Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Funnies or Not

Went to the grocery store yesterday to buy some Sudafed.
It wasn't on the shelf but there was a note there to get it at the Pharmacy desk.
OK, so I tell the Pharmacist that I want to purchase it and he asks for my ID (drivers license). Why?
He tells me because it contains Pseudoephedrine, which apparently people have figured out how to abuse the drug, so my name had to go into a national registry showing that I purchased it for my sinus headache. Can you believe how nutsy people are these days? Unreal.

ProfitClicking: did anyone listen in on Doc's call last night?
I'm trying to get my hands on it but don't see it available yet. Am curious about the 48 hour withdraw info and the bucket list.
- no changes in my account today other than picking up a few bucks for referrals cycling matrices / panels.
- my oldest pending withdraw from Oct 1st to EgoPay is still pending.
** Newest recorded call is posted:

Some members are making multiple withdrawals to the same processor on the same day. Today one member made 5 consecutive withdrawals to the same processor. This is causing unnecessary work for the admin team. With immediate effect multiple withdrawal requests to the same processor on the same day, by any member, will all be cancelled.
Over the next week we will be implementing new security features for your benefit.
Regards Russell (ismAI Admin)

The site upgrade to enable the new security measures and ismRican E-Wallet is now planned for Monday 3rd December. We have 2 minor items to fix in the new code and apologize for the delay.
As mentioned in our previous email some members are making multiple withdrawals to the same processor on the same day. Today of one member made 5 consecutive withdrawals to the same processor. This is causing unnecessary work for the admin team. With immediate effect multiple withdrawal requests to the same processor on the same day, by any member, will all be cancelled.
Regards Russell (ismAI Admin)

Back to Me.
Who in the heck would feel the need to request 5 withdrawals on the same day to the same processor? That just floors me! Don't they realize these Admin's are busy enough without having to pay the same person 5 times?
Now if this were a 25% per hour HYIP I could understand it because chances are you will lose your money if you don't withdraw it fast. But gimme a break. This is Richard and Russell of Rican Professional Networks Ltd we're talking about and not some fly by night Admin.
Oh and just for the record, I cash out about once per week and am very comfortable leaving my money in the system during that time. Just because you can cash out daily doesn't mean you have to.

GrandBankClub: been a long time since I actually added funds to GBC. Was chatting with Gord today trying to get it straight in my head exactly how he was working the program now. Looking at the Pay Plan it seems like a commitment or a marriage. Well it does! Once you start, you're in and there's no turning back. Not that you'd want to, but just sayin :)
- OK so today lets say I buy a E40P plan for $40 (plus fees)
- Within 48 hours I get my Fast Start Bonus of $20.50 plus a loyalty bonus of $4.30 (that covers the fee I paid)
- then every 10 days I receive $4.50 in my account balance x 11 installments
(Now here's the marriage part)...
- To cash out from $28 up to $54 you must buy a new E40P for $40
So in other words, once you're in - you stay in, forever :o
Is that a problem? Naw. Gord's been doing this for years and no one has ever lost money in his program(s).
NOTE: any one reading comments re: GBC, forget what I said about getting the $20.50 fast start bonus paid to your pay processor. I was wrong and will post a correct note the next time I update.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chopped Liver

Thanks for the coffee treebartt. That was very thoughtful, plus you make the best coffee in town ...

and Thanks for trying to send the chicken soup Paul. Even without the chicken, am sure it'll be very good. But I'm still feeling like chopped liver at the moment.

ProfitClicking: was happy to see that I cycled 3 panels and received the funds for that in my panel balance. Unfortunately, all of my withdraw requests are still pending so it's hard to get excited about something that I can't get my hands on right now.
For those of you who are new to PC, the panels I cycled were really old ones. Like a year ago maybe. Just didn't want any confusion about that.

Phinanci: new "short update" received:
Our programmer is still busy. Doing accounting quires could be quite tricky due to the encryption of the e-wallets.

Please bear with us as we are coming close to the finalization of the process. As mentioned in our previous update, there could be delays due to the technical nature of this movement.

