Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday and Purple Paws

For the Animal Lovers in your life at Christmas time, you might want to check out this site.
I found some really cute things, not too expensive, and for every purchase you make, x number of bowls of food are donated to homeless animals. Go see. Meow!

ProfitClicking: was surprised today to receive some RC from ref's or their ref's for completing a Panel. Really? They actually have those moving now? Awesome!
No change in my account since yesterday.
Congrats to those folks who cycled!

Phinanci: is on hold till the 25th. I did get an answer to my question though.
I was concerned with members who purchased then did nothing but repurchase the entire time. I was worried that if they used all of their earnings to repurchase, then it would show them as being in profit. Well, that is not the case.
In your dashboard, check the "Total Deposits".
Also check the "Total Amount Paid".
If you were paid more than you deposited, then you are "In Profit".
The consequence for accounts in profit is that they will have all of their active deposits expired and account balances cleared. All accounts in loss will keep their active deposits and continue earning in this new plan.

BulgeInvest: got paid last night from the Bulge again.
At 9% daily it's adding up pretty fast. Do I mind? Nope ;)

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: my numbers look good.
Am not going to cash out today. The poor Admin does payouts 7 days a week so I've decided to give him Sunday off. He deserves it.

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