Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve

Thought I'd have all day to blog, but I don't. Offered to watch my Grand Daughter while the kids go out for lunch, so this post has been done in a rush.

JBP-JSS: noticed a nice change when I logged in today. You don't have to open the Tripler or JSS to see your available balance in each account. They have made that information very handy on the first page after log in. Definitely a plus 1 for the New Year.

Tripler2: heard that STP and LR withdrawals are available now IF that's the processor you funded with or have used the most. If you're not able to place your w/d through either of those, a support ticket is necessary. Alert Pay however is still on hold waiting for the necessary documents to be completed. Long story which I'm sure you've read from the Admin, so let's hope the New Year brings us all good results with that.

PXSense: been adding PX to some of my favorite surf or TE sites to get it more exposure. Everything there is good and I hear more cool stuff is coming. The only thing I've seen a small problem with so far is the "time" that your daily earnings are credited. Hopefully that will be fixed in the new year as well.

GBC: received a cash out for another completed Easy 40 Board yesterday, which included a partial payment on another one. Whoa nice one Gord. I sort of like how he's changed the payments on these to be smaller but more often. Keeps me on my toes, LOL

Lucid Nature: that is one top notch website. Besides really liking the looks of it, the timing is right on. Been receiving my 1.5% daily right on time since I joined. Now this one only pays M-F, so I'll try to remember that before I start scratching my head wondering why I wasn't credited this weekend. LOL

One last thing: ShowBizHits is having a promo today. Well... I'm running out of time so here it is:
Join us on Saturday for a in-house promo. Simply put the promo code HAPPYNEWYEAR in the promo code and surf 100 sites and receive 150 additional credits!   Just go to the menu and click on button where it says "enter surf code"  put in HAPPYNEWYEAR and surf 100 and 150 additional will be automatically added to your account.  Please be sure to then assign the credits to your sites :) If you have already surfed 100 just go enter the code and surf a site or 2 and you should get your bonus.
Also Lisa (one of the owners) told me last night that their promo for buying credits will be on sale again tomorrow. I paid the $6.75 for the package 2 days ago and have been putting it to good use. So just an FYI if you're interested in that.

OK that's all for now, I gotta get moving.
Have a Safe Happy New Years Eve day and evening.
Be careful in whatever you do tonight to celebrate, and I will see you all tomorrow.
Cheers !!! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Blondie is a banned word

Just tried to order myself a personalized coffee mug and it wouldn't accept the name "Blondie". Said it's obscene or has obscene letters somewhere in it. LOL What? I don't see it. Oh well, on to plan B.

JBP-JSS: good conference call this morning with Carl who announced that every member who joined the Tripler but never put any money in, now has $10 in their Tripler account that will start earning 2% daily, and you should have received an email about that.
Q. to a free member: is the money in your Tripler account waiting, or has a Tripler already been purchased with it?
- Soon there will be a calculator on the site so you can determine your future earnings and how to make it better.
- Perfect Money pay processor will be added soon also.
- Placements are currently taking about 10 days to fill.
Everything sounds good to me. Had a few more triplers 'complete' today so I replaced those in double. Meaning for every 4 that expire, I purchase 8. Working like a charm, still building and of course cashing out!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things To Do List

I have a long list of things to do today, and will try to squeeze them all in. After I throw some peanuts to that squirrel looking in my window, lol

JBP-JSS: my wonder program for the year!
My blocked STP and LR payments were finally released overnight. So today I got paid from all three pay processors! YaY!
Remember they are giving a free $10 to "first time" new members in the Tripler. And soon will be putting $10 in existing members Tripler accounts who have never funded nor bought a position. From there, you can start earning 2% daily to see how it all works. The $10 will be deducted back out of your account after 60 days but by then, you may have added to it and earned a lot more. PS, there is no RC given on the free 'loan' money. So cheaters are not welcome.

PXSense: it's being worked on and coming around nicely. Finally found where the pixel page is, although I believe it was just added.
If you click on Pixel Advertisement, then Learn More. There is a link there that says Demo: Click here to view our Pixel Page. And there it is!
Awfully tiny pixels for someone with reading glasses held together with bathtub caulk. So once I find my magnifying glass, I'll be able to see what's being advertised by others :)

Lucid Nature: getting anxious to see my first days interest earned from yesterdays purchase. I think I got another hour and 1/2 to go. So I'll be back.
*Yep, right on the money! Got my 1.5% credited to my account. Very nice indeed.