Dedicated server
To give more stability to the software, we purchased a dedicated server to host Phinanci, so that we can provide more solid performance of the program. The server is provided and DDoS protected by BlackLotus. This will give more power to us and our members when we go in operation again.
Team Phinanci

- Roland just informed me in yesterday's comments that there are Google Banner Ads here in my blog. Right at the top he says. Well, I can't see them. Can you? Are they visible to everyone but me or perhaps in certain areas / countries? Give a holler and let me know. Thanks

ismMagic: I just upgraded my membership to Wizard for another month using my Magic Points.
- Login
- Go to: My Account
- Upgrade
Then chose your level and decide if you want to use your Magic Points (if available) or PayPal. Piece of cake and now I'm eligible for the monthly profit share. Nice :)

RicanAdFunds / ismAdsMagic: decided to post their update since there is a lot of information there. And since I sometimes lose emails, it'll help me remember what's going on too, LOL

At some stage during this week ismAdsIncome will be taken down for maintenance & updates. We will keep the downtime to a minimum.

Security Updates

Extra security features are being added to the site for your protection. These features will be obvious and on-site instructions will be included with the updates.

ismRican E-Walllet

The NEW ismRican E-Wallet processor will be added to the site, allowing you use earnings from one Rican program to purchase services / products in other Rican programs.
To access the E-Wallet you must be a member of ismMagic and activate it for each Rican program you wish to use it for. On-site instructions will be included.
Ad units purchased via the E-Wallet will be automatically approved upon successful payment.

ismMagic Bonus

To continue to receive the ismMagic Bonus after the updates, members must activate the E-Wallet for ismAdsIncome.
ISMmagic Bonuses will be automatically added to your ismMagic account when your ad units are approved.

Change of Domain

The site domain name will change from to a sub-domain of
Your existing referral links will continue to work although we request that all new adverts use the new domain after the updates.

Other Issues

As you may aware all ad purchases and withdrawals are approved manually. I am sure that most of our members like to enjoy some family and leisure time. Please note that with effect from 1st December 2012 no ad purchases or withdrawals will be approved on Sundays.
A few members make multiple withdrawals per day to the same processor placing an unnecessary workload on us. We would appreciate you not doing this.

Russell (Site Admin)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Energy,

No patience,
No humor,
Just crabby.

That would be me,
yesterday and today.

Plus everything I'm reading 
today is bugging me.
Well not everything but some.

ProfitClicking: get this... I've had my blog running in their TE since it first started. It's had over 2600 views and as of today, it's been "reported" and not able to show anymore. Wow. So I wonder if blogs in general are not allowed or if some joker really did press the report button?
UPDATE: just for grins, tried to re-enter my blog in the TE. Said the URL was against the Terms of Service. So clicked on the TOS link to read all about it and ... nothing happens. TOS page doesn't load. Ah well, I've had better days.
- I've seen a few payment proofs posted in the forum yesterday, mostly from Monitors though. As for me, I'm still waiting on that EgoPay pending since Oct 1st. Yep, long wait for an estimated 10 days.
- "Your ProfitShift Center" my info has been updated again and is hopefully correct this time. I did lose 50% of my old ad packs to the shift.
- 19 of my referrals and/or their referrals completed a Panel (matrix) today. Congrats to you. It's nice to see that happening but ... I'll stop there.

Phinanci: did anyone see an update from PHI yet?

RAF and ismAdsIncome: been reading about some good changes coming but won't post them all here. If you're a member then you received the updates already. If not, it's free to join and worth a look.
* Also, for those of you who are number watchers on the site (money in, money out), here's an interesting post from Richard Cannon in response to a question about that:
I am going to share a private conversation I had with Rully. Rully asked me a very good question and I replied - you have it all here.

Dear Richard,

This is the most question of the members of my group right now.
Pay out - purchase balance on ismads is going up over 80% right now.
How can you explain about this condition if the balance still going up to 100% or more ? Which other sources of the company to pay next withdrawal question excepted RAF? I know and 100% sure that Rican have not ponzi scheme on the payment flow as I know that Rican company have another business activities... but this is very important to give some explanation about the company planning to ensure that the company will keep paying.

Dear Rully
This is a great question. Our corporate activity is such that we generate revenue with the funds that pays our programs but the capital always remains in place to generate incoming funds greater than outgoing funds. At some point there will be more funds paid out that paid in but that is the sign of a great program because the funds continue to generate income for the members - that is the reason we set our programs up, so that people can earn long-term :) The reason why so many programs go scam because they spend the money trying to get more - the secret is to use the money to generate revenue but keep the capital unspent so that the earnings are continual. :)

Sorry for being so brief today but I really don't feel like talking. Plus am waiting for a call back from my incompetent insurance agent. Not joking about that either.
Enjoy your day :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dinner with the Zig Zag Man

Why is it, any time family comes in from Michigan, I get sick?
Do they bring me cold germs which are foreign to Colorado or what?
It was good to see my youngest nephew and his wife for Thanksgiving though, so I can't complain too much.
Also found myself having TG dinner with the Zig Zag Man at the big table. Well, see for yourself! How can you not see the resemblance? LOL


I better do some updates while I still have some energy.

