Monday, December 31, 2007

Let's Think About All This ...

Here it is, the last day of 2007.
Has it been a short year or long year for you?
My year just seemed to whisk by.
Is that a good thing? I don't know.
So if we're still here next year, fat and happy, having fun in life, being here on the net making a few bucks, a few friends, and having a few laughs with each other ... then that's a good thing, right?
And if we're not still here, then we've moved on to another (better?) place.
So here's to a Wonderful 2008, where ever it takes us to enjoy it the most!


Did you know I can't ship Food to Canada from the U.S.? Weird.


Ok, I know I said that FastProfitPro is High Risk, and to be careful when spending your hard earned money there ... But I'm Lovin It! I've been getting my 20% daily without fail each day, and withdrawals are dam near instant! So Yes, I'm having fun there, am in profit, and can't find one thing to complain about.
Min. spend is $10 through either LibertyReserve or SolidTrustPay. Oh and they a link on their site where you can trade e-gold for Liberty if you want to.


Hang on one sec. I got a Cat here bugging me for attention. Doesn't he realize I'm trying to work? geeze


I noticed that 10DollarsWonder slowed down a bit when e2ePay was re-launched. Well that only makes sense. A lot of folks (including myself) advertise (play) in both programs. So of course when I earned more in e2ePay I put more of my efforts (and money) there.
Now at the end of the year, I believe Admin. will be enforcing a rule that is in the FAQ's (#4) in 10dw. The 'rule' will inactivate those who are not participating. So those of us who ARE participating will enjoy even MORE of those cycles than before.
If you're not playing in one or both ... you should be. Isn't that why you joined? To make some easy money?? (don't make me post "The Thinker" picture again :)
Yes, it's going to be a good year!


Is Jimmy Sandell still MIA? I don't have the energy to go look.


Here's the program I joined last night in kind of a rush. (Don't ask my sponsor how many times I had to bug him during the process :)
I've logged in today and see that I've earned 5% from my surfing last night. I read the below in js's blog page this morning, so here's a little more info:

Mrs. VIP is a well known Admin and Reviewer with high integrity. I've known of her for over a year now and respect her. Any programme that she launches is bound to succeed.

So here is that e-mail, read it and join, if you will. (But listen, if you can't afford both the subscription to the matrix and the surfing marketing packages? At least go for the matrix subscription and you will make money.) The Marketing packages are for surfing... just like in any other surf. And you can choose from three plans there. But first you will need to xfer money from your pay processor to a virtual wallet, then you can buy into the subscription and the marketing packages from that wallet. That's how it works. Ok, now go and read the below."

AND js says ...

"I've been conversing with another member of Mrs VIP and V-lane Traffic. My understanding is that this one is not a ponzi. I can't reveal more right now, but she will soon.

This is likely going to be a very nice ride. Too bad I ignored it when it launched! Oh well, destiny I guess. But it is not too late.

Now, you may be confused as to how to fund this one. It's easy. You first need to fund your Virtual Wallet, meaning an internal balance via any of the three processors that are supported. Once you have money there you can subscribe to the matrix and then to the surf programme. Simple as that.

And here are some step by step instructions as well as background info. All you need to get going! (But first you will have to register at the forum; use the Register link just below the sign in)."

More details can be found below in my (late last night) blog page about MrsVIP. I was a bit confused transferring funds from STP to a Virtual Wallet as I have never done that before. So with js's help I did get all signed-up as a Ruby, and purchased my first 'surfing' package. I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

Ok, I need to go do my surfing before I forget. Plus there are tons of things on this site that I didn't have a chance to investigate yet, so will do that now.

I'll be back if I think of anything else.

