Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stormy Saturday will repeat on Sunday

How are you all doing? Good I hope.
Just a quickie post today, if you don't mind.
Sat down to 'talk' and another storm is coming in.

ACN: I continue purchasing and withdrawing. As I wrote on my side bar, this one is turning out really good.
* Don't forget to surf. I almost did.
** and...
Dear members,
As you requested we added a new page called History that can be found in the left menu of your account, you will be able to find there: total deposited and total withdrawn, in different pages.
We also added a button so you can directly visit the website in the surf area.
Don't forget you can contact us at anytime on e-mail, live chat or on the phone shown on the website, but keep in mind we can only answer between 09 am - 02 am. Best Regards,
ACN Support

Sparbs: not much to say until it's cash out time.
* Aug 10th Update:
We are happy to announce that Payza and OKPay have been added to Sparbs e-currency list. You can easily make deposit and withdraw your earnings to newly integrated e-currencies.
We are working to add more features soon!
Have a nice week!
Sparbs Team

PAS: today I bought another week long 'surf vacation', renewed my membership for another month (cost $3) and purchased another rev pack. Doing great here!
* PS, really do enjoy the email notices we get from PAS. At least we know when we earn, when we get RC, when we cycle a Matrix etc. Keeps me on my toes at least.

AdzPays: waiting on a few more cents then I plan to withdraw a little which also sends a little to my wallet so I can purchase another rev pack when it's time.
* Sunday: instant cash out received.
Thanks as always :)

OK, gotta run.
I see lightning now so need to unplug. 
Later :))

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