Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hurry Hurry (as Peyton Manning would say)

DualAdCycles: read now or forever hold your peace:

An increasing amount of members have been requesting that DAC increases the daily amount of positions to more than the current two before we go into launch on the 11th of February.

Personally I don't see any problem with the cycler as yesterday we cycled out approximately 80% of the cycler line which is nothing short of phenomenal!

I do however appreciate what members want and do not feel with our current growth that this by adding 4 new positions daily from now on instead of two would hurt any members or the longevity of DAC.

With that said be prepared to have funds available for up to 4 ($8) new positions today.

To make it even more interesting I will post when the limit is increased on the Facebook group, and the first person to post that it is increased on the MMG forum in our thread ( will receive $10 in their cash balance to do with whatever they please. All members including free ones who have not purchased any positions are eligible for this prize.

See you all on the Cycle line!
Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

Approx 11:30 AM MST: OPEN NOW for 4 more positions or 10 max. if you just joined today. Have already bought mine ;)

TUEPS: this is the first week for more cycling:
- 51th day to 100th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
and I will confirm that my positions have cycled 3 times so far this week. Next one tomorrow. Also noted that the very first pos's in my list have cycled 25 times now which means I have 50% back in ROI to date.

ShowBizHits: today's a good day to surf at ShowBiz. You will receive 75 ad credits for surfing 25 sites. Just enter the Surf Code for the day and today's is "cupid".

ACX: I'm spittin nails right now over yet another profit shift!
(still waiting for my Click Draw winner notification too.)
(take a deep breath blondie... breathe)

Just for the record: sent Carl Pearson an email about my problem. It's been 5 days since I "won" and still no notification email about it. Can't wait to see if he responds. I'll keep you informed for sure.

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