You know what I really like about the 3 programs I've listed above? You get an email for every move you make or every move your referral makes. It's fun to get an email that you've referred someone, or that you made a dollar from their spend. Or in the case of JBP, that you've cycled one of your matrices or one of your referrals cycled a matrix. I enjoy getting these emails daily and it's heart warming to know that my referrals (and their referrals) are doing good in these games also!

We're expecting Gale Force Winds here. Up to 80 MPH gusts they tell me. Well, I have a new roof so I just hope it doesn't blow away today. Wonder if that bathtub caulk would work for that too? LOL

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WoW! Another New Program?

Yep, just added another banner to my side bar for a new HYIP. I don't normally play in HYIP's but this one came highly recommended by some of my online friends. I'll do a write up on it a little later. Have a few other things to talk about first. Stay tuned.

JBP-JSS: another great update from them, and good news for those wanting to get started but didn't have the funds available.

Great news! The first part of the JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System has been implemented! All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning 2% per day!

So you can tell your prospects that if they create their new JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 60 days their JSS accounts will be debited with $10.)

This can become very profitable for our promoters, because you automatically get $1 every time your prospect buys a JSS-Tripler position!

We expect to implement the second part of the JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System tomorrow. This will provide "$10 free money" to all existing JSS-Tripler
accounts for which no JSS-Tripler positions have been bought.

JSS-Tripler now has 54,979 members, growing by about 700 new members a day.

As f
or me, I cycled another JBP-SynergySurf spot yesterday which added a cool $60 bucks to my JSS balance. Will spend all or some of it on placements today. Easy come, easy go, right? LOL

Tripler2: this still shows in my member area but I know they're having problems with this subscription renewal thing.
You are upgraded at Level 1!
Your subscription will auto renew on Dec 26, 2011 (-1 day left )
So if you see something like that, don't panic. I'm sure it's wide spread. In the meantime, our 2% daily continues to be credited to our accounts. Still waiting on word about Alert Pay though.

LucidNature: spreading my eggs around. 
No not those eggs, hehe. My money eggs that is.
As I mentioned above, I'm not usually into HYIP's but there was something about this one that caught my eye.
- The website and the plans are simple and straight forward.
- The site appears to be very secure with regards to ddos protection.
- Starts as a nice low $10 in order to earn 1.5% daily (paid M-F).
- You will receive your principal back at the end of the term.
- Term is 25 days, which is 5 weeks running.
- New spends can be made from your account balance.
- Pay Processors are AP, STP and LR.
- Interest is credited to your account each 24 hours from the time of purchase.
- Min. withdraw is $1.
- RC is 5% on Level 1 only and you must be 'active' to receive it. 
Well, all of that is in the FAQ's plus a little more if you're interested. So it's a Go for me and if you have any questions, am happy to get them answered for you.

TIP FOR THE DAY: the nose piece fell off of my reading glasses. Didn't want to use "super glue" (too permanent) and couldn't find any "Elmer's glue". Looked around the house and found a tube of bathtub caulking. Squeezed a little dab, popped the nose piece on, and voila! That worked great! Now don't laugh at me. Sometimes we just need to be creative and work with what we have available.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Work Day? and a New Program?!?

Been kind of lazy the last two days but life goes on, with or without me, so I figured I'd better get hoppin here, lol

JBP-JSS: Good update from JBP including what I mentioned previously about funding JBP via your new pay processor prior to placing your first withdraw through it:
If you're planning on making a withdrawal to any of our payment processors for the first time, please use that processor to fund your account first, even if it's for a small amount. This will make it easier for our support staff and may also result in your withdrawal being paid sooner.

We use the following payment systems:

(they use Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay and Liberty Reserve)

JSS-Tripler now has 54,325 members, growing by about 700 new members a day. An important reason for this is that the JSS-Tripler / JSS combination is an indefinitely sustainable system.

Part of the "withdrawal balancing system" is to charge different withdrawal fees -- currently:
AlertPay - 8%
SolidTrust Pay -2%
Liberty Reserve -2%

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

Thank you for that info Mr Mann :)
PS, I LOVE JBP but find this annoying when trying to withdraw to my favorite pay processor:
Sorry, the daily limit for this payment processor has been reached.
Please try again tomorrow or choose a different payment processor

Tried to w/d last night to AP, and got that message. So I tried again this morning and got the same message. Guess I just need to wait again. Argh!

