Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my friends and readers!

My buddy Dave sent me a Bottle of Boos. Thanks Dave!

This is where my Son, Jess and Olivia are spending Halloween.
Yep, I recognize those Mama & Baby feet's basking in the warmth of Mexico's sun.

OK, just a quick update before I go make up my Halloween packages for the kids tonight.

ProfitClicking: yesterday I received a combined daily ad pack income for 10/27-10/29. Nothing new today yet.
- also still waiting on my 10/1 withdraw req.
I have read others have received payments but it appears they're still working on September's. So maybe a few more days for mine.
In the meantime, since my withdraw requests are stuck in the queue, I've been re-purchasing quite a bit since those bought now should not be included in the upcoming profit shift.

Phinanci: is doing fabulous and I've received several payments from them already. And of course, have been purchasing along the way.
And those of you who joined when I first announced this, should have just about all your seed money back now... if you were in the 50 day plan and if you didn't use it to re-purchase that is. Right on!

RicanAdFunds--ismAdsIncome--ismMagic: yep, am gonna batch them together in writing and show you the email we received today.
But before I do, I just want to say how happy I've been with these programs. Our Admins, Richard and Russell have been doing a wonderful job since day one and it seems they know no other way. So thumbs up and Kudos to you both :) And of course, Thanks!

Welcome to the ismRican E-Wallet Logo Competition

We are in the process of developing the ismRican E-Wallet. This will enable you to effectively use funds in any ism / Rican program to purchase services / products in any other ism / Rican program.
We need an E-Wallet Logo to place on the payment pages on each site and have decided to hold a design competition.

The Prize

The designer of the winning logo will receive
  • 2 ad units in RicanAdFunds (worth $30 )
  • 4 ad units in ismAdsIncome (worth $40)
The 4 ads units in ismAdsIncome will include the bonus of 2000 Magic Points that may be exchanged for one months Earned Wizard Upgrade.

Competition Rules

  1. Entrants must be a member of ismMagic, ismAdsIncome & RicanAds Funds.
  2. Multiple entries are permitted.
  3. No monetary equivalent prize is available.
  4. Banner Specification
    1. Size (pixels) 210 wide x 91 high
    2. Format jpg, jpeg, gif or png
  5. Entrants must warrant that no part of their design is subject to any 3rd party copyright or pending copyright.
  6. Banners must be emailed to by the 12th November 2012.
  7. Winner will be announced by 16th November 2012.
  8. Copyright of all entries and any constituent parts thereof are the property of ismMagic Limited.
  9. Entrants agree to supply to ismMagic Ltd all design components and files.
  10. The decision of the judges is final.
If you are not a member of ismAdsIncome and / or RicanAdFunds login to ismMagic >> My Account >> Downline Builder to join.
Good luck with your designs

Sorry Russell for striking through your note.
If you're not a member of those programs yet, I would really appreciate if you joined from my links (wink wink).
Join ismMagic first, so that you have a username to enter into the ismAdsIncome registration page. You will receive credits in Magic for purchasing Ad Packs in ismAdsIncome which can be used for other things. Kapish? Links are on the right, on my side bar.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Darkest Before The Dawn

Has anybody gone to Google today?
I see it's Bob Ross' 70th Birthday.
Believe it or not, I have one of his paintings hanging in my bathroom. Don't know what it's worth but it matches the colors of my bath so well (shades of blue) that it can just stay there for now.

The reason I was going to Google was to look up the phrase "It's always darkest before the dawn." Reading some comments and updates this morning about Profit Clicking brought that to mind.
Some members are freaking out about the Profit Shift which should happen mid November. Others are calm and trying to make sense of it all.
I'm sort of neutral right now. Not knowing what percentage of our old Triplers or newer Ad Packs will be allocated to Panels, or not knowing how quickly our Panels will start producing again... there's not much us older members can do at this point but ride the wave.

Phinanci: Congrats to all the Winners from the "I Love Phinanci" contest and Congrats to Phinanci for completing one very successful month in business!
Silly me forgot to re-purchase this weekend so if I want to add more today, guess I"ll just have to make a new fresh spend.
Wonder if my forgetfulness has anything to do with that "old school" blog member comment in their last update? Hmmm
Me thinks somebody needs a spanking for that! lol

SolidTrustPay: if you're still not able to access STP, here's a solution from a good friend of mine:

And she says: "it works for 9 out of 10
some ISPs use crappy dns providers, so by setting them manually to googles dns service can help give a much better internet experience
and accessing sites that are otherwise taking longer to respond (for instance sites with heavy ddos protection)"

RicanAdFunds: just bought 5 more ad units :)

ismAdsIncome: same as above, bought 5 more.

