Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Really Don't Know Clouds At All

Was cloudy here all day yesterday. Today is starting off the same. Odd for Colorado and puts me in a serious mood.

ProfitClicking: just when I was getting antsy...
PC Tinie: IT is working on the withdrawls from 20/09 to 26/09, please dont send any tickets, ty
Since that's being posted in the Conf Room, then I know I'm not alone. On the brighter side, received my 10/5 daily ad pack income.
- Noticed their updates are getting better and more helpful to new members. However they're not addressing the current issues in them. Well I suppose that's intentional and it's a work in progress. Plus they don't want to scare off the new members, lol

WARNING: Just got some SPAM that smells of SCAM!
From: Profit Clicking (space between the name whereas the real one does not) Subject: Profit Clicking - Discounts and Bonus Updates For October 10th, 2012
DON'T DO IT!!! The real PC would never ask you to send LR directly to their account. That's just absurd!!!
And do NOT click on any links in that email either.

Phinanci: doing great! Received a payment while I slept.

RicanAdFunds: also paid overnight. Thanks Richard!
Oh forgot to mention, that was my first withdrawal ;)

ismAdsIncome: will be requesting a payment today. Being a new month, bills are coming in my mailbox so every little bit helps.

Ads2Cycle: completed my Silver level yesterday but rather than cashing out the $25, I re-spent it into another position. Was hoping it would help others get closer to cycling out also. Plus this program is fairly new and I don't expect things to happen overnight. The Admin is very responsive in support tickets and in the MMG forum. So it's a learning curve for me and he's been really helpful.

Happy Birthday Bill Stewart!
Sure do miss our phone calls.
I'll write on your facebook wall today and of course, make a Collie Rescue donation.
But seriously...
Wish you were here.

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