Sunday, November 30, 2014

DigAdz News

Finally the DigAdz site came up in my area!
About 2 PM this afternoon I was able to log in, do some digging (surfing), purchased a small 'bundle ad' package and even upgraded my account to "Hunter".
Was going to go "Hunter Pro" but they've been having a few problems with funds not getting credited so I decided to play it safe for now and spend small.
Tomorrow should be a better day for sure especially if all the little problems are fixed and the site remains stable.
So happy that I could finally get involved!
Cheers :)

PS, if any of my personal referrals need a hand figuring out the system... please send me an email and I'll send you a link to a very helpful step-by-step instructional site created by our friend "capoon". It came in real handy for me and got me up and running in no time!

Friday, November 28, 2014

DigAdz Launching Tomorrow + Saturday

Saturday Update:

Digadz Hybrid PTC Revshare Comp Plan Presentation 29-11-14

LATEST NEWS from Beejay: Your new dashboard will be switched on about 2 hours before launch. When you log in PLEASE READ the To-Do List For today, very important.

PayPal will NOT be available for purchase today but:

"We are launching today because the programmer is available & won't be next week if that answers some of the questions. No, you will not lose out by Paypal only being available after Tuesday. This is not a cycler where you lose positions if you don't get in early."

Just remember folks, this is not a get rich quick program. You will need to "dig" for ads daily and use your earnings wisely.
Cheers and Good Luck :)

PS, site is having a "too busy" launch time. No need to hurry or rush. I'm going to take a break for an hour or two then try to get myself going after that.

PPS, still not able to log in. Site has been down (for me) except for a few short minutes when it first opened. Sooo I haven't been able to do anything there yet. (sigh) Now I have to leave in an hour to babysit so might miss the first day completely. Fingers crossed that something changes soon.

LAST NOTE before I leave:

We are sorry we are closed for maintenance now. But this is the necessary measure. Just from the start we got into massive DDOS attack (the largest attack we got hit with was 15 Gbps). Server staff recommended us to complete some server upgrade with additional tools and we agreed. As a result now our site is not visible in some areas. I think it will be honest to all our members to close site for maintenance untill it works fine again. Now we just need to wait till DNS propagates all over the word. We are sorry again and hope you understand us.

Launch Time has been revealed for DigAdz which is Noon EST, although we're still waiting on the Official Comp Plan. I'll post that here as soon as I hear it's out. Oh and we're up to 21,400 pre-registered members. Crazy.

Dear blondie,
Good news! and Good day for launch Official Launch Time on 29th November,2014 18.00 CET.
It's time to start after big testing.
Thank you for Marius Pedersen to create video about exciting for Official Launch Time. You can watch video here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday and...

Today's Digadz Update:

Dear Digadz members,

86% programming status and more than 15k+ members preregistered! This is so amazing and it's a very exciting time for all of us!

Latest news is that we are doing some major system tests this week, and if all is approved there will be an announcement soon about the official launch.

Now you have time to build your team before it starts and if you knew what we know, you would promote like crazy right now!

Many thanks and everyone have a wonderful week!
Best regards,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Digs

The system is showing 77% 84% complete and growing at an incredible rate. Up to *13,855 members as I write this. *Now over 14K.
I'm sure we're all very anxious to see what the "comp plan" is going to be which I hope will bring even more excitement.

Some are waiting to join until they know about the comp plan. Why would they do that? You don't need to pay anything to join and receive their updates.
Well I can't speak for them, but I'm in and anxious to see where this goes.

From the site:

"Jump In Quick And Secure Your Account Today.
More Rewards
Dig Bonuses Everyday
Affiliate Commission 10%
Start Earning with Free Member
Get Unlimited 5% from referral’s bonuses

All member start earning with free member
Or Start at $1 +
Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
More useful tools and Rewards"

Accepts: PayPal, Payza, STP, PM and EgoPay.

Hey it's starting to snow again.
Glad my outside windows are all clean :)
Go Bronco's in the white stuff.

OneLineAd: still getting my 3% daily and cashing out when I can. I never did cycle out of Level 1 and probably never will. But as long as the 3% continues, I'm OK with that.

777Payouts: still getting a few cents there daily.

RevShareAdvertising: on hold sort of. Waiting on another Admin update.