For those of you in ismAdsIncome, be sure that you're a member of ismMagic also so that when you purchase ad packs in ismAdsIncome, you'll get credits for that at the Magic site where you can exchange those credits for your monthly membership fee. Oh and being a paid member in Magic also earns you some profit sharing at the end of each month. AND you can use that money to buy more in ismAdsIncome if you choose. (wow, that was a mouthful but hope it made some sense.) Just be sure your MAGIC name is showing in your profile at AdsIncome before purchasing.

Happy Birthday Robert Boyd! Is today really your birthday?
Awesome!! Hope you're having a great day and enjoying one more year here with all us crazy people. Cheers!!
PS, I've been friends with Robert longer than I've been blogging. He follows me everywhere. Smart man :) xoxo

Back to Bob Ross who started my day here, wanted to show you the painting I was talking about. See, now you know I was telling the truth.

One more thing ... 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Tis the season to see all those cool pumpkin carvings around your neighborhood and here on the net. I have an awesome one to show you but need to wait till this evening to take the pic. Must have the glowing candle effect going on first.

ProfitClicking: nice to see the updates in our member area being added on a regular basis.
Also, if you're new and don't know what a Profit Shift is, log into your account first, then click on the FAQ's. It's all explained there.
- received my daily ad pack earning for 10/26
- oldest pending withdrawal is dated 10/1
- they did their 'fall back' time change also. So beware of that when you check or surf your account.
(my time change isn't for another week)
- and if I told you how many ad packs I bought yesterday, you'd fall off your chair. So I won't.

Phinanci: Excellent Update for their One Month Anniversary:
1 Month Online
Today Phinanci celebrates 1 month online with flawless performance and unstoppable payments.

Closing in on 1000 members and with more than $50,000 paid back to everyone in earnings already, we are growing bigger and stronger each day. We are extremely happy to be a part of such success and we would like to thank each one of you for helping us achieving such great results. Especially our “old school” blog members who have shared Phinanci with their readers are high on the contribution list. Thumbs Up!

! So what's next?

We have new features coming up, like Live Chat where members will be able to address their issues and get them resolved instantly. As with all growth, the level of support must also increase to suit all members needs.


Our first contest has received a fantastic response and we are proud to announce the winners:goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Please check your payment accounts for a surprise prize – congratulations!! We are planning to have similar contests running on a monthly basis and perhaps a few more around Christmas time for us all to celebrate this cosy get-together time of year. Easter and other holidays will also have special themed contests.

Testimonial Contest

Our next contest is about sharing testimonials with everyone. You will find a link to submit a testimonial within your account area. Share your experience so far with Phinanci and automatically enter into a draw between the best-written versions. Submit poems, ponderings, jokes, fairytales or anything that takes your fancy to make your testimonial special and the best will win awards ranging between $5-25 directly sent to their payment processor.


We have a nice uplifting surprise coming up in the New Year 2013. We are planning ahead of time and want to be able to accommodate our ever-growing membership base to the fullest of our potential, which is still to be seen and experienced.

Our layout and design

We have received a fair amount of comments regarding our design, so we have decided to address this to all members for reference. Our liquid layout is easy to read and navigate and all out containers are completely based on that viewpoint, rather than the initial container block. It moves in and out when you resize your browser window, so that the page is constantly “filled”. Consequently, every fixed pixel-base layout becomes “scalable”; the content area always remains within the layout box as it is supposed to be and there is no change of producing overlapping boxes as we have seen in the previous generation of web-browsers.

Team Phinanci

RicanAdFunds: someone asked me if RAF pays the 2% daily every day? Yep, like clockwork!

Speaking of clocks, I understand the UK had a time change (off of DST) so your earnings are going to be 1 hour later than before. Heck, I would have never noticed since it's credited while I'm sleeping anyway. So just an FYI if you're one of those "clock watchers".

or was that note about ismAdsIncome? Well, they're both in the UK I believe so it should pertain to them both, and both are doing great!!

Ads2Cycle: will report when there's movement in my account. I have a few referrals (thanks) who don't seem to be moving much now either. So I do hope that spillover kicks in for those who don't promote.
BTW, I haven't withdrawn anything here yet. I cycled twice and put it back in to help others.
I do believe the Admin has his heart in the right place, but of course new members and/or solo ad purchasers are needed to keep the wheels turning.

Am sitting here today watching my neighbors across the street build a shed. Well this shed is so frickin tall, it'll block the mountain view that the house behind him has now. That's just wrong. Why do people have to be so inconsiderate of others? Humans just amaze me sometimes :(

Now the moment you've all been waiting for! (I took 10 pics of this before I finally got one I liked.)
My Son woke me up last night to bring over the Pumpkin that he and Olivia made. They are on their way to Mexico today and wanted the Pumpkin to have a good home for Halloween. You know, a home where it would be appreciated!
Don't ya just love it???

