I be playing in that one too? Absolutely!!!
Also NO More Membership Fees AND they will be refunding the M.Fee we paid about a month ago! How's that for customer service?!?

6) PremiumAdsClub ... lots of changes there too, right? And I won't lie to ya. I've not played in it for quite a while. Realized I could make a few bucks faster with their other sites. So any referral comm's I may have made here, have gone to the Admins. And that's just fine in my book. They deserve it :)

7) GoldNuggetInvest ... just requested my weekly earnings to cash out. What else can I say? This one just keeps going and going. (all smiles)

8) ChocolateRecipes ... (hang on a sec ... am laughing) OK, well this little recipe book for $5 did NOT earn me $2k like the 'other' stay at home Mum mentioned on the site. Guess I'm just not promoting it in the right places. Anyway I've made a whopping 4 dollars so far. Don't laugh. Or don't laugh AT me, laugh WITH me. Okie dokie? That I can live with :D

Alright that's enough for now.
Besides, my butt hurts from sitting in this chair since 6:30 A.M. Guess I need to go wiggle it around for awhile, haha
Found some wiggle / exercise music too.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man. you just can't take any time off here!

While I was out grocery shopping (to the tune of $200+ bucks and 2 hours plus) a couple of PAC emails came through to me. So rather than trying to comprehend everything right this minute, I'm going to borrow a few words from John, (and I'm sure he won't mind .. will ya js? Naw, you don't mind right? And I'm gonna modify it just a bit to for me. Thanks hun :)

Summary of PAC Announcement (links are are the right and this is my interpretation of the changes):

First off the payouts this week are as usual at PacForAll. After this Friday the Ladies will change the script so that payouts will then take place after the spends expire (so you will be paid on the 12th day, the day of expiry). The reason for this is to lower the workload of doing payouts as membership is growing rapidly.

Membership fees are being eliminated at PAC Rev Share. And that's a good thing as it will allow more folks to join and partake in the fun of making money.

Additionally a 12 x 12 surf plan will be introduced at PAC Rev Share. This is independent of PACforAll and should generate more funds for PAC Rev Share so we should see the daily ROI there go up.

And now for something completely different! Icing on the cake! The Ladies are going to pay back all members of PAC Rev Share their recent membership fees! Wow! I can't believe how good and honest and generous these Admins are! Have you heard of any such thing from the other programs out there? No! Am sure of it. This is unheard of! I am discombobulated.

Now, I see these as positive changes in order to keep the programs running and generating more bucks for everyone, no matter when they have joined or will join. Read more about the changes in the e-mail that the Ladies sent out.

Finally I must reiterate: use the 50/50 rule that I talk about. If you follow it you will most likely get into profit, or at least a no loss situation, depending upon, of course, how long the programs will last, and that is up to the players, you, in other words.

So... having said that? Rejoice! And go out and play! Be sure to come back for dinner!

One more thing: The Ladies just said that the 50/50 rule no longer will apply at PAC Rev Share! Woohoo! That means we can withdraw our FULL earnings with no further deposits. But... I urge you all to play the game! Ok? You know what I mean!

What a nice post eh?
Still waiting for John's approval (for me to post it) but he can spank me if need be. Right?

And a little more from Kazzy (via MMG forum) if the above wasn't clear enough:

Hi folks smile.gif

I think most questions have been answered by our wonderful members but I'll try to explain them again..

1. If you have purchased any adpacks before today, September 9th then earnings from them can be requested on Friday. If they are still active after Friday then you can request the remaining earnings when the adpack expires. So if you purchased $100 last Saturday, you can request 5x12% of $100 = $60 on Friday, paid on Saturday and then the remaining $84 on expiry which is the following Saturday.

2. Any Adpacks purchased from today onward will be paid on their expiry. E.G. Adpacks bought today will expire on the 23rd and you can request to withdraw it then. You still need to request a withdrawal but you wont have to wait a day for it to be paid.

