Monday, December 19, 2011

I Must Be A Crook

because I stole this picture from one of the forums today. My friend treebartt always posts the cutest pics to fit the occasion. Almost like she knows how I'm feeling or looking right now.

JBP-JSS: am very happy to report that 4 of my matrices cycled this morning. Five of my ref's cycled theirs and several of their ref's also! Congrats to us all. Oh and it looks like the feed is still running, Nice :)
PS, I read that the STP and LR withdrawals are available now too. Another big plus for the members.

Tripler2: surprised when I opened this one up. Besides earning my daily 2%, I see that others are having fun with it also. How do I know that? Because I have been blessed with referrals who signed up using my link, and some of you are quite good promoters yourselves. Keep up the good work, it should pay off nicely.
Just in: T2 is having problems with Alert Pay right now. The Admin is working on it but until it gets fixed, AP withdrawals are not available. You may however request your w/d via STP if you don't wish to wait. And please don't send in Support Tickets if you're waiting on AP. It will be processed ASAP.

GBC: never surprised when I open GBC on a Sunday (or after). Thank You Gord for my weekly profit share, which is growing nicely as I add funds to my own pot.

Was a warm sunny day here yesterday when we celebrated an early Christmas at my Son's house. The kids are going to be gone next weekend so yesterday was our day. Olivia loved the new gifts she received and I'll show you some pics after I get them downloaded. Thank goodness for that, since all that assembling about killed me, LOL

Is it still Monday?!?
It feels like an ugly day today.
Not only is it snowing and dark outside, I read something yesterday and again today that really irritated me.
In brief, if I were the top promoter in a program, and won a prize for being in the right place at the right time ... would I accept that prize? I would not. I mean, top promoters make good money already. Why not give the smaller player something to get excited about?
Well, greed works in mysterious ways I suppose. It's just one of those things that gets under my skin and felt the need to express my opinion.
TUESDAY: I read that particular person did in fact put their winnings back into the pot so that others can have the opportunity to profit from it. Good for them that they finally 'saw the light'.

This came in this morning from ShowBiz Hits:
I have a little special treat today I haven't even discussed with my pal Chris.  Just to spice up your stock pile of credits.  I am putting in a special surf code for the next 24 hours ..yeap 24 hours.   Simply use the surf code HOLIDAYSPICE and surf 50 sites and receive 50 additional credits!   Just go to the menu and click on the button where it says "enter surf code"  put in HOLIDAYSPICE and surf 50 and 50 additional credits will be automatically added to your account.  Please be sure to then assign the credits to your sites :)
If you have already surfed 50 just go enter the code and surf a site or 2 and you should get your bonus.

Doesn't take long to surf 50 either, it's a short timer.
Also that's just for the FIRST 50. I surfed over 100 cause I wasn't sure.
Have Fun :)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that the promoter was one of the co-sponsors of the contest! Guess he paid himself.

Probably more concerning is that he seems to have no idea why eyebrows were raised. "What, I finally won one..fair and square! Why am I getting crappy pm's?"


blondie said...

Yeah I thought about the co-sponsor part afterwards, but decided not to include it.
I was watching the count yesterday also, and didn't even try to win. Was anxious to see who did though.
Needless to say, I was disappointed.
Ah well. What's done is done.