Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Monday I Guess

Woke up just after 6, without an alarm,
the exact same time as usual. Weird.
Was a whopping 18 degrees F.
The cats didn't even want out. Too cold!

ProfitClicking: still no profit shift for me and I don't see anyone else reporting on it either.
- my daily ad pack earnings got caught up for 11-4 thru 11-7 yesterday
- my oldest withdraw request is still pending from 10/1
Anxious to see how this all pans out but I'll give it the month of November to allow the shift and other changes to take effect. Not much else we can do but wait.

Phinanci: checking the forum posts someone mentioned a late payment. So I went to the phinanci facebook page and read this:
Due to enlarged membership and the ever increasing workload of processing payments, we have updated the Terms of payment.

OK, no payments on weekends any longer.
Now this program did start on 9/26 or 27th, so that's what... 45 days running? At 3% daily that's 135% back from your first spend if you joined at the beginning.
I'll be watching for payment reports today and will let you know.
UPDATE: I did see some payment proofs in the forum today and also received a comment here from Lisa that she was paid! Cool :)

RicanAdFunds: got a nice payment from RAF yesterday. Now I'm letting it build up again to make another spend. Thanks Richard!

ismAdsMagic: purchased 5 more ad units which almost brings me to my first goal. But once I reach it, might have to make a new one ;)

BulgeInvest: not even a week old and appears to be doing good. Am seeing a lot of paid posts in forums and everybody looks happy. Well, I mentioned this when it first started... at 9% daily it's definitely high risk so please only spend what you're comfortable playing with. As for me, I threw in a couple, then re-spent a little, and now should start withdrawing a little more often. Sometimes I get excited and forget to cash out, lol

Got some SPAM today from Fredrick Mann. No, not Frederick Mann, but Fredrick Mann (see the spelling?) Be careful with those spammers trying to trick you.

Made arrangements to have my old Jeep towed to the shop. It's been sitting in the garage for months because of the clanking engine. So today, started it up to move it to the street and ... where's the noise?
Makes me think of little kids who stay home from school because they don't feel good. But when you tell them it's time to go to the Doctor, all of a sudden they have a speedy recovery.
Well, the noise isn't as loud as it was but I'm still afraid to drive it so best get it checked out by a professional, who just happens to be my daughter in law. Yep, Jessica is in the automotive business too. No, not a mechanic but she does run the shop. Smart gal.


Anonymous said...

I want to register in RicanAdFunds and ismAdsMagic, I think it will last for long time due to their long-term investment plans.
Can you give me referrals link?
I have no money at the moment because i have invested in another HYIP's site. Just wait

blondie said...

Good choice :)
Links are always in my banners on the right side bar here.
I only post what I am involved in.

Anonymous said...

I'm your new RAF's referral.

blondie said...

Excellent, Thank You

Lisa D said...

I received a payout from Phinanci today :) still looking good to me.

blondie said...

That's great to hear Lisa!
Thanks for letting us know :)

doomcrew said...

I think the days are numbered for pc, they obviously have to start converting the formerly called triplers to matrix positions if they are actually going to do a restart. My feeling is the restart wont happen anytime soon and we will be subject to alot of excuses and that will just push any need for them to pay on those matrix positions well into next year or never. When the old man left or jumped ship that should of been a huge red flag that it was just time for them to toy with us for the rest of the year or until all the funds are cashed out in thier bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

(checked into prison May 2008 – Out May 2010)

I am so sad after learning more about “DOC” – do your own research.

He is a scam artist leading pyramid schemes and is on the PC executive team after a couple years from getting of jail cheating people out of their money…

He is the worst choice to lead PC/JBP - even more so if just a senior public relations person...

I hoped PC would be real, oh well

blondie said...

@doomcrew, I'm just playing it by ear. Hate making predictions especially when I'm wrong. So am waiting it out and hoping for the best.

@anonymous, do you really think this man would jump back into the same thing that landed him in prison? If in fact that is him?
You wouldn't think so, huh.

Maybe PC really will carry out with their promises, especially those of being legal and compliant.
Just a thought :)