Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday

Quick update then I need to go play with the Frog, lol 

The semi-private program that I sent out the ALERT for has started off great. I didn't fund my account last night but did this morning and purchased a handful of Ad Packs. Checked my stats to see they've already started earning. Nice. So will be watching that closely today.
We only have 24 hours to deposit and purchase. Then they're going to put the site on hold for a bit to get ready for their official Launch. Once they do that, I can start mentioning their name here along with their banner.

* 3:40 MST: more than happy with the results so far, even though I made my spend a couple of hours after their opening.
- 1st ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.50 earning
- 2nd ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.56 earning
- 3rd ad pack bought for $10 is now at $10.56 also.
But remember it's only open for spends for about 15 more hours. Then they close it down while they prepare for the real launch.

Super-Five: here's some news that will come in handy for us starting today through the weekend.

In order to serve you faster and more convenience is given towards you, we are launching a deposit from account balance during weekends feature.

We have enabled this feature already today for a dry run to see the interest of members in this feature. You know that Super-Five is only focused on the improvement of the program and therefore value your opinions.

This news has given you the option to save on fees and time in making deposits but still not affecting the whole cycle of the site.

Froggie ( Jake Walter )

DualAdCycles: moving up the cycler line, currectly at #46. Will be watching for my next cycling to happen today... or maybe tomorrow.

TUEPS: was happy today when I received notice that a referral made a nice purchase and of course I got a nice RC thanks to that person :)
Also happy that the Admin is sticking to his original plan and everything seems to be running very smooth.
Oh and we cycle again tonight.

DailySharePro: here's their latest Update which includes what I mentioned to you yesterday, and more. Cheers!

Dear Judy,

1. DailySharePro adds NEW e-Wallet (Payeer)

DailyShare team would like to announce our valuable members (investors) that we’ve recently added a new payment system on our online investment site – Payeer.
Payeer is an online payment system that allows you to pay for goods and services on websites as well as transfer of funds around the world.
With Payeer, you can also transfer your funds on other payment systems, including PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney,Okpay, EgoPay, or to Visa.
*Including Payeer, now supports 7 different payment systems: Payza, Bitcoin, EGO Pay, OK PAY, Perfect Money, SolidTrust PAY, and Payeer. With these wide payment options, more investors from around the world can join our investment plan to quickly and easily invest and earn significant amount of profits, starting today.

2. DailySharePro adds ‘NEW Advertisement Plan.’

DailySharePro recently added a NEW investment plan. This investment plan is very simple to get started as it does NOT require ‘surfing,’ (unlike our 1stinvestment plan that required you to surf websites).
To get started, simply signup (if you’re a new member), or login to your account and deposit your initial amount to invest in one of the two investment plans. Once you’ve selected an advertising plan, wait until the investment time period is over and withdraw your earnings at your own time and leisure.
The daily profit percentage share is 2% for 90 days, meaning that you’ll earn a whopping 180% pure profit after 90 days and your initial deposit will also be returned.

3. Representative system is online.

We are glad to announce our representative system that has been launched just several hours ago. Members from all over the world can become our representatives and help other newbie users and investors start making daily profits. All representatives earn double referral commission (8% for first and 4% for second level).

Thank you, Team


Before I forget, I will be out tomorrow morning so no updates until after noon sometime.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Thursday

Super-Five: Froggie has been very good to us these first few days. Fast payouts and excellent support from Jake himself.
Also he has a good idea for the weekend which I will post as soon as it's official.

DualAdCycles: I keep purchasing cyclers with those re-purchase funds. And I moved from #114 to #77 in the NIL for cycling since yesterday.

Tueps: we did cycle our 2% last night and I now have enough to withdraw but debating on purchasing instead. Thinking.

DailySharePro: Here's a surprise:
(thanks to my friend for alerting me to it)

No surfing plan
Earn 2% daily for 90 calendar days! Principal will be returned after end of the period. Total return 280%. NO surfing required

I haven't purchased in that new plan yet but would assume it's still $5 minimum. Does anyone know?
I would also think that we'll be receiving an Admin Update about it soon. Kind of surprised that he hasn't notified us already.