ProfitClicking: nothing new in my account today except for some RC from referrals who are cycling their Panels. Nice :)
There is a new update in your dashboard, but it just says to wait a little longer to get back on track, besides pushing the 3% daily that is.
Now here's what I'm curious about...
- they tried to do the profit shift
- then they paid us our daily ad pack income from Nov 8 - 20 based on 'after profit shift' numbers
- now they figured out the profit shift numbers weren't correct, so they're re-doing it
- So now, will they 'take back' the earnings they gave us for the 8-20 and re-do that too?
Actually I hope they do. Since some members were hit with a 100% shift which can't be correct. So by re-calculating the shift, you should have a few bucks coming that you did not see before.
- but what if someone already spent that on new ad packs? Or what if someone already put in a withdraw request for those dollars? See what I mean. It's still very confusing and I hope we're all notified when the final decisions are made and our results are in.

Phinanci: supposed to return today but seems there is a delay.
Facebook update: New banners are ready, still working on the management of accounts in a loss. Update might be slightly delayed. Stay tuned.

ismAdsIncome: celebrating 101 days online! My own account keeps growing since I purchase regularly along with requesting cash-outs. Also noticed they added a picture of Richard along with Russell on the front page, so now you can see who you're dealing with :)

RicanAdFunds: is 61 days young today and still going strong!

ProfitClicking: later in the day... I see some change in my account now so will go check it out and report on that later or tomorrow since I'm feeling blah. Where's the NyQuil?

Hey, I just got my wheels back.
Still clunky as ever but will hopefully last a few more years!

Friday, November 23, 2012


ProfitClicking: saw a weird update posted in a forum last night. The poster said it came from PC's facebook page, but the Mod's in the Conference Room don't know anything about it. A prankster perhaps?
- don't pay too much attention to the numbers in your dashboard. They are still working on the profit shift and numbers are going haywire. Let's give it a few more days or until they announce that it is complete.
PS, the weird update I was referring to had something to do with a "Bucket List", LOL (sorry but I just find humor in that)

RicanAdFunds: had enough to buy 5 more pkg's today, so I did.

ismAdsIncome: site was down when I got up this morning but is back up and looking just fine now. Daily earnings posted as usual.
If you have repurchased Ad Packs using your account balance and the Ad Packs were not added, this is from Admin Richard (reply to one of the members inquiry)

"Hello, sorry for the delay in getting back to you - we were travelling back from Morocco - we are currently working on the site and it would appear that there is a glitch in the transaction module which has now been repaired - this is due to the changes were are making to improve the sites. The remaining transactions that have not bene added will be added by tomorrow evening as we put ensure that all is correct. I am sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes we make mistakes too - we will put everything right very quickly - thank you for your patience - no earnings will be lost"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all are having a great day today.
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.
I'll try to squeeze in a few updates before I have to leave.
My family is making dinner today so no cooking for me. YaY!

ProfitClicking: I did receive my daily ad pack income from 11/8 through 11/20 overnight. Haven't checked the numbers yet to see if it was calculated pre-shift or post-shift.*
* thanks for the comment ulurtz, you saved me some time. Post-shift it is.
- also received a few RC's from the cycled panels of referrals or their referrals.
- haven't received news that the 'shift' is complete. so they may still be working on numbers if yours doesn't appear correct.
- no news on any more payments though. still pending.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: continue to run flawlessly and I'm real happy that I joined both.
Suppose I should include Richard and Russell in the things that I am Thankful for today, lol. Seriously. These two programs have been the best thing since chopped 'turkey' liver :)

Phinanci: still waiting on a re-open date till the 25th, so nothing to report there yet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PC Profit Shift Continues

ProfitClicking: after reading through 4 or so pages of forum posts today, I only spotted one that was worth sharing:

The 100% ProfitShift conversion rate was an error...

If you have 100% Conversion rate....Either go to Live Chat or to the Conference Room and let one of the Moderators know and they will take your ID. Do not put in a support ticket. And this is only for 100% Conversion.

(This info is from Lady Dale, the moderator for Thursdays Doc conference calls)

Thanks to a helpful forum member in MMG for that.
And remember folks, DO READ the Updates in your dashboard!
- reports of daily ad pack income being caught up from Nov 8 - 20. Hasn't got to me yet but I'll keep checking.
- also have received some RC from ref's ref's cycling a Panel.

