Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Updates

LinumFund which was announced here on Friday just sent out their first newsletter. Here it is for those of you who may be sitting on the fence and not yet registered:

Hello dear investors.

Our project was launched only recently, but we already have some important news.

1. Start of the project turned out really grandiose, I admit honestly – we didn't expect to get such success. For the first two days 750 new members already joined us, from them 550 have active deposits. Total amount of deposits is about $65,000. We are very glad that our project was pleasant to you and we will make everything not to betray your trust and expectations.

2. Many requests for receiving the status of “Regional Representatives” arrived to us. All your requests will be considered soon. Members, whose requests will be approved, will receive the corresponding confirmation on the email at the beginning of the next week. Respectively the “Regional Representatives” page will start replenishing on Tuesday-Wednesday.

3. A lot of investors ask us about addition of new payment systems. Concerning new payment systems I can tell the following:

- OkPay – we aren't going to add this system. We don't think that many investors will use it, and the blocking of accounts is sometimes observed in this system.

- PayPal – we too aren't going to work with this system. PayPal doesn't work with such projects, and the beginning of work with them can lead us to blocking of our account. 
And we don't want to risk yours (and ours) money.

- Payza - we hope to connect soon. Merchant department promised that procedure of
verification will take from 2 to 5 days. We undergo this procedure two weeks already. A
problem that support of Payza responds to messages too long. Therefore we won't speak about any concrete terms. As soon as we undergo verification procedure – we will report about it in news.

4. After registration of an account don't forget to specify details of your payment processors in the section “Payment details”. Also be attentive at a deposit conclusion, check to what payment account you withdraw the means. Especially it concerns BitCoin because often you withdraw funds for that address from which deposit was made (and it can be not that address which you planned to use).

5. Unfortunately, the start of the project took place not so smoothly. Yesterday the mistake connected with a choice of investment plans was revealed. An error was corrected during yesterday's technical works.

If your deposit was made in wrong plan (not one that has been chosen by you) just send us request to and we will fix it. Also 10-15 investors at change of the investment plan could have a doubling of the deposit or you could not receive daily charges – in such case write us on and we will correct everything quickly.

We apologize for inconveniences. We will try to avoid similar problems further.

Warmest Regards,
Marcus Jordan

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Having a Good Weekend

Linum Fund is off to a great start!
The Admin certainly took his time to have a classy looking (and working) website plus the time it took to get STP approval for it. Hats off to him!

If you missed the announcement, it's in yesterdays post. Thanks to those who decided to join from my link. I do appreciate you very much :)

* Got my first cash out from Limum today and Yes, it was instant!

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Program Announced

A new high yield program that accepts STP
Say what?
Yeah I couldn't believe it either but here it is up close and personal.

Linum Fund LTD

Working on setting up my own account but will be back in a minute. OK back :)

- Plans: Professional and Advanced depending on how long you want your spend locked in for. I went with the Professional.

- Both plans start at $20 and there are no additional fees.
- Earnings are from 3.4% all the way to 4.8% daily.
- You can withdraw daily earnings (instant) but your principal is locked in for either 5 or 10 days.
- They just opened about 14 hours ago so definitely a good time to get registered and check it out.
- Besides STP they also accept EgoPay, Payeer, PM and Bitcoin.

I'm still jumping around the site reading a lot and it looks pretty good to me.

** One more thing, be sure the person you want to join under is showing as your Upline when you register. If not, clear cookies and click on their link again :)

Rev Share earnings in PAS are on hold until Monday when the new plans go into effect. I won't post the Update here because it's really long but you all should have it in your inbox if you're a member.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gotta Love Those Pay Days

Sparbs: I did in fact receive my payment after my 30 day plan expired and am also planning to make a new 15 day spend as soon as I'm done writing here. Great Job Admin!

Tomorrow morning at approx 11:30 AM EST, the PerfectAdSolution Time Matrix will restart. Best time to buy a new spot is right after the restart. I will be around for that if all goes well.
Also I completed 1 cycler and 2 time matrices today that resulted in a sweet $10 added to my account balance.
My first 5 positions did expire but I have plenty more active and will continue buying as long as this program keeps on doing what it's doing :)

Does anybody watch "The Bachelor" on TV besides me?
Glad to see Chris (the Farmer from Iowa) will be our next bachelor this fall. He was actually my favorite out of all of them last season.
Good Luck Chris. We'll be rooting for you :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where's The Rain Toto?

