Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Get Around

Another program you need to avoid: EqPeak
I actually did register there a few days ago but after learning more about it and seeing the obvious disaster ready to happen, am not proceeding with it.

ProfitClicking: there's an Interview with Doc in one of the Monitor sites which I would assume will be posted on the PC site as well. Couldn't find it today but perhaps they're saving it for a news update?
Thanks to kanda2012 in the MMG forum for posting the link, else I would have no clue that it existed.
- Nothing else new there to report on today.

Phinanci: it's the weekend so you can use your account earnings to buy more positions if you choose.
I let my earnings build up in one of the pay processors on the site so I might just do that today myself. Well, today or tomorrow.
- Yesterday, later in the day I added the link to the Phinanci Interview also. If you missed it, here it is again.

RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome: just watching my daily earnings grow while promoting other programs on their sites.
I read an interesting forum post the other day that I'd like to share with you. It said: "It looks like this admin with the two good sites is poised to replace PC as the choice people are really wanting."
Now that's a pretty bold statement and of course it would take RAF and ISM a long time to get to that point but ... is it doable? Wonder if Richard and Russell have ever thought in terms of millions of members? Well I suppose if we keep spreading the word and get our links out there, anything is possible.

GBC: I'd like to talk about GrandBankClub again but will wait for the OK from Gord. He's changed a few things there so am thinking that we should all be good to go now. Will get back to you on that.

If you were wondering about my subject line, those words (and song) came to mind the other day. Sometimes people write to me giving advise like I'm new to this stuff. Well I've been around for more than 10 years now, have been blogging about it for just over 5. So my response to one of those folks was: "Don't worry about me. I'm not a newbie and I get around."

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