Saturday, April 19, 2014


Quick note before I run to the store.
Why do I always forget something and have to go back the next day?

ATBV is back :) 
Dear Blondie,

Sorry you were left without a site or a pre-warning yesterday but there was a very serious security issue happening that needed taking care of immediately.  It seems that even though we have barely started we have gained some jealous person's attention.

The site is back up now and even though your logins are fully encrypted and safe, I would suggest you change them or request them to be reset by the system.   You can never be too careful nowadays.


Tueps: we cycled last night and will again starting Monday. Being 129 days running... that's got to be some kind of record :)

Twentyby20: should be back on Monday also.

My-OPI: someone asked me today if I were going to play in their new Wealth Builder program. No, I am not and I wrote about it here last Monday.

ACX: still no word from support (or Carl) about my ClickDraw winnings. Why would they even continue this 'game' if they can't or won't pay what we win?
Anyway, my ticket was 'escalated' to another dept. yesterday so let's see how long they take to answer this time.

You know, every day there are new programs opening and every day I check out one or two. Of course I miss a good one now and then but for the most part, all I see is the same thing over and over and over.
There are a lot of new Admin's out there and we don't know what their real intentions are. Maybe I'm just being overly cautious but I don't like losing money and I don't want you to either.

To those of you who are new to these types of programs, don't be blindsided by what you hear or read. Always play smart and ask questions if you don't understand how these programs work.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday... or is it?

Tueps: is doing great and am deciding now on how much to spend before requesting another cash out. I'm thinking 30-40% of my last payment would be fair.

ATBVenture site is down for a little while. Sit tight.

Twentyby20: nothing to say until Monday.

My-OPI: I'm averaging .06 cents a day earning on the 10 Profit Share packs that are still active. Not exactly anything to 'write home about'.

Sure hate to complain on a "Good Friday" but it's time.
Re: ACX and their ClickDraw Awards.
- On April 4th my name was drawn as a weekly winner.
- After receiving NO confirmation for an entire week, I contacted Carl Pearson who advised me to 'submit a testimonial', which I already did but did another one just in case.
- Still no news about my 'winnings' for the next two days so on Sunday morning, April 13th, I submitted a Support Ticket in hopes to resolve the problem.
- As of today, my Ticket is still OPEN with no reply.
- Haven't been able to get any 'help' from Carl either.
So the bottom line is...
- I AM a click draw winner that has NOT been notified nor paid for two weeks.
- I currently have 4 Pending withdrawals ranging from 283 to 1602 Hours from the Ad Pack and Media plans.
- I do surf every day hoping to actually 'get paid for it', like they advertise on their site.
But seriously, this long wait along with fake announcements of ClickDraw winners has gotten a bit ridiculous.
So now you know why I don't promote this site.

Then why am I writing this??
I want others to see what really happens in ACX and not to fall for those testimonials on their site. Unfortunately, one of them is mine. Too bad they didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

Oh Wait!!! Just got a Reply to my Ticket:

--------------------START OF STAFF REPLY--------------------


Thank you for your inquiry.

Your ticket has been escalated to someone who can answer your concern 
Please give us extra time to reply to your request.

Thank you,

Member Services

---------------------END OF STAFF REPLY---------------------

Yeah, that was a big help... not!
Now let's see how long it takes to get another.
Stay tuned for more.
I will follow up on this and let you all know the outcome.


Oh hey, TGIF and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


It's been kind of hectic here this week but I should have a mouthful for you tomorrow. Depends on what happens between now and then.
Cheers :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th - Tax Time for the U.S.

Got my taxes done, filed and paid for.
Then... leaky pipes in the basement.
The 1st plumber for today is done and paid.
Got the 2nd plumber on his way to clean the sewer lines, then got the 1st plumber coming back later this week to fix the leaky bathtub.
Guess this is one expensive week for me!

Now onto something more fun...
ATBVenture is officially open again and we're starting a new pre-launch right now! New members may join and check it all out!
While you're there, be sure to see the new and improved Comp Plan. I think you're going to like it :)

* Later in the day... we're moving!
Congratulations Blondie,
You just completed Phase 2 matrix on and earned $10.00.
A Trusted Business Venture

Tueps: got paid again today sooner than what's listed on the site. YaY! Thanks Admin... I sure need it right now, lol

Twentyby20: supposed to re-open tomorrow.
* Wed: Now scheduled for April 21st.