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Saturday !!!

Being a cat person... this caption made me chuckle.
Our poor critters, lol

Going out soon to visit the kids and Detective Olivia before they leave for their next trip tomorrow. Will be back later with some updates...
or not. Just got home and I'm kind of pooped out.

Phinanci: don't forget it's the weekend and you can purchase today with your account earnings.

Friday, October 26, 2012

PC Profit Shift Announced

ProfitClicking: as you probably know by now, a ProfitShift (formerly called a Restart) has been announced. Check your dashboard updates for details.
Was I shocked? Not really.
Am I upset? Not really that either.
Was I expecting it? Not really so soon.
Before writing here or joining in on any forum chat, decided to listen to Doc's call from last night. He sounded much better, more relaxed and confident in what he was reporting. But also, he only answered questions via written requests, no live calls this time.
So maybe once things are moving a little faster and members can be more positive, he'll resume the live Q & A. Especially since I remember it was Frederick who insisted that those remain as an important part of the company and interaction with members.
OK, so where are we at?
- today I received my daily ad pack income in a combined payment from 10-22 through 10-25.
- no updates on my pending withdrawal requests.
- progress is being made in your PC Panels - View Details.
- a Profit Shift should happen sometime around Mid Nov.
- any Ad Packs purchased as of yesterday and forward will not be included in the next profit shift.
Geez, too bad I bought more just 4 days ago. Well at least that proves I'm just a player (like you) and have no inside information.
Hey Carl Pearson, give Blondie a call next time you make that decision, so I can give my readers a heads-up, would ya? hehe
Bottom line, I'm not blowing a gasket over it and understand that it needs to be done periodically for us to continue. And trust me when I say, I do want this to continue :)

Found this pic of
Detective O-Rae
on facebook.

Is it just me, or does she remind you of Dick Tracy?
Must be the hat.

OK, where was I ...
Phinanci: continues with non-stop earnings and some of the fastest payments around town. Also seeing quite a few "I Love Phinanci" posts in the forums. Cute little contest and it'll be fun to see the winners list.

RicanAdFunds: hard to believe I've only been playing here for 31 days. Feels like we're old friends already. In any case, sure is an easy way to earn 2% daily while advertising my other sites. Kudos to the Admin.

ismAdsIncome: same same. Meaning running great since day one. Almost month end too so should be seeing some additional earnings in ismMagic when the time comes. I'll remind you about that later, K

Yesterday morning woke to about 5 inches of Snow on the ground. Unfortunately it started with rain on Wed. night, then turned to snow. So my poor tree had frozen rain and snow covering it's leaves yesterday. You know how heavy that is?!? Only lost one small branch, but it was that big one drooping over the house that I was worried about. TG today it's a little warmer and melting. Whew!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

OK, here's the deal.
It was time to wash the outside windows yesterday since the temperature was almost 80F whereas later this week we're expecting snow.
I don't have a step ladder and I can't reach the top of the windows without one. So first I hosed them down, then sprayed them with Glass Cleaner, then got out my trusty Mop with the long handle and ... voila. Rinsed them down one more time and now I can actually see through them.
Yeah I'm sure I looked silly but who cares? The neighbors already know I'm a little on the nutsy side, so nothing new there.

ProfitClicking: Level 1 Upgrade button is working today for those who want (or need) to upgrade. You must have the $6 in your wallet first, so just transfer it or fund it via a pay processor. And since it's $6 now, it must be monthly instead of the $15 every 3 months. Good thinkin on their part. That's an extra dollar per month from a million or two members.

Benefits of Level 1

  • The Big Success Breakthrough personal development product.
  • Become eligible to receive the Bonus PC Panels.
  • Become eligible to purchase PC Panels for $20 each, up to 10 per day, up to 5000 owned at any one given time.
  • Have the opportunity to achieve $60 Rebates.
  • Earn PC Panel Referral Commission on 2 levels.
Payment for Level1 Upgrade is successful! You may need to logoff and login before your Level1 upgrade status is reflected in the dashboard. Thank You!

Also received my daily ad pack income for 10/21.

Bought 25 more Ad Packs yesterday (with earnings).
Still waiting on those requested payments though, but I'm patient so no worries.

Phinanci: is having a fun contest:
(and continues to run flawlessly)

Surprise Prize
We are running two small prize giveaways on our Facebook page as well as in our forum threads in MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold.

"I love Phinanci"

Post your payment proof on our Facebook page or on our MoneyMakerGroup TalkGold threads and win random monetary surprise awards directly to your payment account. Only requirement is to include in your post "I love Phi", "I love Phinanci" or anything that follows the same notion.