MyProfitAds: not sure what's going on there.
Launch date and time keeps changing.
Admin hasn't been seen in MMG for 2 weeks.
We have no idea how many members are pre-registered.
Admin by the way, is know as "redhammer" in the MMG forum. That's the main reason I joined and thought this one would be as honest as they come. Well, IF it ever launches that is, lol

Friday, November 21, 2014


That would be: Thank Goodness It's Not Freezing.
Was just outside washing the rest of my house windows before the next storm comes through. It is currently 59F / 15C here and a beautiful day!
(ps, I was even barefoot out there. Had to dodge the leftover snow piles but it worked out OK)

I really like the new main page for Digadz.
The other one didn't say much, so it didn't catch enough attention IMO. Now this new one might get a few to stop and see what it's all about. Go look.
Anyway, we're up to 11,855 pre-registered members and the system is now 77% complete. Excellent :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Digadz Update

Just found the following update for Digadz
I don't know about you but I'm starting to get a little anxious.

From BeeJay – Facebook DigAdz Team Build
Hello Digadz members,

System update, Now 77% in progress but main structure already done. and total pre-account was over 10k now and will be huge.

About progress slower than our expectations, we are so sorry about this. We are so serious about security, design, user interface and the important things it must be high performance. We must check all processes and that makes us slow in progress right now.
For now, our development team work all day and night to make everything perfect. This project is very large scale and we never had a project like this before. We are super excited because this will make money for everyone for the long term!
Take advantage of the pre-launch time! Now you still have time to get more people in under your referral link. The more referrals you get as huger amounts of earnings and earn residual forever. It's easy to get referrals, please do, because it's free! Everyone can start with free members.
Our products and services will not only be focusing on advertising, we will have a market place (e-commerce base) and many marketing services.
I know you want to know about the compensation plan but this will be announced later. I'm sure everyone will be excited about this, so it's worth waiting for this.

Let's Digadz Rock! Everyone can make success! Regards,


Monday, November 17, 2014

Win with DigAdz... Sure Hope So :)

Been keeping my eye on DigAdz waiting for the launch time to be announced and below are some bits and pieces of what I know so far.

I don't know about you guys, but I really want to see a good long lasting program here. I'm getting so sick and tired of these 'one day wonders' that don't pan out for most of us.

Everyone that knows this Admin Beejay, seems to be really happy with the way he's run his other program and they swear he's an honest experienced Admin. So I'm really hoping that this one will be as good as we want (and need) it to be.

- Pay Plan and Launch Date will be released when the site is 90% complete.
- Currently it is at 70% with over 7,000  8,500 pre-registered members.
- Pay Processors that will be accepted will be PayPal, STP, PM and EgoPay.

Taken from the site:
"All member start earning with free member
Or Start at $1 +
Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
More useful tools and Rewards"

So there you have it.
I'll keep in touch as I learn more.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It Was a Long John Night

This morning when I got up,
the temp was -6 F.
Today's high will be 19 F.
Yes, I wore my Long Johns
to bed last night...
wouldn't you?

RevShareAdvertising: below is a portion of their new update. I've been happy with the Daily Earner Plan and I do have some funds sitting there that I can't withdraw since the minimum w/d is $20. So yeah, I might get up early and give this a whirl.

"We have come to the CONCLUSION of opening a new 100% revenue sharing plan with MINIMUM PURCHASE OF $5 and matures AT $125 WITH A 50/50 REPURCHASE OPTION.
The Plan will distribute 100% OF PURCHASES to members that own adshares every 60 minutes.
We did not open this plan to MAKE MONEY, but to SHARE all purchases within the 60 minutes to member that own adshares."

Opens at 6 AM my time, 8 AM EST but you don't need to be there right at launch. I'm thinking since it's shared "hourly" that if we do it before the hour is up, we should be included in the first hourly share.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Current Conditions -1° F
Light snow
HIGH: 7° F
LOW: 2° F

Although it's sooo cold, the below warmed me up a little bit yesterday. An excellent pre-launch post from BeeJay of DigAdz:

DigAdz System Update.
Hello and welcome Digadz members,

Programming Progress update is 60% now. I am so excited with Digadz system. I would like to launch tomorrow but I can't. I do not want to bother more or stress to programming team, more stress work will make mistake, I will not do. I hope you will understand this.

Pre-account till now is 4,500 + and we still have time before launch. Get your referral link and get more people in!

Don't forget you will earn commission up to 10% every service sold and earn from referral 5% for their activity.

Free members also earn from Digadz system and you also can earn from free members.

Everyone can win, that’s why I am so excited!

Don't ask me about compensation plan, I will not tell until the program is done and tested. hehehe...

But I am sure, members on pre-account will success on Digadz.

You will not get in negative when you invite people. If you have more referrals that will generate more profit for you with large amounts every day and forever.

Finally, please don’t forget ADBONUZ! It is so stable system with current algorithm, and not affect to Digadz. You also earn profits with adbonuz. Don’t be afraid to purchase Business units and Dig bonuses, I am sure Adbonuz will last over year for sure!

