Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday and...

Trying to get into work mode but finding it difficult today. Maybe cause it's cloudy and cold and snowy and windy outside. Makes me feel like I'd rather snuggle up on the couch with a blankie and watch a little TV :)

ATBV: Today we have a new landing page that offers a 200% Guarantee if you stay active in the program for an entire year. If you're promoting or sharing this business, you can find the URL at the very bottom of your dashboard.
The new Banners (showing the guarantee) can be found under "Promotion" and the detailed "Guarantee" page can be found under INFO on the main page.

Since we've been open for one week now, my weekly subscriptions were taken from my e-wallet balance today AND I've noticed a little action in my matrices also.
- my first 2 are filled in matrix #3 & 4, 1st level and
- my first 2 are filled in matrix #2, 2nd level.
If you're not seeing any of yours filling yet, please be patient and let the system do it's job. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme and we're just starting out so... plse give it some time to grow.

Twentyby20: purchased 2 new positions today and they were #960-961. That's a good amount of positions so far and we're still in Pre-Launch mode. Can't wait to see what happens after the 25th!

Tueps: cycled at 2% last night and will again tonight. It doesn't get much easier, does it? lol

DailySharePro: going surfing.
** But not now. Site won't load, again :(

My-OPI: from 7 PM last night till 7 AM this morning, OPI sent me four emails about their new "Silver Cycler Ad Packs" launching. Yes I said four.
Now maybe it's meant to get members excited but it seems like overkill.
In any case, I decided not to play in the Silver. I took their bait for the Power-Matrix and that's enough for now.

Just when I thought I was done here, 
ATBV Newsletter 1 came into my email box:

Dear Blondie,

Our first week is now history. It has been very busy behind the scenes for us.  We are working on a widespread advertising campaign to get A Trusted Business Venture out on the map.

The first set of weekly subs started for most members today, they were added without a hitch.  Growth is slow but steady.  Considering we are something unique in the MLM arena, I am extremely pleased with how we are developing.

There has been a few additions to the site in the last 24 hours.  You will find a larger choice of banners under the Promotions tab.  There will be a new splash page added shortly too.  They were designed with the new 200% money back guarantee in mind.

For those who do not know about this guarantee, I would request you click on the INFO tab on the Homepage and read all about it, you will be amazed at what I am offering.  Also under the INFO tab you will find an About the Founder page.  It tells you a little about me and why I started A Trusted Business Venture.

You have joined right at the beginning of what I feel will be something very special.  No other business is offering what we have right now.  The potential for growth is enormous and every one of you will reap the rewards as we move forward.


Nick Chase
A Trusted Business Venture Founder



HermitJim said...

I'd be glad to send you a bit of the warm weather and sunshine I'm having down here in Texas, if ya want!

blondie said...

Would love it Jim... if it's not TOO hot, lol

Nice to see you again.
Don't be a stranger now.

Randy V said...

Its time for Spring Judy! This winter has been tough and I know you have more winter than we do. I'm ready for some warm weather. This cold is huring my golf game!!!

I found out yesterday that the new baby will be a boy! Jackson is sooo excited that he will have a little brother. I can't say that I'm not a little excited too.

I hope you are doing good and hope this week will be a good one.

Have a great day!


blondie said...

More spring like here today Randy. Golf would be a good plan.

Man your kids are like baby machines, lol. I don't recall you mentioning another coming.

Congrats Again Grandpa!
The more the merrier eh?
Cheers :)

Randy V said...

This one was a total surprise. Josh and Brooke have three and that was suppose to be it. Just found out a few weeks ago. I think it was as big a surprise to them as it was to me. Those surprises sometimes are really special.

Glad the weather is better...hope it stays that way.

Talk to you later. Have a great day.

blondie said...

And what a surprise it was! LOL

Thanks for the Update :)

You have a great night also!