Re: the new program that I Alerted you to:
- You can make a deposit today.
- It will be open for spends tomorrow.
- They are in a testing phase before official launch.
So still no promoting other than personal emails.

For those who have already registered, there is a new Admin update in your member area under the General tab that you should read.

Am I pre-funding? No. I decided not too.
They're still tweaking the site and making changes so I've decided to wait until I know exactly what I'm joining.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Wednes Day

First full day of the Super-Five Frog is done and everyone seems to be having a great time. Seeing tons of new deposits and withdrawals in the forum. Rock On Froggie!

As for me, I added more funds today than I did yesterday. Well, when you receive 150% back from each spend, it only makes sense to continue purchasing and supporting the program :)

QUOTE from the Frog:
Follow the ultimate frog cycle,
Deposit >>> Wait >>> Withdraw >>> Redeposit >>> Wait >>> Withdraw >>> Redeposit and so on smile.gif  Riibbbiiittt.
This cycle will enable the froggie to reign for a long time without much waiting .

DualAdCycles: moving up the cycler line today, am at #114 from #175 yesterday. That's super. Also purchased more cycler positions today.

Tueps: right on schedule. Cycled again last night for another 2% earning.

DailySharePro: today's reward was 1.0%

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super-Five Froggie Opens Today

8:30 AM: Here early waiting for the Super-Five program to open for spends at 9 AM my time. I'll be back in touch after that.
If you're playing, don't forget to read the updated Mechanics and get your $5 ready to go. Good Luck!

9:45: Just got done making my spends for the day and some are not showing in my account yet. Admin is aware of it so no need for support tickets:

Confirmed, the first 5 minutes or 6 minutes deposits were not added. I have full record of those and will be added . I am working on adding them now. Deposits from now are added auto.

10:30: Just to add, not only first 5 minutes were a problem. But like I said, sit tight until Admin finishes adding them all :)

12:45: OK, an update to everyone, you have nothing to worry about the timestamps, because we are just starting and Super-Five is not a one day program. It is not a jump and disappear by night program. The timestamps cannot be placed on the correct time for the deposits not added auto even with the delay. These are the deposits added manually. Nothing to worry about getting paid unless you have no intentions to redeposit riibbiiiitttt. 

Should all be cool. Almost done adding the missing ones.

DualAdCycles: cycler moving right along. Am up to #175 in the line. Also purchased new cycler spots with my re-purchase balance today.

Tueps: cycled last night and will again tonight. 2% adds up fast.

DailySharePro: same as always, perfect! 1% added to my balance today after surfing.

- So anxious to start posting about the New Program that is currently in pre-launch, but that's a big no-no so I just have to wait it out.
Hopefully you all received my ALERT about it on Sunday and your email address wasn't one of the undeliverables... a.k.a. "Return to Sender", lol
If you didn't receive my Alert, give a holler and I'll forward it to you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Monday Monday

- Did anyone have trouble trying to "Register" to the program that I Alerted about yesterday? I had no problem myself but heard from one person who did.
** Update: do NOT try to register using IE browser.

Also without mentioning the program name, I read that they are planning their launch for very early March and of course will keep you updated.

PS, they have almost 900 pre-launch members as we speak!

Super-Five: Froggie just updated the "Mechanics" of the program so that there is No More Restart. YaY! 

"Our mechanics have changed for the better. 
Please read the updated page on"

Also the number of pay processors have increased:
"accepts PM, EP, Payeer, OKpay and Bitcoin"

Remember this one opens tomorrow at 9 AM my time, which would be 11 AM EST and I'm looking forward to it. Should be a fun game :)

DualAdCycles: is doing very well but I have quite a wait to cycle again. Checking today am at #221 but you know, it does go fast sometimes plus getting the 4% daily helps too. Thanks Joe for all you do.
** DualAdCycles UPDATE below.

TUEPS: time for another cycling night already. Whoop!

DailySharePro: just saw someone post in a forum that they wish they had put more into DSP when it first opened. I nodded my head in agreement when I read that.
Funny how we never know ahead of time what is going to 'take' and what is going to 'fail'. TG DSP is still running beautifully.
Oh and I got Paid again today ;)

ACX: just have to report that I got another withdrawal request to go through without getting the 'daily limit' reached message. Sure would be nice if it stays this way. Oh and that was from AdPack earnings btw.
You have successfully requested a $32.26 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account

OK, here's DualAdCycles Update.
Didn't want to squish it in up above.
Now go purchase using that Re-Purchase Balance! Go!!!

