Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bronco Sunday

Got a couple of hours before the game so thought I'd come and visit with you.

Someone asked me what I thought about the new program called "justbeenpaidnew".
Well, it's Sunday so I'll try to watch my language.
1) Seriously? You couldn't come up with your own name and had to steal someone else's? That's almost as cheesy as Tripler2, remember that one?
2) Whoever did the proof reading for grammar could use a good English lesson. Front page: "10% referral bonus from there total Investment." I think they meant "their".
3) Did they say "Investment" and their group of professionals invest in Forex? Fat chance. More likely is some dude working out of the basement of his parents home.
Well I've seen enough and I've said enough. You get my drift.

Profit Clicking: received my 10/2 daily income today.
Still waiting for that dang 9/20 STP withdraw to come.
You know what's funny though... couldn't tell you how many times I've read the word "Finally" in the forums when members are posting their PC payments. Well hopefully with a little more time that word won't have to be thrown out there so often, and instead they'll be saying "got my payment right on time!"

Phinanci: debating on how much to withdraw and how much to re-purchase with today. I always try to support a good program by purchasing and/or re-purchasing and not HAR'ing it, and would hope my readers do the same. Of course we're here to make money but the longer a program lasts, the better our chance of making more than that old 'one round' thing. Something to consider, yes?

RicanAdFunds: got my daily % there as usual and will probably cash out (for the first time) tomorrow or the next day.

ismAdsIncome and ismMagic: are both doing fine.

Ads2Cycle: off to a slow start (for me anyway) and I'm still trying to figure out how the matrix cycling works if you don't refer anyone. I need one more paid member in my downline to see what actually happens when you do cycle the first matrix. (not begging... just sayin.) Will keep you informed.

- Is it just me or is everyone getting more spam lately? I've noticed a couple of irresponsible spammers copying to their spam list rather than blind copying. Duh! I think in my 10 years of being online and 'promoting', I've only made that mistake once and felt really bad after the fact. But then again, considering some of the crap they promote, they probably don't give a rats a$$ who steals their list. Shame on you spammers :(


doomcrew said...

It is hilarious even now that admins think they can just adopt a portion or a complete wording of a former successful site and members will start flocking to it. Also the latest trend of everyone and thier dog having a list building splashpage for the prelaunch of the prelaunch needs to stop. The prelaunches last longer than the actual run of most of these sites. It takes me most of monday to get the hypnotic football trance of watching redzone out of my system but with all the sports going on at the moment its enough to make me join a prelaunch lol.

blondie said...

Too funny doomcrew :D
Yeah the prelaunches are a bit much.
And you're right, sometimes they last longer than the program itself.

Happy Monday and how long before you start looking forward to the next weekend of sports? Tomorrow?

doomcrew said...

Oh its about to start again with monday night football and baseball with all the sasquatches on every team now yikes buy some razors.

blondie said...

Yeah I forgot about Monday night football.

Hey I hear the Tigers are doing well. Did I mention I was born in Detroit?
Cheers :)