Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb 20th

Just got home from a morning appointment to find the DualAdCycles site is down. But have no fear...
Joe is here :)

Joe Miles:
Hi everyone, I know the site is currently down.
Please don't worry, I am in contact with our
hosting to get us back up asap.

DualAdCycles (cont): 3:15 MST: I think the site is back up now. It was for me then went blank, then came back. So hopefully it'll stay up now.
6:20ish MST: just cycled out one of my positions bought on Feb 11th. So of course I bought 4 more cyclers with my repurchase balance.

TUEPS: purchased 2 new positions yesterday and requested a cash out while I was there. Should receive it on Friday when we're scheduled to cycle once again.

DailySharePro: just keeps going and going.
Received another 1% today and repurchased a new position there yesterday as well.

ShowBizHits (Traffic Exchange): today is a good day to surf 25 sites after you "Enter Surf Code"... cupid. Receive 75 credits for more views to your own advertising sites.

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