Tripler2: T2 Forum started a new contest in order to get more members into their forum. Well OK and I've added their Forum Banner and Link here on my side bar. No, I'm not trying to win the contest, but thought the link being here would be helpful for others in the future. So here's a portion of their update about that:
Here it is... The contest I know a lot of you folks have been waiting for!

T2 are giving away one of the 'MUST HAVE' gadgets of the internet revolution.

Presenting our very first forum referral contest with the first prize:

This prize is absolutely bristling with features, which are listed below. But first... Here are the guidelines to the referral contest.

The contest is open to members of the T2 forum only. This includes
Full Members,
Guest Members,

The contest is restricted to MNF referrals only (Not the main T2 Program).

Also am getting anxious for their Alert Pay 'hold' to get released. I'm one of those people who will spend more as long as I know I can withdraw some of my earnings if I want to. Right now, my AP is sort of stuck in there. So hopefully sometime this week we will get back on track.

GBC: received a cool $25 payment from GBC this morning for the 'cycling' of one of my $40 board spots in the K-Game. Thank you Mr Gord, always appreciated.

I have more to say but will think on it for a bit.
Also have some pic's to share once I get them loaded. Like I said, I been real lazy the past two days.

New Program Launch:
Give me just a few minutes to grab a banner and then I can tell you all about it.

You guys remember the old school Pixel Ad's? lol
Been a long time since I've seen any of them myself. Well, I guess this Admin decided to bring them back to life. From the site:


Welcome to PXSense, a truly unique platform which provides a powerful marketing approach through the means of a redefined "Pixel Advertising" system. Our system is a form of display advertising. The cost of advertisement is calculated dependent on the number of spots it occupies ($10 per 16x16px spot).

Together with that, PXSense also offers a broad variety of ways to earn a substantial income by means of affiliate marketing, paid to promote and a passive 150% rebate income program.

Rebate Program

PXSense distributes equally its revenue to all paid members. We give 2% daily rebate income on all Ad purchases (or PXP™Units), until reaching 150% of their value. Each purchase costs $10 with free Pixel advertisement exposure.

Pixel Advertisement

Pixel advertisement is an ideal way to serve and distribute equal exposure among mass-advertised links in a single page. Our system is a form of display advertising which costs are calculated dependent on the number of spots your advertisement occupies ($10 USD per 16x16px spot). Purchasing PXP™ Units automatically gives you PXP Points (One per each PXP™ Unit purchased) which can be redeemed anytime to advertise.

Promoters Program

Promoting PXSense holds huge benefits for its members. We have incorporated a Paid-to-Promote (PTP) Program and an Affiliate marketing system. The PTP Program of PXSense gives promoters 0.1 credit for referring a 24-hours unique visitors, and it gets even better when any visitor clicks on any of the pixel advertisement as it will give you solid 1 credit. They may also earn 10% referral benefits from their first level affiliates and 5% from their second level.

OK back to me ...
- So $10 spots for Pixel Advertising
- You earn 2% daily for 75 days = 150% ROI
- You can earn extra for Pixel Advertisements
- RC (if you promote) is 10% 1st Level and 5% 2nd Level
- Accepts AP and STP at this time
- STP spends are currently being added manually by the Admin until the script gets adjusted a bit.

What else did I forget? Just made a pot of chili for dinner so got distracted for a little while. Guess that's it for now. I'm giving this one a shot and actually need to go set up a pixel ad now. I'll be keeping an eye on it and watching to see how popular it gets. If you have something good to promote, let's do it.
Have a great evening!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Day

JBP-JSS: no word yet on my pending 'blocked' withdrawal requests from STP and LR. But according to their latest update, there are tons of tickets they need to sift through, so patience is the key word here. In the interim I did request an AP payment and got it just fine overnight. So even with the new
8% w/d fee to AP, it's still very much a top notch program.

