Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Morning

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ACX: just the Media side was shifted.
OK by me and I purchased more media packs with my xswallet funds just now. Carry on.
NOTE: they did the media shift. I bought more Media packs with my xs-wallet funds. Surfed the media this morning and again this late afternoon and have not received any earnings for it. (sigh) Will try again tomorrow.

Sparbs: received an RC payment this morning.
Thanks to Admin and my referral :)

PAS: sure do love seeing those "You Just Got Paid" emails every morning. I am up to 20 rev share units now and the 'surf vacation' purchase has been a true blessing.
Haven't cashed out since mid-July and not in profit yet but as I mentioned before, I think this one is worth growing right now.

ACN Update just in:
Dear members, 

We did mostly every checks on the website and is ready to launch even today but because a lot of people want more referals before the start, the official launch is moved even sooner on 08.07.2014 .

Advertising revenue will be 100% shared between members and payments will be made instantly so everyone will be happy.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Best Regards,
ACN Support


If I'm not mistaken, the count down clock tells me it'll be like 2:30 AM my time? Certainly not focused on US members, lol

Also just sent in a support ticket asking how rev share earnings will be distributed. Will let you know.*

* Here's the answer I received just a minute ago:
Yes as soon as money flows in it will be shares, for the moment there will not be any % fixed, in the future as we will extend our projects and investments we might add a fixed % too.
Best Regards


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