Share our Alexa rank

Share our growing Alexa rank on your Facebook wall and win a prize of $5 USD directly to your payment processor. The only two requirements are that your Facebook account is public and you that you are a member of Phinanci.
You can find the Alexa rank post on our Facebook page:
Good Luck to All! And Have Fun!     
Team Phinanci

Back to me: have received 81% back from my first spend already and since we can't re-purchase from account balance on week days, decided to add some fresh funds and request a payout too. Then when I post my payout, I can play in the game mentioned above :)

RicanAdFunds: speaking of running flawlessly, RAF is another that I check daily, assign credits to banners, and either purchase more or cash out. Yesterday I purchased 5 more ad units, then today decided to request a cash out. Working great! Thanks Richard :)

ismAdsIncome: another top notch program. Had to look back at my last blog post to see what I was going to do next. (hate to have to re-think it all over again, lol) Anyway purchased 5 more units as I said I would do.

Ads2Cycle: total members today reached 1,000.
Not all active of course but still a pretty good number.
Also I believe you can purchase a Solo Ad to members without being a member yourself. As a matter of fact I think I received one today, but since it was for yet another Matrix Cycler, I deleted it. One is enough for me.
Bottom line, Admin has some plans on the drawing board which should help us all cycle our matrices. Not overnight mind you, but all in good time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oops ... missed a day or two

Sorry I missed you today.
Was busy mopping my windows.
I'll explain tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Updates

Just some quick updates today since it's Sunday.

ProfitClicking: when I place my cursor on the Level 1 Upgrade "Renew" button, it tells me my L1 membership expires on 11/3/2012, but when I click on Renew, the page just reloads and doesn't take me anywhere else. OK so I check again later or tomorrow. At least there's some progress there.
- daily ad pack earnings received for 10/18
- oldest pending withdrawal request dated 10/1

Phinanci: is doing great and a reminder that you can purchase from account balance today. That option is only available on weekends.
However, I decided to add some fresh LR instead ;)

Just saw something silly... whoever is promoting ROI-187 in RicanAdFunds might want to take that banner out and use your credits for something that's actually still working, hehe

ismAdsIncome: requested one more withdraw today. Then I'll start building again after that. Yep, sounds like a plan.

Since Winter is right around the corner, decided to change my banner for ProfitClicking to a more suitable one. Polar Bears, they look cuddly to me.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Sleep and No TV

Haven't been sleeping well and my cable TV is out this morning, so if I get a little rough around the edges today, that could be why.

ROI-187: Bad News! am glad I warned you about this before it was open for spends on the 16th. Although some loaded their e-wallet earlier (not sure how) they may be regretting it now. Reading some real bad reports in the forums and Admin is blaming it on STP. Excuse me. Maybe if you had a real verified account in the first place, they wouldn't need to question you.

ProfitClicking: had a chance to listen to Doc's recorded call yesterday. Can't say I was all that impressed with how he handled the individual callers once they got into the live Q and A. Now there was one guy who I would have 'cut off' too, but some of the others seemed to get short changed.
- he did mention that the 'sales profit to date' was all caught up, which it's not for me and others. So if yours is a few days behind, you're not alone.
- he also mentioned that the withdrawal time frames should get better once things are running smoothly again.
Well I'm not going anywhere and anxious to see how this all plays out once everything is working as it was meant to be.
Still kind of miss hearing Frederick on the Thursday calls and Carl doing the daily calls... almost like old friends that have moved on.
PS, am not seeing any slow down in Ad Pack purchases from where I sit. And yes, I've bought quite a few myself since PC took over.
* Received my 10/17 ad pack income sometime today.
** Says my Level 1 membership is due for renewal but the link doesn't work. So I'll keep an eye on that.

Phinanci: this is turning out to be an excellent program. I made another new spend on Thursday along with requesting a cash out. Yeah I could have waited till the weekend and then used my 'account balance' to spend, but I was anxious and didn't feel like waiting. Oh and I have received my Pay Out already too! Thanks Admin, keep it up :)

RicanAdFunds: received my last requested payment really fast again. Am now officially at the BEP (break even point) thanks to the 2% daily and some RC. When I first started earning, I felt real good about this so rather than cash out immediately I chose to re-spend instead. Gotta love those gut feelings when they work out for the best.

ismAdsIncome: just watching my daily earnings grow and added more credits to my advertising sites today also. Cheers to the R&R Admins!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monkeys or is it Monkees?