They keep telling me it's going to rain here but it never rains at my house. I think it's going out east, all the way to Kansas to visit with Dorothy and Toto, lol

SPARBS: woohoo! My 30 day plan has expired and I just requested a cash out to my account. Now, how much should I put back in is the question. Seems to be doing just find and it's on day 32 I believe.
Thanks Admin :)

PAS: tonight after the midnight run, the first 5 rev shares I bought will be expiring. Seems like it took a long time but this IS a long term program. Of course I've been purchasing more along the way so have plenty of them active right now and will probably be replacing them as they expire.
* Just heard back from Admin re: the daily surf requirement. Since I'm not online all night, I've been purchasing a lot of 'vacation' time. But soon, I won't have to do that any longer. He wrote:
New surfing rules are scheduled to be implemented by our programmer between 28th and 1st. Sorry we couldn't get an earlier date but his schedule is quite busy.

AdzPays: steady as she goes.

Have you noticed how many programs open weekly these days? Are these being run by experienced admins from our past or wannabe's trying to make a quick buck or two?

Regardless of how many 'spams' I get per day, I can't afford to join anything and everything that comes along. I don't have 'extra' funds to spend and need to be super careful with my own money and what I promote.

I do have a feeling though that September is going to be a good month for us. Summer is coming to an end and more of our experienced Admins will be back in action. Yippee!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gone Fishing

You thought I had gone fishing, didn't ya? lol
Sorry for not posting all weekend but there really wasn't much to post about.

This morning, right as I was logging on here, a Police car drove by. Then another and another and ... what the heck is going on?
Well, about 6 of them ended up at the corner of my street along with a Sheriff's vehicle (equipped with a shot gun), a fire and rescue truck and another big fire truck.
Since I was still in my jammies and in no shape to go outside to see what all the commotion was about, tried to catch something on the news. Yeah, there was a news truck here too but as of Noon, nothing has been shown.
Sure hope it wasn't a Bear sighting or a Coyote attack.
I'll let you know later once I hear more.

SPARBS: my 30 day plan expires tomorrow or the next day. Can't hardly wait :))

Waiting to hear from PAS admin about surfing.
My surf vacation has run out and not sure if I need to purchase a new one yet or not.

Below is a new update from AdzPays. It's been doing great for me and I do hope to see this one around for a long time to come.

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your kind support and a warm welcome to all new members. I have to apologize for a long time without sending updates. I was offline due to some health issues and family commitments. But, of course, all support tickets and issues were all promptly attended to by my support aids and sometimes I answer on mobile too.

So far, AdzPays has surpassed every expectation from launch. We started off as a cycler system, but had to implement some changes due to obvious reasons and it was good we made those changes.

Our Statistics so far:
About $8,000 worth of Revenue Packs have already expired
Over 1100 positions have cycled in our cycler system and its still moving
Over $20,000 earned by members and lots and lots of instant cashouts till date.

I only ask for continued member support. We pay out many withdrawals daily and instantly, but only a very tiny handful (almost same people) are sharing their payment proofs on forums and income boards. I only ask that we work together. ... And together we can make it happen and achieve anything. Some people gave up and decided to try out the next shiny thing, but some stayed and worked the system and we already have people in profit ranging from 120% to over 500%. I hope you will support us more.

Moving forward, and and for the greater good of all, we wish to implement the following changes immediately:
Revenue Share Packs will earn upto 130% ROI; and 10% will feed the cycler balance. Rev shares will be distributed 4 times daily, that is every 6 hours. So from Rev Packs alone, you can earn 117% and with the cycler you can earn above 130% (and with the right strategy of building your account, you can earn even more.)

Also try to login and make use of your Ewallet balance to make purchases; it helps feed our Rev Share pool to keep our profit sharing higher per day.