5:45 PM EST: the feed is still running. Getting notices of ref's cycling their matrices. What a nice Christmas Eve gift.

ripler2: doesn't look like AP will complete their 'paperwork' until maybe Tuesday, so that Dave can get back to paying any AP pendings you may have.
Just a reminder ... if you have an AP subscription payment to T2 for your Level 1 Upgrade, you MUST CANCEL that before your payment comes due again. If not, you'll probably pay twice and will have to wait for the refund. So go now and cancel that if you haven't already!
Upgrade fees will (from now on) come out of your Account Balance in T2.
Also noticed something funny in the timing of renewal payments. My monthly fee for Level 1 did get paid from my account balance on Dec 24. However in my member area it says "Your subscription will auto renew on Dec 26, 2011 (3 days left )". Dave is aware of that and it should be corrected soon after Christmas.

GBC: Gord will be doing his usual Profit Share credits tomorrow. Not sure how he's going to squeeze that in, but he said it'll get done sometime during the

Since Christmas Day happens at different times around the world, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful day with your family, friends, critters or on your own. Not everyone is blessed with the same things in their lives, but let's not forget the reason this day is celebrated worldwide.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Home for the weekend I think. My Grand Doggies sure enjoyed my visit the last two days. I'm just glad that I was able to get there safely with all this snow we had yesterday. Nice to see it warming up today and melting a little.

JBP-JSS: it's about Noon my time and the Tripler feed is running now. I did cycle one matrix yesterday and spent my $60 bonus on placements and premiums for others that I have waiting.

Did you see The Beach Boys song I posted yesterday? All those crying kids in Santa's lap reminded me of Olivia doing the same thing. Too cute :)

Oh the New Program I hinted at yesterday, rumor has it launching some time after Christmas. Stay tuned.

Quite a while ago I mentioned Hula's Site where is is accepting donations for the American Cancer Society. While surfing today I came across her site again and was disappointed that she's only raised $45 of her $100 goal for the year. If you recall, I got that ball rolling with a $25 contribution. Something to consider if you can spare a few dollars. Thanks

Feeling kind of blah today, can you tell?
I'll be back if and when I cheer up.

Gord just sent me this to help my attitude today.
Isn't he sweet? LOL 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

SNOW !!!

Why do my kids always have to leave town when there's a huge snow storm? I'm sharing the dog sitting with another person and had to drive through a good 16 inches of snow at 6:30 this morning to get to their house. Doing the same again tomorrow. TG for four wheel drive.

JBP-JSS: Took a closer look today at my pending withdrawals to STP and LR (which I have just recently added). When checking the Financial Section of JSS, I see they are blocked. In your member area, if you click on the word Blocked (it's a link) you'll get the information on how to UN-block them.
So I just sent in a Support Request via email and will wait it out.
In the meantime, am buying more Triplers :)
PS, I also decided to fund my JSS account with both STP and LR to hopefully speed up the process.

Tripler2: Today is our 30 Day / One Month Anniversary since Dream Positions were able to be purchased! Now, once the AP account gets straightened out and the other pay processors as well, should be a good time once again.

If you haven't logged into Alert Pay today, there is a notification there about their New AP Visa Debit Card! Whoa! I went ahead and put my name on their pre-registration list. Thanks to Doug H for giving me the heads-up about this.

*Word on the Street is that there is a new Rebate (Income) Program (Advertising based) getting ready to make it's grand appearance soon. Don't know too much about it yet but as I learn more, I will definitely keep you all updated.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Waiting Game

JBP-JSS: read yesterdays post here if you haven't already. I did add to it late last night after receiving their email update.
I had tried to make a withdrawal yesterday via Alert Pay, but got a message that said something like "AP withdrawal limit has been reached today. Try again tomorrow". Not those exact words but close.
So I went ahead and added my STP information to my profile, then requested a withdraw via STP. I've never done that before so was happy to see the Security Feature they have in place for that.
Got a nice email from JBP, had to verify that it was me who added STP to my account, and once verified, my payment will be sent. OK, better safe than sorry.
When you read their update (posted yesterday), keep in mind that there is a new 8% withdraw fee which is partly to help others get started in the Tripler by giving them a $10 Loan to play with. I know 8% is a lot but if it helps others and keeps us "in the black", I'm all for it :)
Looks like the Feed is running now. Good Luck to you all!
UPDATE: Looks like a few more changes in the withdraw %'s we pay. I'm sure you've read their email update also. So I just requested an LR w/d that was only a 2% fee. Same with STP only 2% whereas AP is still at 8%.