Now you would think I bought these Monkey Sheets for my grand daughter. But when I went shopping for new sheets the other day, for myself, couldn't believe how ugly some of the patterns and colors were... so monkeys it is.
Well at least they're fun to look at and will hopefully make me less grumpy :)

Speaking of grumpy, ProfitClicking: I don't know who's bright idea it was to get that famous (cough) HYIP blogger into PC, but he's already bad mouthing it. He really knows nothing about it or it's history! All he knows is it is 'not paying on time' so of course has it listed as "waiting". Good Grief! Somebody get a hold of this guy and set him straight please. I really don't like reading caca like that first thing in the morning.
- After logging into PC today, couldn't help but notice the Pop Up notes about your Tasks. Well they're not really tasks unless you're brand new and need a walk through of the process. So I guess that was a good idea.
- It's Thursday and there's another live call tonight. Doubt I'll be able to listen in since I'm expecting to see another Baseball game. And you would think, since there is a new call tonight, that last weeks would be showing in your dashboard by now. Ah well. All in good time.

Phinanci: got word from my referral Wesley that his first spend in the 20 day term plan has indeed expired and he's waiting on payment now. Yippee! Congrats Wesley and everyone else who joined on the first or second day in the 20 day plan and now getting paid.
I personally have only bought into the 50 day and noticed that I've received 60% of my initial spend back as of last night. So all is well in Phinanci Land.
*Wesley just wrote: "And I received my withdraw request pretty fast."
Now remember you heard it here first! hehe

RicanAdFunds: just purchased 5 more Ad Packs and requested a small withdrawal also. Thanks Richard and members!

ismAdsIncome: received my w/d request from yesterday already. Again, thanks to the Admins and fellow advertisers.

Ads2Cycle: only need 1 more person in my 3rd Matrix to cycle out. Then I'll have to decide if I should get my 'seed money' out or repurchase with it. Will make up my mind later. Also there is another new splash page for you to use when promoting, and it looks like this:

OK so after posting about Monkeys... well, you know me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Thanks again for all the nice notes and comments for my 5 year blog anniversary update. Hugs to you all!

Isn't it funny how when you don't feel good, everything seems irritating? I must have pinched a nerve or something cause yesterday my head and neck wouldn't stop hurting. Now today, my back and tail bone hurt and it's hard to sit here. Sorry Cats, no lap lounging today... especially that one-ton cat of mine.

ProfitClicking: I see more things have been added to the site so they are in fact working on all of that.
When I checked in yesterday, I realized my "Total Sales Profit To Date" went up quite a bit. Well, that's because I too was paid in one lump sum for my 10/11 through 10/15 ad pack income.
Also noticed my LR withdraw request disappeared. Yep, it's true. My LR payment pending since 9/24 had been Paid!
Whoo Hooo!
Now the irritating part for today was reading another bloggers uneducated mention of PC. Sorry but I really don't like reading something that makes me shake my head at how wrong it is. But hey, nobody asked me, LOL

Phinanci: if I'm right, the first 20 days of locked-in spends should be released today. Anxious to see the Forum Paid Posts on that. Also, here's a very good update in case you missed it:

Exclusive service
Phinanci is happy to share with you TrackEgg ( - exclusive free service that allows you to track investments for all your programs in one place. This is done by a fully automated website that calculates and displays all your investments in easy to read graphs, charts and tables.

There is a variety of useful tools: payment processor calculators, specific program strategies/spreadsheets, referral link tracker and even an automatically created page that allows a user to advertise all of their referral links on one page.

This service is exclusive to the industry and there is no one else offering a similar product. It would significantly benefit you in building and tracking your portfolio investments.

Please take 3 minutes to browse through the website ( and watch the introduction video on the homepage.

The 120% after 20 days plan pays off only after 20 days. Therefore, you need to wait for the full 20 days to pass in order to see earnings in your cash balance.
We pay on calendar days and your principal is included in the payments.


If you are caught in self-referring activities your account will be penalized. We have a software system in place that can track all accounts that are involved in such activity. Refer to our FAQ for more information.

Growing community
We are proud to announce that our membership is expanding at a swift rate. We started a broad advertising campaign to open new doors in furthering our activities.

Our Alexa rating is showing a significant growth in traffic.

We would like to thank all members who are promoting Phinanci and contributing to the overall success and expansion of the program. Needless to say, we are happy that you chose to be a part of this project and will do everything to sustain it and bring it to another level of success.

Team Phinanci

RicanAdFunds: doing fantastic and I'm getting updates from my upline in the other ISM program, but can't find them on the site or in my email box from the Admin. Well I get a lot of email so maybe they got lost or since it's not anything "official" yet, they'll be coming later. It's all good :)
My funds keep growing at 2% daily and each day I sit and think, what to do next? and I'm sure you do the same. None of us think alike or are in the same boat with regards to available funds, but for some reason I feel that anything I spend here I won't have to worry about.
Now how's that for the power of positive thinking? (smile)

ismAdsIncome: been a week since I requested a withdrawal so put in for one today. Also bought 4 more positions a few days ago. Doing great also and it's only mid-month. Looking forward to the ismMagic earning after month end.