3. Daily payouts means we will be paying daily to adpacks that have expired. smile.gif


Hi guys smile.gif

We forgot to mention the 50/50 rule will no longer be used. As long as you surf daily you will earn 100% of the weekly rebate and 12% daily if you are in the new plan. wink.gif


Hope I get a good nights sleep tonight.
Happy Birthday Jessica Morrison!
Can't believe you guys didn't call me this morning before you left for Mexico!
Wanted to sing Happy Birthday to You!!!
Dang kids :(
Maybe that's WHY they didn't call me.
They've heard my singing before. haha


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hmmm Tuesday

Today went by too fast.
I'll update more tomorrow .. I hope.
Night night :)

Before I forget ... tomorrow - Wednesday is Rollover Day at both MyMarketShares and AdShares4U. MMS is on PST (or PDT) and AS4U is on EST (or EDT). Okay? Don't forget to jot that down and/or I'll remind you again tomorrow :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Bottoms Up

The last program I wrote about yesterday will be the first one I talk about today. AdShares4U paid my $11 ref. comm. just a few minutes ago :) Here's their latest Update so if you have something you can withdraw, do it today.

Hello Members,
Rebate was distributed yesterday. Our members can now cashout. You can withdraw both your ref. commission and rebate earnings today. The cashout button is open until 12PM server time.

STP Cashouts!
STP asked us to provide an extra documentation as such, they put our STP account pending verification. We have applied for this document and it will take another 5 working days to get this document.

So in this first week of withdrawal, we are unable to make STP withdrawals. Starting next week, we shall start doing STP withdrawals.

That is why we encourage all our members to withdraw with Alertpay at the moment until we can make cashout with STP.

Starting next week, that will be all resolved.

LR Withdrawal Request:
We do not have much in LR for withdrawals. most people usually use AP or STP for deposits. We are low on LR withdrawals and cannot fulfill LR withdrawals at the moment.

If you are making withdrawals via Alertpay, you will be paid within the next 24hrs.

Thanks for your understanding.
Best Regards,

One more UPDATE from ME: I just requested another payment and received it in about 5 minutes! Now that's fast !!!
So they've passed their first test with flying colors. Good news in my book :))


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Short Sunday

Decided to sleep today as long as I could, and it felt reeeally good. Yawnnnn!

Just caught up on my reading over at the MMG forum for all the programs I'm in. I was surprised at all the 'new' members or normally quiet MMG members posting in the PAC threads .. especially PACforAll. Lots of happy folks there since yesterday was pay day for us :) Go see it here if you're interested.


OK ... my brain is going in a dozen different directions right now so I'll be back once it gets settled down on one or two things.


After joining MyMarketShares yesterday, I found things were a little confusing (since I did not play in AV4U), so off I went to search out the answers to any questions I had. Thanks to newsletters, alerts, public forums and blogs etc ... here's some basic information. This should get you started at least. And thanks to Austin for emailing these nice easy to follow lists below:

"Here are the specs:
- Each PIP(1$) Expires at 200%
- 15% Referral Comm. on new purchases and rollover
- Max weekly ROI set at 20% (as opposed to the 14% at the other Rev-Shares)
- R.C. is automatically credited to your account
- 5 withdrawals per week are allowed
- Earnings will be posted every Tuesday night for Wednesday Cashout or Rollover
- Pips expire the same as we are used to from other sites of this kind.
- Upgrades and RC is processor specific ( if you upgrade with alertpay then you must withdraw to alertpay)
- 2:1 credits for surfing
- Credits given for Rollover and on initial purchases
- No monthly Fees!

Instructions for upgrading are as follows:
1) Fund your wallet with whatever processor you use
2) After funding click on purchase pips
3) Choose your pip package and click confirm
4) Check your back office to confirm you purchase went through
5) Be sure to surf 15 sites daily to earn your weekly Rebate."

Alrighty then ... off to enjoy the rest of my day :))


Not quite yet, lol
Here's some additional info for AdShares4U from their home page:

New week starts on Monday and Ends On Saturday.
Rebate Earnings are posted on Sundays.
Cashout buttons is open on Mondays for Rebate withdrawals.
Rebate Rollover Done on Wenesdays.
Ref. Commission button is open on Thursdays.