The last week I have been curiously watching the members actions. Since the introduction of repurchase balance in just the cycle line many members have not purchased a single position even if they have a repurchase balance. As of sending this update there is over $2000 in members repurchase balances they are not using.

The sooner you repurchase the sooner you are to cycle and earning more! You also get 7% commission on these purchases as soon as they are made over and over again by your referrals.

The repurchase is extremely powerful in keeping the cycle line moving and the speed is still very fast considering the amount of members who are participating in Dual Ad Cycles.

Get in touch with your referrals and get them involved. Make sure they don't have a repurchase balance they aren't using. Spread the word about Dual Ad Cycles and the 7% referral commissions you earn over and over again thanks to the repurchase.

Joe Miles

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday was Alert Day :)

Just sent an Alert out to my list a few minutes ago.
If by chance you did not receive it, drop me a line and I'll send it to you manually.
It was for a new hybrid in pre-launch that I don't think you want to miss. Once you're registered and reading the member area, I hope you can see the same potential that I did.

Oh and you hotmail users... they really are the worst for undeliverables. Might want to change to gmail if you wish to be included in my future Alerts.
Thanks in advance :)

I'll catch up with everything else tomorrow.

Not relevant... just funny.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Froggie in FaceBook

Super-Five: been LMAO today watching Froggie's posts and pictures in FB and in the MMG forum. Man that is one crazy Frog.
Finally their Count Down Clock for Launch time is showing in Chrome, and TG it will be Tuesday at 9 AM my time instead of 4 AM (which I first thought it was). So if you have $5 in EgoPay, PM or Payeer burning a hole in your pocket, could be a lot of fun.
** See yesterday's post for details if you missed it.

DualAdCycles: cycled twice today. First time just after midnight and again a little while ago. That wraps up all of the positions I bought on Feb 11th when we launched. Also received a payment from Dual today and purchased more cyclers spots. Thanks Joe! We're doing great!

Tueps: cycled last night and looking forward to Monday's cycling also.

DailySharePro: running smooth as silk. Building my funds for my next withdrawal.

What else is on my mind today?
Oh I know. Heard a funny news story this morning.

You all know February is Girl Scout Cookie month, right?

Well, these girls need to pick a spot where they want to set up their cookie tables to make the most sales.

One little girl decided to set up her table right outside a Marijuana Dispensary.

She sold 117 Boxes in her first 2 hours!!

Now that is hilarious!

Friday, February 21, 2014

TGIF - Doooo you, you...

I still enjoy Friday's.
Even though I work from home, makes no difference.
Friday's just feel good :)

Updates below but more could be coming.
So don't go too far away today. Stay close.

And here we go: SUPER-FIVE just opened for registrations.
Will be in pre-launch until Feb. 25th, then will be open for spends.
It's a no b/s Game and just about as simple as it gets.
Let me go grab some info... 

Here's the mechanics of it. Spells it all out:

"Our website works in a very simple way.
- Each user can only deposit $5.00 at a time, and everyone can make multiple deposits. Our system will only let you deposit $5.00 each time.
- We pay you 150% back when your deposit expires. And that is only after 24 hours. You cannot deposit from account balance, please be reminded of that. You still need to request for a withdrawal to get paid.
- When you receive the balance in your account, you can withdraw at any time. Your withdrawal will be processed fast, usually in just a couple of hours or a few hours but can be up to 24 hours.
- You can make a redeposit after getting paid via payment processor only. We are not allowing deposits from account balance so you can see the real statistics of incoming and outgoing.
- We only pay what we can pay and we will pay when we say we do.
- We will stop paying when the withdrawals ratio is at 95%. We keep the 5% for our work and labor.
- Once the limit is reached, a restart will be initiated. Those who lost will remain at loss and just try again on the next relaunch.
- We do not need monitors, our business model cannot have monitors."