Ads2Cycle: they have a new splash page located from your Promotion Menu on the left, Splash Pages area. It's really nice and I've heard that folks are getting good responses in TE sites from it. Wanna see it?
Good lookin splash page.
From the Admin: A larger version of the splash page will be added this week. This will be our second splash page. It will have a slightly different appearance as the first splash page.
Splash pages make excellent landing pages for Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites and other places. They are much more effective than sending traffic to the main site.

One more thing, but I'm not saying a word about it since I've jinxed the Broncos in the past :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary Blondie

You all know I like skunks so thought this picture fit well.

Today is my Official 5 Year Blog Anniversary.

Yep, five years ago today I took the plunge and never looked back. Well, maybe I looked back a couple of times thinking... why the heck did I ever start this?
But I got over it and not sure what I'd do without it now.
We've been through a lot together and I would like to sincerely Thank all of my old readers, new readers and lots of friends that I've made over those five years. If it weren't for you, there would be nothing to write, share, laugh or warn about.
Now over the years, a couple of Admin's (and their lovers) tried to 'bring me down' by name calling and ridiculous fabrications. Well I forgive you, and you must realize you only hurt yourself by looking foolish and arrogant. 
I'm told 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', and I believe that.
So Thanks again to my readers for sticking with me! I'll do my best not to let you down. Cheers!
(yeah yeah I know ... but I really like this song, lol)

OK, I need to get to work. Back in a minute or two.

Let me get that ROI 187 out of my hair first.
Don't believe everything you read or hear on the net.
I was privy to some very negative information yesterday which I can't disclose how or where I got it from. But you know, there are wicked people out there.  So without pointing any fingers or putting my resources in jeopardy, let me just repeat that I will NOT be putting any money into this one. Oh and if you joined under me already, go ahead and re-join under someone else if you care to gamble that much. I don't want any RC messing with my conscience. Thanks

On to the good stuff now... 
ProfitClicking: didn't get a chance to mention yesterday that I did receive my daily Ad Pack earning for Oct 9th and 10th late in the day. So maybe DOC was right and they are indeed catching up on that. Next would be nice to see payments processed a little quicker too. But patience is the key word, lol

Whoa! Someone just told me they saw Phinanci over at the MNO blog. Although I'm not a big fan of Paul's, should be a good source to bring in a few more worthy members. Just don't forget where you heard it first, hehe
So where are we at now? Day 19 out of 20 or 50 for the first round. Sounds about right. Everything seems to be running like clockwork there too. I'll be adding some fresh funds later today along with getting a little out. Thanks Admin and members!

RicanAdFunds: also doing excellent. For a nice steady 2% daily, how could anyone complain?

ismAdsIncome: "Below is the update from Admin Richard Cannon, regarding Liberty Reserve"
"I am really sorry for the cancellations. We are working on changing the servers, increasing security and mass pay for LR. This has caused me to be LATE on payments and I don't like that. I have cancelled all payments so that you can re submit your requests and I will pay all by MassPay tomorrow. Thank you for understanding - we are doing this for you to have a better, safer, faster site and so that we can last a long time. We want you to earn money because when you do, we do :)"
"If you have requested a withdrawal to Liberty Reserve and it was cancelled, just make a request again.
Also this is very important:
Make sure to enter your Liberty Reserve (LR) account correctly.
I suggest to double check it before sending the withdrawal request.
Make sure that you enter an UPPERCASE letter 'U',  not a LOWERCASE letter 'u'."

Thanks to my upline for that update.
I've not withdrawn through LR yet but good to know.

Ads2Cycle: no movement there today so will check again tomorrow. And I read that we should have some nice Splash Pages coming out soon that will work well in TE sites.

And last but not least: GrandBankClub is also celebrating an Anniversary Today! Not sure of the years though so you'll have to ask Gord to see if he remembers. He's pretty old you know so it might be a little foggy in his memory, LOL
(Sorry Gordon, couldn't resist)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Updates

