Monday, March 31, 2014

The Thirty-First

Last day of March and Monday.
Time to pay those pesky 1st of the month bills that always roll around way too soon.

ATBV: tomorrow I'll be paying my weekly subscription again and hope to see a little movement in my matrices.

Twentyby20: doing great and bought more positions today. Also requested a cash out which should arrive soon.
* Paid just a few hours later. Thanks Ryan!

Tueps: happy day for Tueps. Tonight EDT will be our first cycling since the week long down time for the changes. Now that new positions are $5 and we are cycling 5 x per week (2% each time), am noticing new members coming in. Excellent news and just what the doctor ordered :)

My-OPI: here's something of interest:
$5,000 Cash Injection: On March 31st, a huge $5,000 cash injection will be added into My-OPI with $4,000 of it going into the Profit-Share Ad Packs, and $1,000 going into the Silver Cycler Ad Packs.
I do have active Profit-Share packs but no cycler packs. So I jotted down my current 'balance' and am anxious to see how much this "injection" will affect my account.
PS: I did not buy any new packs since I still have plenty 'active' and waiting to fill.
PPS: wonder what time zone they're on?
It's 5:30 PM MDT here and no injection as of yet.
Maybe at midnight 'their' server time?
But when could that be?
April 1st Admin Update:
$5,000 Cash Injection: As soon as we hit $175,000 in commissions earned, a huge $5,000 cash injection will be added into My-OPI with $4,000 of it going into the Profit-Share Ad Packs, and $1,000 going into the Silver Cycler Ad Packs.
No further comment.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just a Little Fun


OK OK, here's some help for the younger folks.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Twentyby20: hope you all are enjoying those nice earnings. Me? I keep purchasing (or repurchasing) just like always and cash out too of course. Great little program and I sure hope everyone can see that.

TUEPS: re-opened today after the restructure.
If you had logged in earlier (like I did) you may have noticed some of the items had not been adjusted yet, as per the update. But they are now :)

- Minimum purchase is now $5.00
- Minimum withdraw has been changed to $5.00
- You can withdraw every 2 days (instead of the previous 3)
- Fees have been lowered for purchasing new (as opposed to earlier today)
(sorry if you've already purchased but it will be lower from now on)
- For each $20 position you had, you now have 4 at $5 each.
- Cycling will be done Monday through Friday at 2% each day.

- And last but not least...
Members: 816
Running days: 108 since 2013-12-11
Did I miss anything?

Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIF and something in my eye

ATBVenture: if you are a member of the MMG forum and look for this program thread... it's been moved to the "Money Cyclers or Matrix Programs" section. So go look THERE next time you're searching.

Twentyby20: those who purchased on the first day will be happy to know that very soon, the remainder of your commission will kick out for each of your matured positions. Then, if you've been buying regularly like I have, you'll have a steady stream coming in from now on.

Thank you for submitting the great testimonials. A rock solid 18 day performance has completely shattered all of the skeptics. The best part of our program is that everyone will earn by our simple power pay plan, regardless of when you join. For those who know how to promote, this is the best time to help to reach out to all forums. Keep inviting people you know. Our 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. The more we grow, the more you earn. The faster we grow, the faster you earn.

Exciting news
Starting today, a few of the positions will mature. When those positions mature, you will earn the remaining commission. The positions will be moved from "My Active Positions" to "My Matured Positions".

20 days referrals contest
With Twentyby20, you can invite people with confidence. The 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. There will be a cash award for the referrals contest. The contest will end on 04/14/14. A total of 4 awards will be issued to those members with the most paid positions from referrals and those members with the most paid referrals. The cash value is $40 and $20 for each category.



TUEPS: supposed to re-open tomorrow for "business as usual" but I noticed there are still some adjustments to be made in our member area positions. That's OK. Am anxious for the re-opening but if it takes the weekend to fix, no big deal for me :)

My-OPI: what ever happened to their Power Weekends? First was the Matrix, next was the Cycler. Now we're waiting on this???

$5,000 Cash Injection Coming When We Hit:
$175,000 in Commissions Paid!

Well, they're currently at $158,576. so it could take awhile.
Yes of course I am using their site for Advertising.