In a nutshell:
- Pays 150% after 24 hours.
- You can only deposit $5 at a time.
- Five level affiliate system - 1% for all deposits.
- You cannot purchase from account balance.
See, told you it's simple.
Can't wait for launch!

DualAdCycles: cycled early this morning before I logged on and am now close to cycling again. These were positions bought on Feb 11th, grand opening day. Of course I am buying more cyclers as soon as that repurchase balance gets into my account!
* Cycled again at high noon my time. Bought 4 more.

TUEPS: was paid $25 early today so am happy about that.
Am currently running 10 positions now which earn me $4 per cycle. I know it's not a lot but little by little we're growing.

DailySharePro: surfed and earned and lovin it.

ACX: Amazing. Just got paid again and it only took 3 days.
Could it be....... a miracle? LOL
  • From STPay member: adclickxpress
  • Amount: $31.91
  • Currency: USD
  • Note (if provided): Ad Click Xpress Withdraw

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb 20th

Just got home from a morning appointment to find the DualAdCycles site is down. But have no fear...
Joe is here :)

Joe Miles:
Hi everyone, I know the site is currently down.
Please don't worry, I am in contact with our
hosting to get us back up asap.

DualAdCycles (cont): 3:15 MST: I think the site is back up now. It was for me then went blank, then came back. So hopefully it'll stay up now.
6:20ish MST: just cycled out one of my positions bought on Feb 11th. So of course I bought 4 more cyclers with my repurchase balance.

TUEPS: purchased 2 new positions yesterday and requested a cash out while I was there. Should receive it on Friday when we're scheduled to cycle once again.

DailySharePro: just keeps going and going.
Received another 1% today and repurchased a new position there yesterday as well.

ShowBizHits (Traffic Exchange): today is a good day to surf 25 sites after you "Enter Surf Code"... cupid. Receive 75 credits for more views to your own advertising sites.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Good Morning

DualAdCycles: I knew I was missing something yesterday... the daily note from DAC Admin.
Bought a new cycler spot today with my repurchase balance and I see I'm at #9 waiting in the cycle list. That particular one was bought the day we could buy 6, which I did so it might take a little while to kick out.

Dear blondie,

Sorry there was no extra positions added yesterday, this was an omission on my part.

To make up for it I have added yesterday's, today's and a few extra taking the total to 250.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


TUEPS: we did cycle last night and will again tonight. What else can I say? It's been right on schedule for 69 days now.

DailySharePro: excellent surf and 1% earned today.

That's all she wrote (for now).
Was just busy paying some bills, yuck.
Have a good day!

Later in the day, went to surf at ACX and noticed my advertising URL that was submitted on Feb 4th was finally approved for viewing yesterday.
AND I must have gotten lucky by not getting the "limit reached" message today when submitting for my Ad Pack withdrawal.
You have successfully requested a $32.56 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account
Oh and I bought another Click Draw ticket too.
You know what they say... You can't win if you don't play.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Juan Pablo cost me $398

My 42" flat screen TV died yesterday. It was originally a Christmas present from my kids 5 or 6 years ago. Wasn't excited about having to buy a new one so I found an old 19" in the basement and thought hmmm... can I live with this?
Then I remembered "The Bachelor" is on tonight and didn't want to squint trying to see Juan Pablo. So thank you Wal-Mart for having a good price on a replacement.

Blondie, will you accept this rose? 

DualAdCycles: everybody sure seems to be happy with DAC, their daily earning and their cycling. More power to the Admin and supportive members!

TUEPS: was tickled to get some RC last night which gave me enough to buy another position for myself. Running for 69 days with no problems, no flaws and staying on cycling schedule. Hats off to the Admin for this one too.

DailySharePro: did my surfing early today and requested two cash outs. Was surprised when they were paid within minutes! Or was it seconds. In any case, I'm a happy camper.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Smooth Sunday

DualAdCycles: an update just came in and it's windy here in the Rockies today. But at least it's sort of warm so I can live with a little more wind.

Dear blondie,

Today's new positions have been added. I wish to again apologise for the confusion yesterday. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions or tried to help others during the chaos.

The new plan is working great and I will not be making any more changes to it in the near future. I know a few of you are still confused or wishing to make a few extra additional changes but hopefully by the end of this update you will feel confident that DAC is moving forward in the right direction.