Two of the greatest qualities in life are
Patience and Wisdom

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


That number caught my eye yesterday while driving.
155,555 = the mileage on my 'newer' car, LOL

ProfitClicking: speaking of numbers, I see the Profit Shift is underway. They say it's done but "My ProfitShift Center" page is not correct. It's showing stats from the last JBP Restart.
So assuming this is the case for you also, check your Dashboard numbers to see what really happened to your account.
My news for the day is:
- my own profit shift has converted 45% of my positions bought before Oct 25th into panels. (well, they will be panels once they're activated.) Don't ask me how or why, I don't know what kind of algorithm they use AND I don't know for sure that it's complete yet. I see some talking about errors so it's possible those numbers will change. Heck I dunno.
- payment received to STP from my Oct 13th withdraw request!
- still pending is the Oct 1st to EgoPay.
- don't miss the new update posted in your member area.
Speaking of Update, did you notice this part:
Also, the Ad Packs you and your referrals
buy with newly deposited funds between
now and November 30th, 2012 will earn
3% per day until they mature. So this is a
great time to buy Ad Packs with newly 
deposited funds.

Didn't Doc say on the call that the new spends would earn 3% only during the month of November? Then revert to the 2% - 1% starting Dec. And now they're saying "until they mature"? So who's right and who's wrong?
*New Update 2 posted in your dashboard. Don't miss it.

SolidTrustPay: did you notice their new look? I like it a lot but tried to do a ACH bank transfer yesterday and it was not available. I asked about it and they said it should be back soon. Geez I sure hope so. I really don't want to pay that $40 for a bank wire.

RicanAdFunds: purchased more Ad Packages yesterday and requested a payment which I received today. Thanks Richard :)

ismAdsIncome: rather that starting on my next goal there, decided to cash out my balance this time, and I was paid promptly overnight, as usual.

BulgeInvest: is a 9% x 15 day program.
The site says it's been running for 14 days.
I don't have any withdraw requests in at this time, but have read that they are late or slowing... so I removed the banner from my side bar.
Now if you recall, I did join this 'just for fun' and reminded you more than once that it was 'High Risk'.
I have no proof that it's toast (yet), just be prepared.
And no, I don't have my original spend back yet either.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday and Purple Paws

For the Animal Lovers in your life at Christmas time, you might want to check out this site.
I found some really cute things, not too expensive, and for every purchase you make, x number of bowls of food are donated to homeless animals. Go see. Meow!

ProfitClicking: was surprised today to receive some RC from ref's or their ref's for completing a Panel. Really? They actually have those moving now? Awesome!
No change in my account since yesterday.
Congrats to those folks who cycled!

Phinanci: is on hold till the 25th. I did get an answer to my question though.
I was concerned with members who purchased then did nothing but repurchase the entire time. I was worried that if they used all of their earnings to repurchase, then it would show them as being in profit. Well, that is not the case.
In your dashboard, check the "Total Deposits".
Also check the "Total Amount Paid".
If you were paid more than you deposited, then you are "In Profit".
The consequence for accounts in profit is that they will have all of their active deposits expired and account balances cleared. All accounts in loss will keep their active deposits and continue earning in this new plan.

BulgeInvest: got paid last night from the Bulge again.
At 9% daily it's adding up pretty fast. Do I mind? Nope ;)

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: my numbers look good.
Am not going to cash out today. The poor Admin does payouts 7 days a week so I've decided to give him Sunday off. He deserves it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What? No More Twinkies?

Was sad today to hear about the Hostess plants shutting down and closing.
No more Twinkies or Wonder Bread?
My cat was upset too since he loves Twinkies with a passion.
I would hope someone else purchases the plants and keeps the recipes the same since it's a household name around these parts.

ProfitClicking: there's a new update on the site which covers some of what Doc said on the call last night. Yeah, I listened to it and made notes and will post a few things here. But do read the latest update for yourself.
- Profit Shift has started and will take several days to complete. (have not seen any change in my own account yet)
- Daily Ad Pack earnings are paused until the PS is complete. (they will catch up afterwards)
- Starting today you will earn 3% daily on NEW Ad Packs purchased. (that's with new pay processor money... not money already in your account)
You will earn the 3% only through the month of Nov, then it will revert to the regular 2% and 1%
- On or about Nov 19th new withdrawal requests will be paid in 48 hours.
- Pending withdrawal requests will run side-by-side with them until they're caught up. (could take a month)
- Panels can be purchased now but there's no placements being done at the moment. That will take some time to catch up also.
- New Buttons on the site: 24/7 Conf Room, Training etc.
- Level 1, you should be upgraded if you have at least 4 ad packs that are expired or will expire very soon, so that you receive the Panel(s) when the profit shift is completed.