Happy New Years Eve !!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Leads

Stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and thought I should mention it. It's called
If you are a promoter or marketer, with either an auto-responder or some other legal way of contacting folks, it might be worth a try.
You get 5,000 free leads per month which are delivered in lots of 1,250 per week. If you get referrals to their program, you get more free leads. And if you upgrade to "Diamond", you can get 80,000 per month for a one-time fee.
I have not upgraded yet. Would like to check the 'value' of the free leads first. Certainly up to you IF you need them. Just be careful and don't spam. ok?


My good friend and fellow blogger at 9planetreviews just sent out this Alert. I always trust him and followed his lead. Without re-writing the book, here's what he sent out: (yes I've changed his link to mine)


Ok, I've ignored this one for a while. Mainly because it seemed a bit obtuse in its description of the comp plan and I was tired of these.

But I have since received at least five e-mails, trying to persuade me to have a second or third look.

I finally listened when I received two e-mails about it just today. The one that convinced me to sign up is duplicated below. Basically my upline is very active, has her own radio show, and is bound to bring in a lot of traffic and attention to the opportunity. So I am bound to profit. And... if you sign up with myself? You too will profit. It's important that in these kinds of programmes that you join with leaders and that is what am doing (at least there has to be one or more leaders in the upline).

Mrs. VIP is a well known Admin and Reviewer with high integrity. I've known of her for over a year now and respect her. Any programme that she launches is bound to succeed.

So here is that e-mail, read it and join, if you will.

Read this before it goes live.

Through the use of the program designed by "Mrsvip", a massive size group, well into the thousands, functioning as it's own group, yet recognized as individual members, will be launching. Mrsvip & v-lane Traffic services their clients in the manner of building their ranking position on the internet. The corporation's industry is in the advertising/marketing arena. It's clients desire one thing, and that is to reach a high Alexa ranking, since to do so, means profits. We as members aid in this function by analysis of specified websites.

Obviously, there is a substantial compensation available to those who come in now, as we are positioning a small group in these available top level spots. In the next week or so, the central figure in our group, who is a very successful marketer, has an organization well into the thousands, has her own radio show, is the owner of Advertopia, and has access to over a million market leads, will be going public with this. It is especially noteworthy to point out, that a share of the profits, will go toward's helping victim's of domestic abuse. This, to say the least will create such rapid growth, that our matrix's will fill up in a short period of time. There is know requirement for sponsoring to make money in this 3x9 matrix, but, to do so would mean extraordinary returns. There are three levels, which include a monthly fee, beginning at $20, $40, and $60. Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond. Diamond is highly recommended as it returns the highest profits.

*****Important: Anyone can join Mrsvip, & V-lane at anytime they wish. But, what we are doing is coming in as a large group. There is a "first movers" advantage of coming in now, as when the gates are open, any spots in your matrix will filled by spillover.

How exciting is this? To get in on a ground floor opportunity before it is even launched. You have this first movers advantage. This window will be closed before the beginning of next week, no exceptions. You will only get this one shot. Instructions:
-You must first signup for an e-bullion account, simple. Goto
-You will be required to input your e-bullion account number at my website, which is why you need to set up your e-bullion account first.
-Goto my website and signup. No money will be taken at this time:
-Skip the portion for now when filling out the info.
-Get your link out to as many people as possible before this goes live.

You don't realize how lucky you all are to be given this position before this goes out into the public domain.

All the best!"

back to blondie:
OK ... I don't use e-bullion so I entered my SolidTrustPay ID, and that's ok.
Have just paid into the site, as a Ruby ... so I'm official now.
Will be back tomorrow with more info. Just wanted to get my foot in the door, and maybe you should too :))


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is here in Colorado blowing all that snow around like crazy.

Can you tell where I broke my back shoveling it? No? Me either. OMW made a big mess of things. dang.

And the grumpy old dude is shaking my house every time he opens his big mouth! Hope he doesn't blow my roof off :o


Let's talk about e2ePay for a minute, shall we?
If you were fortunate enough to have some referrals who purchased or re-purchased in the first couple of days ... You made $2 comm. on each of their spots. That was a mistake and Admin is eating that one.

