Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Updates

DualAdCycles: our first update:

Welcome to the soft launch of Dual Ad Cycles. My name is Joe Miles, admin of DAC. The response so far has been extremely encouraging. Thank you for joining and hopefully together we can grow into something special.

There seems to be a slight confusion over the limits on ad packs you can buy. I am sorry if the site has not been made clear enough on this matter. So please let me explain it now. You can currently buy up to 2 ad packs costing $2 each. Each day this limit will be raised by 2 till we launch on the 11th. At the launch the limit will be raised to 25 and stay at this level for the forseeable future.

To make up for this confusion I have decided to up the limit a little early. You may buy up to 4 ad packs at 2pm server time. Just under an hour from this update going out. This means if you have purchased 2 already you will be able to purchase 2 more then.

The time that the limit is changed will vary each day. This should help avoid the normal mad rush that seems to always happen causing sites to crash. I hope that this along with staggering of purchase limits will help build a strong foundation for a long and prosperous future.

Joe Miles - admin

Thanks for the update Joe and I just purchased 2 more myself.

NOTE for those who joined yesterday and are going to continue to build:
- when you go to purchase more...
- at the bottom of the page, check the "Use Reinvestment Balance First" box.
- It will use all the money in the repurchase balance first and then the account balance.

Use Re-Investment Balance first :

Nice feature. Keeps more in Account Balance for future use.

Alrighty then, are we good now?


TUEPS: we cycled last night, and will cycle again tonight, and will cycle again tomorrow night. Excellent :)

DailySharePro: just did a cash out and realized that today my first spend is Officially In Profit! Wow, took a while but glad we're still doing great!

ACX: I mentioned on Sunday that I was one of the weekly winners of the Click Draw contest. Well, I'm still waiting for my Notification Email to arrive. Chop Chop ACX. I ain't gettin any younger, lol

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