OK that about covers it. I'm not rushing to do anything with my account right now. I am already upgraded to Level 1 and waiting for the big Shift. More importantly, am waiting on pending payments at the moment. My oldest pending is from Oct 1st.
Not complaining, Just reporting.

Phinanci: looking for an update but don't see one :(
From where I sit, we're now receiving 1.5% Daily for 100 Days. The FAQ's have not been updated yet nor have their banners, so I've stopped promoting for the time being. Just waiting on that dang update.
Just Arrived:

Due to a series of unexpected events, which all accumulated, has put Phinanci in a position where it has become necessary for us to make some changes in order to continue offering a lucrative earning opportunity for our members. We are obviously not thrilled about this; however we see no other alternative, than to restructure. We are moving to a new more stable and sustainable platform.
The new platform is based on a single plan paying 1.5% daily for 100 days with deposit minimum of $5 USD and no maximum.

Both current running plans are changed to 1.5% daily for 100 days, and deposits in the 20 Days Expiry plan are also set to this new plan. The program is on hold at the moment. No new withdrawals are allowed. Deposits are still accepted in the new 1.5% daily plan.
Our programmer is working on evaluating and auditing all accounts.

The consequence for accounts in profit is that they will have all of their active deposits expired and account balances cleared.
All accounts in loss will keep their active deposits and continue earning in this new plan.
If your account is in profit you will get all balances cleared and all active deposits expired. To continue earning in Phinanci you will have to deposit again.
The restructure will be ready for 25th of November, when we will open withdrawals again and continue from where we stand. All banners and information on site will be reflected according to this new direction.

New withdrawal schedule

Due to increased volume of workload from the ever enlarging membership, requests will be processed from 12 to 48 business hours (Monday to Friday). You can expect withdrawal requests made on Friday not earlier than Monday and for withdrawal requests made on Saturday and Sunday, not earlier than Tuesday.

Due to enlarged membership and the ever increasing workload of processing payments, we have updated the Terms of payment.

Thank you for the understanding.
Team Phinanci

I'll be back with a comment after I get home from the store.
* Back finally. The update sounds good and much better than the alternative. Also I would assume that being 'in profit' or 'not in profit' means via pay processor funds. I'll try to get that verified. But in the meantime, will put this on hold for now.

BulgeInvest: have been getting daily payments from it. The first few days I reinvested (re-spent) my earnings. But now trying to hold back on doing that until I get a little more of my seed money out. Been reading the forums and facebook and everyone is happy. When I get a little closer to my BEP (break even point) will be adding more funds again. Coolio :)

ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds: I was going to write about them both but it's hard to keep giving a high-five to these Admins all the time, lol
Most times when I write it's because of a problem or change or something stupid that I can see. But that's never been the case here.
I've been pleased as punch since day one with both of these programs, so how many times can I post that or say Thanks to Richard and Russell for doing such an outstanding job? Well, I guess one more time won't hurt...
Thanks Richard and Russell for all you do!
You guys rock!!!

I can name that tune in 5 notes 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


ProfitClicking: nothing new there for me.
Big call tonight with Doc though.
Hope he addresses the things that current members are asking about and not just the introduction for new members. Aren't we the backbone of the company right now? Would be a shame not to acknowledge our concerns.

Phinanci: waiting for an update but in the meantime noticed our daily earning and term have changed. Maybe more changes coming? Don't know yet. Let's wait and see.

BulgeInvest: reading only good things about it so far. Payments posted daily in the forums. Just requested another myself :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a Quickie Today

ProfitClicking: no change as of now.
- no profit shift numbers yet.
- no payments received either.

Phinanci: waiting for an update to see what's going on. Some are reporting late payments again so am anxious to hear the real deal.

RicanAdFunds: credited for 50 days since my first spend at 2% daily. You do the math :)

ismAdsIncome: 90 day anniversary today and I've been credited for 89 days of my first spend there. Right on.

BulgeInvest: site has been having hiccups today. Sometimes it comes up fine, other times not. So if you get a time-out, don't worry and try again later.
- just got in a requested a small Ego Pay payment which have always been paid really fast.
- and today is no different. Paid already!