The script has been fixed so that as of yesterday (I think), we are now receiving the $1 comm. properly.
The program is paying out 70 members positions for each $10 purchase.
So Yes, it is just like 10DollarsWonder! (no twist. exactly the same.)


Speaking of e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder ... had to clean out yet another 600+ emails today telling me "I've Cycled" and made money! Whoo Hoooo!!


oh shoot, I told js I would look at something in his blog today, and until now, forgot all about it. back in a few.


Am back and enjoying a John Lennon CD that I got for Christmas. Have a listen with me. Anyone here old enough to remember when it was actually on the charts?
Now don't lie!
Oh and if you have any clue as to why Yoko is blind folded and knitting, I would love to hear your comments. (no smoking ahead of time, that would be unfair)


still updating

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Skunks are Freezing!

My friend in Hawaii sent me this pic in an email. This little guy was winking at me but I can't seem to get the pic to move. Oh well, you get the idea. It's freezing cold here!

Good Morning and Happy Aloha Friday,

Freezing cold and the sun just came up. Will not be warm enough to melt anything today, just bright enough to make you squint, you know?


Holy Cow! 800 emails from 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay since this time yesterday? I'll be right back ... need to clean those out.

Fantastic Update in e2ePay Today:

News update 12/28/07 - trial position offer.

We launched the new Accelerate Cycle System on 12/26 (the day after Christmas). It was a very quiet day. But, the participation is phenomenon. The total times cycled are over 36,000 in less than 2 days!

We are now offering a trial position. If you are a new member, you can get started immediately and do not need to wait 7 to 15 days for your Alerpay or/and e-gold funded. Or, you are burned out by many others and would like to try out before you buy anything. You have absolutely no obligation. "

So those of you who don't believe that I've made several hundred dollars here since the re-launch on the 26th ...
Try it Out for Free with a Trial Position!
Then once you see the potential to earn some very easy money, you'll get on board with the rest of us and will be laughing all the way to the bank :))

More Good News!
Admin for both 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay is working on setting up STP as a payment processor. Do you guys realize this will create Another explosion of members buying positions when this is announced? Makes me tingle just to think about it :))


Blondie having a Think Drink:

You know what I can't figure out?
Why someone would join a program (like these 2 above) and then just sit there and watch.
Even when a 'trial position' is handed to them for free on a silver platter.
Does that make sense to you?
I have so many free members in both these programs that I'm just sitting here scratching my head.
No ... I'm not thinking about getting ref. comm's.
I'm thinking about how much fun they could having if they would either purchase a spot or take the trial spot.
Aww heck. I dunno. Maybe I just think too much.
Or maybe I just like to see others doing well also?
Kinda like the song ...
"When you're smiling, when you're smiling ... the whole world smiles with You"


Okie dokie then ... Just checked my BPP and FPP accounts. They're both doing quite well. FPP a little better but it's High Risk. BPP is getting better from a recent slump. They both take Liberty Reserve and SolidTrust Pay. I've actually made a few bucks in both of these now.


I'm back home. I did not freeze to death.
Even shoveled some snow in my back yard so that I could walk out to feed the birds without being knee deep in it. They appreciate me too.

Ok, I need to go and warm up now. See you tomorrow :))


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surf Margin came through ...

Sitting here this morning I hear a click in my mailbox. Yep, it was from SurfMargin telling me that I've Been PAID! Yay! That was my pending payment from Dec 8th. I do have another pending from the 23rd so I imagine I'll see that sometime next year. That's OK. I don't mind waiting when it's an honest program :)

Oh and just got another note from the Admin saying that they're catching up all the pending payments now. Nice. Thanks Admin! Remember though, payment date is 7 business days after you go to pending, ok?


Had a great night cycling in both e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder. Between the two, I received about 600 emails overnight. I have several positions in both programs picking up those dimes, and bought a few more this morning with profit.