Tripler2: waiting on Alert Pay to get their paperwork in order so that Dave and Tripler2 can resume our AP withdrawal requests. I can't w/d via STP because I never deposited through STP. So all we can do is wait on AP unless the Admin comes up with some other solution.
In the meantime if you can't w/d, might want to consider buying some new DP's and put your money back to work. I'm considering that myself.
**Just posted in a forum:
Here is what Dave Posted...
So I am glad to announce that Alertpay have totally agreed to do the switch and are happy to proceed under my name and business identity. This just requires now, the validation of my own documents etc, then they will turn us back on again.

On another note, if you're not sure about when you upgraded to Level 1 and not sure how to check ... you will get a nice reminder about it in your email:

This is just a reminder to let you know that your monthly T2 upgrade subscription will expire in 3 days from now.

Because we are moving to a new subscriptions collection system, we are advising that you go to the website of the payment processor you used to originally fund your upgrade and go to the subscriptions section and cancel your T2 monthly payment.

All future payments will be automatically taken from your main account funds. Each month, you will receive an email reminder 3 days prior to the collection date to ensure you have the time to fund your main account.

We appreciate your patience during this time.
The T2 Team.

For you TE Surfers out there, Show Biz Hits is having a double credit day. Am going there now to do a little surfing while the waves are high.
You DO have to assign a site to be seen before surfing. Then 80% of your credits will go towards showing that site. But with their 10 second timer, it goes really fast.

Where was I ... oh I know. 
Try not to miss me the next 2 mornings.
I agreed to do some Dog Sitting and will have access to a MAC but don't think I can do everything from there.
Should be home by Noon (or before) so I'll catch up then. Also we have a big snow storm coming in tonight and we're expecting 6-8" or more overnight. Go figure, I plan to be on the road at 6:30 AM. (sigh)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Always Somethin

I have this boss daddy vacuum that I've had for about 2 years now. Two years is almost a miracle cause with my hair, vacuums don't usually last that long.
Anyway been having trouble finding the belts for it, (which I need to replace often), so TG for the internet. Went to and bingo! Got me 2 new belts and 3 new bags coming in a week.
Happy to keep the UPS in business and save on my own gas. YaY!

Tripler2: The below is regarding the hold up with Alert Pay payments. Another thought that came to mind (read in a forum) was all the Monthly Subscriptions we created at the start, then we all went in and Cancelled those Sub's. I suppose that would be a good reason for AP to want to investigate T2 more carefully. It's all good and Dave will be sending out an official update later today.

Alertpay have received and verified all documents at this moment, and I have taken this opportunity while we are down for withdrawals at present to change accounts from Chris who was originally a partner, but then moved to a none attached role in the background and remained the account holder because we did not want or need the upheaval of a change of account so soon after the launch, also we were a bit wary of how Alertpay would react to this type of request..

So I have taken the decision to use this opportunity to go through the motions of transfer from Chris to me, and seeing that the domain and hosting etc is all registered in my name it seems too good an opportunity to let pass by.

So I am glad to announce that Alertpay have totally agreed to do the switch and are happy to proceed under my name and business identity. This just requires now, the validation of my own documents etc, then they will turn us back on again.

So at last a bit of good news. I will keep everyone up to date on any developments.

But the important thing is..... T2 lives and breathes just as strongly as before. It is just so regrettable they chose a week before Christmas to do this, some folks must have been relying on that withdrawal for Christmas, and i am so sorry this has happened at this time. It is the first thing that jumped in my mind when i noticed that withdrawals were not processing.. it could not have come at a worse time. Please accept my humblest apologies.

JBP-JSS: Apparently there is a new 8% withdrawal fee that was recently added. I did read their Notice about it but might wait until tomorrow to share more. Pretty sure they'll send out a new Update Letter and let us know all about it. Can't wait.
OK, later in the evening, here we go:

(^_^) JBP/JSS - Terrific Tuesday Update!
Welcome to all our new members!

Thanks to our promoters, JBP is growing
like crazy! Yesterday was an all-time
record for new JSS-Tripler positions
bought! Total JSS payouts have passed
the $10 million mark!

Our Alexa traffic rating is hitting new
highs as you can see on our Blog:

JSS-Tripler now has 50,407 members,
growing by over 500 new members a day.
An important reason for this is that
the JSS-Tripler / JSS combination is
an indefinitely sustainable system.

