Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping Day... Eck!

DualAdCycles: just got home from the grocery store, checked DAC to make a new spend and noticed they just opened again a few minutes ago. You can now add 4 addition positions if you're already maxed out. If you're new and just starting, you can buy a total of 14 @ $2 each.
Me... I'm all bought and paid for :)
PS, we've over 500 members now too.

Hey it's Friday huh?
TUEPS will be cycling us again tonight. YaY!

I don't normally grocery shop on Fridays but, (1) was out of cat food (again) and (2) it's been brutally cold here this week so wanted to wait until the temp at least got close to freezing and not below Zero. Brrrrr

Smooth surfing again today at DailySharePro.
Thumbs up Admin. Excellent program.

ACX: finally received my email notification that I was a winner of the Click Draw game. I replied to it with the info. they asked for and submitted a testimonial. (yes, you have to do that to get paid.) Now am just waiting for that lucky pay processor email telling me that I have money!

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