I have a feeling that once word gets out more about these 2 programs, there will be no stopping them.
As I mentioned before, I've know the Admin for years and he's not going anywhere. He enjoys helping people make money. It's a Fun Job ... wouldn't you think?
The point I'm getting to is I don't worry about putting money in these programs. I know if there is a problem, it will be fixed. And I know the Admin will never scam us. So I'm quite comfortable playing and promoting. It's a good feeling :)


Made a withdrawal then a new purchase at FastProfitPro. Working great.


Jimmy at SandellandPartners has disappeared on us again :( What is up with this guy? "Now you see him ... now you don't?" haha ha Well I hope he shows up soon with some good news about how we can withdraw all that money we made doing the Horse Lay Betting with him. (things that make you go hmmm)


It's Snowing again ... and I have to go out today.

You know, this is tricky time of year for my skunks also. It's so cold and so snowy that I never know when they're going to come out of their winter hiding places to grab some grub. So I put water out for them, hoping they'll get to it before it freezes. Same with the food. Tough time of year for them. I thought they hibernated, but they don't. Only on days like today. Maybe I should be hibernating with them eh? oh my!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

e2ePay Re-Launching NOW !!!

I hope you all had a Good Christmas yesterday and Boxing Day today. Nice time of year, isn't it?
I'm enjoying over a foot of fresh snow that fell all day yesterday. Very pretty to look at, but freezing a** cold here! haha


NOTE: Because of a few recent problems with 'scammers', Admin. is watching the cycling very carefully. However he needs to go out for a few hours tonight, so CYCLING WILL SLOW while he is gone. No Need to Panic. As soon as he returns, late in the evening, things will pick up again where they left off.

Another e2ePay UPDATE 2:30 MST: Nothing has slowed down in these first few hours. I continue to cycle and continue to re-purchase. In the early stages here, I think it is best to re-purchase as soon as you have $10 in your account. Also you don't have to pay the extra fee when RE-purchasing.

Am also playing for a friend of mine while he is at work and has no access to a computer. He only had 13 pos's to start with. Now he has 20, all active and paid for from earnings! This is fun, isn't it???

UPDATE 11:30ish MST: e2ePay is Open for Business NOW !!!
Already receiving tons of cycle notices :))))
C'mon folks. Join in the fun !!!

The re-launch of e2ePay is TODAY! If you're not a member yet, get signed up NOW, and make sure that the email address you put in your profile can handle a lot of emails, since you will cycle a lot!!

I've noticed some changes in the site today. All of my current positions are "inactive" except for the 1 at the top, so I will "Activate" them at launch by purchasing new positions. Here's what is posted:

You have 1 position been activated into new system. The rest of positions will be activated into new system starting March 1st, 2008. You can activate them early by following rules:
  • By 12/31/07, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will activate 10 prior 12/26/07 positions into new system.

  • By 01/15/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will activate 5 prior 12/26/07 positions into new system.

  • By 01/31/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will activate 2 prior 12/26/07 positions into new system.

  • By 02/29/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will activate 1 prior 12/26/07 position into new system.

  • Starting 03/01/08, the system will automatically activate those have not been activated prior 12/26/07 positions into new system. "

So if you're fortunate enough to have some 'older' positions in e2ePay (as I am), activate as many as you can, as soon as you can. You won't be sorry.

Don't Leave Your Computer after Buying. You may cycle very fast and want to re-purchase to earn more.

If you're starting fresh and buying new positions, keep an eye on how you're doing, get excited (it's allowed) and re-purchase as soon as you can.
That's my suggestion.
I did that the first time this program launched, and I did very very well in earnings :))


Also very exciting is that TODAY is 10DollarsWonder One Year Anniversary! Whoo Hoooo!
I've been playing (I mean advertising) there for the entire year. It's had it's up and downs and am Happy to report that it seems to be all UP from here on out.
Nice strategy Admin! Good work members! And I have a feeling that the new year will be even more beneficial than the last. Just a hunch on my part. Cheers to All!


