Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day and Happy Thanksgiving


Columbus Day here in the U.S. and Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I'd like to wish all my friends and readers a Happy Holiday and those of you in other countries, Happy Monday :)

Well it's Monday and I've decided not to mention the Broncos Football games any more. Every time I do, they lose. Maybe I'm jinxing them?
Slept for 11 hours last night. Not sure how or why but am feeling pretty darn rested today. Oh I know, I have no kids or dogs to wake me up. Just cats and they sleep more than I do!

Profit Clicking: still waiting patiently for that STP withdraw request from 9/20. Every day it says '1 day left' to process. Same with LR requested on 9/24... 1 day. So if they're going by "business days" M-F, that would mean my LR request is 10 days today. Well we'll see and I'll let you know.
- received my daily income for 10/3 so that part seems to be on a regular schedule now.

Phinanci: requested an LR payment earlier and received it already. The Admin has been smokin fast with those pay requests! So it's going great and I see a lot of other happy members in the forums also.

RAF and ismAdsIncome: saving my withdraw requests for tomorrow. I like to let the funds build a little before taking it out. Saves on pay processor fees, ya know?

Ads2Cycle: just read an excellent explanation of the program from the Admin Michael in response to someone who was not happy. This may clear up some questions you had also:
135 members have signed up under the admin position. A lot of people received spillover. $140 in payments were just made a few minutes ago. Yes, people are cycling and we only launched days ago.

I think you are trying to compare this program with a daily cycler where you are purchasing a block of positions daily and the people that join after you fall into your matrix.

Things here are in reverse. This is a one time spend. When people in your upline cycle, they get free re-etries and then are placed beneath their downline. This is where you get this spillover. The process starts slow and gets faster as it goes along. The process does seem to be working. 

One of the benefits here is that you do not need to keep spending new money just in order to cycle. Members in your own team will help you cycle. Then you will help them cycle and the process starts all over again. 

Speaking of Canadians... Gord just gave me permission to add his GrandBankClub banner back to my side bar. Good, cause I've been missing seeing it there after all this time!
And for those of you confused on all his recent "calculations", here's what he told me in a nutshell: "Basically you earn 135% on each spend plus bonuses with the $40 position purchases."
Well Gord, when you say it like that, it sounds simple.

- Just killed a fly who was sitting on my counter. Well I was cooking and didn't want him in my food. Anyway, I sang to him... 
"All summer long you've been with me. 
I can't see enough of you. 
All summer long we've both been free. 
Won't be long til summertime is through..."


Henry said...

I love the Beachboys vid...reminds me of a poem by Dylan Thomas...well only the opening line...

"I see the children of Summer in their ruin"



blondie said...

Hey Henry,
Glad it brought you good vibes.
I put no thought into it, was just the song I sang to the fly as I swatted him. Poor thing.

doomcrew said...

Well seeing the surfing reminds me that when banners broker affords me the option I will be moving to Cali. Never been to a more perfect weather area and sitting on my laptop at the beach is my goal next year. Profit Clicking Im not feeling good vibrations from at the moment, the matrix aspect is where Id be making my profit and at the moment its not paying a cent so help me Rhonda yeah getter some profits. Time for some Sunkist soda to go with the beach Boys!

blondie said...

doomcrew, moving to CA next year? You know it's an expensive place to live. Could be why we have so many CA folks here in CO now.

Anyway, PC yes. Will be good when the matrix comes back. Oh I mean PC Panels paying once again.

You think Rhonda can help? LOL