Should be working on my Tax Returns but I just got something in my eye. Oh darn... guess it'll have to wait till later. (snicker)

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Come back and visit tomorrow if you would please.
I've been busy with "deadlines" today :( 
Tomorrow should be a good day.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh Nooooooooo! (just kidding)

Sure has been quiet around here lately.
Well, being the end of March maybe some of you are doing the same that I am... working on their tax documents for filing. (sigh)

ATBVenture: haven't cycled any matrices since I paid my weekly subscription fee, but I did receive $5 from a referral of mine who completed the "Sponsor Pay Line" and I also noticed that my Level 3 Matrix only needs one more member to cycle it out. Stay tuned :)

Twentyby20: noticed a lot of "I Got Paid" posts in the forum yesterday and today, including mine of course. I am still purchasing or repurchasing daily too. Soon we will start receiving the "other half" of those earnings. Can't wait!

Tueps: on hold until Saturday so nothing to share atm.

My-OPI: paid me again for my last withdraw request. I did post and say thank you on their website testimonial page, but I refuse to post it in the MMG forum. Why?
Someone started that forum thread 10 days before we were allowed to publicly promote so I'd rather not give the thread starter a 'pat on the back' for ignoring the Admins regulations.
So now you know why I don't post there even though I've been an MMG member since 2005.

It's kind of warm here today so opened a front window and the back door. Forgot that I had all that paperwork spread out all over the kitchen counter. Then out of nowhere, the wind kicked up big time and papers went flying everywhere! Reminded myself of Mr Bill when I came running out to catch them all...

PS, I love funny cat pictures.
Don't know why but this one got me goin, lol

Monday, March 24, 2014

Moody Monday

Been trying all day to shake my crappy mood but it's hard. My ear is buzzing, I have a headache and don't feel like doing anything. But I respect you guys so figured I better sit my arse down and write about the News for today.

ATBVenture: once again tomorrow is Tues and my weekly subscriptions will be due again. Am anxious to see the results of that and how it affects our matrix positions. Will share with you of course.

Two weeks under my belt.
Twentyby20 has been a real joy to have around for advertising and of course, making a few bucks in the process.
While I continue to purchase or repurchase positions daily, it's always fun to read their latest updates too:

03/24/14 - Perfect pre-lauch with ZERO glitches
We had a perfect pre-launch, with ZERO glitches. Yes, we are 100% ready for the official launch. On the launch day, you can start to purchase units 2 times of pre-launch units.

20 days referrals contest

With Twentyby20, you can invite people with confidence. The 2-level referral commission is very rewarding. There will be a cash award for the referrals contest. The contest will end on 04/14/14. A total of 4 awards will be issued to those members with the most paid positions from referrals and those members with the most paid referrals. The cash value is $40 and $20 for each category.

- Reminder: their official opening is tomorrow already. Just goes to show how times flies when you're having fun :) 

TUEPS: have you read the news there? No?
Well let me share it with you then...

System upgrade from 03/24 to 03/28;
Resume normal on 03/29/14;
  • The site will still be open during the system changing period.
  • Members can withdraw and get paid, if you have a balance.
  • New members can still sign up. For promoters, you can continue to promote.
  • No cycling, purchase, or repurchase during the system changing period.
  • Position will cost $5. The minimum withdraw will be $5.
  • The old positions will also be converted to $5 value.
If you have positions, your positions will be expanded 4 times. Nothing else will be changed except for the cost of position and the minimum withdraw.

103 days and going strong;

103 days and going strong. Our attractive and manageable 2% pay plan has been getting attention on the Net. You have seen a few copy cats already. Once the upgrade is completed, your positions will cycle 5 times per week.

- OK seriously... How cool is that?
Those who didn't want to join because of the $20 entry can now feel more comfortable with $5.
Those who didn't like waiting until they earned $20 to withdraw will be able to get their funds sooner and
Those of us with active positions will now have 4 times as many running once everything is moved over.
I like it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Very Quiet Sunday

Might be a good day to sort out some of my tax papers to get ready for that upcoming day of filing, which always sneaks up on me.

On Saturday:
Got paid from Twentyby20.
Don't forget those testimonials.

Got paid from Tueps :)

Got paid from My-OPI and made a couple more bucks in the Power Matrix this weekend. Not a lot, but a couple.

Also got paid today from ACX which was requested only two days ago. Why so fast?
It's because it was from RC earnings which I don't get a lot of any more, lol

This really looks like my Cat...
and has the same attitude.

Friday, March 21, 2014

First FULL Day of Spring and TGIF

I have lots to share today so where do I start...

ATBV: been quiet for a few days but I expect to see some action next Tuesday if not before. That will be the day when my weekly subscription goes through and all the rest who joined on day one.

Twentyby20: here's an interesting move by the Admin:

To build your confidence of 100%, you must make a withdraw before repurchase. If you have not yet submitted any testimonials, you must submit a testimonial before you make a withdraw. Which allows you to share your success with others.