Firstly, the hybrid plan earnings can not be combined nor can I take out the 40% repurchase from the daily part on it's own. The script simply won't allow that. I doubt I would remove the repurchase part even if I could. This is an integral part of DAC's long-term stability.

Secondly, the new cycler is just an extension of the hybrid. It is not there as competition but rather to help speed up the cycling process. A few members had requested access to a cycler without the daily part. Well they can now participate but instead of adding a new cycler which would obviously stall the first, they will now help push everyone already waiting.

Members now have more control of how they earn. Do you wish to have a certain amount of daily earnings while waiting to cycle? Then you would obviously choose the hybrid plan. If you are happy to wait for a very generous return then choose the cycler only plan.

I hope this lays to rest all the confusion or questions and we can now carry on growing DAC to it's full potential.

Joe miles
Dual Ad Cycles


TUEPS: received my payment last night which is always a good thing. Thanks Chung :)

DailySharePro: smooth surf as always and am officially in profit from my different spends. Great job Admin!

ACX: after I logged off for the night yesterday, I received my pending payment which was requested on the 12th. That was from AdPack earnings in the main ACX site. Yep, it's true. They did pay me, LOL

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's The Weekend :)

DualAdCycles: 6:50 PM MST: the confusing part of the Update has been changed. Please read and enjoy!!!

Hello blondie,

It seems there was some confusion regarding the new plan. There will not be a new cycler line! I do apologize if i was not clear enough on this. By allowing repurchase only in the cycler line it creates twice the amount of push there is now. I repeat there is no new line and purchasing from repurchase in only the cycler line all goes towards pushing one line that we have been building from day 1.

With that said I have activated the new plan. Also, thank you to everyone for their feedback and suggestion. Please keep in mind it's not possible to implement everyone's suggestions as one members definition of a good idea isn't another's.

My first priority is always to keep as many members happy and give all an equal opportunity for earning money at Dual Ad Cycles.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


DualAdCycles: new update which goes into effect in a little over an hour so thought I'd get it posted fast:

** Never mind. That plan is on hold for now:

Ok, I hear you. The new plan will not be implemented today. I will think on it and take on board your thoughts. This does not mean it will not happen as planned but as always my main concern is what is best for DAC.

Today's 25 new positions will still be added on schedule.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

"Dual Ad Cyles is 12 days old already and still growing very strong. More and more members are joining each day. Thank you to those especially who are spreading the word about us.

I don't believe in laying on my laurels however and have decided it is time to introduce a new surprise. Most cyclers/hybrids will add a new plan when the old one has stalled or moving at a snail's pace. Clearly we are not near that stage yet and I do not intend to let it happen before I take action.

So, as from 3pm est, DAC will not only be adding the usual daily 25 new ad packs but a new cycler line plan. The current plan will stay open and positions can still be purchased with your cash balance only. You will still earn daily and continue to cycle. It only makes sence that if you have several spots waiting to carry on buying new positions to help cycle yourself.

Now here is the twist - you can then use your repurchase balance from either plan to buy positions in the new cycler. It gets even better, this plan is only $1 per spot, you can buy a maximum of 5 at a time but there is no limit on how many you can own and it pays you 200%. The 40% repurchase is still in force meaning that this will be the fastest moving cycler ever seen!

I heard the news about Egopay, please do not worry, the DAC account is unaffected by this situation. I do understand though that this will affect some of you. So if you are affected by this new ruling, I am happy to exchange your Egopay funds to STP for a 5% fee when you request a withdrawal. Just send a support ticket before requesting please.

Finally, thank you to the members who sent it their Testimonials. They are all added to the Testimonials page and congratulations to the 5 members listed below who won. Your $10 winnings have been added to your account.


Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles"

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

DualAdCycles: just made another purchase and...
"It's a special day and because of that I have decided to give all new purchases 20 000 credits instead of the normal 4000 for today only.

That isn't all. Have you enjoyed Dual Ad Cycles? Have you cycled multiple times? Submit your testimonial today!

The 5 best testimonials received today will each win $10 into their Dual Ad Cycles account to do with as they wish!

New positions will be added at 9am EST today.