Once again, understand that these changes are for the greater good of all. We are no scammers and with your support, we shall be here long long time to come.

Thank you and God bless.
Admin Juby

Friday, August 22, 2014

Putting It To Bed

Last note re: AdzBliss,
I did in fact request a refund via support ticket.
They wrote back and tried to talk me out of it.
I declined and asked for it again.
They wrote back again offering me 75% of my spend.
I declined again and asked for the full amount pointing out that I had not withdrawn any RC or earnings. All I wanted was my original spend back.
My ticket was replied to overnight but when I tried to open it, it had already been deleted. So I checked my account and found my original spend back in my balance... no more, no less. I requested the cash out and was paid instantly. Yes, I got lucky. Now I can finally put this to bed!
Wish they would delete my account though so I stop receiving their emails but oh well. I can always spam them out.

Good Luck to those of you who are trying to get a refund and Good Luck to those of you who decided to play it out too.

PAS: I was here at 9 pm last night and I did purchase a new Matrix spot. It cycled out pretty quick so I bought one more using the earnings from that. Today I think I have enough to buy another rev pack. Now don't let me forget cause I haven't done it yet :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fast and Furious... Not!

AdzBliss is giving refunds to those who feel they were tricked into believing the program was something that it's not. We all thought this was a real profit share with actual profit earnings coming every 30 minutes. Now that we realize they've capped the daily to 2% or so, it's not so exciting. (to me anyway)
How to request:
- submit a support ticket to AdzBliss
- wait for the support ticket to be 'resolved'
- your spend should be moved back to your balance
- then you can login and request the withdraw.
I just submitted my ticket 30 mins ago so will let you know when it's refunded.

PS, I did not withdraw ANY earnings or RC from this program. All I want back is my original spend.
My apologies for even sharing this one with you but who knew it was so wrongly written and advertised.

PPS, if you're happy with the program, please continue on but just be careful of it. Not sure how long it can last after all the opening day commotion.

PAS: for those who are awake at 11 PM EDT, the time matrix will restart. Best time to buy new is right after that. So I'll try to be here at 9 PM my time to make my new $9 spend.
Also today I cashed out and received $10.66. Next in line, more purchasing of rev shares. Thumbs Up!

AdzPays: cashed out today a mere $5 and also had enough to purchase a new rev share from my wallet.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ADZbliss - Do Not Join

ADZbliss launched about 20 minutes late but it did launch. Made my purchase and will see how much it 'shares' in 30 minutes.
- Well, I earned .02 cents on $40 spent in the first 30 minutes. So now the question becomes, is this % capped or is there an error? Waiting for the next round to see if it gets any bigger.
-- Appears to be a capped 2% daily program which is split up and shared every 30 minutes. Unless it's an error in the script, seems a lot of members were fooled or we didn't read between the lines. In any case, I'm sure the Admin is taking a lot of heat right now from members. This is NOT the rev share that it was advertised to be. So let's see what happens before the complaints start going out.

--- Too late. Everyone is angry that they were duped. Including me. I'm going to ask for a refund and if that doesn't come, file a dispute with STP. I haven't done that for several years but this was the biggest mess I've seen in a long long time!!

OK, onto better things...

A week from today my plan expires in SPARBS.

Sure am looking forward to that.

PAS is working exactly as advertised, unlike 'other' new launches out there. (snicker)

Bought myself another Rev Share yesterday and will probably do the same later today. Actually I just did ;)
Also: This email is to notify you that you have just cycled a position in the TimeMatrix.

AdzPays: just cycled a spot and will cash out / re-spend in a few minutes.
Congratulations!!! You have just cycled your Straight Line Cycler 4006 and earned $3 (120%) to your cash balance. Thank you for supporting us. AdzPays.Net

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon

As you know, ADZbliss is scheduled to launch tomorrow morning. I'm having mixed feelings about it at the moment. What I originally saw as a solid rev share isn't coming across that way any longer.
They sent us a long update yesterday with a whole lot of words that didn't really say anything. Seriously. After reading it I still don't know exactly how the 'profit' is going to shared and/or how much they're going to hold back in 'reserve'.

