Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Saturday Shaft

Just got notice that ACX is starting their next profit shift. They cancelled my old pending withdrawal to get ready for the crush. Nothing has changed in my account yet so will look for that in the morning.

Speaking of not being paid, Twentyby30 moved my pay date again to August 5th. Remember now, that was requested on July 4th. Seems I'll never get it so I hope at least some of you are still being paid out.

On a happier note...
haven't found anything seriously wrong with AdCashNetwork so that's a good thing. Still wondering though how our 'daily earnings' will be calculated. Glad we have all week to find out.

Sparbs: requested a small rc payment today but was notified there was a bit of trouble with the pay processor I was using. Not a problem. I can wait it out without having a hissy fit.

PAS: had to think for a minute yesterday morning when I opened my gmail and did NOT see any overnight earnings from PAS. Well silly me forgot that my 7 week surf vacation setting had expired the night before. It's all good, I bought another weeks worth as soon as I figured it out.
Also been purchasing new Rev Shares as often as I can using my daily earnings and RC. Thanks guys and I still think this one is as solid as they come.

AdzPays: chugging along nicely with daily earnings and extra pennies for surfing a few ads. Had enough to buy a new rev share today too. Love the instant payouts for sure.

I am currently a Moose in the MMG forum.
Long story but funny as heck.

OK, so the other day when I talked about the constant rain here; that was a problem and here's why.
Between my roof and my awning, there is a leak and I have a barrel under it.
My awning does not have any downspout so the heavy rain pours down to just outside the corner of the patio slab and makes holes in the ground. Then the water gets under the Patio which is not good so...
with a light rain I can usually get outside and dump buckets every hour or two. But this heavy rain needed that done every 5 minutes!
Well there was no way I wanted to go outside every 5 minutes in the pouring rain so I got an old hose from the garage, cut it into 3 pieces and placed one end into one of those kitty litter buckets.
Then of course, I had to go outside, in my hoodie, in the rain, and get the siphon action in motion. You know what that entails, right?
The nice thing is, once it started draining, it kept draining because it kept pouring all day long.
So yes, blondie was out there 'working the hoses'. Hope none of the neighbors noticed. Well, if they did they probably just shook their heads. They're sort of used to me, lol

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