As for me, I continue to purchase or repurchase daily and of course, have withdrawn already too. Now don't forget those testimonials!

TUEPS: Just a little reminder of what the 100th day of running means:

Members: 804 Running days: 100 since 2013-12-11

Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
51th day to 100th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
101th day and on - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Success key control factor #3 - Max times_cycled (matured)
Max times_cycled decrease when the cycling frequency increases. When positions mature (reach the max times_cycled), members must make new purchases or repurchases to earn again. Which it is a "it pays backward" method.

Opening to 50th day - Positions max times_cycled is 100 (200% value).
51th day to 100th day - Positions max times_cycled is 88 (175% value).
101th day and on - Positions max times_cycled is 75 (150% value).


On second thought, maybe I don't have too much to share today. Was going to write about a program that I believe is over hyping itself but I'll let that go for now. Lots of Admin's do it, promoters do it, so why would this one be any different?
Just remember to read between the lines, don't believe all you read, play safe, cash out regularly and you should be fine.

Here's a Shocker...
ACX: submitted for a payout on March 7th.
Received it just a few hours ago :o
Am I happy about that? Of course I am. 
Was getting worried that it might get caught up in the next profit shift which could be coming along soon.
But TG it hasn't hit yet!

My-OPI: requested the minimum cash out just a few minutes ago. Am not going to play in the Silver Cycler but am anxious to see if any of my Power Matrix positions get filled this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Oh one more thing...
Super-Five Froggie is still paying out some STP pending's even though we can all see the writing on the wall. Just goes to show that he did (and is doing) the best he can to help the members for as long as he can.
Thanks again Mr Frog :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring :)

and I hope you're enjoying your day!
The weather is perfect here today so rather than work inside, I'm going to get out for a bit and see if I can't make my flower garden a little less ugly.
Yes that's what I said. Still need to pull out all the old dead stuff from last year so when it's time, I can bring it back to life.
(that line made me think of the song below)

Let me start with DailySharePro: This is the 3rd day in a row that the site won't come up so one could only guess that it's done. But you know, running since Nov. 8th and always paying out on time, you can't complain. It was a good program and ran for over four months so I feel the need to congratulate the Admin for this accomplishment. It's not an easy job and was run fairly the entire time. But all good things must end and this one probably just ran it's course.

Twentyby20: our last cycling brought my first positions up to $5.00 each. Now remember those won't cycle again for 8 days, but when they do we'll receive the 'other' $5.00 in earnings.
Purchased two new positions today which I've been doing every day since it started and received another payout yesterday too :)

Tueps: cycled our 2% last night and will again tomorrow. Getting close to that 101 day mark where we'll start earning more each week. Excellent.

ACX: in your wallet - account balance - 
has anybody noticed they changed the wording there?



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Cheers

Dang it, look what time it is.
I'll be here tomorrow with the news.
As Jed Clampett would say...
"Y'all come back now, ya hear."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday and...

Trying to get into work mode but finding it difficult today. Maybe cause it's cloudy and cold and snowy and windy outside. Makes me feel like I'd rather snuggle up on the couch with a blankie and watch a little TV :)

ATBV: Today we have a new landing page that offers a 200% Guarantee if you stay active in the program for an entire year. If you're promoting or sharing this business, you can find the URL at the very bottom of your dashboard.
The new Banners (showing the guarantee) can be found under "Promotion" and the detailed "Guarantee" page can be found under INFO on the main page.

Since we've been open for one week now, my weekly subscriptions were taken from my e-wallet balance today AND I've noticed a little action in my matrices also.
- my first 2 are filled in matrix #3 & 4, 1st level and
- my first 2 are filled in matrix #2, 2nd level.
If you're not seeing any of yours filling yet, please be patient and let the system do it's job. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme and we're just starting out so... plse give it some time to grow.

Twentyby20: purchased 2 new positions today and they were #960-961. That's a good amount of positions so far and we're still in Pre-Launch mode. Can't wait to see what happens after the 25th!

Tueps: cycled at 2% last night and will again tonight. It doesn't get much easier, does it? lol

DailySharePro: going surfing.
** But not now. Site won't load, again :(

My-OPI: from 7 PM last night till 7 AM this morning, OPI sent me four emails about their new "Silver Cycler Ad Packs" launching. Yes I said four.
Now maybe it's meant to get members excited but it seems like overkill.
In any case, I decided not to play in the Silver. I took their bait for the Power-Matrix and that's enough for now.