My Boys - Chillin 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Might As Well Laugh

While waiting for "My ProfitShift Center" page to fill itself up with numbers and then hopefully receive some of my pending payments from ProfitClicking... thought I'd throw in a little humor today. 
Wonder if I can convince Wimpy to join me on my next grocery trip? You think the Butcher will let us slide till next Tuesday? Hmmm

Phinanci: I have seen more payments posted in the forum so that's good news. Personally, I'm going to wait a bit and see how it goes.

RicanAdFunds: was going to cash out today but decided to re-spend instead. Tomorrow will complete day 50 of my first bought ad unit. Yep, at 2% daily that's a break even point if you never re-invested or added more. I've done both so I'm into profit already :) Thanks Richard and Russell

ismAdsMagic: same here. Decided to re-spend rather than cash out. These two programs are both running great and the Admin's are top notch in my book.

BulgeInvest: fastest payments on earth, LOL
Seriously. Requested one today and received it in record time!
Thanks to the Admin for being on the ball.

I have some other things going through my head but don't feel like being serious right now. Would rather enjoy that burger with Wimpy at this point. So maybe tomorrow if I'm in the mood. Or better yet... maybe tomorrow I'll have something more fun to chat about, eh?
Over and Out.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Monday I Guess

Woke up just after 6, without an alarm,
the exact same time as usual. Weird.
Was a whopping 18 degrees F.
The cats didn't even want out. Too cold!

ProfitClicking: still no profit shift for me and I don't see anyone else reporting on it either.
- my daily ad pack earnings got caught up for 11-4 thru 11-7 yesterday
- my oldest withdraw request is still pending from 10/1
Anxious to see how this all pans out but I'll give it the month of November to allow the shift and other changes to take effect. Not much else we can do but wait.

Phinanci: checking the forum posts someone mentioned a late payment. So I went to the phinanci facebook page and read this:
Due to enlarged membership and the ever increasing workload of processing payments, we have updated the Terms of payment.

OK, no payments on weekends any longer.
Now this program did start on 9/26 or 27th, so that's what... 45 days running? At 3% daily that's 135% back from your first spend if you joined at the beginning.
I'll be watching for payment reports today and will let you know.
UPDATE: I did see some payment proofs in the forum today and also received a comment here from Lisa that she was paid! Cool :)

RicanAdFunds: got a nice payment from RAF yesterday. Now I'm letting it build up again to make another spend. Thanks Richard!

ismAdsMagic: purchased 5 more ad units which almost brings me to my first goal. But once I reach it, might have to make a new one ;)

BulgeInvest: not even a week old and appears to be doing good. Am seeing a lot of paid posts in forums and everybody looks happy. Well, I mentioned this when it first started... at 9% daily it's definitely high risk so please only spend what you're comfortable playing with. As for me, I threw in a couple, then re-spent a little, and now should start withdrawing a little more often. Sometimes I get excited and forget to cash out, lol

Got some SPAM today from Fredrick Mann. No, not Frederick Mann, but Fredrick Mann (see the spelling?) Be careful with those spammers trying to trick you.

Made arrangements to have my old Jeep towed to the shop. It's been sitting in the garage for months because of the clanking engine. So today, started it up to move it to the street and ... where's the noise?
Makes me think of little kids who stay home from school because they don't feel good. But when you tell them it's time to go to the Doctor, all of a sudden they have a speedy recovery.
Well, the noise isn't as loud as it was but I'm still afraid to drive it so best get it checked out by a professional, who just happens to be my daughter in law. Yep, Jessica is in the automotive business too. No, not a mechanic but she does run the shop. Smart gal.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day / Remembrance Day

Sorry, not feeling very talkative today.
I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Still Waiting for THE BIG ONE

Did you see my post yesterday? No?
Be sure to scroll to the bottom of it.
That will explain my subject line :)

Besides waiting for THE BIG ONE from ProfitClicking, everything else is doing great. I am seeing paid posts all over the forums for all of the programs that we're involved in. Yep, we're doing fantastic!

Oh hey, yesterday our temperature was in the 70's.
Today started out at 50F, been dropping all day, 32F now and snowing. Then tonight's low will be 18F. I need more blankies!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

ProfitClicking and more ...

TGIF to all you hard working folks out there!