Just checked my FPP/FastProfitPro account. Don't know what to say. It's working great, I'm earning 20% Daily, no problems doing withdrawals, am in profit, and just having a fun time with this one. So maybe it is a HYIP, maybe it is 'high risk', maybe not. I'm very happy with it so far. Yep, I am.


Going to enjoy some apple pie with cool whip for breakfast. Didn't have room for it yesterday for desert.

See you all later,

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to take a minute to Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Wonderful Holiday Season!!

Some of you I've known for years, and others I've recently met. Some have helped me through some rough times in my life, and some just bring a smile to my face when I read your notes. It's friends like You that everyone should be fortunate enough to have, and
I treasure each and every one of you every single day.

Blessings to All :))


Ok ... sorry I got carried away yesterday in my explanation of 10DollarsWonder. But someone wrote to me that he/she didn't understand the program so ... there you have it. Oh and I'm still cycling like crazy :)


I am so far behind in my work here. I should be blasting out notes about the New Re-Launch of e2ePay on Wednesday. It is so going to rock !!! Join-up you guys and come back on Wed, 5:00 PM EST and get yourself ready to make some money. I am !! I've been there before and did extremely well. You can too!


FPP / FastProfitPro
is showing no signs of trouble. Am already in profit so am enjoying the extra 'play money'. Less stress that way, you know?


Hey I gotta run.
Have some must do errands for today which cannot wait.
You all have a great day, and a wonderful holiday !!
Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you soon,
Judy / blondie

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Detailed Info on 10DollarsWonder

Good News from my Sponsor at SurfMargin:

"Hi Judy :)
I only wanna let you know my Dec. 6 pending on SM was cleared yesterday and got paid $850+. I've read reports on forums, members getting paid for Dec. 7 pendings, so yours is not far away, do not lose faith!"

Faith and patience I have.
Thanks Nina for the update :)


Someone wrote to me and asked me how
10DollarsWonder worked. Here's a portion of what's shown on the front page, and I will include some 'new member' suggestions below that, based on my personal experience.

How 10DollarsWonder works

"10DollarsWonder is an advertising company. Every time you purchase a position, your ad will be placed on our rotation list and earn 10 credits towards your advertising. Your ad will be effectively displayed to our members. You will receive the same services that are offered at other advertising companies, but without paying outrageous fees. You can purchase up to a total of 500 positions at this time.

When a purchased position is purchased, a total of 70 positions will be cycled and each position will recieve $0.1 commission. Since the cycling process is 70 times faster than purchasing, the cycling process will continue to accelerate when more positions are puchased. Therefore, 100% of positions will continue to cycle and cycle again. Each position can earn up to 2 million. "

New Member Info:

- Join as a Free Member of 10DollarsWonder.
- Log into your account. (if you didn't receive the 'confirmation' email, that's ok, just go to the Members Login with the same username and password that you selected.)
- Now you can either "Buy Advertising Position" or "Claim Trial Position". Let's assume you're not skeptical and want to buy one!
- Click on "Buy Advertising Position" and make your purchase.
- Now go to the Member Area and Add Your Advertising Site. (That's what you are buying.)
- Ok, you're done for now.

This next part I've written based on buying 5 positions, ok?

- Once your positions are purchased, you are eligible to receive commissions from other members. Each $10 purchase 'cycles' 70 other positions.
- You will soon start to see your account earning money as others purchase or re-purchase.
- Each time you receive an email that says "You've Cycled", you've earned .10 cents.
- Once you have earned $10 into your account, you can either Re-Purchase or withdrawal.
- Re-Purchasing gives you an Additional Position to Earn without spending more out-of-pocket cash, so let's assume you re-purchase.
- Now you have 6 positions earning instead of 5. You will continue to receive earnings on ALL active positions and should earn another $10 even faster.
- Let's re-purchase again. Now you have 7 active positions earning.
Get the idea?
Sounds easy doesn't it?
Well it is :))

If you're skeptical or don't have any e-gold or AlertPay funds available today ... go ahead and use the "Claim Trial Position" to see how it works. It's a nice little "Buy Now - Pay Later" offer that was recently announced. Go for it. Won't cost you a dime to check it out.

