Monday, February 10, 2014

DualAdCycles - Less than 24 hours to Launch

Yes I'm here late today. Had trouble getting to sleep last night after watching The Beatles special. After two and a half hours of music, took me a while to unwind. It Was Great! Especially the last half hour with Paul and Ringo doing their thing. Loved it!!

DualAdCycles: received this at 2:15 AM my time and have now purchased my 6 positions for today.

Because of the official Dual Ad Cycles launch tomorrow I thought I would make today a bit special for members.
In 15 Minutes I will add 6 new positions instead of 4.

Get your clicking fingers ready for tomorrow!

Then at 5:14 AM I received this:

What to expect at launch?

Tomorrow 2 hours before launch I will disable the banner and text ads on the site to speed up the loading for members who have expressed their concerns on slower connections.

I suggest you fund you account at least 45 minutes prior to launch as this could cause you a delay in acquiring your positions at launch. There has been over 1700 funding transactions and only one did not register in the system. Do not let this be you tomorrow and miss out on the fun!

To make it even more fair the amount of positions that can be bought at a time will be limited to 5. In other words a member who wishes to purchase 25 positions will have to make 5 separate purchases!

Everyone has as much of a fair chance as Dual Ad Cycles can give them if they are ready at exactly 9am EST 11 Februaury 2014!

Dual Ad Cycles has been in pre-launch for 1 week for two reasons. To ensure everything is working smoothly and that it is making members happy!

I thank each and every active member kindly for their support and suggestions thus far.

Now lets get ready to Rock 2014 with the best and fairest program the industry will see this year!

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

BTW, I really do like this admin and how he thinks up new ways to help all the members.
Also yes, I will be purchasing the max again tomorrow. When this first soft-launched, I funded my account with extra funds so... bring it on!

Tueps: looking forward to cycling again tonight.

DailySharePro: received a payment super fast today!

ACX: finally received my Wallet funds for the other half of the winnings from the Click Draw promo on Feb 2nd. Yes I could only use the funds to purchase so I bought 3 more Click Draw tickets and used the rest to buy Ad Packs.

Being the final song in last nights special, this one is still in my mind, my heart and coming out of my mouth today, lol
Although the below isn't from last nights performance, same song and same great performer. Cheers!


mvjhon said...

after 12 hours, only 25 new positions open...

blondie said...

Can you rephrase that?
I don't understand the question or comment.

mvjhon said...

to me seems like is not a big demand of position purchase. yesterday i purchased positions 12 hours later then you and are just 25 positions between us. today, when everyone can buy 5 time positions, my positions avanced 100 places, can say only. looks like 20 people only purchased positions at grand opening. 20 from >500 cant create a big demand, imho. ofcourse, i hope to be wrong on that and program become the best of 2014!

blondie said...

The crowd doesn't seem to be what it used to be. Not as many players as in the past.
I do hope for a good run but we never know how these will turn out.