Friday, November 9, 2012

ProfitClicking and more ...

TGIF to all you hard working folks out there!

ProfitClicking: as we await our first ProfitShift which is scheduled for tomorrow (as far as we know), I noticed last night that the Level 2 Upgrade is Open.
Now the odd thing is, it's $22 per month now instead of $57 for 3 months AND their FAQs have not been updated to show that change OR to state what percentage your upline would receive when you upgrade. So it's all a mystery at this point.*
*Not any more. Here you go:
11/09/2012Commission for Level1 Referral's Upgrade to Membership
Level 2       $11.00

- Level 2 Upgrade is mainly for those with referrals so unless you have some that may upgrade also, not much point at this time.
- my buddy Will received his EgoPay payment that's been pending since 9/30. So am guessing mine from 10/1 will be paid soon also.
- still no daily ad pack earnings to report since 11/4.

UPDATE: the RC I received from the Level 2 upgrades just disappeared. Well hmmm. Wonder if that was a mistake in the first place?
** Now the $22 L2 Fee was returned to my wallet. I give up. They're obviously doing something in there but I'll have to wait to see the final results. This "now you see it - now you don't" game is killin me.

Cronjob malfunction (6th of November)
Phinanci experienced a small malfunction with the cronjob responsible for crediting the accounts with daily ROI. We have eliminated this issue and prevented it from happening again.

Seven accounts experienced early expiration of their deposits in the 50 days plan by receiving all remaining earnings at once. We would like to thank all members who informed us on time by sending us a support ticket. That helped us react in a timely manner and overcome this challenge. Those accounts now enjoy the benefit of having their deposits expired earlier than the usual time and receiving the full 150% ROI before the 50th day.

Live Chat coming tomorrow (9th of November)
From tomorrow we will have a Live Chat department integrated in Phinanci. Keep an eye on the site for the coming feature. You will be able to chat with us for the most time of the day and receive instant assistance.

Group Chat Fridays (Facebook)
Every Friday starting from 9th of November, we will organize one hour chat sessions on our Facebook Group. This serves as a tool for new members to find their way in our program and receive help from fellow members and admins. The time will be announced on our Facebook page. The group is limited to 50 people and every week it re-opens its doors. This means that if you cannot join and tune in for tomorrow’s session you can try next week. This is due to a Facebook policy not allowing group chats for groups with more than 50 members. You can get in the group by following this link -

MNO interview
To finish up, we want remind you that one week ago we have been interviewed by Money-News-Online.    

Back to me :)
I've been really impressed with Phinanci so far. Everything has been right on schedule and going great guns.
Reminder: the weekend is coming and purchases from account balance will be open again.

RAF and ismAdsIncome: both doing great!
- Received another payment from ism today.
Thanks to the Admins R & R ;)

BulgeInvest: the name still makes me laugh.
Referring to himself, one of my friends in MMG wrote... " and he's hoping to create a bulge in his LR account. rofl4.gif "  Now see, this is why I enjoy that forum. It's not just for sharing or explaining or asking... we always have a little fun there too. (Thanks mm).
So I just re-purchased using some of my EgoPay earnings and also requested a little cash-out via STP. According to the site, I should receive that within 12 hours time. Okie dokie :)
* Update: Paid in a few hours.

OK I need to get back to ProfitClicking for a minute.
Was chatting with a friend and I referred to the Profit Shift as
"The Big One". C'mon Carl, Gimme The Money!


Will B said...

Yes Blondie, Phinanci's great! Long live Phinanci, and thanks for introducing it.

Hope you get that EP withdrawal from PC soon. I'm same as you with adpack earnings--none since 11/4

Have a good weekend,


blondie said...

Hey Will, PHI, yep it sure is!
You're welcome!

PC... been a long wait but hope to see things get faster after the restart. Oh I mean profit shift.

Enjoy your weekend also!!