Tuesday, November 20, 2012


That number caught my eye yesterday while driving.
155,555 = the mileage on my 'newer' car, LOL

ProfitClicking: speaking of numbers, I see the Profit Shift is underway. They say it's done but "My ProfitShift Center" page is not correct. It's showing stats from the last JBP Restart.
So assuming this is the case for you also, check your Dashboard numbers to see what really happened to your account.
My news for the day is:
- my own profit shift has converted 45% of my positions bought before Oct 25th into panels. (well, they will be panels once they're activated.) Don't ask me how or why, I don't know what kind of algorithm they use AND I don't know for sure that it's complete yet. I see some talking about errors so it's possible those numbers will change. Heck I dunno.
- payment received to STP from my Oct 13th withdraw request!
- still pending is the Oct 1st to EgoPay.
- don't miss the new update posted in your member area.
Speaking of Update, did you notice this part:
Also, the Ad Packs you and your referrals
buy with newly deposited funds between
now and November 30th, 2012 will earn
3% per day until they mature. So this is a
great time to buy Ad Packs with newly 
deposited funds.

Didn't Doc say on the call that the new spends would earn 3% only during the month of November? Then revert to the 2% - 1% starting Dec. And now they're saying "until they mature"? So who's right and who's wrong?
*New Update 2 posted in your dashboard. Don't miss it.

SolidTrustPay: did you notice their new look? I like it a lot but tried to do a ACH bank transfer yesterday and it was not available. I asked about it and they said it should be back soon. Geez I sure hope so. I really don't want to pay that $40 for a bank wire.

RicanAdFunds: purchased more Ad Packages yesterday and requested a payment which I received today. Thanks Richard :)

ismAdsIncome: rather that starting on my next goal there, decided to cash out my balance this time, and I was paid promptly overnight, as usual.

BulgeInvest: is a 9% x 15 day program.
The site says it's been running for 14 days.
I don't have any withdraw requests in at this time, but have read that they are late or slowing... so I removed the banner from my side bar.
Now if you recall, I did join this 'just for fun' and reminded you more than once that it was 'High Risk'.
I have no proof that it's toast (yet), just be prepared.
And no, I don't have my original spend back yet either.


Brad Tramell said...

Very weird, My profit shift was very nice on me, only took like 35% of my packs before oct 25th, we must be lucky because everyone of my referrals got hit with 100% conversion of all their packs before the 25th :( how is that fair, not sure, all I know is im alright, but all my referrals are gonna be ticked, alwell I guess, I just gotta tell them to keep building, and the only way this is gonna work is if the panels start going like they have promised, but you know that goes lol

blondie said...

Hey Brad,
Read their latest update.
Those who had 100% converted may have been a glitch / problem.
Well, I'll let you read it.

Lisa said...

Sheesh - all of mine purchased before Oct 25th were converted! Sure wasn't what I was expecting.

blondie said...

And it may not be a final result Lisa. Please also read the updates.

Anonymous said...

Hi blondie, i've been following your blog for half a year now and it has been very useful so far. But i have 1 question, do you know if I have to upgrade to level 1 if i only have old JBP panels left i'm waiting to mature and 6 new from afer the profitshift. Thanks in advance and have a great day.

blondie said...

Got your note, twice.
Once submitted I need to approve for posting, just so you know for next time :)

I used to know the answer to that question but am seeing other reports about that today. So I'll try to get it verified before answering.

blondie said...

OK, here's what the FAQ says:

"ProfitShifts cannot be predicted. It could take 3-6 months to happen again and no, your PC account does NOT need to be upgraded to Level 1 to receive PC Panels from the ProfitShift."

Now in the past, in JBP, you did NOT need to be upgraded to receive the Panels (or matrix), but you DID need to be upgraded to be able to 'work them' and/or 'get paid from them'. That's what I recall.

Wonder if we should send an "askdoc" email for his next call to clarify that?

blondie said...

OK, I did send in an AskDoc question about Level 1 upgrade.
Hope they read it and respond to it on their next call ;)

Brad Tramell said...

I hope it is a glitch, guess we'll just have to wait and see, it would be awesome if it was a glitch :)