ACX: still no reply to my support ticket over 48 hours ago asking where are my Click Draw Winnings?
* Wed: over 3 days waiting on a reply. Wonder if anyone has been paid from their winnings lately? Mine was announced on April 4th and they are ignoring my requests. Argh!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Bunny Came Early

Tueps: purchased a few more positions today and cycling will start up again tonight for the week. Also requested a cash out while I was there :)

ATBVenture: update sent yesterday while I was out playing Easter Bunny:
"Hi guys, 
I hope to have the site back up around 5pm EST/9pm GMT tomorrow.  I will have the sign up page closed for 24 hours to allow the current users to check over their accounts and get used to the new plan.

Then on Tuesday at the same time pre-launch will start, it will last till Thursday 24th.  It is a little longer than I had planned but with Easter next weekend it is only fair to allow some time off for family time.

I have tried to be as fair as possible with this restart but if you feel there is an error in your account then please send a support ticket.

* After lurking in their skype chat group and chatting with Amanda one-on-one a little bit... I'm really happy with the direction this is taking.
Will be open for New Sign-Ups tomorrow by the way.

My-OPI: have you read their Admin updates?
In a few hours we'll be able to see exactly what their 'partnership' program is and make a decision whether or not to join. It is $20 per month so I'll be reading it carefully once it's available.

* OK I read it and decided I'm not going to do it.
If you're a passive player (no referrals), be sure to read what's in #3 in their notes: 
 (Just remember that you need 2 personal referrals for each new account that you set up).

ACX: still no reply to my support ticket asking where in the heck are my click draw winnings?!?

Happy Early Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Sunday

Sat down to write but unfortunately there's not much to write about. Two of my current programs are "on hold" and one doesn't cycle during the weekend.

My-OPI is planning the launch of their 'partnership program' tomorrow night my time. So I'll look for more info on that tomorrow.

ACX: been 9 days since I was announced as a Click Draw Winner but have yet to receive their 'Congrats' email about it. Finally submitted a support ticket today asking what's going on since I can't receive anything until I respond to their email notification... catch-22.

So you see what I mean? Not much to say today.

Had a beautiful day here yesterday, was 70 degrees and sunny. But today is only 30 and snowing. So I'm off to visit the family for an early Easter dinner since they'll be gone to California next weekend.

Hope you have a happy Sunday :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Is What It Is

Finally I can put this year's tax return to bed now... except for printing it out. My printer took it's last breath yesterday. Oh well. I'll try to find a new one before too long. At least you can buy them cheap these days :)

Tueps: bought a couple new positions today and requested a cash out also. Says the estimated pay date is Sunday but I've seen them come sooner so am crossing my fingers.
* Paid same day! Thanks Admin.

Twentyby20: on hold till the 16th.

ATBVenture: Amanda is still working on getting the script upgraded to fit the new and improved ATBV. So we're still on hold here too.

My-OPI: well, I earned 6 cents this past week on my 10 active profit share packs. Earned 0 in the matrix. But now they are pushing some new partnership program that will open later tonight. No clue what it is but I'll be reading about it later, maybe, or tomorrow.

ACX: been 6 days since my name was announced as a ClickDraw winner, yet I am still waiting for my email notification. Dang it!

Sure wish I had better news on all this stuff but...

Almost forgot,
ShowBizHits: it's Thursday and you do get 75 free credits for surfing only 25 sites. Am there right now loading up :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday and Taxes and Headaches

Hey, am almost done with my tax papers so should be back on track here soon. Sorry I've been neglecting you.

Tueps: will be starting our cycling for the week tonight which I'm really pleased about since other programs are on hold. (grrrr)

Twentyby20: and here's one of them, on hold.
04/07/14 - System upgrade from 04/07 to 04/15, resume around 04/16/14 
We had a rock solid 26 days performance has proven the success of our system. A program that all of you are very pleased with it. Unfortunately, the extreme low growth has caused our funding too short to keep up with our pay out processing. We are going to improve and upgrade our system to better match our growth rate. Please be patient! Do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.
  • Our site will be open during the system upgrade period.
  • New members can still sign up. For promoters, you can continue to promote.
  • No cycling, purchase, repurchase, or withdraw during the system upgrade period.
  • During the upgrading period, some info may not be displayed.
  • Please do not submit support tickets during the upgrade period.
No words come to mind that can be shared at this time.

