Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all my friends and readers!

My buddy Dave sent me a Bottle of Boos. Thanks Dave!

This is where my Son, Jess and Olivia are spending Halloween.
Yep, I recognize those Mama & Baby feet's basking in the warmth of Mexico's sun.

OK, just a quick update before I go make up my Halloween packages for the kids tonight.

ProfitClicking: yesterday I received a combined daily ad pack income for 10/27-10/29. Nothing new today yet.
- also still waiting on my 10/1 withdraw req.
I have read others have received payments but it appears they're still working on September's. So maybe a few more days for mine.
In the meantime, since my withdraw requests are stuck in the queue, I've been re-purchasing quite a bit since those bought now should not be included in the upcoming profit shift.

Phinanci: is doing fabulous and I've received several payments from them already. And of course, have been purchasing along the way.
And those of you who joined when I first announced this, should have just about all your seed money back now... if you were in the 50 day plan and if you didn't use it to re-purchase that is. Right on!

RicanAdFunds--ismAdsIncome--ismMagic: yep, am gonna batch them together in writing and show you the email we received today.
But before I do, I just want to say how happy I've been with these programs. Our Admins, Richard and Russell have been doing a wonderful job since day one and it seems they know no other way. So thumbs up and Kudos to you both :) And of course, Thanks!

Welcome to the ismRican E-Wallet Logo Competition

We are in the process of developing the ismRican E-Wallet. This will enable you to effectively use funds in any ism / Rican program to purchase services / products in any other ism / Rican program.
We need an E-Wallet Logo to place on the payment pages on each site and have decided to hold a design competition.

The Prize

The designer of the winning logo will receive
  • 2 ad units in RicanAdFunds (worth $30 )
  • 4 ad units in ismAdsIncome (worth $40)
The 4 ads units in ismAdsIncome will include the bonus of 2000 Magic Points that may be exchanged for one months Earned Wizard Upgrade.

Competition Rules

  1. Entrants must be a member of ismMagic, ismAdsIncome & RicanAds Funds.
  2. Multiple entries are permitted.
  3. No monetary equivalent prize is available.
  4. Banner Specification
    1. Size (pixels) 210 wide x 91 high
    2. Format jpg, jpeg, gif or png
  5. Entrants must warrant that no part of their design is subject to any 3rd party copyright or pending copyright.
  6. Banners must be emailed to by the 12th November 2012.
  7. Winner will be announced by 16th November 2012.
  8. Copyright of all entries and any constituent parts thereof are the property of ismMagic Limited.
  9. Entrants agree to supply to ismMagic Ltd all design components and files.
  10. The decision of the judges is final.
If you are not a member of ismAdsIncome and / or RicanAdFunds login to ismMagic >> My Account >> Downline Builder to join.
Good luck with your designs

Sorry Russell for striking through your note.
If you're not a member of those programs yet, I would really appreciate if you joined from my links (wink wink).
Join ismMagic first, so that you have a username to enter into the ismAdsIncome registration page. You will receive credits in Magic for purchasing Ad Packs in ismAdsIncome which can be used for other things. Kapish? Links are on the right, on my side bar.


Richard C said...

Hi Judy Blondie,

Just want to say I love your blog - as you say "you say it how it is". Thank you for all that you say about us - we try to do a good job and hope to help a lot of people in this business. Thank you.


blondie said...

Hi Richard,
Thanks for stopping by.
Well, you guys are doing a fantastic job with the ism's and Rican.
Only good things to say so I say em.