Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Week To Go

Sorry I haven't been around all week.
Well I've been here, just not blogging, lol

Been a busy week with Christmas shopping and what not. Tomorrow brings even more shopping. Then there is a 'concert' at my grand daughters school that I'll be attending. Then another fun night of babysitting so her parents can have a break.

I'm not involved with many programs right now but I hope that will change come first of the year.

DigAdz will be having some 'downtime' around the Christmas Holiday for upgrades and maintenance.
I've been enjoying my 'digging' there so far but have let my "Hunter" and "Hunter Pro" upgrades go bye-bye. It just wasn't worth it for me and I would rather spend the money on Bundle Ads to keep my Level higher.

OneLineAd is On Hold for 4-5 weeks. Now that's just a crazy long time. Hope it comes back better than before.

So that's about it. Again I'm short on words.
Maybe there's just too much to think about right now as our Christmas Countdown Clock is ticking away.

Friday, December 12, 2014

I Smell a Rat

OneLineAd: I did decide to buy a daily sub position when this launched yesterday. Now I was under the impression that this being a daily sub, that the same amount would be taken from my account today to pay for the new one. That hasn't happened yet so members are trying to get answers on what we need to do next.
In the meantime, my first Sub position did cycle in level 1 and gave me my money back. Now waiting for the 2nd cycle to gain a bit more.


DigAdz: I've really gotten into the groove of digging and clicking for our daily allotment of Points and Cash. Been doing a lot of building (repurchasing) also and working my way up the Level ladders.
Read a good post in facebook today written by Annie Walsh (one of the FB admins) that you might be interested in also.

* Dig Value ads are usually released by this time of day. But today if you click on the Dig Value button, you'll receive a message similar to the one below. Now your time may be different as I think they are staggering the value ad releases so we don't overload the system when they're ready.

 You have 20 pending Value Units. Please wait till they will be open. Approximate time of opening : Dec 13 2014 02:02

* There is an addition Note when you click on the Dig Bonuses blue box too. You'll see when you get there.

Annie Walsh note:
Beejay has been in Bangkok for two days and organized a new office for Digadz. Here there will be support staff and an in-house programmer.
This is to make ready also for third party business that will benefit Digadz and its members revenue-sharing. This is one of the long term ideas of Beejay and in addition to this many add ons and tools will be implemented next year also, so this is marvelous news for us all.
Also worth mentioning is that the SQL part of the system will be renewed over the new year, because now we experience some slow server progress when many thousands are online at the same time. It will be taken care of and improved after Christmas, please be patient, at this time of the year it is difficult to get things done in due time. People are already thinking of Christmas & are slow to do things!

Now all paying processors are installed and people are excited about their daily earnings with the system! The problems with PayPal & India will be discussed over the weekend with BeeJay. I will not let you down over this issue. I strongly recommend any Indian members NOT to use PayPal at this time if you can use another processor
My conclusion so far: It's really worth digging into this opportunity. I think
many thousands will enjoy this opportunity in the years to come. I also heard some say they want this to be their primary business. I couldn't agree more!
We are here to stay & we are only new, but we will make this a company that everyone will be proud to be a part of, all we ask is patience for a little while, accept that we are working to improve things behind the scenes for you & be amazed at what is to come for all of us 


Last night I saw a critter on my patio. It was already dark but I got a pretty good look at it. So I searched google pictures today trying to place it.
Now we do have Prairie Dogs over on the farm so looked for them first.

No, I don't think that was it, but could have been.
Then I thought, OMG, it was a Rat. So I searched again for Rat pictures.

Ewww No. I don't recall it looking like that either.
So again I checked google for Rats in Denver and learned something today.

Since our Flood last year September, seems the Norway Rat has been around town a lot more and moving into the suburbs rather than just staying in Downtown Denver.

I've lived in this house for years and never saw a rat here before. But when I saw this next picture of the Norway Rat... yep, I think that was it.