Ok we’ll update you soon, now more work awaiting me to solve.

See you next update.

OneLineAd: although I have yet to cycle anything anywhere... I was paid today from my 3% daily earning. Thanks Admin.

RevShareAdvertising: earned enough in re-purchase balance to buy a new spot so I did in the Daily Earner plan. The Rev Share plan is creeping along way too slowly. Also requested a payment which I received over night.
The Admin did say an Update would be coming this week so perhaps we'll have good news about the rev share then.

PerfectAdSolution was supposed to be back last Monday. Dang. Looks like we lost another one.
Good Night PAS

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Been a Long Day

Been up since 5:30 which is not my normal time so today seems longer than most, obviously.

OneLineAd got off to a rough start. Well, for me anyway.
Funded my wallet before launch. Then right at launch time my DSL went offline. Waited a few minutes for it to come back. Once it did, the site was overloaded so took a long time to login. Once in, tried to purchase and again there was a long lag time. So about 13 minutes into it, I bought my matrix positions.

As of now, nothing in my matrix spots are moving but at least I'll get that 3% daily earning starting tomorrow.

There does seem to be a problem with the positioning of members and matrices which they say they're looking at. So am hoping that will be fixed sooner rather than later so as not to cause any panic.
Anyway, things will look better tomorrow, right?

The Admin of DigAdz is also the Admin of AdBonuz and he just sent an email to his AB members that goes like this...

Since 4th, April 2014 and now 7 months passed we always paid to members who got bonuses and received revenue share from sell volume. We hope you are happy and love adbonuz. (Adbonuz team)

Normally, I do not send mail if we do not have any important news. And this mail is not normal because I have good news to let you know.

We are in pre-launch NOW! New project is called "DigAdz" and I want all adbonuz members to grab account before the launch. I will be happy and I am sure you will be happy too. I will not tell you more about DigAdz but this is so awesome program in my opinion.

You can join here : (link removed)

To join us it is not necessary to use the link above, you can research or find best sponsor everywhere, Maybe on MMG, Facebook, for trust leader you know.

What is about Adbonuz future?
Good question!
Adbonuz is still and always pays, We open new project just distribute ads and all ads will run on our network to make all advertisers get more target audience. Adbonuz will last over year for sure! No any panic because Digadz is one more new program to create multiple streams of income for you.

For now Digadz is 55% in progress, and we have time to build team.
Dont miss this project


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OneLineAd Launching Tomorrow Plus...

Just a reminder that OneLineAd will be launching tomorrow at 11 AM EST.
The first time this opened was on Oct 16th and we were all having a great time until we realized the withdraw button didn't work. Seems it couldn't be fixed fast enough so the Admin closed the program and refunded everyone's spend.
So tomorrow it re-opens with a slightly different plan than before.
Minimum spend is still $5.00
Accepts STP, Payza, PM and EgoPay
The rest of the Details can be found in the Details Page on the site. Also I see we're over 900 members now so very well could reach 1K by tomorrow. Should make for an interesting and profitable launch. Fingers crossed :)

Here's a new one that just opened in prelaunch: DigAdz
Looks like everybody and their dog are getting into it.
What I know so far is the Admin is the same as AdBonuz, which unfortunately I missed out on, but understand it's been running for 7 months now.
- RevShare purchases start at $1
- Free members can also earn
- Earn up to 150% in Revenue Sharing
- Get paid Bonuses every day
- 10% RC for those who sponsor others
- Accepts STP, PM, EgoPay and PayPal
- After joining, be SURE to verify your email address from the email you receive. If you don't. you'll be removed after 24 hours.
Now since this is in prelaunch, it gives us a little time to dig into it deeper. I really liked what I read so far, so yes, this could be a good one!

I really was expecting an update from the RevShareAdvertising Admin giving us some news. Sure would be nice to hear from him. (sigh)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time To Fall Back

Here in the U.S., those of us on Daylight Savings Time need to set our clocks back an hour tonight to get back to our standard time. I like it. Means an extra hour of sleep for me. yay

RevShareAdvertising: I read somewhere the Admin will send an update on Monday regarding his new plan for the RevShare part of the program.
The Daily Earner seems to be doing just fine and is still giving us 3.84% per day.
Unfortunately the minimum withdraw is now $20 rather than $5 so I won't be cashing out for awhile I guess.

OneLineAd is going to open on the 6th now instead of the 9th. Cool. The 9th seemed like too long to wait.

777Payouts: I cashed out $8.44 last Thursday. Took a long time to get there, but I did and they are paying.

OneStability: completed my first 20 days with them and am now officially at BEP, so starting today will be seeing that pretty profit.