Listening to Doc's 10/11 call now.
He started with an overview and promo etc.
All of the features from JBP will also be available in PC, but PC will have much more.
Site still in Beta for more weeks.
New marketing pages coming soon.
Top earner in the system has only 10 referrals and has made close to 1 million dollars.
That was the first 30 minutes, then Q & A...
Q: why is my withdraw request taking longer than the 10 days?
A: they went from a manual system to a fully automated payment system. Must be tested fully before it's working top notch. Once it completes this stage, will be much more timely and much more user friendly.
Q: why are the daily sales profits so far behind right now? 
A: the system isn't working 100% yet. They plan to start running it so that we'll begin to see 2 days income in 1 which will eventually get it caught up. Should be caught up by the latter part of next week. (this week)
Also, starting this week, after you finish your daily surfing you will receive a note that says "You've Just Been Paid" and the funds for that days earnings will be available in your account immediately.
Q: why did the site get launched before it was completely migrated and finished?
A: due to circumstances in this business, they needed to get the site going about 4 weeks early. So they're rushing sort of, everything is in high priority mode now.
Q: why is so easy to fund and buy, but not so easy to withdraw earnings?
A: 1-going from manual to fully automated. 2-getting established with the pay processors. 3-once it is all completed, will be much easier and more on target with pay dates etc.
Q: how long we will be in Beta testing?
A: not sure. some of the functions will be done soon, others will take longer.
Fact from Lady Dale: they are getting 3-4 thousand new members per day.
(me: of course all the notes here are shortened from what Doc actually said. Just trying to save you some time.)
49 minutes into the call, he's taking live questions from members.
Q: asking about selling positions from one member to another?
A: it's on the drawing table but not able to be done yet.
Q: will Targeted Traffic be available in our PC Traffic Exchange area?
A: it's in their master plan but not completed yet.
Q: there have been reported problems with Liberty Reserve, do you plan on dropping them in the future?
A: short answer: No. As long as they are agreeable with PC, then PC will be agreeable with them.
Q: (speaking for his downline) they're getting frustrated with the wait times for everything. Is there any way they can get a % held from their balance and just cash out and be done?
A: they understand the frustration but things should get better soon. Members are paid every single day and it should get faster.
Wrap Up: PC will not only have all the components that JBP had, but more coming. The Panels should be coming back online in the next couple of days also.
(That's a lot of promises for this week. Hope he's right)
And last but not least:
"You're here at the right place and it's always the right time at ProfitClicking." Doc is excited :)
(oh and don't forget your) Patience.

ROI 187: am trying to find out more about this program and Admin before purchasing on opening day, which is Tuesday AM for me. Will keep you informed.
* Just removed ROI 187 from my banner list.
I'll tell you why tomorrow. 

Phinanci: today is the last day to purchase from account balance until next weekend. Take advantage of that if you planned to.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: note from Admin earlier today:
Hi To improve our service to members we are moving to mass pay processing for Liberty Reserve withdrawals from tomorrow on both RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome. All current withdrawal requests will be cancelled. Please re-submit any LR withdrawal requests after midnight (UK) time and they will be paid. Regards Russell
Also received another payment from RAF while I slept.

Ads2Cycle: nothing new since yesterday when I reported cycling a Silver Matrix. If you don't promote, yes it's slower but hopefully will speed up soon. Admin has been very helpful in the MMG forum with Q and A.

Oh and come visit me tomorrow if you would please.
It's sort of a special day for me. Thanks :)) 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's The Weekend & New Program Alert

Was sort of busy yesterday, then went to babysit my grand daughter last night. She's so fun. Her Boxer dogs are named Louis and Jake. She can't pronounce the L in Louis (she's just over 2) so it's fun to hear her say "Woolis, don't slobber on me!" LOL

STP is unavailable at the moment. After login, it just spins it's wheels and doesn't go anywhere. So it's not just you.

ProfitClicking: was shocked and surprised to notice that my pending STP withdrawal from 9/20 is OFF the pending list. Holy Cow! Did I finally get paid? Well, if I could log into STP I'd know for sure.
- heard that DOC's call from last Thursday was very good and informative. However it's not posted on the site yet. But those who were there said he mentioned quite a few things that we should start seeing this coming week.
Once I can hear the call for myself, I'll take notes for you.
- been paid my daily ad pack income through 10/8
- have several payments pending so I would hope that part of his call included that backlog, along with the "when will the Panels be visible" questions.
*UPDATE: hours later... I was Paid! Whoo Hooo!!
** UPDATE TWO: just grabbed this from a PC and MMG Forum member Stacy:
here is last thursdays conference sorry youtube was being so slow lol

Phinanci: the compound feature is ON for the weekend. When you Deposit, select your Plan then the next page will give you the option to use Cash Balance or Processor Site. Remember to check your "E-Currencies Cash Balance" before selecting which processor or Re-Spend from.

RicanAdFunds: just checked my numbers and they're right on. Requested a payment today which I'm sure will be paid pronto. Are you guys enjoying this as much as I am? Yes? Cool :)

ismAdsIncome: since I'm a little in profit already, decided to spend today instead of withdraw. Feels good to show support for the programs that are supporting me.
Plus the fact that my first spends are only 57 days old and this thing runs for 200 days! Well OK then, just bought 4 more positions.

ads2cycle: yesterday I completed my 2nd Silver matrix. I know I really should get my seed money out at this point, but since it was only a one-time $25 spend and since I have some personal referrals who trusted me on this... I've decided to throw it back in the pot. Good Luck!