Now I just hope the little guy finds somewhere else to go and not try to find a new home in my home.
Besides, with my two cats here, I really don't want to deal with hearing a commotion overnight if their paths should cross.
Ewww again!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To Play Or Not To Play...

OneLineAd is launching a new Matrix-Cycler on Thursday. I wasn't going to play in it but you know... my daily 3% has been coming through like clockwork (since I never cycled a Level 1) and they've never missed a payout I requested. So I might just throw a few dollars in there too and see what happens.
Countdown clock is on the site.
Good Luck to those who decide to play.

Hello Blondie,

We are glad to receive such a wonderful response for the new daily sub pay plan. We appreciate each and every member's effort to make it a successful opportunity.

Less than 48 hours are left for the launch of new pay plan hence we encourage all the members to go through New Comp Plan details or members can click the following link:

So if you have not funded your account then you can do it because the new compensation plan is the fastest matrix cycler ever created.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Not too shabby for my first day of being a "Hunter Pro" and I only had to click on 4 of the 1% ads to get this.

Already received ads : 4 
Earning from ads : $8.16 
Expire on : 13 Dec 2014 23:13

Remember though, you might get a lot of $'s one day, then not much the next. So whatever I receive each day, I'm just thankful for ;)

Also have been purchasing new "Bundles" every day with my earnings. Just trying to build my Point Level up to a decent amount since higher is better and we lose points daily and have to dig (click) to get some of them back. For instance, if I lose 20k in points today, then replace them with 30k, figure I'm in good shape for now.

Ran out of milk.
Off to the store (meow)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sometimes Less Is Better

I decided to take the plunge today and go Hunter Pro in DigAdz. Yes it cost $21 for one week but if you don't get into profit, they extend the upgrade for an additional week. Plus I think I will get better valued ad's and less of them to click on. So in this situation, less IS better. 

Hello Digadz friends! *NEWS* NEWS!
1. Programmer is now working on the website to have it accessing faster. We had an old SQL system and will now upgrade to a new faster one. Improvements will be seen in the next hours.
2. Timer on ads will be changed to 18 hours from Monday.
3. A Report Site button will be added on the surfing page, so please help us reporting inappropriate sites (porn, frame breaking etc.)
4. Paypal withdrawals are OK, pending for tomorrow
5. Payza is approved but Payza not yet approved our account, so delay from their side, not ours.

OK, I know #5 doesn't make much sense but I'm sure we'll hear more details on that later.

Anyway, hope you guys are all getting all your clicks done in time. That's very important if you want to move up the ladder.

Item #2 above should help those who had a hard time squeezing those clicks in during a busy day. I know it caught me by surprise more than once, lol

PS, Dig (Qualify) Bonuses are available now (5 PM MST) to click on in order to be eligible for Cash and Point Bonuses the next day. You have 24 hours to get those Ads clicked.
Note: their server time changes days at 5 PM my time.

Have a great evening :))

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Click Till The Cows Come Home

That's what I did this morning.
Clicked Ads in Digadz for over 2 hours!
Well, I don't mind 'working' for my money, as long as it pays off in the long run.
I'm still in a 'building' mode and re-spending everything I earn at this point. Eventually I'll start withdrawing when I figure out a good plan of attack for that part. Yes it's work but I am enjoying it so far.

(Cow pic above, yep, I took that pic not long ago. Couldn't resist the cute little guy checking out my back yard while waiting for more grass clippings.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Digadz - Time Consuming but Well Worth It

Sorry to leave you hanging for a few days.
Been busy around here plus learning how Digadz works has been a bit time consuming.

Was thinking about how to explain the "steps", then I received an Ad from a promoter who broke it down pretty good. So I'm gonna borrow that from him and make my own changes as need be.

By the way, we're over 34K members now and I read that PayPal** is being tested as we speak. So if you've been waiting for that Pay Processor, it shouldn't be too much longer.

** PayPal is now available.
You don't need to add funds to your account first.
Just select - Purchase Ads - Create Bundle Ad Campaign - follow the steps and purchase using your PayPal. Ad Bundles are $1 each.
Note: there Is a daily limit spend of $120 as of today but that should be raised over time.

