Monday, December 5, 2011

Tripler2 Update and more later

For those who don't receive their updates:

Hi T2 Member
We have now set up the new upgrade system. You will now be paying via your main account funds and not with your payment processor as before.

The new changes will take effect in the next 24 hours, this is a 24 hour notice period. It is important to follow the instructions below to prevent double billing.

You MUST go into your payment processor account and navigate to your 'subscriptions' area. Then you need to cancel your T2 Upgrade Subscription.

You will receive an email alert 3 days prior to each monthly renewal prompting you to ensure your main account in your T2 member area is adequately funded with $10. If there are no funds available in your main account on the day our system attempts to take payment, then it will check for funds in you 'Dream Positions Account'. If there are insufficient funds in your DP account, then you will receive an email alert.

You will then have a 3 day grace period to fund either account. If after the 3 day grace period, funds are still not available, all upgrade benefits will be automatically removed. Any financial benefits removed while in 'free member' status will not be recoverable.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.
The T2 Team

Mark has gone to bed, as it is very late where he is. I have emailed him the new content already.
Also nice to report the new server is not sending out multiple newsletters.

Next: JBP-JSS: Was happy to see one of my JSS Matrices cycled today. Received a nice $60 bonus in my account. YaY! Also quite a few of my ref's and their ref's cycled as well. Congrats to them!
Great time to be cycling those with our extra expenses this month, wouldn't you say?
And tonight those Triplers purchased when the doors re-opened on 9/22 will start expiring. So we may see a good amount of matrices kicking out soon!

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