ATBVenture: was feeling bad the other day because a new member joined under my link when I wasn't expecting it. At that time, the program wasn't making waves anywhere and I was worried that he would just lose his money.
But now that Amanda has taken over, I'm anxious to see the changes she brings on board. It also creates a new sense of hope for all of us.

My-OPI: am sad to report that the weekend power-launch has come and gone and my account balance is exactly the same as it was on Friday. No, I won't add any more funds unless a miracle happens with them.

ACX: what a group.
They announced me as a winner in their click draw contest last Friday, yet I am still waiting to receive my official notice so that I can tell them where to send the money. I'll keep you informed.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

ATBV - Under New Management

A Trusted Business Venture update:

Dear Blondie,

My name is Amanda Taylor, some of you may already know me from Opulent Funds or The Ads Bazaar. After several meetings with Nick, we have mutually agreed that I will take over the running of A Trusted Business Venture.

The site will be going on maintenance mode soon while it is updated.  The pay plan will be given a reboot and all accounts will be cleared.  However if you are still active and not in profit you will receive a bonus when we re-open.  I will try to be as fair as I can.

I will send out more details in a few days but if you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email me at


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Have a Great Weekend

Every time I sit down here, I realize there's something else I need to be doing. Well it's the weekend so most of you are out having fun anyway.

Tueps: was paid again promptly last night which was also our last cycle night for the week. Looking forward to Monday again already.

Twentyby20: be sure to read the News on the site today.

My-OPI: opened for their power-launch last night. Unfortunately, my account balance is exactly the same today as it was before launch last night. What does that tell ya?

Here's a nice surprise I got.
Yesterday morning, someone sent me an email to congratulate me. Huh? Wasn't sure why until I read the ACX email quoting my name as one of their weekly click draw winners. Well yippee for me.
However, I am still waiting for their email to show up telling me I've won and what I need to do to get my funds. Until then, it's just a dream ;)

OK, that's all for now. My eyes hurt. Been staring at this screen way too much the last few days.
Have a great weekend!

PS, watching a new program but haven't decided if it's worth it yet. If I like what I see, I'll be back to tell you more.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Bad For Taking a Day Off

I need to blog more often.
Things can change so fast around here, it isn't funny.

If you haven't noticed yet, I moved some banners around on my side bar. Why? Well, because what I thought should be on top, maybe shouldn't.

When you join a new promising program, you just never know what kind of attention it's going to get or will it 'take off' at all? Of course I always hope for the best but I can't control how other people play.
So please always read the notes above my banners since I do try to keep those up to date.

Twentyby20: can I say "is rocking my world" without sounding silly? Sure I can, lol. It has been running perfect since day one and I do like seeing the continuous member growth in the stats also. Grow baby grow!
** Apparently it's not growing enough.
See Friday's Update.

Tueps: since re-opening on Monday am once again enjoying the 2% cycling and seeing some fresh money coming in too. As my friend Gord would say, every program needs fresh blood coming in to survive long term. And I must agree with him. Doing great!

ATBVenture: although I've been enjoying the cycling of matrices, what I noticed is the only time they cycle is on Tuesday.
Well, I joined on a Tues when they first opened and it looks like most members did the same.
But, could that mean new membership has slowed so much that the only time we cycle is on a Tues? That concerns me a lot.
I really do like the program and I think with good steady membership growth it could go a long way, but, it's been four weeks now and am not seeing what I would have hoped to see.
If you've not joined yet, I would say hold off unless we see something more than what we're seeing now. (damn that was hard to write)

My-OPI: speaking of programs slowing down...
I read this comment in my friend Gord's newsletter today and I couldn't have said it better myself. Hope he doesn't mind me stealing it:

My-OPI has slowed up considerably now after
30 days. I did get paid last night from a 'same day'
withdrawal request. In my opinion ... the Admins
staryed too much with additional plans instead
of concentrating on promos and incentives to
further boost sales for the $10 AdPack plan.

Now I did go for the Power-Matrix when that first launched and am currently sitting at $7 back from my $45 spend. Not so good.
Never did try the Cycler so cannot give an opinion on that.

So regardless of what you read from their 'top promoters', it hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to either. Explains my *proceed with caution* note above their banner. (ok, now I'm getting a headache)

Speaking of headaches...
was finalizing my tax numbers yesterday and realized the Ramen lunch I had might turn out to be a regular for awhile. What does that tell ya?