ProfitClicking: as we await our first ProfitShift which is scheduled for tomorrow (as far as we know), I noticed last night that the Level 2 Upgrade is Open.
Now the odd thing is, it's $22 per month now instead of $57 for 3 months AND their FAQs have not been updated to show that change OR to state what percentage your upline would receive when you upgrade. So it's all a mystery at this point.*
*Not any more. Here you go:
11/09/2012Commission for Level1 Referral's Upgrade to Membership
Level 2       $11.00

- Level 2 Upgrade is mainly for those with referrals so unless you have some that may upgrade also, not much point at this time.
- my buddy Will received his EgoPay payment that's been pending since 9/30. So am guessing mine from 10/1 will be paid soon also.
- still no daily ad pack earnings to report since 11/4.

UPDATE: the RC I received from the Level 2 upgrades just disappeared. Well hmmm. Wonder if that was a mistake in the first place?
** Now the $22 L2 Fee was returned to my wallet. I give up. They're obviously doing something in there but I'll have to wait to see the final results. This "now you see it - now you don't" game is killin me.

Cronjob malfunction (6th of November)
Phinanci experienced a small malfunction with the cronjob responsible for crediting the accounts with daily ROI. We have eliminated this issue and prevented it from happening again.

Seven accounts experienced early expiration of their deposits in the 50 days plan by receiving all remaining earnings at once. We would like to thank all members who informed us on time by sending us a support ticket. That helped us react in a timely manner and overcome this challenge. Those accounts now enjoy the benefit of having their deposits expired earlier than the usual time and receiving the full 150% ROI before the 50th day.

Live Chat coming tomorrow (9th of November)
From tomorrow we will have a Live Chat department integrated in Phinanci. Keep an eye on the site for the coming feature. You will be able to chat with us for the most time of the day and receive instant assistance.

Group Chat Fridays (Facebook)
Every Friday starting from 9th of November, we will organize one hour chat sessions on our Facebook Group. This serves as a tool for new members to find their way in our program and receive help from fellow members and admins. The time will be announced on our Facebook page. The group is limited to 50 people and every week it re-opens its doors. This means that if you cannot join and tune in for tomorrow’s session you can try next week. This is due to a Facebook policy not allowing group chats for groups with more than 50 members. You can get in the group by following this link -

MNO interview
To finish up, we want remind you that one week ago we have been interviewed by Money-News-Online.    

Back to me :)
I've been really impressed with Phinanci so far. Everything has been right on schedule and going great guns.
Reminder: the weekend is coming and purchases from account balance will be open again.

RAF and ismAdsIncome: both doing great!
- Received another payment from ism today.
Thanks to the Admins R & R ;)

BulgeInvest: the name still makes me laugh.
Referring to himself, one of my friends in MMG wrote... " and he's hoping to create a bulge in his LR account. rofl4.gif "  Now see, this is why I enjoy that forum. It's not just for sharing or explaining or asking... we always have a little fun there too. (Thanks mm).
So I just re-purchased using some of my EgoPay earnings and also requested a little cash-out via STP. According to the site, I should receive that within 12 hours time. Okie dokie :)
* Update: Paid in a few hours.

OK I need to get back to ProfitClicking for a minute.
Was chatting with a friend and I referred to the Profit Shift as
"The Big One". C'mon Carl, Gimme The Money!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Worry - Be Happy

Don't worry... am not gonna play that song, lol
I feel like ranting today but maybe I better update first.

The new one, BulgeInvest has started out really good. Seeing a lot of old friends (and new ones) in the forum that I frequent, all joining in on the fun.
- received my first 9% daily last night but decided to wait until morning to re-purchase with it. Mornings are just better for me. Also made a new spend while I was there. Hey it's early, and 15 days is gonna go by real fast!
Thanks to those who joined me so far.

Phinanci: still rockin my world and I received another payment from them today. WhooHooo!

It's Ground Hog day at ProfitClicking for me. No, not like the celebration day... more like the movie if you get my drift.

Received a disturbing email from RAF and ismAdsIncome.
Disturbing why?
Well, read it and tell me what you think!
We have two great Admin's here, running a clean show, making daily payments and allowing us to earn a good deal of money.
Then we have folks who sign up, then sign up again and again under themselves just for the RC. Now that's just frickin greedy no matter how you look at it!

"IsmAdsIncome continues to be successful providing its members with a sustainable passive income. We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

As with any successful enterprise there are always those who want to cheat and IsmAdsIncome is no exception.

For the avoidance of doubt please note, that whilst is permissible to have more than one member per household, a member may only have ONE account.

We are in the process of adding further security measures to stop anyone opening multiple accounts and effectively claiming all three levels of commission on their own purchases. Those of you who do this are not only cheating IsmAdsIncome but your sponsor.