So the bottom line is, I'm still going to play but only with a small amount at first to see how it's going to work. If I like it, I might add more funds. If I don't, then at least there won't be too much spilt milk to cry over.
Now if you do decide to play, remember to play smart. Don't spend what you can't afford to lose. Play fair. Don't get greedy and Good Luck.

Oh and sorry for being so serious but I don't know this Admin and I don't know their intentions for the program. I just hope they're honest and it does work out well for all of us in the long run. I guess we'll know soon enough, lol

PS: if you do plan to play, you should deposit to wallet early on, before the start. Some pay processor deposits are auto and some are not. So you will want your funds in your account ahead of time to be ready for launch.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Still Debating

I think the Admin of ADZbliss could use one of these cats right now. There is a discrepancy between the posted launch time and the countdown clock. So at this point, no one knows when this is scheduled for launch.
Although I've posted this program on my side bar, I'm still watching and debating if it's going to be worth my time and money or not.
Prelaunch Alert! Officially Launched on Wednesday, The 20th of Aug. 9:30 AM EST (New York time) Time.:
Me: well it's not launched yet so that really should say "Launching" but I'll let it slide for now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

You Just Can't Be Too Careful

ADZbliss: stats look good and some are funding ahead of time to be ready for Monday's launch. That's still a long ways away so I'll wait a bit on that.
** Late Saturday Update: Launch is delayed due to server issues. Stay tuned for the latest news on that. No, I still can't log in either.
*** Site is back. Launching on the 21st.

PAS is doing great. Even though the surf vacation fees have increased, it's worth it for me to pay for it else I'd miss 2 surfs a day.

AdzPays: still chugging along, received a small payment today and had enough to purchase a new share with my wallet balance.

As I was typing this note, received the following from
AdCashNetwork: (which really ticks me off that they let something like that happen. sheesh! I think I only have 1 referral who joined recently so I do hope they get all their money back. The members who joined early on should have been above BEP by now. But still it sucks.)

Dear members, 

Our hosting got suspended because of a Notice of trademark infringement done by, stating that we are intentionally trading on our goodwill by using the name ADCASH NETWORK which is not only confusedly similar to our trademark ADCASH ADVERTISING NETWORK .

So we can avoid any concerns here is the e-mail we received from them:
To whom it may concern,

Our company, Adcash , is the owner of International Trademark Registration No. 1137683 issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This mark is being used around the world in conjunction with our advertising services.

We have recently discovered that your company through its website is intentionally trading on our goodwill by using the name ADCASH NETWORK which is not only confusedly similar to our trademark ADCASH ADVERTISING NETWORK, but that also features services similar to our own.
Therefore it is clear that the use of the name ADCASH NETWORK is intended to confuse and misdirect customers seeking our services.

You are thus aware that your activities are unlawful and constitute intentional trademark infringement, trademark dilution and false designation.
Should you choose not to resolve this matter expeditiously, we are prepared to take all necessary legal action to pr otect our brand name, rights and business.

I remain available to discuss this matter with you.


Josepha Frier
Executive Coordinator


For sure this is not a real good point and they are just afraid because was growing too fast and we had different services so they couldn't state that as they only owned ADCASH.

I must admit it was our mistake too because we liked the name too much and we didn't researched more about it and see the problems we may encounter with it.
We could try to move the hosting to other but the same following problem will keep rising again and again, therfor it will be closed.

We will try to pay back as much as we can for people that invested and didn't get back their investment.

We are sorry for the problems we caused you or that you encountered on

Best Regards,
ACN Support

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Rev Share for Thursday

Was checking this one out and watching the member number grow like crazy, thought I'd get into it also and keep an eye on it for the next few days.

ADZbliss it's called and looks pretty straight forward, for a Rev Share that is, lol. Launches on Monday so we've got plenty of time to review and promote (if that's what you do).

Check your spam folder for the Welcome mail if not received to your inbox. Also give it a few minutes to arrive. They're not all auto right now.

