Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super-Five Froggie Opens Today

8:30 AM: Here early waiting for the Super-Five program to open for spends at 9 AM my time. I'll be back in touch after that.
If you're playing, don't forget to read the updated Mechanics and get your $5 ready to go. Good Luck!

9:45: Just got done making my spends for the day and some are not showing in my account yet. Admin is aware of it so no need for support tickets:

Confirmed, the first 5 minutes or 6 minutes deposits were not added. I have full record of those and will be added . I am working on adding them now. Deposits from now are added auto.

10:30: Just to add, not only first 5 minutes were a problem. But like I said, sit tight until Admin finishes adding them all :)

12:45: OK, an update to everyone, you have nothing to worry about the timestamps, because we are just starting and Super-Five is not a one day program. It is not a jump and disappear by night program. The timestamps cannot be placed on the correct time for the deposits not added auto even with the delay. These are the deposits added manually. Nothing to worry about getting paid unless you have no intentions to redeposit riibbiiiitttt. 

Should all be cool. Almost done adding the missing ones.

DualAdCycles: cycler moving right along. Am up to #175 in the line. Also purchased new cycler spots with my re-purchase balance today.

Tueps: cycled last night and will again tonight. 2% adds up fast.

DailySharePro: same as always, perfect! 1% added to my balance today after surfing.

- So anxious to start posting about the New Program that is currently in pre-launch, but that's a big no-no so I just have to wait it out.
Hopefully you all received my ALERT about it on Sunday and your email address wasn't one of the undeliverables... a.k.a. "Return to Sender", lol
If you didn't receive my Alert, give a holler and I'll forward it to you.

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