We're running a "major surplus" in
Solid Trust Pay and a "minor surplus"
in Liberty Reserve, while our AlertPay
funds have been declining. To achieve
balance, please use STP as your first
choice for withdrawals and LR as your

(My own pay is via STP and I use ACH
to transfer funds to my bank account
every week.)

An explanation of withdrawal limits:

Scroll down to "What about withdrawals?"

Starting today, there will be an "8%
Withdrawal Fee." The reasons for this
are provided on the above page.

Within the next few days, a "$10 free
money" pay-it-forward feature will be
implemented. When members open their
JSS-Tripler accounts, they automatically
get a $10 credit in their JSS-Tripler
accounts. They can use this to buy a
JSS-Tripler position and immediately
start earning 2% per day.

(It's actually a "loan" because 90
days later their JSS accounts will
be debited with $10.)

Existing JSS-Tripler members who
have not yet funded their JSS-Tripler
accounts will also receive the "$10
free money."

You'll be able to tell your prospects
that just by joining, they get "$10
free money" that immediately starts
earning 2% per day!

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

Monday, December 19, 2011

I Must Be A Crook

because I stole this picture from one of the forums today. My friend treebartt always posts the cutest pics to fit the occasion. Almost like she knows how I'm feeling or looking right now.

JBP-JSS: am very happy to report that 4 of my matrices cycled this morning. Five of my ref's cycled theirs and several of their ref's also! Congrats to us all. Oh and it looks like the feed is still running, Nice :)
PS, I read that the STP and LR withdrawals are available now too. Another big plus for the members.

Tripler2: surprised when I opened this one up. Besides earning my daily 2%, I see that others are having fun with it also. How do I know that? Because I have been blessed with referrals who signed up using my link, and some of you are quite good promoters yourselves. Keep up the good work, it should pay off nicely.
Just in: T2 is having problems with Alert Pay right now. The Admin is working on it but until it gets fixed, AP withdrawals are not available. You may however request your w/d via STP if you don't wish to wait. And please don't send in Support Tickets if you're waiting on AP. It will be processed ASAP.

GBC: never surprised when I open GBC on a Sunday (or after). Thank You Gord for my weekly profit share, which is growing nicely as I add funds to my own pot.

Was a warm sunny day here yesterday when we celebrated an early Christmas at my Son's house. The kids are going to be gone next weekend so yesterday was our day. Olivia loved the new gifts she received and I'll show you some pics after I get them downloaded. Thank goodness for that, since all that assembling about killed me, LOL

Is it still Monday?!?
It feels like an ugly day today.
Not only is it snowing and dark outside, I read something yesterday and again today that really irritated me.
In brief, if I were the top promoter in a program, and won a prize for being in the right place at the right time ... would I accept that prize? I would not. I mean, top promoters make good money already. Why not give the smaller player something to get excited about?
Well, greed works in mysterious ways I suppose. It's just one of those things that gets under my skin and felt the need to express my opinion.
TUESDAY: I read that particular person did in fact put their winnings back into the pot so that others can have the opportunity to profit from it. Good for them that they finally 'saw the light'.

This came in this morning from ShowBiz Hits:
I have a little special treat today I haven't even discussed with my pal Chris.  Just to spice up your stock pile of credits.  I am putting in a special surf code for the next 24 hours ..yeap 24 hours.   Simply use the surf code HOLIDAYSPICE and surf 50 sites and receive 50 additional credits!   Just go to the menu and click on the button where it says "enter surf code"  put in HOLIDAYSPICE and surf 50 and 50 additional credits will be automatically added to your account.  Please be sure to then assign the credits to your sites :)
If you have already surfed 50 just go enter the code and surf a site or 2 and you should get your bonus.

Doesn't take long to surf 50 either, it's a short timer.
Also that's just for the FIRST 50. I surfed over 100 cause I wasn't sure.
Have Fun :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Men At Work

Tripler2: member area is being worked on. So you will see the "Men At Work" sign when you try to log in. No worries, it will be back soon :)
UPDATE: it's baaaacccckkkk!
Just thought of something else of interest. If you bought your first DP's on day one, which was Nov 22nd, they are officially 25 days running today, which means you've already got half of your spend back. Unless you've been compounding (buying new spots with earnings). I've been doing a lot of that myself and have a nice feeling about the whole process.