In a nutshell:
- $10 ad packs earn up to 150%
- earnings are distributed every 30 minutes
- receive thousands of advertising credits
- no forced re-purchase policy
- withdraw 100% of your earnings
- instant payouts
- passive earnings (no sponsoring necessary)
- accepts STP, EgoPay, Payeer, PM and Bitcoin
- pays RC 4 levels deep

Good Luck to those who join and we'll be watching.
Also remember, best time to join a Rev Share is at launch or as soon as you can after launch. That's when earnings really move quickly.

ACN: member count is now over 1400. Not too shabby for being a week old today :) Doing good and just received another payout. Cool :)

PAS: don't forget the Time Matrix new round starts at 4 PM my time, which is 6 PM EDT. I'll be there.

AdzPays: requested a payment, got paid instantly and I see I have almost enough for another cycler spot. Yahoo! lol

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2nd Post for Tuesday...

cause I didn't want to mess with the last one.
Needed to clear my head first so I could get on with business.

AdCashNetwork is doing very well. I only have 5 positions and have earned over $10 in the last 28 hours or so.
Someone mentioned that surfing is not required at this time to get paid, but will be soon. From what I can tell, the surf timer resets somewhere between 7 - 7:30 PM EDT.

Sparbs: completed it's first 15 days and payouts are going out. Lots of members are reinvesting also. Thumbs up to the Admin and program.

PerfectAdSolution: after steadily purchasing for the first 30 days, thought it would be wise to get my "seed money" out. So starting today, will be cashing out a bit and then probably switch off. One day purchase, next day cash out. We'll think on that one :)

AdzPays: not much to report, it's still rolling along just fine and dandy.

Robin Williams

Heard the news about Robin Williams before I went to bed last night. It was really disturbing to say the least.
I have so many good memories of him I could write a page full, except I'm at a loss for words. Am sure we all have our favorite moments of movies, shows or concerts we may have attended. So I'll leave it at that and allow you to remember your own.

You will be missed by many Robin. RIP dear Mork.

Signing off from Boulder, Colorado. Nanu Nanu

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stormy Saturday will repeat on Sunday

How are you all doing? Good I hope.
Just a quickie post today, if you don't mind.
Sat down to 'talk' and another storm is coming in.

ACN: I continue purchasing and withdrawing. As I wrote on my side bar, this one is turning out really good.
* Don't forget to surf. I almost did.
** and...
Dear members,
As you requested we added a new page called History that can be found in the left menu of your account, you will be able to find there: total deposited and total withdrawn, in different pages.
We also added a button so you can directly visit the website in the surf area.
Don't forget you can contact us at anytime on e-mail, live chat or on the phone shown on the website, but keep in mind we can only answer between 09 am - 02 am. Best Regards,
ACN Support

Sparbs: not much to say until it's cash out time.
* Aug 10th Update:
We are happy to announce that Payza and OKPay have been added to Sparbs e-currency list. You can easily make deposit and withdraw your earnings to newly integrated e-currencies.
We are working to add more features soon!
Have a nice week!
Sparbs Team

PAS: today I bought another week long 'surf vacation', renewed my membership for another month (cost $3) and purchased another rev pack. Doing great here!
* PS, really do enjoy the email notices we get from PAS. At least we know when we earn, when we get RC, when we cycle a Matrix etc. Keeps me on my toes at least.

AdzPays: waiting on a few more cents then I plan to withdraw a little which also sends a little to my wallet so I can purchase another rev pack when it's time.
* Sunday: instant cash out received.
Thanks as always :)

OK, gotta run.
I see lightning now so need to unplug. 
Later :))

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just Thursday

Was here early today, as always, but had to shut down for a wicked lightning and thunder storm to blow through. It passed over in less than an hour and it's sunny once again. Should be nice for the opening Bronco's game tonight.

AdCashNetwork did in fact launch early this morning my time. I wasn't awake yet so had a friend of mine buy my first position for me. It started earning really fast so I went ahead and bought another position about an hour after I got here. The earnings are slowing down now but that always happens after the initial launch frenzy. Watching to see how it goes from here on out and making decisions along the way :)

PerfectAdSolution: I was here for the Matrix restart and bought myself 2 new Matrix positions. I still don't understand all the different phases of those matrices but I did manage to earn back $5 for something cycling through, lol. I do like this program!

