Friday, November 21, 2014


That would be: Thank Goodness It's Not Freezing.
Was just outside washing the rest of my house windows before the next storm comes through. It is currently 59F / 15C here and a beautiful day!
(ps, I was even barefoot out there. Had to dodge the leftover snow piles but it worked out OK)

I really like the new main page for Digadz.
The other one didn't say much, so it didn't catch enough attention IMO. Now this new one might get a few to stop and see what it's all about. Go look.
Anyway, we're up to 11,855 pre-registered members and the system is now 77% complete. Excellent :)


doomcrew said...

Glad to see the new Digadz look, hope it launches in the next 3 weeks.

blondie said...

Same here DC.
After Thanksgiving and before Christmas would be just perfect.