Here is a brief explanation on what it is & how it works.....

Digadz is not a cycler or pure revshare, no need to join early to earn, most of us are in building mode with long term in mind. (Me: that's what I'm doing now, building)

Cost of Ad Packs: (Me: purchase Bundle Ads)

Each Ad pack cost $1 and expire at $1.50

Each Ad pack awards you 1500 points.

The more points you have = Higher ad value to click = Higher earnings!

There are 11 levels:

Point Level 1 ........ 800 to 4.5k
Point Level 2 ........ 4.5k to 10.5k
Point Level 3 ........ 10.5k to 22.5k
Point Level 4 ........ 22.5k to 45k
Point Level 5 ........ 45k to 82.5k
Point Level 6 ........ 82.5k to 165k
Point Level 7 ........ 165k to 330k
Point Level 8 ........ 330k to 660k
Point Level 9 ........ 660k to 1.35m
Point Level 10 ...... 1.35m to 2.7m
Point Level 11 ...... 2.7m to 7.5m

Is it passive?

Yes. It is 100% passive - Join, buy bundle ads (ad packs), start clicking ads and start earning. No need to refer a single person to earn.

Do I have to click Ads to earn?

Yes. Every day you will get "Dig Value" Ads based on your level - CLICK & EARN!

What are DigPoints, DigBonus and DigValue?
Once you log in to your back office, on to your right you can see three clickable buttons, Digpoints, DigBonus, and DigValue.

Dig Points:

You get 10 (or 20) ads every day. Each worth 12 points. Click all 10 & earn 120 (or 240) points daily!

Dig Bonuses:

These are bonus ads, you need to click 10 qualifying ads daily to get bonus ads the next day. Click DigBonus in your back office and when you see 10 qualifying ads click all one by one and qualify for next day - I earned few 1000's points & cash through these!

Dig Value:

These are your value ads. You get higher value ads if you are in the higher levels.

What are Digger, Hunter and Hunter Pro? (OPTIONAL)
These are optional upgrades which gives special value ads to only those who are upgraded ==> 1% of global ad sales in the entire company is allocated for that purpose!

Every day you get value ads. If you earn more than upgrade amount in a week it expires and in case you earn less than upgraded amount, your upgrade is extended for another week ==> so basically, you cannot lose by upgrading as you MUST earn at least the value of your upgrade!

Digger cost - $0.05 (upgrade is valid for 1 week)

Hunter cost - $3.00 (on first day I got value ads for $3.66)

Hunter Pro cost - $21 (on first day I got value ads for $23.15)

So, basically it was worth upgrading into both Hunter & Hunter pro as I earned the cost in just 1 day!!!

======Back to Me: I am still only in "Digger" and "Hunter" and have been spending my earnings on purchasing more "Ad Bundles" at this point. Once my Point Level is a little higher, I'll probably go "Hunter Pro" at that time.
But like I said in an older note, I'm just clicking daily and learning all the 'tricks of the trade' as I go along.

But you know what? I'm really enjoying it so far. I received some "Dig Value" Ads in the $1 - $2 range last night. At that time, I was at Level 4. Today I used my earnings to purchase more "Ad Bundles" and am now at Level 5. So for starting with a little bit of funds, and doing that daily 'clicking' in all areas before they expire, it's going really good :))

PS, don't forget you can join for Free and work your way up by digging for those Ads.

Don't forget about the Videos too. They show in detail how to do what you need to do. Here's #1. While there, if you check on the side bar in Youtube, you'll see quite a few more.