Just when I thought I was done here, 
ATBV Newsletter 1 came into my email box:

Dear Blondie,

Our first week is now history. It has been very busy behind the scenes for us.  We are working on a widespread advertising campaign to get A Trusted Business Venture out on the map.

The first set of weekly subs started for most members today, they were added without a hitch.  Growth is slow but steady.  Considering we are something unique in the MLM arena, I am extremely pleased with how we are developing.

There has been a few additions to the site in the last 24 hours.  You will find a larger choice of banners under the Promotions tab.  There will be a new splash page added shortly too.  They were designed with the new 200% money back guarantee in mind.

For those who do not know about this guarantee, I would request you click on the INFO tab on the Homepage and read all about it, you will be amazed at what I am offering.  Also under the INFO tab you will find an About the Founder page.  It tells you a little about me and why I started A Trusted Business Venture.

You have joined right at the beginning of what I feel will be something very special.  No other business is offering what we have right now.  The potential for growth is enormous and every one of you will reap the rewards as we move forward.


Nick Chase
A Trusted Business Venture Founder


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day to All

Could use some "Luck of the Irish" here myself.

Noticed a funny smell in the kitchen, like something burning. What could it be??
Seems the refrigerator was struggling to work. Oh no!
Well, after pulling it out, looking under, over, behind and both sides... if I were trying to breathe with that much dust & cat hair in my mouth, I'd be struggling too. lol
So after a good cleaning, she sounds happier already!
Just hoping that's all it needed. Whew!

ATBV: tomorrow being Tuesday will complete our first week at ATBV and our weekly subscription will come due.
Personally I've prepared myself for a few weeks in advance so looking forward to what tomorrow may bring.

Twentyby20: am really pleased with it and have been buying my two positions every day since the start. Also received my 3rd payment earlier today.
Don't be afraid. It's only $5 to join and get started :)

Tueps: another new week of cycling is about to begin at Tueps. Still at four times per week but next week I believe, it will up to five. YaY!
Also received another payment. Made my day!

DailySharePro: whatever bit of trouble they've had for the last day or so seems to be all fixed and back to normal now. My daily surfing was a breeze. Thanks Admin.

My-OPI: well... I guess I'll just have to be content with ending the weekend Power-Matrix launch with a $2 earning on my three positions. That's OK, from what I understand it will continue again next weekend from where it left off.

Hey I splurged and bought a Corned Beef Brisket to have for dinner tonight. But when I got home and smelled the fridge acting up, that put everything on hold. So it's corned beef tomorrow instead. No biggie.
Cheers :))

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weekend and Sunday

Seems the DailySharePro site is down for everyone.
Don't know why but will check back later.
- DSP is back and I'm surfing now. Needed to clear all browser data and do a dns flush, but my banner is still not showing. Going to see about that now.
* Sunday: the banner is back.

Twentyby20: purchased 2 more positions today trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' :)
* Sunday: purchased 2 more.

Tueps: purchased another there today too and requested a payment. Shouldn't take too long to receive. Three days I believe it is.
PS, next weekend (I think) is going to be Tueps 100 day anniversary and that's when our 2% pays 5 times per week instead of the current 4.

My-OPI: stayed on last night waiting for the Power-Matrix Launch. I purchased two of those within the first 40 seconds and one more about 3 minutes later, and have earned $2 so far. Although I'm sure it helped everyone's Profit-Share earnings, it wasn't quite as exciting as I wanted it to be.
Well, there is still 1 day and 6 hours left for that. Maybe things will pick up a bit later.
* Sunday: as of 3 PM MDT, there are four hours left of the Power-Matrix Launch and my total Matrix earning is still at $2.00. Just the facts.

Busy at home today doing the things I didn't get to do yesterday cause of the broken door latch. It's all good, at least I didn't have to climb through the bathroom window. (yes I've done that before and it wasn't pretty)
Thanks to two of my friends for the reminder ;)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Late in the day and quick...

Just a couple of reminders today.
To my friends in the U.S. who use EgoPay:

EgoPay U.S. citizens accounts about to be closed

Due to the current United States laws, all EgoPay accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents/U.S. Companies will be locked on the 28th of March. You can still implement your operations the same as before until 14th of March. Please note, that after 14th of March you will not be able to receive any funds and will only have an option to send or withdraw your funds.
Please manage your payments and withdraws in time.

My-OPI: is having their first Matrix Power Launch tonight in a little over an hour from now. I have decided to play with a spot or two. Good Luck to those who are participating.

FYI: it's at 9:00 PM EDT.