See you on the line!
Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles"


EgoPay Pay Processor: (well this sucks)
EgoPay U.S. citizens accounts about to be closed
Due to the current United States laws, all EgoPay accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents/U.S. Companies will be locked on the 28th of March. You can still implement your operations the same as before until 14th of March. Please note, that after 14th of March you will not be able to receive any funds and will only have an option to send or withdraw your funds.
Please manage your payments and withdraws in time.

TUEPS: will cycle us again tonight and I should be receiving a payment today that I requested on Tues. Will let you know :)

DailySharePro: going surfing. BRB
OK surfing done and earned another 1% for today.
Now that makes it 1% four days in a row for the week. Normally it's that amount only for the weekends with week days being a tad higher.
Well, don't know why the admin paid for a 2nd review in MNO but I sure hope it ends up being worth it in the long run.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Moving In Slow Motion Today

The dang wind blew so hard last night, I thought a tornado was coming through. There was this deep sound like a freight train which kept me awake until 1:00 AM. Now today, I'm trying to sort out more tax papers. Yeah, good luck with that :(

DualAdCycles: since Feb 3rd, I have bought the max positions allowed daily through yesterday. After checking my available pay processor funds, decided I better chill out for a bit. I did purchase a few more positions today using my re-purchase balance first plus a little of my daily earning balance also. It's a good set-up and sure has been moving along nicely.

Tueps: we did cycle last night and will again tomorrow.

ACX: managed to get another Ad Pack withdraw request in and since the restart just finished, maybe this one will be paid? Crossing my fingers.

What's a good wake-up song?
I need some energy.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Incense, Peppermints and Bell Bottoms

DualAdCycles: I was here at 7 AM my time and successfully purchased 25 positions flawlessly. Thanks Admin, we're off to a great start!

We have launched!!
Welcome to the official launch of Dual Ad Cycles!

I am so happy that we launched without the slightest hint of an issue. The server held up wonderfully. I hope other admins will try disabling ads when they launch in the future, it has really seemed to help.

As you probably know you can now buy 25 more adpacks. This amount will now be added daily. However, please do not feel this is a requirement. DAC welcomes members no matter how many ad packs they can afford.

I will turn the ads back on at 12pm server time. The scramble to buy should be calmer by then. I know some of you are wishing me to add the new positions at the same time every day. I'm afraid this wont happen for two reasons. 1. The load on the server as we grow would be too much and continual crashing would not encourage new members. 2. This procedure is done manually. Can you imagine the turmoil if I was delayed by a few hours? Members need consistency to maintain trust in a program. I will do all in my power to keep that trust.

Finally, thank you to all of you who took part in the soft launch stage. You are now part of a strong foundation for DAC to grow on and become the most fair and successful program of 2014.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


TUEPS: cycled 2% last night and will again tonight.
About time for another withdraw request too. YaY!

DailySharePro: did my surfing and received 1% for today.

ACX: was surprised last night to see some RC in my member area. It was enough to request a cash out so I did, and...
I already received it today. Pleasantly shocking!

I know some of my blog readers are really young and can't associate when I talk about the 60's or 70's. But I'll tell ya what, I did love my bell bottoms!

Monday, February 10, 2014

DualAdCycles - Less than 24 hours to Launch

Yes I'm here late today. Had trouble getting to sleep last night after watching The Beatles special. After two and a half hours of music, took me a while to unwind. It Was Great! Especially the last half hour with Paul and Ringo doing their thing. Loved it!!

DualAdCycles: received this at 2:15 AM my time and have now purchased my 6 positions for today.

Because of the official Dual Ad Cycles launch tomorrow I thought I would make today a bit special for members.
In 15 Minutes I will add 6 new positions instead of 4.

Get your clicking fingers ready for tomorrow!

Then at 5:14 AM I received this:

What to expect at launch?

Tomorrow 2 hours before launch I will disable the banner and text ads on the site to speed up the loading for members who have expressed their concerns on slower connections.

I suggest you fund you account at least 45 minutes prior to launch as this could cause you a delay in acquiring your positions at launch. There has been over 1700 funding transactions and only one did not register in the system. Do not let this be you tomorrow and miss out on the fun!

