Friday, November 23, 2012


ProfitClicking: saw a weird update posted in a forum last night. The poster said it came from PC's facebook page, but the Mod's in the Conference Room don't know anything about it. A prankster perhaps?
- don't pay too much attention to the numbers in your dashboard. They are still working on the profit shift and numbers are going haywire. Let's give it a few more days or until they announce that it is complete.
PS, the weird update I was referring to had something to do with a "Bucket List", LOL (sorry but I just find humor in that)

RicanAdFunds: had enough to buy 5 more pkg's today, so I did.

ismAdsIncome: site was down when I got up this morning but is back up and looking just fine now. Daily earnings posted as usual.
If you have repurchased Ad Packs using your account balance and the Ad Packs were not added, this is from Admin Richard (reply to one of the members inquiry)

"Hello, sorry for the delay in getting back to you - we were travelling back from Morocco - we are currently working on the site and it would appear that there is a glitch in the transaction module which has now been repaired - this is due to the changes were are making to improve the sites. The remaining transactions that have not bene added will be added by tomorrow evening as we put ensure that all is correct. I am sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes we make mistakes too - we will put everything right very quickly - thank you for your patience - no earnings will be lost"


Francesco Pugliese said...

Blondie for president!

blondie said...

Funny guy!
Guess I should add that to my "bucket list" LOL