Sorry for the late post but was locked inside of my house.
Long story but it must be because I open and close the front door way too many times per day to feed the squirrels and today... it wouldn't open.
So after a quick shopping trip and several hours of installation, I have a new door handle which I hope can take the wear and tear of constant use.

I'll try to catch up with everything else tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Cows and Work and Frogs

Busy morning. Besides doing my online stuff, I saw a baby cow (calf) being born. They sure are cute. He (or she) was up and standing in a matter of minutes. Then as soon as the mama cow got him all cleaned up, he wanted his milk. Awww

ATBV: cycled a 2nd level matrix yesterday so things are going as planned.
Oh, just remembered what I forgot to tell you guys. I started the forum thread for ATBV in MMG as soon as we opened. Maybe you can visit sometime and share your success when the time comes. Just a thought.

Twentyby20: received an email asking us to withdraw. OK I did and received payment in a matter of minutes. Also purchased 2 new positions for today.

Tueps: no cycling will be done tonight but am surely looking forward to Fridays. Those 2%'s add up in a hurry.
PS, added one more position via re-purchase just now.

DailySharePro: purchased a couple of new ad packs with profit.

My-OPI: glad they decided to allow Ad Pack purchasing during the week again. Also they're planning a matrix opening for this weekend.
Will I play that? Haven't decided yet.

Super-Five: received a small payment from the Frog today and noticed a nice list of payouts on the site. Will there be more? No one knows and that's why I removed their banner from my side bar.

One last thing... ACX: I think a Media Restart is imminent.
What do you think?

Almost forgot... it's Thursday.
At ShowBizHits, surf 25 sites to receive 75 credits.
Enter Surf Code: irish 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Super Tuesday ATBV Launch

Opening right now...

A Trusted Business Venture

A Trusted Business Venture

From the home page:

What is A Trusted Business Venture?

Ever wish you could get all the tools the gurus use in their online business to make a living from home, but found that all those products simply cost too much? A Trusted Business Venture gives you access to all these tools for only $5 a week! Our current product range when bought individually will cost you in excess of $5000. Not only do you get access to using all of our products, but you also get the rights to sell the products for whatever price you see fit and get to keep 100% of the sale price!

What makes us Unique!

Not only do we give you all the amazing products when you become an active member but we also give you the opportunity to earn from our revolutionary business model with or without referring other members. A Trusted Business Venture rewards those who stay active and keep their subscription.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. The reason we can give you access to all these products for such an amazing discount is due to an ever increasing member base that allows us to buy the products and share it with our members to help them grow their business and stay on the cutting edge of what is needed to run an online business today.

OK, back to me :)
My favorite part of course is the Matrix.
For a $5 per week subscription, here's how it works:

You can have more than one subscription for $5 each, but you must remember that it's a weekly subscription and your account must be funded to keep it activated.

- Accepts: STP, EgoPay and PM
- Minimum amount you can fund is $10
(from Finance Management Tab - fund E-Wallet)
- Also in 'Finance Management' you can find
'My Subscriptions'
Go there to purchase your "weekly" subscription.

Please Note: each subscription costs $5 per week and if you do not have sufficient funds then you will lose all positions in the matrix and not earn from them. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled once activated so be sure what you commit to you can afford to keep up.

** Update from me: 12:45 Mountain Time - have completed my first 2 matrices already. But of course, I was up at the butt crack of dawn so got an early start on this. Feeling good ;)

Twentyby20: as you know this one pre-launched yesterday and it's getting quite a bit of attention. I now have two days worth of spends at the limit of 2 each day invested. No surfing, no clicking, no trouble. Just make your spend and let it ride for the daily 10% earnings.
Also got my first payout early this morning so yes, it is paying! Thanks Admin Ryan. Off to a nice start.
* Details in yesterdays post if you missed it.

Super-Five: not sure what's going on so again today I re-purchased with the majority of my account balance. Hope the Admin has some sort of awakening and can bring it back to where it should be.

TUEPS: cycled last night and will cycle again tonight. Like I said before, am beginning to enjoy week days more than weekends now.

DailySharePro: it's Tuesday so I asked for a payout this morning which I have received already. Right On.

My-OPI: kind of on hold for the week I suppose since no purchases can be made until the weekend. Well, OK. Guess I'll go add some advertising there in the meantime.

Yesterday here in the Denver area was 70 degrees F and a beautiful sunny day. Today, we had a snow blizzard. Go figure.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Twentyby20 Pre-Launch Notice

Here's something new you may like.