To make it even more fair the amount of positions that can be bought at a time will be limited to 5. In other words a member who wishes to purchase 25 positions will have to make 5 separate purchases!

Everyone has as much of a fair chance as Dual Ad Cycles can give them if they are ready at exactly 9am EST 11 Februaury 2014!

Dual Ad Cycles has been in pre-launch for 1 week for two reasons. To ensure everything is working smoothly and that it is making members happy!

I thank each and every active member kindly for their support and suggestions thus far.

Now lets get ready to Rock 2014 with the best and fairest program the industry will see this year!

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

BTW, I really do like this admin and how he thinks up new ways to help all the members.
Also yes, I will be purchasing the max again tomorrow. When this first soft-launched, I funded my account with extra funds so... bring it on!

Tueps: looking forward to cycling again tonight.

DailySharePro: received a payment super fast today!

ACX: finally received my Wallet funds for the other half of the winnings from the Click Draw promo on Feb 2nd. Yes I could only use the funds to purchase so I bought 3 more Click Draw tickets and used the rest to buy Ad Packs.

Being the final song in last nights special, this one is still in my mind, my heart and coming out of my mouth today, lol
Although the below isn't from last nights performance, same song and same great performer. Cheers!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Beatles Special

Don't forget to watch The Beatles Special tonight here in the US and Canada. Not sure where else it will be televised but I'm really excited about it. Fifty flippin years since that Ed Sullivan show. Amazing!!

DualAdCycles: just a few minutes ago I cycled out my 4th cycler position which was the first $4 one that I purchased. The three prior were for $2.
This has been a lot of fun so far and I'm really looking forward to Tuesday's official launch when we can purchase up to 25 positions per day.
The flip side of the coin, the 'daily plan' has been earning a steady 4% as promised also.

Tueps: will be cycling again tomorrow for another 2%

DailySharePro: still rockin and most of the first members are now at BEP or in profit. Excellent.

ACX: have no clue what they're doing.
They did pay half my winning from Click Draw to my STP account which I am very thankful for, but never did put the other half into my wallet so that I can purchase again. (groan)

Love this song. Always have :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Light in the Sky... OMG it's the Sun :)

This was kind of fun to wake up to:

Hello blondie,
I have just added 4 new positions for today. This brings the total amount of positions that every member can purchase to 18!
Joe Miles,
Dual Ad Cycles

Thanks Joe. My 4 new positions are all bought :)

After an entire week of dark and snow and cold weather, seems really strange to see the Sun up today. And our high temp is supposed to be 47 F. TG for that, the Cats have been driving me crazy and dying to go out for some fresh air and bird chasing!

Tueps: another successful 2% cycling last evening. Nice to see this keeping on schedule and am looking forward to the next cycle day which is Monday.

DailySharePro: today is their 3 Month Anniversary and the Admin sent out a lengthy notification about that. Was going to post it here but like I said, it is quite long.
If you're not a member yet but interested, it was also posted at the MMG Forum and you can view it HERE

ACX: well... guess I should report that I Was Paid for my ClickDraw Contest Winning. Feels like I had to beg a little for it since it took so long (since last Sat. night's drawing) but at least it finally came.
Still waiting on the "other half" which is $179.02 to be added to my Wallet balance. Once it's there, I have to use it to purchase something since it cannot be withdrawn.

Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary for:

"On February 9th, 1964, The Beatles, with their Edwardian suits and mop top haircuts, made their first American television appearance—LIVE—on The Ed Sullivan Show."

Looking forward to the Special on tomorrow night.

“Whether you were alive to witness it on television that night, or you’ve just known about it all your life, that first television appearance by the Beatles on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ is historic,” executive producer Ken Ehrlich said in a statement. “To be able to celebrate this significant event 50 years later — and to the exact day, date, and time — with an all-star cast of Grammy participants, shapes up to be one for the books.”

Found this video which is ONLY for die hard Beatle fans.
I say that because it's 29 minutes long and shows all three Ed Sullivan appearances. Except for the loud screaming, I really enjoyed it!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping Day... Eck!

DualAdCycles: just got home from the grocery store, checked DAC to make a new spend and noticed they just opened again a few minutes ago. You can now add 4 addition positions if you're already maxed out. If you're new and just starting, you can buy a total of 14 @ $2 each.
Me... I'm all bought and paid for :)
PS, we've over 500 members now too.