Digadz Hybrid PTC Revshare Comp Plan Presentation 29-11-14


There is an excellent Member Testimonial in the comment below. Go check it out now!
Thanks Mark for posting :)
- You too doomcrew ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

DigAdz News

Finally the DigAdz site came up in my area!
About 2 PM this afternoon I was able to log in, do some digging (surfing), purchased a small 'bundle ad' package and even upgraded my account to "Hunter".
Was going to go "Hunter Pro" but they've been having a few problems with funds not getting credited so I decided to play it safe for now and spend small.
Tomorrow should be a better day for sure especially if all the little problems are fixed and the site remains stable.
So happy that I could finally get involved!
Cheers :)

PS, if any of my personal referrals need a hand figuring out the system... please send me an email and I'll send you a link to a very helpful step-by-step instructional site created by our friend "capoon". It came in real handy for me and got me up and running in no time!

Friday, November 28, 2014

DigAdz Launching Tomorrow + Saturday

Saturday Update:

Digadz Hybrid PTC Revshare Comp Plan Presentation 29-11-14

LATEST NEWS from Beejay: Your new dashboard will be switched on about 2 hours before launch. When you log in PLEASE READ the To-Do List For today, very important.

PayPal will NOT be available for purchase today but:

"We are launching today because the programmer is available & won't be next week if that answers some of the questions. No, you will not lose out by Paypal only being available after Tuesday. This is not a cycler where you lose positions if you don't get in early."

Just remember folks, this is not a get rich quick program. You will need to "dig" for ads daily and use your earnings wisely.
Cheers and Good Luck :)

PS, site is having a "too busy" launch time. No need to hurry or rush. I'm going to take a break for an hour or two then try to get myself going after that.

PPS, still not able to log in. Site has been down (for me) except for a few short minutes when it first opened. Sooo I haven't been able to do anything there yet. (sigh) Now I have to leave in an hour to babysit so might miss the first day completely. Fingers crossed that something changes soon.

LAST NOTE before I leave:

We are sorry we are closed for maintenance now. But this is the necessary measure. Just from the start we got into massive DDOS attack (the largest attack we got hit with was 15 Gbps). Server staff recommended us to complete some server upgrade with additional tools and we agreed. As a result now our site is not visible in some areas. I think it will be honest to all our members to close site for maintenance untill it works fine again. Now we just need to wait till DNS propagates all over the word. We are sorry again and hope you understand us.

Launch Time has been revealed for DigAdz which is Noon EST, although we're still waiting on the Official Comp Plan. I'll post that here as soon as I hear it's out. Oh and we're up to 21,400 pre-registered members. Crazy.

Dear blondie,
Good news! and Good day for launch Official Launch Time on 29th November,2014 18.00 CET.
It's time to start after big testing.
Thank you for Marius Pedersen to create video about exciting for Official Launch Time. You can watch video here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday and...

Today's Digadz Update:

Dear Digadz members,

86% programming status and more than 15k+ members preregistered! This is so amazing and it's a very exciting time for all of us!

Latest news is that we are doing some major system tests this week, and if all is approved there will be an announcement soon about the official launch.

Now you have time to build your team before it starts and if you knew what we know, you would promote like crazy right now!

Many thanks and everyone have a wonderful week!
Best regards,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Digs

The system is showing 77% 84% complete and growing at an incredible rate. Up to *13,855 members as I write this. *Now over 14K.
I'm sure we're all very anxious to see what the "comp plan" is going to be which I hope will bring even more excitement.

Some are waiting to join until they know about the comp plan. Why would they do that? You don't need to pay anything to join and receive their updates.
Well I can't speak for them, but I'm in and anxious to see where this goes.

From the site:

"Jump In Quick And Secure Your Account Today.
More Rewards
Dig Bonuses Everyday
Affiliate Commission 10%
Start Earning with Free Member
Get Unlimited 5% from referral’s bonuses

All member start earning with free member
Or Start at $1 +
Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
More useful tools and Rewards"

Accepts: PayPal, Payza, STP, PM and EgoPay.

Hey it's starting to snow again.
Glad my outside windows are all clean :)
Go Bronco's in the white stuff.

OneLineAd: still getting my 3% daily and cashing out when I can. I never did cycle out of Level 1 and probably never will. But as long as the 3% continues, I'm OK with that.