Twentyby20 is a really simple way to earn a few bucks for advertising your other business link.

- Ad Positions are $5 per pack via STP only.
- Positions will cycle at 10% daily for 10 days (gets you to BEP)
- The remaining percentage will be cycled on the mature date.
- Cycling of your positions will be done at approx 10 PM EST daily.
- During pre-launch you may only purchase 2 positions per day.
When your account balance reaches $5, you may purchase a new Ad Position or request a cash out.
- Once we are officially launched, you'll be able to purchase a lot more if you choose to.
- There is a pre-launch special going on now where you'll earn in 18 days instead of 20. Details are in the News in your member area.

Looking at the chart on the main page may seem a little confusing but it's not really. Just remember that the day you join is your first day and that applies to everyone whenever you join.

Correction: (I like this better)
It actually works a little bit different may be. If members join before official launch, they will start over on the official launch day. Which it means that members join now, they will have 2nd time with 20-days-200% from 03-25
In other words, members join now will earn 200%-18days then 200%-20days

As for me, I did jump in with the maximum of 2 positions today. Feels like a win-win from where I sit.

Super-Five: well, I have seen some payment posts today although I have not received one myself. That's OK. I'll let Froggie get his stuff together. Meanwhile, I did purchase again today using what was in my STP balance.

TUEPS: Monday is another cycling day. Looking forward to that.

DailySharePro: same as always... perfect.
AND they've already passed their 4 Month Anniversary!
Now that really rocks! Great Job Admin ;) 

My-OPI: I requested and received a payment last night. Extremely fast too. I know, maybe I should have bought more Ad Packs instead but their stats still scare me a bit. Will discuss another time.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Working on something new :)

I'll be back in a bit with details on that.
** On hold until tomorrow morning early.
Be sure to check back then. Cheers!

Super-Five: I see the Frog has landed on the payment button today after taking a break yesterday. Congrats to those who have received payment.
Since I have quite a few pending, I have only been repurchasing and have not asked for any payouts recently.

Tueps: quiet for the weekend but Monday we'll cycle again.

DailySharePro: surfed, earned, saving for a cash out.

My-OPI: you have a couple more hours to purchase Ad Packs today. Then it will shut off until next Saturday. Sorry for the short note but I'm sure members have been reading all their updates.

ACX: shocked me again with another payout a couple of days ago. Was pending since 2/24 and was paid on Friday the 7th.
It was from the main ACX site and was AdPack earnings.
Still amazed.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Late on Saturday

Sorry for neglecting my posts.
Been kind of busy with some other things. 

Here's an Update that you should read from
TUEPS: (if you're a member that is, lol)
EgoPay removal on 03/10/14;
We will NOT accept or pay with EgoPay on 03/10/14. EgoPay is getting ready to close out all USA accounts in a few days. If you bought positions with EgoPay, you will be paid by STP. You may use any exchanger to convert STP to EgoPay.

87 days and going strong;
87 days and going strong. Our attractive and manageable 2% pay plan has getting attention on the Net. You have seen few copy cats already. We are getting closer (13 days) to cycle 5 times per week. If you start today, you can get paid in just 1 cycles. Click here to find out how.

I removed the link for the Click here but it's in your member area if you wish to read it.
Anxious for the 2% five times per week as well.
Thanks Admin :)

There's some other things I need to share but not today. I'll attempt to get back on track tomorrow and catch up with what I've missed.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


DualAdCycles: these are never the updates that I enjoy posting. What a shame. Although I'm a little surprised, you had to know it wasn't doing all that great by the long NIL list for the cycler. I get the feeling that Admin tried all he could to keep it alive but without new members and new funds, it just couldn't happen. (sigh)

As I'm sure many have already noticed it has come to the point where no new members are joining and no new funds are coming into DAC. Also I have noticed that the cycler line has barely moved.

As a an admin there comes a time when decisions have to be made for the sake of fairness and honesty. After taking everything into consideration, I came up with 3 options and chose the one I see to benefit all members.

DAC has had some very supportive members who are still promoting and then there are those who simply did not purchase again after launch which I find to be unfair and unsuportive. A program needs a strong and fair leader but also members who continue to support.

So, I have decided to close DAC as of today. All members who have not reached 50% their expenditure will receive that amount in my next program which will be launched in less than 2 months.