Hey it's Friday huh?
TUEPS will be cycling us again tonight. YaY!

I don't normally grocery shop on Fridays but, (1) was out of cat food (again) and (2) it's been brutally cold here this week so wanted to wait until the temp at least got close to freezing and not below Zero. Brrrrr

Smooth surfing again today at DailySharePro.
Thumbs up Admin. Excellent program.

ACX: finally received my email notification that I was a winner of the Click Draw game. I replied to it with the info. they asked for and submitted a testimonial. (yes, you have to do that to get paid.) Now am just waiting for that lucky pay processor email telling me that I have money!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hurry Hurry (as Peyton Manning would say)

DualAdCycles: read now or forever hold your peace:

An increasing amount of members have been requesting that DAC increases the daily amount of positions to more than the current two before we go into launch on the 11th of February.

Personally I don't see any problem with the cycler as yesterday we cycled out approximately 80% of the cycler line which is nothing short of phenomenal!

I do however appreciate what members want and do not feel with our current growth that this by adding 4 new positions daily from now on instead of two would hurt any members or the longevity of DAC.

With that said be prepared to have funds available for up to 4 ($8) new positions today.

To make it even more interesting I will post when the limit is increased on the Facebook group, and the first person to post that it is increased on the MMG forum in our thread ( will receive $10 in their cash balance to do with whatever they please. All members including free ones who have not purchased any positions are eligible for this prize.

See you all on the Cycle line!
Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

Approx 11:30 AM MST: OPEN NOW for 4 more positions or 10 max. if you just joined today. Have already bought mine ;)

TUEPS: this is the first week for more cycling:
- 51th day to 100th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
and I will confirm that my positions have cycled 3 times so far this week. Next one tomorrow. Also noted that the very first pos's in my list have cycled 25 times now which means I have 50% back in ROI to date.

ShowBizHits: today's a good day to surf at ShowBiz. You will receive 75 ad credits for surfing 25 sites. Just enter the Surf Code for the day and today's is "cupid".

ACX: I'm spittin nails right now over yet another profit shift!
(still waiting for my Click Draw winner notification too.)
(take a deep breath blondie... breathe)

Just for the record: sent Carl Pearson an email about my problem. It's been 5 days since I "won" and still no notification email about it. Can't wait to see if he responds. I'll keep you informed for sure.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mid-Week, Cold and Snowy Here

DualAdCycles: regarding the update that the Admin sent out yesterday, just want to be sure everyone is clear on the maximum number of spends you can make before the actual launch on the 11th.

Since I started on day one and purchased 2, I can only purchase 2 more per day from now until launch.

If I started yesterday, I could have bought 4 (since it was day 2) and 2 per day from here on out.

If I start today, I can purchase 6 (since it's day 3) and 2 per day starting tomorrow.

Once we launch on the 11th, the max will increase to 25 per day.
Remember each purchase is only $2 and gets split 50/50 between the daily earnings plan and the cycler.

Simple? OK Good :)
A little more helpful info from the Admin's latest update:

We are getting a few support tickets from members asking about missing positions. Please remember that Dual Ad Cycles is a hybrid program. When you buy ad packs you are entered into the cycler but 50% is also put in our daily pay plan which pays 4% for 50 days.

Also all of the cycler money is entered as one position. So if you buy 10 ad packs ($20) then $10 of it goes to the cycler and shows as 1 spot on the Next in line list. Once you are top of the list and it cycles, you will be paid double its value and the position is removed.

Finally, for those struggling to find their spots on the Next in Line list, scroll down to the bottom of the page and extend the Result Per Page figure so you can view more records on a page.

Joe Miles - admin


TUEPS: we sure did cycle again last night and I'm about half way to another cash out or re-purchase. Cool :)

DailySharePro: working perfectly!

ACX: still waiting for my Winner Winner chicken dinner email notification. Sheesh, what are they waiting for.. Christmas?


Cat Lovers... this is too cute not to share.
Hope it opens OK for you:


"When the odds are saying you'll never win, 
that's when the grin should start."
All you really need is heart.