My Son just stopped by to pick up a check.
"What are you doing for Easter?" I asked.
"Going to Los Angeles" he replied, and I started singing.
Isn't it weird how some songs never get out of your head?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Photo of Blondie

Naw, that can't be me. My moustache isn't black, lol
OK, no more jokes for a while :)

ATBVenture: one of my $5 weekly subscriptions has really paid off today. Received a note from ATBV that I completed a third matrix and earned $60.
Now I know some of you are not that far along yet but patience can pay off. Yes, this is the fourth week that I've been here as a weekly subscriber and I'd like to add: YaY!

Twentyby20: I know we've all enjoyed the super fast payments up till now but at some point the Admin did have to put this into effect:
  • You can withdraw from your balance every 2 days.
  • The minimum amount for each withdrawal is $5.
  • Estimated withdrawal processing time is 2 to 5 working days

    • $5 to $20 - 2 working days
    • $21 to $100 - 3 working days
    • $101 to $500 - 4 working days
    • $501 and up - 5 working days
Sounds OK to me and I'm sure the payments will be prompt as always.
PS: just bought two more pos's via STP.

TUEPS: checked my account this morning and was happy to see a successful 2% cycling overnight. Thanks Admin, you're doing great!

My-OPI: earlier this morning I added to yesterdays blog post since they changed their mind about the March 31 Injection of $5K.
Well, what can i say? I wasn't really surprised. It was more of a "figures" reaction from me.

ACX: just a quick update while I'm thinking of them.
The last payment I got for my Ad Pack earnings took two weeks from date of request to receive. I do have another pending since March 23rd so am hoping, if they're on the same schedule, that I'll receive that one in another 6-7 days. That would be great and I'll let you know.

Heard on the News this morning that they found The Holy Grail in Spain. That would be cool, but then Monty Python's search would be over, lol

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Thirty-First

Last day of March and Monday.
Time to pay those pesky 1st of the month bills that always roll around way too soon.

ATBV: tomorrow I'll be paying my weekly subscription again and hope to see a little movement in my matrices.

Twentyby20: doing great and bought more positions today. Also requested a cash out which should arrive soon.
* Paid just a few hours later. Thanks Ryan!

Tueps: happy day for Tueps. Tonight EDT will be our first cycling since the week long down time for the changes. Now that new positions are $5 and we are cycling 5 x per week (2% each time), am noticing new members coming in. Excellent news and just what the doctor ordered :)

My-OPI: here's something of interest:
$5,000 Cash Injection: On March 31st, a huge $5,000 cash injection will be added into My-OPI with $4,000 of it going into the Profit-Share Ad Packs, and $1,000 going into the Silver Cycler Ad Packs.
I do have active Profit-Share packs but no cycler packs. So I jotted down my current 'balance' and am anxious to see how much this "injection" will affect my account.
PS: I did not buy any new packs since I still have plenty 'active' and waiting to fill.
PPS: wonder what time zone they're on?
It's 5:30 PM MDT here and no injection as of yet.
Maybe at midnight 'their' server time?
But when could that be?
April 1st Admin Update:
$5,000 Cash Injection: As soon as we hit $175,000 in commissions earned, a huge $5,000 cash injection will be added into My-OPI with $4,000 of it going into the Profit-Share Ad Packs, and $1,000 going into the Silver Cycler Ad Packs.
No further comment.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just a Little Fun


OK OK, here's some help for the younger folks.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Twentyby20: hope you all are enjoying those nice earnings. Me? I keep purchasing (or repurchasing) just like always and cash out too of course. Great little program and I sure hope everyone can see that.

TUEPS: re-opened today after the restructure.
If you had logged in earlier (like I did) you may have noticed some of the items had not been adjusted yet, as per the update. But they are now :)

- Minimum purchase is now $5.00
- Minimum withdraw has been changed to $5.00
- You can withdraw every 2 days (instead of the previous 3)
- Fees have been lowered for purchasing new (as opposed to earlier today)
(sorry if you've already purchased but it will be lower from now on)
- For each $20 position you had, you now have 4 at $5 each.
- Cycling will be done Monday through Friday at 2% each day.

- And last but not least...
Members: 816
Running days: 108 since 2013-12-11
Did I miss anything?