777Payouts: still getting a few cents there daily.

RevShareAdvertising: on hold sort of. Waiting on another Admin update.

MyProfitAds: not sure what's going on there.
Launch date and time keeps changing.
Admin hasn't been seen in MMG for 2 weeks.
We have no idea how many members are pre-registered.
Admin by the way, is know as "redhammer" in the MMG forum. That's the main reason I joined and thought this one would be as honest as they come. Well, IF it ever launches that is, lol

Friday, November 21, 2014


That would be: Thank Goodness It's Not Freezing.
Was just outside washing the rest of my house windows before the next storm comes through. It is currently 59F / 15C here and a beautiful day!
(ps, I was even barefoot out there. Had to dodge the leftover snow piles but it worked out OK)

I really like the new main page for Digadz.
The other one didn't say much, so it didn't catch enough attention IMO. Now this new one might get a few to stop and see what it's all about. Go look.
Anyway, we're up to 11,855 pre-registered members and the system is now 77% complete. Excellent :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Digadz Update

Just found the following update for Digadz
I don't know about you but I'm starting to get a little anxious.

From BeeJay – Facebook DigAdz Team Build
Hello Digadz members,

System update, Now 77% in progress but main structure already done. and total pre-account was over 10k now and will be huge.

About progress slower than our expectations, we are so sorry about this. We are so serious about security, design, user interface and the important things it must be high performance. We must check all processes and that makes us slow in progress right now.
For now, our development team work all day and night to make everything perfect. This project is very large scale and we never had a project like this before. We are super excited because this will make money for everyone for the long term!
Take advantage of the pre-launch time! Now you still have time to get more people in under your referral link. The more referrals you get as huger amounts of earnings and earn residual forever. It's easy to get referrals, please do, because it's free! Everyone can start with free members.
Our products and services will not only be focusing on advertising, we will have a market place (e-commerce base) and many marketing services.
I know you want to know about the compensation plan but this will be announced later. I'm sure everyone will be excited about this, so it's worth waiting for this.

Let's Digadz Rock! Everyone can make success! Regards,


Monday, November 17, 2014

Win with DigAdz... Sure Hope So :)

Been keeping my eye on DigAdz waiting for the launch time to be announced and below are some bits and pieces of what I know so far.

I don't know about you guys, but I really want to see a good long lasting program here. I'm getting so sick and tired of these 'one day wonders' that don't pan out for most of us.

Everyone that knows this Admin Beejay, seems to be really happy with the way he's run his other program and they swear he's an honest experienced Admin. So I'm really hoping that this one will be as good as we want (and need) it to be.

- Pay Plan and Launch Date will be released when the site is 90% complete.
- Currently it is at 70% with over 7,000  8,500 pre-registered members.
- Pay Processors that will be accepted will be PayPal, STP, PM and EgoPay.

Taken from the site:
"All member start earning with free member
Or Start at $1 +
Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
More useful tools and Rewards"

So there you have it.
I'll keep in touch as I learn more.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It Was a Long John Night

This morning when I got up,
the temp was -6 F.
Today's high will be 19 F.
Yes, I wore my Long Johns
to bed last night...
wouldn't you?

RevShareAdvertising: below is a portion of their new update. I've been happy with the Daily Earner Plan and I do have some funds sitting there that I can't withdraw since the minimum w/d is $20. So yeah, I might get up early and give this a whirl.

"We have come to the CONCLUSION of opening a new 100% revenue sharing plan with MINIMUM PURCHASE OF $5 and matures AT $125 WITH A 50/50 REPURCHASE OPTION.
The Plan will distribute 100% OF PURCHASES to members that own adshares every 60 minutes.
We did not open this plan to MAKE MONEY, but to SHARE all purchases within the 60 minutes to member that own adshares."

Opens at 6 AM my time, 8 AM EST but you don't need to be there right at launch. I'm thinking since it's shared "hourly" that if we do it before the hour is up, we should be included in the first hourly share.