Accounts that we suspect of cheating will be suspended immediately and proof of identity will be required for them to be reactivated. Earnings will continue to accrue on all suspended accounts so honest members will never lose out.

We have not closed any accounts so far, but where there is clear evidence of cheating we reserve the right do so. Multiple members withdrawing to the same account will be deemed clear evidence of multiple memberships and cheating.

Our reason for taking this action is to protect your interests.

Thanks to the Admins Richard and Russell for taking control of this problem. I know it happens all the time in a lot of programs. so it's good to know that these two are on top of it. Thumbs up R&R and good luck cleaning up our site.
PS, bought 5 more ad packs today in RicanAdFunds and MY upline is Richard the Admin. So there! lol

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

I'm sure you've seen this clip on the news but this little girl is adorable and yes, I know how she feels.
"Why are you crying Abbey?"

Happy Birthday again Randy V.
Randy and I go a long way back and it's always a pleasure to read his comments here when he has time to post.
Hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY yesterday and looking forward to many more! WhooHoooo!!!
(psst, next year I get to play you that song)

ProfitClicking: there is a new update posted in your dashboard which includes some info about upgrading to Level 1 membership.
To add to that, once you upgrade and pay the fee, you must log out then back in to the dashboard to see it credited. Else you may end up paying it twice.
(Thanks for the comment reminder on that Gabriel :)
- received my weekend earning on daily ad pack sales today, credited for 11-3 and 11-4.
- purchased another big handful of Ad Packs.
- unfortunately, nothing else to report at this time.

Phinanci: still looks good from where I sit.
I started on day 1 and have only played in the 50 day plan... so as of today I have 20% profit from that first spend and climbing. Nice!

RAF: been switching off between buying new positions and cashing out. That way you get your seed money back while building on your own account.
- received a payment a few hours ago so next time I'll be purchasing again.

ismAdsIncome: yesterday bought myself 5 more positions. This one is growing really nice too. Thumbs up!

Just for Fun, I decided to join a new program that opened today!

Guess I was feeling silly and when I read the program name, it made me laugh. Could be good for a quick buck and then play with profit after that.
I wouldn't risk too much. Usually the higher daily % programs are of course more risky, but like I said... just wanted to have a little fun and feed the gambler in me. I really like the look of the site too.

- 9% x 15 days = 135%
- Daily earnings and withdrawals
- Min deposit is $5 
- Min withdraw is $1
- you can make new deposits from account balance
- Accepts LR, STP, EgoPay and PM
- 3% RC for those who like to refer
- Secure and licensed script
- DDoS protected by BlackLotus

Well hell, seems like a great day to have some fun ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Change

Dang it gets dark early now.
I'll be back tomorrow. 

Happy Birthday Randy V. (coach)
Will catch you later. Check your skype.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Change Your Clocks if in the U.S.

Enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning, earlier than normal. Oh yeah, the time change went into effect for us today.

Just a few updates while I'm sitting here cause my back really hurts so need to keep moving around.

ProfitClicking: while I was eating breakfast, received a Payza payment from PC that was requested on Oct 3rd. Now I still have an EgoPay pending since Oct 1st but it's OK, at least they're coming.
- also got my daily ad pack income for 10-31 thru 11-2 in a combined payment
- also been re-purchasing a lot of new Ad Packs since the Profit Shift announcement. Hey, ya can't take it with ya so might as well spend it, LOL

Phinanci: last day of the weekend to purchase using account balance. I did that yesterday and will probably do it again today.
Also received a payment from PHI right after I logged off last night. Great work Admin, keep it up :)

RAF: noticed my first spend has received income for 40 days now. That's 80% back already and we're just getting started here. Remember guys, it's 2% x 125 Days and the Admin has been impeccable.

ismAdsIncome: has been online for 80 days and I joined early on also. Today I have 79 days credited which at 1.5% daily is 118.5% back from my first spend. And this one runs for 200 Days! Wow!
PS, just bought 5 more ad units there.

I often wonder why some people have to join so many different programs? Yeah yeah I know, diversify. But how many times have you put 10 dollars here and 100 dollars there just to have it disappear?
I see a lot of new programs being launched right now and to be honest with you, most of them look like crap to me.
Now of course I've missed opening day for a few good ones but... I feel better knowing that what I'm "playing" in and adding funds to feels more secure than some of those new ones run by kids (yes kids) who's only purpose is to start a program to see how much they can scam you out of for their Christmas fund.
It's that time of year you know and you really do need to be careful with what's being advertised now.
Over and out :)