ShowBizHits: don't forget on Thursdays you can get 75 bonus credits for surfing 25 sites. Be sure to enter your surf code which is "surf".

Since it's the 7th, just have to show you this pic.
My son Dave and Jessica and grand daughter Olivia are all in BVI for a nice long vacation. While they are there, they celebrated their 7 Year Itch Wedding Anniversary (was 7-7-07) by renewing their vows. How cute is that and notice how Olivia makes the 7 7 7 complete...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Again :)

I don't know about you but sometimes, if I don't make notes, I forget things. So here it goes...

PAS: tomorrow at 11 AM MDT the new Time Matrix resets and starts again. I need to be here for that. If you can't be here at that time, just purchase your new Matrix as soon as you can afterwards.

ACN countdown clock has been changed so it could open tomorrow afternoon my time. Hmmm Well, I might just play with a small spend in that case, if it's the correct time that is.
* Sent in a ticket asking. Will let you know.
** Well now the site says launching at 11:00 AM (+1 GMT) so is that for tomorrow? Will it be 3 AM my time like I first thought? This should not be this difficult.
*** Ticket Reply: (I assume he means tonight?)
Launch time in your area will be 03:00 am ( -6 GMT Time ).
Best Regards


SPARBS: early next week the first 15 day plans should be expiring. I bought a 30 day so I have to wait a little longer.

ACX: my silver membership expires tomorrow and believe it or not, it has paid off for me so I will be renewing it again.

What did I forget?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Be Careful Out There

Supposed to rain here today. Looking forward to it as long as it doesn't flood like it has been in other areas.

Before I forget, if anyone gets an email Invite from me to join a new program... it's NOT from me! Some jackass is spamming using my email address as their sent from address. I DO NOT send spam email from this address or any other. Be careful.


AdCashNetwork: is going to launch at 3 AM MDT on Friday. Site says: launching Aug 7th but it will be Aug 8th my time if their countdown clock is right on.
Also their banner shows Ad Shares are $9, but their site example of RC is based on $10. I've asked them which is correct and waiting for their reply.*
And... still not seeing very much interest in this one, based on one of the main forums out there. So if earnings are based on true daily 'rev share', it might not be as profitable as we'd hope for.
Yes I'm a bit skeptical right now so I may or may not throw in my $9 or $10 when I wake up on Friday. But it certainly won't be at 3 AM, lol
* They will be $9.00 per share.

BRB. My friend Gord is trying to talk to me about cow manure at the moment. A little distracting I'd say, lol

(and there he is in my comments since I cut him off and told him I was trying to blog, hehe)

PAS: was going to start saving up for a cash out but changed my mind. Purchased two more rev share packs last night and another one today.

Normally after this long, I would be getting concerned about my "seed money", but I'm not. I do think this one was built for Long Term so that's how I've been playing it from the get-go :)

AdzPays: been reading how some members are cycling daily now. Well, they must have purchased a lot more Rev Packs than I did. I've cycled once so far but getting close to having enough in my 'cycler funds' to get another one soon. Maybe in the next day or two.

"Currency Manager" is where you look to find your cycler balance.

Ummm what else?

Oh I know. AdClickXpress... since the Restart, am still not getting any DSP for surfing the Matrix side. But my friend tells me he's not getting any DSP for surfing the Ad Side. Sounds a little bizarre doesn't it? Well, if the shoe fits, lol

It's lunch time.

Off to raid the fridge :)
Look what I found. Got a free bottle of this the other day. It's chocolate flavored coconut water that is supposed to hydrate and replenish my body. Ya think? Can't hurt to try. It tastes better than I thought it would. Bottoms Up.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Morning

 photo KITTYCUPDAGOODMORNING-vi_zpsdfad287a.gif

ACX: just the Media side was shifted.
OK by me and I purchased more media packs with my xswallet funds just now. Carry on.
NOTE: they did the media shift. I bought more Media packs with my xs-wallet funds. Surfed the media this morning and again this late afternoon and have not received any earnings for it. (sigh) Will try again tomorrow.