This is the fairest of my options and I hope you will respect my decision.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


Super-Five: received my first STP payment from the Frog today. Many more will follow I'm sure.
Thumbs up Admin, doing a great job!
Oh, also repurchased a ton more ;)
  • From STPay member: superfive
  • Amount: $10
  • Currency: USD
- Just got home and read this new update and quite honestly... TG. I was wondering how the heck 50% could last. Well it can't so Jake has fixed that problem:

"Due to the current build up, changes are inevitably needed. Super-Five is now going to pay all active and new deposits , 105% after 24 hours. This change is much needed.

While programs who have bad intentions edit or offer new plans with higher returns when they are encountering difficulties, as a unique business model and structure, is not doing it that way. We have in fact lowered the ROI to a much sustainable percentage while dissolving the previous rule of only allowing $5.00 deposit each time.

You can deposit $5.00 to $10,000.00 to this new plan now. However, a withdrawal limit of $10 per transaction is still in place.

Take it or leave it, Froggie is staying and this change is very much needed. Many have profited from the previous plan and we are very happy to see that. Activity in the forums and social networking sites have boomed when Froggie came back with .

Expect new things from Froggie himself.

Froggie (Jake Walter)"

My-OPI: two things of interest so I'll post that part of the update here:

"Just over an hour left to grab an Ad Pack for your last chance
to win one of 6 x $50 cash prizes!

Go to the Purchase/Ad Pack page for your chance to win!

COMING SOON: The Ad Pack Power Launches! Lots of excited
members have contacted us regarding these awesome power
launches. Make sure you read the latest Admin Update in the
Members Area for more information and grab some Ad Packs
BEFORE we close the page on Sunday."

As far as that "Power Launch" thing goes... really?
You're gonna make everybody wait till the weekend to purchase? OK so the weekend will be hot but what about the rest of the week? (roll eyes)
Sorry Admin, I'm just having a bad day and this news was not very entertaining.

I know I know, I sent an alert about this one opening. But it was set up differently when I sent that alert. Things have changed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gotta Love The Frog

Here's some excellent News from Froggie of the
Super-Five program:

"Thank you for patiently waiting! Froggie's surprise has come!


Yes! Solidtrustpay has approved our button! Thank you for being patient and this processor is added now. You can use STP starting now.

This takes to another level of development and progress.
Froggie has temporarily enabled editing of your payment accounts so add your STP accounts now.

Froggie (Jake Walter)"

To add your STP ID, log into Super-Five,
in your dashboard you'll see "Edit Account", 
click on that, 
re-type your password and add your STP ID.
Love this Frog :)

PS, just received 2 payouts to EgoPay pending since the 2nd. Thanks Froggie and remember, patience folks.

DualAdCycles: last night I cycled my 3rd position bought on Feb 12th and of course, put my re-purchase balance back into the cycler only today.
Haven't decided what to do with my account balance yet but will give it some thought.

Tueps: cycled last night, will again tonight and again on Friday. Sure has been running smooth this entire time.
Thanks Admin :)

DailySharePro: surfed and earned and saving for withdrawal.

My-OPI: earned another $10 overnight on the 28 positions I had there, so just used that $10 to re-purchase another.
Yeah, I only have 29 in total. Missed the 'test run day' by a few hours and that cost me dearly. So am just going with the flow now and will see how it goes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Tuesday

My-OPI: I don't understand their stats, do you?
Looks to me like they owe 87K in commish but only took in 22K in cash. Well, I made it to BEP so made a re-purchase today for another Ad Pack (rather than withdraw).
But please, if I'm reading those stats wrong, someone comment here. Also if I'm reading them right, why would they post that information?
Total Members: 1,919 
Total Deposits: $22,117.08 
Total Withdrawals: $12,099.74 
Total Commissions: $87,899.31

Super-Five: purchased 20 more spots in the Frog today and requested a cash out. Patience on those since he's doing them a certain way.
- Later in the day, was just paid 3 of my requests. YaY!

DualAdCycles: should be cycling one (5) any time now.

Tueps: cycled last night and again tonight. Heck, I'm starting to like week days now more than weekends, lol
- Forgot to mention, received another payment today for $85 smackeroos! Excellent work Admin.

DailySharePro: just keeps going and going.

- Today was a nice day so I went out and put some fertilizer on my poor brown lawn. Supposed to rain this afternoon then turn to snow, but stay nice and warm all week. March is our snowiest month here so hmmm.

Once again for my cat lover friends out there.
This is weird, but it is sort of funny, in a weird way that is.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Updates

My-OPI: when I logged in today I noticed a new ticker-tape of top earners at the top of the page. Noticed my upline is there along with a couple of my referrals. Right On Guys and Congrats to you all!
- I also received a couple of payments but no where near the kind of numbers I'm seeing on the site. Thanks to the Admin for paying so quickly (clap).