ROI-187: just joined and added a new banner on my side bar.
Now at first glance I said "What? 11% x 17 days is crazy nuts! Nothing can pay that!"
But then after realizing there is a 40/60 Rule, a light bulb went off in my head.
What is the 40/60 Rule ?
ROI187 has in place a 40/60 Rule. This means that on withdrawal 60% will be paid to your processor account, and 40% to your repurchase balance, from which you may purchase more shares when your balance reaches the minimum amount (ie. $10). This is to ensure the sustainability of the program. To use your Repurchase Balance, simply click on Claim More Shares and select Buy From Repurchase Balance in the dropdown menu.

OK so it's your basic Advertising site.
- Free members can earn RC but you must buy at least 1 advertising pack before you can withdraw your earnings.
- No refunds of course. You're buying Advertising.
- You can repurchase from cash balance.
- For those who promote: 2 Level RC, 10% and 5%.
- Cost $11 per ad pack.
- Accepts STP, EgoPay, PM and LR.
- Site is currently in Pre-Launch and has over 800 members already.
- Buying Ad Positions should be open Tues 8 AM my time. There's a countdown clock on the site for your convenience.
From the site itself:

ROI-187 is online wealthy advertising platform which allows you to advertise your business and shares It's advertising sales revenue with It's loyal members. For every ad package you purchase you will get 20000 Ad credits which you can use to advertise banners and text ads. 

Apart from Revenue sharing , We also reward affiliates who promote ROI187, As a Sucessful Promotor you earn earn 10% commissions. Also try to participate on referral contest and earn up to $1000.

ROI-187 is hosted on DDOS Protected Snoork Dedicated servers and security powered by Cloudflare. And 256 Bit SSL secured and Business assured by Validsafe. 

  • Earn 11% Daily for 17 Days 187% at the maturity.
  • Get Quality advertising with every Ad Shares you purchased
  • Each Ad Share will give you 20000 Text & Banner credits.
  • Earn 10% referral commissions. (1 Level)
  • Daily Withdrawal : Minimum Cash balance required is $5
  • Start with just $11 and multiply your earnings by compounding.
So there you have it in a nutshell, sort of.
You know I don't like to do long drawn out blah blah notes. I prefer to tell it like it is and take it for what it's worth. If you join now, you'll have a few days to make up your mind on whether or not to purchase.
Well it's a risk, but so are some of the best things in life. And for some strange reason, I've been pretty dang lucky these days. Hope it continues for my sake and yours.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


This dog is smarter than some people I know,
and more helpful too. 

Thanks to my friend Paul in Hawaii for sending it to me and taking my mind off of other things for 4 minutes.
Make that 8... had to watch it twice :)

ismAdsIncome: received another payment today so yes, I officially have a nice profit now with several days to go on my current Ad spends.
Thanks to those of you who joined me and if you haven't yet, might want to take another peek at it. Am feeling a nice long relationship blooming with this one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Really Don't Know Clouds At All

Was cloudy here all day yesterday. Today is starting off the same. Odd for Colorado and puts me in a serious mood.

ProfitClicking: just when I was getting antsy...
PC Tinie: IT is working on the withdrawls from 20/09 to 26/09, please dont send any tickets, ty
Since that's being posted in the Conf Room, then I know I'm not alone. On the brighter side, received my 10/5 daily ad pack income.
- Noticed their updates are getting better and more helpful to new members. However they're not addressing the current issues in them. Well I suppose that's intentional and it's a work in progress. Plus they don't want to scare off the new members, lol

WARNING: Just got some SPAM that smells of SCAM!
From: Profit Clicking (space between the name whereas the real one does not) Subject: Profit Clicking - Discounts and Bonus Updates For October 10th, 2012
DON'T DO IT!!! The real PC would never ask you to send LR directly to their account. That's just absurd!!!
And do NOT click on any links in that email either.

Phinanci: doing great! Received a payment while I slept.

RicanAdFunds: also paid overnight. Thanks Richard!
Oh forgot to mention, that was my first withdrawal ;)

ismAdsIncome: will be requesting a payment today. Being a new month, bills are coming in my mailbox so every little bit helps.

Ads2Cycle: completed my Silver level yesterday but rather than cashing out the $25, I re-spent it into another position. Was hoping it would help others get closer to cycling out also. Plus this program is fairly new and I don't expect things to happen overnight. The Admin is very responsive in support tickets and in the MMG forum. So it's a learning curve for me and he's been really helpful.

Happy Birthday Bill Stewart!
Sure do miss our phone calls.
I'll write on your facebook wall today and of course, make a Collie Rescue donation.
But seriously...
Wish you were here.