Sparbs: received an RC payment this morning.
Thanks to Admin and my referral :)

PAS: sure do love seeing those "You Just Got Paid" emails every morning. I am up to 20 rev share units now and the 'surf vacation' purchase has been a true blessing.
Haven't cashed out since mid-July and not in profit yet but as I mentioned before, I think this one is worth growing right now.

ACN Update just in:
Dear members, 

We did mostly every checks on the website and is ready to launch even today but because a lot of people want more referals before the start, the official launch is moved even sooner on 08.07.2014 .

Advertising revenue will be 100% shared between members and payments will be made instantly so everyone will be happy.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Best Regards,
ACN Support


If I'm not mistaken, the count down clock tells me it'll be like 2:30 AM my time? Certainly not focused on US members, lol

Also just sent in a support ticket asking how rev share earnings will be distributed. Will let you know.*

* Here's the answer I received just a minute ago:
Yes as soon as money flows in it will be shares, for the moment there will not be any % fixed, in the future as we will extend our projects and investments we might add a fixed % too.
Best Regards


Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Saturday Shaft

Just got notice that ACX is starting their next profit shift. They cancelled my old pending withdrawal to get ready for the crush. Nothing has changed in my account yet so will look for that in the morning.

Speaking of not being paid, Twentyby30 moved my pay date again to August 5th. Remember now, that was requested on July 4th. Seems I'll never get it so I hope at least some of you are still being paid out.

On a happier note...
haven't found anything seriously wrong with AdCashNetwork so that's a good thing. Still wondering though how our 'daily earnings' will be calculated. Glad we have all week to find out.

Sparbs: requested a small rc payment today but was notified there was a bit of trouble with the pay processor I was using. Not a problem. I can wait it out without having a hissy fit.

PAS: had to think for a minute yesterday morning when I opened my gmail and did NOT see any overnight earnings from PAS. Well silly me forgot that my 7 week surf vacation setting had expired the night before. It's all good, I bought another weeks worth as soon as I figured it out.
Also been purchasing new Rev Shares as often as I can using my daily earnings and RC. Thanks guys and I still think this one is as solid as they come.

AdzPays: chugging along nicely with daily earnings and extra pennies for surfing a few ads. Had enough to buy a new rev share today too. Love the instant payouts for sure.

I am currently a Moose in the MMG forum.
Long story but funny as heck.

OK, so the other day when I talked about the constant rain here; that was a problem and here's why.
Between my roof and my awning, there is a leak and I have a barrel under it.
My awning does not have any downspout so the heavy rain pours down to just outside the corner of the patio slab and makes holes in the ground. Then the water gets under the Patio which is not good so...
with a light rain I can usually get outside and dump buckets every hour or two. But this heavy rain needed that done every 5 minutes!
Well there was no way I wanted to go outside every 5 minutes in the pouring rain so I got an old hose from the garage, cut it into 3 pieces and placed one end into one of those kitty litter buckets.
Then of course, I had to go outside, in my hoodie, in the rain, and get the siphon action in motion. You know what that entails, right?
The nice thing is, once it started draining, it kept draining because it kept pouring all day long.
So yes, blondie was out there 'working the hoses'. Hope none of the neighbors noticed. Well, if they did they probably just shook their heads. They're sort of used to me, lol

Friday, August 1, 2014

TGIF and August Already?!?

Joined a new program today called AdCashNetwork.
It's currently in pre-launch so we have a full week to dig into it and check it all out.
ACN is the second project related of Visitzen Ltd. 
That is posted on the site but I'm not familiar with that program so will do some investigating before launch.
- Shares start at $9 and give 150% ROI
- You do need to surf daily to earn (5 or 10 sites)
- They will have a 'vacation setting' if you can't surf but it'll cost you.
- Min withdraw is $2
- Accepts STP, EgoPay, Payeer and PM
It's not clear yet if this will be a set daily earning percentage or will we earn based on daily revenue? That is one thing we need to find out before launch so it's a good thing we have time to do that :)
That's it for now. If and when I find out more about it and/or the person in charge, will let you know.

Hours later... 
Sorry but the day got away from me.
Just too many little things to do today.
I'll catch up with you tomorrow.