Now I'll be the first to admit I tried to sneak in a ref comm withdraw last Tues or Wed for $11 bucks. I don't have it yet and am wondering if I'll receive it this Thursday. So stay tuned on that and don't go overboard on this one until we know for a fact that it's real AND paying. Sound like a plan?

UPDATE: Received my $11 payment Monday AM. Whew!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Now That The Dust Has Settled ...

I've decided to join MyMarketShares today. I didn't go with the flow when this first opened. I chose to wait until the time was right for me :)
Anyway, you'll see the banner here on the right, and I'm going to borrow a few words from Gord who wrote about it in his blog last night. (thanks "G")

Let's go over the basics... Revenue share is 75% and the Referral Commissions are 15% for personally sponsored downline member's spends. All the major payment processors are accepted and like the PremiumAdsClub programs there is a wallet, which requires funding
before purchasing adpacks named PIPs. a $10 pip is the minimum to earn rebates in the program and they expire at 200%.

The script rotator indicates how many pages you need or have left to surf on a given day and rebates go into accounts on Sunday night. According to the number of members joining per day and with 50% upgraded, this profit share will soon be a household name amongst us surfers. I'll go ahead and dub it MMS for short. "

- Plus the surf is automated so you don't have to sit and click them all.
- And I'm only member #454, so plenty of room to get to 60K like that "other" AdShare program did, right? lol
- PIPs are $1 each (just so you don't sit there staring at the screen wondering how many you can buy with the funds you just put into your wallet, like I did)
Ahhhhhhh what else?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pay Day :)

It's payment request day at PACforAll today! YaY!! So don't forget to withdraw your earnings today, receive it tomorrow, and then you can decide what to do with it.
Keep in mind this is their third payday since they started. So be sure to get your "seed money" out as you go along. Plus it's always more fun to make money when you're not worried about losing money. Am I right?


AdShares4U first week of growth has been great. You DO have to surf 70 sites per week in order to share in the revenue. Then there's a 50/50 type of rule when you withdraw. So once this first week is over, we'll get the hang of it all, won't we?


One more thing while I'm thinkin about it ... I did receive my weekly payment from GNI yesterday and 2 more payments from PacRS. Okay then :)


Hey I got stuff to do today so I'm otta here!
Have a Wonderful Friday :))


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm back :)

Wasn't feeling well yesterday so stayed away except for my surfing. Then by the time I felt better, it was too hot in here to keep my laptop running.

- Tomorrow is payment request day at PACforAll.
- PAC-RS seems to have stabilized at 3% (or 1-1/2 if you don't purchase daily)
- Requesting my weekly payment from GNI today.
- AdShares4U seems confusing to me, so I'm off to study the FAQ's for the first time (yes, I just now found them .. sheesh). Don't get carried away with your spends here. We need to know exactly how it's going to work and if the Admin can be trusted. ok?
One more thing, MMG switched threads for AS4U. Here's the new one.

I'll be back if I can get my act together :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Matter Of Trust

Thanks to all who joined AdShares4U so far. Was happy to see they have over 1,000 members already, and their official launch is today. I'm sure a lot of members joined for Free, and that's just fine. Do a little promoting and earn what you can at no risk whatsoever :)
For those of you who may have a referral comm. to cash out, the process is a little tricky so either drop me a line or visit the MMG thread (where I learned how to do it). Hopefully will be more automated soon.
And I'm still trying to figure this one out, in total. So no questions yet, ok? Thanks


Heard the PAC sites were up and down last night. Oops. Well, I do my checking and surfing early in the day so I never noticed it. They seem to be OK today. Speaking of which, am gonna go purchase and surf right now. BRB


Wanted to mention I got my first payout yesterday from the "private" surf that I joined a couple of months ago. Thanks "G" :)


Was just chatting with my best friend here, who said during our conversation: "it is all about trust". Well you know me ... of course a song came to mind. One of my favorites too. I hope you enjoy it.


Have a great night!