Am busy wrapping Christmas presents today. Having an early Christmas this year ... Tomorrow! I'll share more about that later.

JBP-JSS: Tripler feed is running now. BRB with news.
Back :) Looks like 3 of my ref's and 1 ref's ref cycled a matrix today. Congrats to all of them! None for me this time, which is OK. Since the matrix cycling is so unpredictable, I'm more focused on the Triplers anyway. Of course I'll continue to buy placements and premiums, but am not watching it like a hawk. When they cycle, they cycle.

Whew! All done assembling baby gift number two. Was much easier than the first one. Not so many things to connect and I recognized all the nuts and bolts and screws. Experience from yesterday sure did help me today. Done!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Assembly Required :(

Picked up two gifts yesterday for my grand daughter. They came unassembled in the box. Argh! Found the screwdrivers. Got one put together this morning with no parts or pieces left over. Phew! Can't show you what it is yet cause my kids sometimes read my blog and I don't wanna spoil the surprise.
WHY do they have to make the instructions so difficult though?
It's like you gotta be an Einstein to figure them out.
Anyway, it'll all be worth it when Olivia gets to see what it is. As long as it doesn't have a picture of Santa on it, it's all good. LOL

Sorry O. 
Couldn't resist posting that one more time.
What a crack up!

GBC: Just received a nice payment from Gord at GBC for one of my 40 Boards completing. Also bought another Easy 40 today which gave me another bonus. Woohooo. Thanks Gord!

JBP-JSS: nothing new to report on. All is fine and dandy. I do want to Thank Frederick Mann, Carl Pearson and everyone involved in JBP. No stress yesterday while I wrote that thousand (plus) dollar check to my roofing guy. What a relief to get that done and paid for!

Tripler2: I did decide at the last minute yesterday to request a payout. Was surprised to see it in my Alert Pay in a matter of minutes! Now that's good service!!
If you try to look there today, and the site is down, read yesterday's update about that (posted here in my blog).
No worries :)

Was doing some Traffic Exchange surfing the other night and realized I won a buck in their latest drawing. Only had to surf 50 sites that day to be qualified.
Where did you win a buck blondie? 
At ShowBiz Hits, where else?
Once you're a member, you can receive email updates about any promo's they have in the pipeline. You won't make a million, but if you have something you want to Advertise, it's a fun way to build your credits and do a little promo for your stuff. Cool :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updates ...

Hi T2 Member.

We would like to ask you guys to help us out while we commission in the final stages of the new automatic upgrade system.

For the next day or two, we are removing the ability to pay for DPs using payment processors. You will instead need to fund your main account or DP account directly from the payment processor and then proceed to buy your DPs from the funded account.

This is only temporary.

Also, we will be taking the main website down for 2 hours tomorrow to do some essential testing on referral commission crediting with the new system. This is a final bug clean and the system ought to be solid.

No other functions are affected at this time.

We thank you for your patience and co-operation.
T2 Staf

Back in a bit :) 

OK I'm back. 
Bought 4 more DP's at Tripler2
That might be it for awhile now. I've got good handful of them and should cash out a little before going back to purchasing more.

JBP-JSS: Congrats to two of my referrals who cycled a Matrix today. None for me this time, but there's always tomorrow.

Just got home from Wal-Mart where I picked up a square gift that came in a long skinny box. Huh? Oh shoot, assembly required. Now where is the screwdriver?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Group Hug!

This is for anybody who's having a bad day today.
Life is not always a bowl full of cherries (or chocolates), so we just need to roll with the punches as best we can.
Don't Worry, Be Happy, Group Hug!!!

JBP-JSS: had a lot of activity overnight and still going this morning. I think a Tripler Feed is running now so will wait to write more once that is complete.
In the meantime, GordsHomeBiz has a good article about the Matrices and how his Upline has made over 17K. Be sure to read the comments there too, more details are always a good thing.
Also decided to start doubling up on my spends from now on. For every 4 Triplers that expire, I'm going to replace them with 8. Just hope another re-start doesn't happen all too soon, LOL

Tripler2: just bought a few more Dream Positions ending in #43836. That's a LOT of activity in a short period of time. Hats off to the Admin, Support and of course, all the active members!

