Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Waiting Game

JBP-JSS: read yesterdays post here if you haven't already. I did add to it late last night after receiving their email update.
I had tried to make a withdrawal yesterday via Alert Pay, but got a message that said something like "AP withdrawal limit has been reached today. Try again tomorrow". Not those exact words but close.
So I went ahead and added my STP information to my profile, then requested a withdraw via STP. I've never done that before so was happy to see the Security Feature they have in place for that.
Got a nice email from JBP, had to verify that it was me who added STP to my account, and once verified, my payment will be sent. OK, better safe than sorry.
When you read their update (posted yesterday), keep in mind that there is a new 8% withdraw fee which is partly to help others get started in the Tripler by giving them a $10 Loan to play with. I know 8% is a lot but if it helps others and keeps us "in the black", I'm all for it :)
Looks like the Feed is running now. Good Luck to you all!
UPDATE: Looks like a few more changes in the withdraw %'s we pay. I'm sure you've read their email update also. So I just requested an LR w/d that was only a 2% fee. Same with STP only 2% whereas AP is still at 8%.

Tripler2: waiting on Alert Pay to get their paperwork in order so that Dave and Tripler2 can resume our AP withdrawal requests. I can't w/d via STP because I never deposited through STP. So all we can do is wait on AP unless the Admin comes up with some other solution.
In the meantime if you can't w/d, might want to consider buying some new DP's and put your money back to work. I'm considering that myself.
**Just posted in a forum:
Here is what Dave Posted...
So I am glad to announce that Alertpay have totally agreed to do the switch and are happy to proceed under my name and business identity. This just requires now, the validation of my own documents etc, then they will turn us back on again.

On another note, if you're not sure about when you upgraded to Level 1 and not sure how to check ... you will get a nice reminder about it in your email:

This is just a reminder to let you know that your monthly T2 upgrade subscription will expire in 3 days from now.

Because we are moving to a new subscriptions collection system, we are advising that you go to the website of the payment processor you used to originally fund your upgrade and go to the subscriptions section and cancel your T2 monthly payment.

All future payments will be automatically taken from your main account funds. Each month, you will receive an email reminder 3 days prior to the collection date to ensure you have the time to fund your main account.

We appreciate your patience during this time.
The T2 Team.

For you TE Surfers out there, Show Biz Hits is having a double credit day. Am going there now to do a little surfing while the waves are high.
You DO have to assign a site to be seen before surfing. Then 80% of your credits will go towards showing that site. But with their 10 second timer, it goes really fast.

Where was I ... oh I know. 
Try not to miss me the next 2 mornings.
I agreed to do some Dog Sitting and will have access to a MAC but don't think I can do everything from there.
Should be home by Noon (or before) so I'll catch up then. Also we have a big snow storm coming in tonight and we're expecting 6-8" or more overnight. Go figure, I plan to be on the road at 6:30 AM. (sigh)

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