Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Energy,

No patience,
No humor,
Just crabby.

That would be me,
yesterday and today.

Plus everything I'm reading 
today is bugging me.
Well not everything but some.

ProfitClicking: get this... I've had my blog running in their TE since it first started. It's had over 2600 views and as of today, it's been "reported" and not able to show anymore. Wow. So I wonder if blogs in general are not allowed or if some joker really did press the report button?
UPDATE: just for grins, tried to re-enter my blog in the TE. Said the URL was against the Terms of Service. So clicked on the TOS link to read all about it and ... nothing happens. TOS page doesn't load. Ah well, I've had better days.
- I've seen a few payment proofs posted in the forum yesterday, mostly from Monitors though. As for me, I'm still waiting on that EgoPay pending since Oct 1st. Yep, long wait for an estimated 10 days.
- "Your ProfitShift Center" my info has been updated again and is hopefully correct this time. I did lose 50% of my old ad packs to the shift.
- 19 of my referrals and/or their referrals completed a Panel (matrix) today. Congrats to you. It's nice to see that happening but ... I'll stop there.

Phinanci: did anyone see an update from PHI yet?

RAF and ismAdsIncome: been reading about some good changes coming but won't post them all here. If you're a member then you received the updates already. If not, it's free to join and worth a look.
* Also, for those of you who are number watchers on the site (money in, money out), here's an interesting post from Richard Cannon in response to a question about that:
I am going to share a private conversation I had with Rully. Rully asked me a very good question and I replied - you have it all here.

Dear Richard,

This is the most question of the members of my group right now.
Pay out - purchase balance on ismads is going up over 80% right now.
How can you explain about this condition ...how if the balance still going up to 100% or more ? Which other sources of the company to pay next withdrawal question excepted RAF? I know and 100% sure that Rican have not ponzi scheme on the payment flow as I know that Rican company have another business activities... but this is very important to give some explanation about the company planning to ensure that the company will keep paying.

Dear Rully
This is a great question. Our corporate activity is such that we generate revenue with the funds that pays our programs but the capital always remains in place to generate incoming funds greater than outgoing funds. At some point there will be more funds paid out that paid in but that is the sign of a great program because the funds continue to generate income for the members - that is the reason we set our programs up, so that people can earn long-term :) The reason why so many programs go scam because they spend the money trying to get more - the secret is to use the money to generate revenue but keep the capital unspent so that the earnings are continual. :)

Sorry for being so brief today but I really don't feel like talking. Plus am waiting for a call back from my incompetent insurance agent. Not joking about that either.
Enjoy your day :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,
I need a explanation about PC:

Percentage of Ad packs Converted to PC Panels (ACP): 35 %
No. of Your Ad Packs Converted: 0

Is this an error?
I hope they are still working!

Just for update: I'm waiting daily income since November 20, you too?

blondie said...

Yes I'm sure they're still working on it or there would have been a new update.

Plus you won't see the new Panels until that portion is actually completed. If there are problems after that, then you'd need to question it.

No daily income since the 20th for me either.

blondie said...

PS, those who are cycling their panels (matrices) now have been waiting for months to do that.
That's from the old JBP restarts, not this new one PC one. K

Anonymous said...

One my ads got reported. I just deleted it and added in again. Working fine now.

Roland said...

Re Blogs reported. Same here - got several Blogs of mine reported in PC TE. Could be due to Google's new ads showing up in our blogs. This is recent and just sucking. Anything free has to be exploited by these harks for their own benefits one must sadly notice...

blondie said...

Well Anonymous, there's got to be more to it than that. Wouldn't you think a PC employee would verify the 'report' before deleting?

Roland, there are no google ads in my blog so must be another problem.
Unless you're seeing something that I'm not.

Anonymous said...

I also have a referral whose sites got "reported" and deleted. But they were not blogs. This is an unfair game.

Get well soon...


blondie said...

See, that's strange.
Unless they were of Adult nature or totally a scam, why report them?

Hope to be better tomorrow.
Wishful thinking,
Thanks :)

Joey said...

I have my ISMAI and RAF "reported".
Jealousy, maybe :)

Jason John V Dionaldo said...

Hi blondie do you have a facebook account. Can i add you in my friend list? Please....

HermitJim said...

I do hope you get your energy back real soon, my friend! We need you out there keeping us informed!

Have a great day!

blondie said...

Maybe Joey.
My RAF is still running and I just added ISM to the mix. I'll keep an eye on them.

Jason, I do have a FB account but don't use it much. Only when I want to read something that someone else posted. Sorry

Hi Jim,
Thanks and I'm working on it.
Cheers (coffee)

Roland said...

Re ads - I can actually see 2 banner ads when visiting your blog, Blondie. They are located above and right under your nav bar. This is what I meant when speaking about these new Blogger ads we have no control over, as this seems to have been released by BIG BLOGGER GOOGLE grrrrr. I am located in Europe. Maybe thsi cannot be seen in USA? I have some bloggers blogs that have these too, but others dont... Cant get rid of em. Just for your info

blondie said...

Thanks for clarifying.
Weird indeed that I can't see them.
I'll have to ask others about that.