Attention All Spammers: I can't read Chinese or Russian or whatever language it is that you keep spamming me with!
(roll eyes)

Looks like Olivia needs a Group Hug too,
but NOT from that scary Santa, LOL

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Up To Snuff

Everything is up to snuff today.
There was a problem earlier with logging into the Tripler2 member area and/or forum. But I am able to get into it fine now. 
Still debating on how to 'play the game'. I can be such a procrastinator sometimes. Been receiving my 2% every day but haven't cashed out since Nov 28th. I suppose I'm just comfortable building up my Dream Positions and not worried about anything going wrong.
Dave and his staff have been doing a great job with this program and I can only see it getting better. So today I think I'll add a little more to the pot and re-visit the cash out option at another time ;)

Speaking of cashing out, JustBeenPaid's Tripler and Matrix have been my bread and butter this year. Not to mention keeping a roof over my head. Seriously!
I haven't paid my deductible for my new roof yet, so need to get the Roofer Guy over here today or tomorrow and get that squared away. Many Thanks to JBP and all JBP members for taking the stress out of writing that big check!
* Right after I wrote the above, checked my email and saw notification that I cycled another Matrix! WooHoo!! So today, I think I'll get back into buying more placements and upgrades to help myself and others. Yep, that's the plan. (After I clean my house that is. Gotta make it presentable for the Roofer Guy.) LOL

Hot off the press:

Hi T2 Member.

This is just a quick update to say that we are working in areas of the T2 website. There will be times when you may not be able to log in to your member area. Please allow us the time to do the work and full access will be resumed as soon as possible.

We find that members prefer having partial access so that any new members are able to access and register. Which is why we have not taken the entire site offline.

You 2% will be credited as normal.
We thank you for your patience.
T2 Team

Monday, December 12, 2011

Feed Me Feed Me

JBP-JSS: Enjoyed watching another Tripler Feed today and received two emails that said "Your JSS Matrix is Full!"
Bonus! (or is that boo-yah?)
In any case, a lot of members cycled their matrices today which is always a bonus to see. Congrats!!

Tripler2: Been sort of busy today with other things so it's always nice to log in and see my daily 2% earnings, whether I'm standing there with my hand out or not, LOL

Strange thing happened this morning:
I received an "Ad" for another program (maniaccycler) that was sent from 'David Bell'. Hmmm
Thought something seemed fishy so I wrote to him and asked if he sent that. HE DID NOT!
Now, who in their right mind would try to do something so stupid? I'm sure it's NOT just coincidence that a second person by the name David Bell just happen to appear when "our" David Bell is working hard on his Tripler2 program. So am shaking my head. Just another loser trying to trick us. Idiot!!!
I would say, if you received it too, ignore it. Probably just a Scam waiting for your hard earned money for 'their' Christmas cash.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh It's That Time of Year

Cruising my blogger friends posts this morning, and being a Cat lover myself, had to open this one up to see why Hermit Jim found it so funny. Oh My!! LOL 

OK, let's take it from the top (once I stop laughing!)

JBP-JSS: working it's magic as it does every day. Once again I am receiving emails of cycling members in the JSS-Matrix! Congrats to you all :)
I personally spent 85 bucks the other day buying placements and placement upgrades. I probably didn't do it right cause I was just "filling in the blanks" rather than concentrating on my newer matrices and filling only spots 1 and 2. But that's OK. Am sure the money I spent will be used to help others cycle also.

Tripler2: their forum is down for a little while. I think it's being moved or something. No biggie. Daily 2%'s keep on coming and debating again today what to do with my earnings. Wish I had a plan, but I really don't.
I can't take anything too seriously these days. I mean, how can I? With all those cute remarks about the "blonie" sandwiches being posted in forums and comments. You gotta have a sense of humor around here, that's fur sure!
PS, thanks to all my blogger friends for posting either the link to the T2 Interview or posting it in full and stating where they got it from (wink).

Don't let that last part bother you. Once we reach 10K members, the Admin will remove the 'free' members little by little to make room for those who want to be Active. Active meaning either Upgraded or simply those who have bought at least one dream position. Kapish?

GBC: it's Sunday and I can't forget to mention my weekly profit share from Grand Bank Club. My "share" is getting pretty big these days. Does that mean I spent too much money there? hehe Just kidding Gord, you're doing a great job with the Club!