Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Beatles Special

Don't forget to watch The Beatles Special tonight here in the US and Canada. Not sure where else it will be televised but I'm really excited about it. Fifty flippin years since that Ed Sullivan show. Amazing!!

DualAdCycles: just a few minutes ago I cycled out my 4th cycler position which was the first $4 one that I purchased. The three prior were for $2.
This has been a lot of fun so far and I'm really looking forward to Tuesday's official launch when we can purchase up to 25 positions per day.
The flip side of the coin, the 'daily plan' has been earning a steady 4% as promised also.

Tueps: will be cycling again tomorrow for another 2%

DailySharePro: still rockin and most of the first members are now at BEP or in profit. Excellent.

ACX: have no clue what they're doing.
They did pay half my winning from Click Draw to my STP account which I am very thankful for, but never did put the other half into my wallet so that I can purchase again. (groan)

Love this song. Always have :)


Randy V said...

Thanks Judy.
One of my many, many, many favorites by these guys.
Wow..50 years. I remember where I was 50 years ago and how my thoughts about music changed every time I heard a new song by them. I am watching Olympics but recording the TV special. I hope its a good one. I still have to stop and listen every time one of their songs come on.

Thanks for the music!


dr.capoon said...

Yeap, thanks for the music, it is always nice to hear them!

Glad you have cycled out. I'll have to wait a little more. Remember? It was that day with a beer.

blondie said...

Randy, you're gonna love it when you see it. Kept my full attention the entire 2-1/2 hours :)

DrC, yes, the day with the beer, lol
It's all good and we're moving along nicely in Dual.