Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Work Day? and a New Program?!?

Been kind of lazy the last two days but life goes on, with or without me, so I figured I'd better get hoppin here, lol

JBP-JSS: Good update from JBP including what I mentioned previously about funding JBP via your new pay processor prior to placing your first withdraw through it:
If you're planning on making a withdrawal to any of our payment processors for the first time, please use that processor to fund your account first, even if it's for a small amount. This will make it easier for our support staff and may also result in your withdrawal being paid sooner.

We use the following payment systems:

(they use Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay and Liberty Reserve)

JSS-Tripler now has 54,325 members, growing by about 700 new members a day. An important reason for this is that the JSS-Tripler / JSS combination is an indefinitely sustainable system.

Part of the "withdrawal balancing system" is to charge different withdrawal fees -- currently:
AlertPay - 8%
SolidTrust Pay -2%
Liberty Reserve -2%

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

Thank you for that info Mr Mann :)
PS, I LOVE JBP but find this annoying when trying to withdraw to my favorite pay processor:
Sorry, the daily limit for this payment processor has been reached.
Please try again tomorrow or choose a different payment processor

Tried to w/d last night to AP, and got that message. So I tried again this morning and got the same message. Guess I just need to wait again. Argh!

Tripler2: T2 Forum started a new contest in order to get more members into their forum. Well OK and I've added their Forum Banner and Link here on my side bar. No, I'm not trying to win the contest, but thought the link being here would be helpful for others in the future. So here's a portion of their update about that:
Here it is... The contest I know a lot of you folks have been waiting for!

T2 are giving away one of the 'MUST HAVE' gadgets of the internet revolution.

Presenting our very first forum referral contest with the first prize:

This prize is absolutely bristling with features, which are listed below. But first... Here are the guidelines to the referral contest.

The contest is open to members of the T2 forum only. This includes
Full Members,
Guest Members,

The contest is restricted to MNF referrals only (Not the main T2 Program).


Also am getting anxious for their Alert Pay 'hold' to get released. I'm one of those people who will spend more as long as I know I can withdraw some of my earnings if I want to. Right now, my AP is sort of stuck in there. So hopefully sometime this week we will get back on track.

GBC: received a cool $25 payment from GBC this morning for the 'cycling' of one of my $40 board spots in the K-Game. Thank you Mr Gord, always appreciated.

I have more to say but will think on it for a bit.
Also have some pic's to share once I get them loaded. Like I said, I been real lazy the past two days.

New Program Launch:
Give me just a few minutes to grab a banner and then I can tell you all about it.

You guys remember the old school Pixel Ad's? lol
Been a long time since I've seen any of them myself. Well, I guess this Admin decided to bring them back to life. From the site:


Welcome to PXSense, a truly unique platform which provides a powerful marketing approach through the means of a redefined "Pixel Advertising" system. Our system is a form of display advertising. The cost of advertisement is calculated dependent on the number of spots it occupies ($10 per 16x16px spot).

Together with that, PXSense also offers a broad variety of ways to earn a substantial income by means of affiliate marketing, paid to promote and a passive 150% rebate income program.

Rebate Program

PXSense distributes equally its revenue to all paid members. We give 2% daily rebate income on all Ad purchases (or PXP™Units), until reaching 150% of their value. Each purchase costs $10 with free Pixel advertisement exposure.

Pixel Advertisement

Pixel advertisement is an ideal way to serve and distribute equal exposure among mass-advertised links in a single page. Our system is a form of display advertising which costs are calculated dependent on the number of spots your advertisement occupies ($10 USD per 16x16px spot). Purchasing PXP™ Units automatically gives you PXP Points (One per each PXP™ Unit purchased) which can be redeemed anytime to advertise.

Promoters Program

Promoting PXSense holds huge benefits for its members. We have incorporated a Paid-to-Promote (PTP) Program and an Affiliate marketing system. The PTP Program of PXSense gives promoters 0.1 credit for referring a 24-hours unique visitors, and it gets even better when any visitor clicks on any of the pixel advertisement as it will give you solid 1 credit. They may also earn 10% referral benefits from their first level affiliates and 5% from their second level.

OK back to me ...
- So $10 spots for Pixel Advertising
- You earn 2% daily for 75 days = 150% ROI
- You can earn extra for Pixel Advertisements
- RC (if you promote) is 10% 1st Level and 5% 2nd Level
- Accepts AP and STP at this time
- STP spends are currently being added manually by the Admin until the script gets adjusted a bit.

What else did I forget? Just made a pot of chili for dinner so got distracted for a little while. Guess that's it for now. I'm giving this one a shot and actually need to go set up a pixel ad now. I'll be keeping an eye on it and watching to see how popular it gets. If you have something good to promote, let's do it.
Have a great evening!

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