Super-Five: been rockin in the froggie's pond and purchased quite a few more spots today. Plus requested a cash out as I normally do.
- If you haven't noticed, Froggie left the "Purchase from Account Balance" option open for us, even though the weekend is over. Cool!
- Also you can "Add Funds to Account Balance" so that once added, you just purchase positions from there without have to log into your Pay Processor account each time. He's pretty smart for a Frog.

DualAdCycles: bought again into the cycler line with my repurchase balance and bought some new 3%'s with my regular balance. Also received a cash out that I requested yesterday! Thanks Admin.

Tueps: tonight is another 2% cycling night already. Whoop!

DailySharePro: surfed and earned 1.1% for today. No, I have not gotten into the other plan as of yet. Still debating on that.
- Was paid a few minutes ago also. Cool.

Felt pretty good when I woke up so started cleaning. Once I got going, it seemed like everything needed something to be done to it! Argh! Should sleep good tonight I would think, lol

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My-OPI is Officially Launched

As mentioned in yesterday's post, 
My-OPI has officially launched now!
I personally added more funds to purchase with and within the first few seconds, I already have .36 cents* earned on each Ad Pack.
Going to watch now and will repurchase as my account grows.
Back in a bit :)
* now up to $1.80 5 mins later.
** 30 minutes in... $3 earned on each.
OK I'll stop now. You get the idea.
- If you're new to this sort of program, the share will slow down over time so don't freak out if you don't earn as fast as the start.
* 8 hours after launch: slowing already it seems, or maybe just getting into it's groove. I'm still earning on each active ad pack, just not as fast, which was certainly expected.
Don't forget you can click on Ad's and receive .02 cents per click also. So if you get really bored or have some spare time, it works, I just tried it out.

Super-Five Frog: didn't get to purchase till afternoon yesterday (since I was out) so will update on them later today.
* Repurchased today with the same amount that I bought yesterday. Will miss the re-purchase button tomorrow IF it's really removed. We shall see.

DualAdCycles: Update from Joe...
Since my last email many members have started using their repurchase balance which is good news for everyone as it keeps the line moving at a nice and steady pace.

I did get many emails from members asking to implement a daily only plan that does not involve the cycle line. This to me makes sense as Dual Ad Cycles will now attract a whole new market.

The new daily plan pays 3% every day for 50 days giving a 150% return on investment and there is no repurchase rule for this plan. All members may also purchase positions from cash balance during the week and from their repurchase balance on weekends.

So if this is what you have been waiting for to spend your repurchase balance then you may do so for the next 23 hours.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

I just cycled a spot bought on Feb 12th and have several more waiting so I'll be watching for those to cycle out soon.
Thanks Joe, sounds good to me and I just used my repurchase balance to buy into the daily 3% only plan.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My-OPI has come out of the closet, lol

I'm so tired.
Didn't sleep well, then left to babysit well before 8 AM.
I know that's not early unless you're not used to it, so forgive me if I'm a little short on words today.

Finally I can share My-OPI that I alerted you to on the 23rd.
It will be officially launching tomorrow at 7 AM my time, 9 AM EST.
As you know I added some funds there yesterday during their 24 hour testing period and I am extremely impressed with the results.
If that was just testing, I can't imagine how strong the actual launch will be. So... yes I will be here at 7 AM tomorrow. Don't want to miss out on a good thing.

Tomorrow's Launch Times:

New York: March 2nd 9am
London: March 2nd 2pm
India: March 2nd 7:30pm
Queensland: March 2nd 12am Midnight

AdPacks are $10 each via EgoPay or STP and
they mature at 120% ROI and
they've been maturing really fast so far.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :)

Super-Five: still rockin and rollin with the Frog.
Received a few payments today and of course, bought several more positions. Remember you can purchase from account balance now to save time and fees. Only for the weekend though.

DualAdCycles: last I checked I was in #5 NIL to cycle. I did have $2 in my account today (repurchase balance) so bought more cyclers with that.

TUEPS: put in for a withdraw today. Should receive it in 3 business days I believe. Next time I'll repurchase another position instead of withdrawing.

DailySharePro: a reader alerted me that the new No-Surf Plan is a minimum of $100 spend. Well, maybe after I pay for that new TV I recently purchased I'll consider it. In the meantime, Surfing and Earning is good.

ACX: was kind of hoping that this one would have been paid by now: $32.26  119hours  Pending
Especially since I will be able to request another one tomorrow. Hmmm