Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just Thursday

Was here early today, as always, but had to shut down for a wicked lightning and thunder storm to blow through. It passed over in less than an hour and it's sunny once again. Should be nice for the opening Bronco's game tonight.

AdCashNetwork did in fact launch early this morning my time. I wasn't awake yet so had a friend of mine buy my first position for me. It started earning really fast so I went ahead and bought another position about an hour after I got here. The earnings are slowing down now but that always happens after the initial launch frenzy. Watching to see how it goes from here on out and making decisions along the way :)

PerfectAdSolution: I was here for the Matrix restart and bought myself 2 new Matrix positions. I still don't understand all the different phases of those matrices but I did manage to earn back $5 for something cycling through, lol. I do like this program!

ShowBizHits: don't forget on Thursdays you can get 75 bonus credits for surfing 25 sites. Be sure to enter your surf code which is "surf".

Since it's the 7th, just have to show you this pic.
My son Dave and Jessica and grand daughter Olivia are all in BVI for a nice long vacation. While they are there, they celebrated their 7 Year Itch Wedding Anniversary (was 7-7-07) by renewing their vows. How cute is that and notice how Olivia makes the 7 7 7 complete...


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Just wanted to let you know that baby J just arrived at 12:15 AM this morning so he made it on the 7th! They couldn't decide on the name yet...the initials go and Randall is the middle name. They have to decide when they do the birth certificate tomorrow.

He is perfect...I am a little prejudiced...but everything went great and he is a blessing.

Hope you are well. Haven't said anything lately but I do check every day on you.

Have a great weekend.


blondie said...

Congrats Randy!

You've got quite a handful of those grand kids built up now. You're one lucky Grandpa and we can all see how proud you are.

You have a great weekend also and keep in touch :)

Mark said...

Just a quick shout out to Blondie's followers! Am pretty new to all of this, have joined in with her on 3 different ventures thus far, haven't gotten rich but haven't lost either.

Wanted to share a comment on AdzPays, suggest you all go ahead and click her link today and buy a handful of RevShare Units @ $5 each.

I just reached the BEP, but didn't withdraw - just repurchased some more myself :-) Strong daily earnings and lots of new members everyday, and I'm gonna win with this one!

Yes, I have an affiliate link for AdzPays, but Blondie's been fair to me and I'd rather you just clicked hers!


blondie said...

Hey Mark,
What a nice thing to say and I didn't even mention Adz in my last post. Shame on me.
Yeah it's been doing good and I am in profit so it's only up from here.
Also I noticed you're the next person in the cycler list after mine. Hope we get that sooner than later so we can purchase more, you know? lol
Thanks again and have a Great Weekend!
Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Oops I must have messed up. Should have known just to comment as anonymous. I went through my gmail and see.... my post is not here!!! Anyways all I said was great pics of your family, Judy. Congrats to them. You must be very happy. Take care.
Hope this one works. lol


blondie said...

Yep, this one worked!
Hey Tree (wave)
Thanks for checking in on me and Thanks for checking out the pics.
Yes they're having a great time in BVI and I'm stuck here, but it's OK. At least they got a house sitter do I didn't have to worry about the Dogs, lol
Take care :)