Thursday, November 20, 2014

Digadz Update

Just found the following update for Digadz
I don't know about you but I'm starting to get a little anxious.

From BeeJay – Facebook DigAdz Team Build
Hello Digadz members,

System update, Now 77% in progress but main structure already done. and total pre-account was over 10k now and will be huge.

About progress slower than our expectations, we are so sorry about this. We are so serious about security, design, user interface and the important things it must be high performance. We must check all processes and that makes us slow in progress right now.
For now, our development team work all day and night to make everything perfect. This project is very large scale and we never had a project like this before. We are super excited because this will make money for everyone for the long term!
Take advantage of the pre-launch time! Now you still have time to get more people in under your referral link. The more referrals you get as huger amounts of earnings and earn residual forever. It's easy to get referrals, please do, because it's free! Everyone can start with free members.
Our products and services will not only be focusing on advertising, we will have a market place (e-commerce base) and many marketing services.
I know you want to know about the compensation plan but this will be announced later. I'm sure everyone will be excited about this, so it's worth waiting for this.

Let's Digadz Rock! Everyone can make success! Regards,



Money Makin' Diana H said...

I know! So excited!

blondie said...

Thanks for visiting Diana H.
Always nice to have new visitors around here.
Cheers :)