I've been a Member of 10DollarsWonder since it's original launch on Dec. 26, 2006. After a long slow summer and since this re-launch on Nov 23, 2007, I've earned well over $500 in commissions. I withdrew half of that and used the other half to re-purchase positions. The more positions you have, the faster you can earn. Oh and it really is "No Sponsoring Required". When you buy a position, it's almost like buying a referral. So no need to Spam anyone to earn a buck here. Just buy a Position and watch your money grow.

So was that too much info for a blog page? No you say? Ok good :)

I hope if you're new here or "on the fence", you now understand a little more about The Wonderful 10DollarsWonder.

I need to eat.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Morning and Happy Friday :)

Let's see if I can do some updates early today.

Am very impressed with FastProfitPro since it's launch.
That's the one that's paying 20% daily for 6 days and no surfing required. I got my first payout to LibertyReserve yesterday in about 1/2 hour after my request. Today, I just did a payout to STP and received it in a matter of minutes! Nice!!
Let's hope this one lasts awhile. They do have a great Admin and support, so it all depends on the Members now.
And I told you I'd report on my progress, remember?
So far, so good.
Just don't forget this is a High Risk game.
If you play with your 'extra' money, you'll have more fun.


Sorry to report that SurfMargin seems to be in trouble. First they had problems with STP, now it sounds more like financial problems in the program. If you're a member with a pending payment, you should get paid eventually. If you're not a member ... hate to say this but I wouldn't recommend you join now. Let's wait and see what happens.


My 2 favorite programs are moving right along.

Have been getting quite a few "commissions" from e2ePay even before the re-launch. What's up with that? haha Not complaining. Just wondering why so many folks are buying now, that's all.
I'm holding off until the 26th. Why? I think my money will go further after re-launch rather than today.
And if you're not a member yet, you're going to miss out on a lot of fun and money. Sign up for free now and come back on the 26th. I'll be here!!

UPDATE: Just saw this in the member area of e2ePay. And happy with Admin's resolution of the problem. I only received 1 commission on Dec 19th. So I'm still in good shape for the re-launch. Here's the note:

News update 12/19/07 - Major improvement on 12/26/07

The purchase is now disabled till new improved system scripts are in placed.

Important must read:
We had a group of SPAMMers made huge bogus positions with e-gold today. We have submitted their e-gold accounts to e-gold for further investigation. Unfortunately, our existing matrix system detected but did not eliminated those bogus positions. Therefore, we temporary disable the "withdraw" till the errors are corrected.

If you have received commission on 12/19/07, mostly are caused by the bogus positions and will be corrected in a few days. For those who have received bogus commission on 12/19/07 will be credited with bonus positions to the new system to compensate the inconvenience.

Note: Our new system will detect and prevent these types of bogus positions.


The "you've cycled" emails continue to pour in daily from 10DollarsWonder !
Not so many last night, but received over 200 the day before which is getting to be a pretty normal day for me. We should always expect a slow day or two. That's just how it is. Overall, I'm wayyy into profit here and still earning.

And you FREE Members, please don't forget his "Buy Now - Pay Later" Trial Position offer. Won't cost you a dime to see how well you can do here. Then if you're happy with what you get, go ahead a buy a few. The more the better. The Plan DOES work. That's all I have to say.




Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Can't Stay Long Today ...

It's actually a beautiful day and I need to do more shopping.

I love my new vacuum cleaner! Did the whole house yesterday so it's looking good now. (well, as good as my old carpet can look anyway)


10DollarsWonder is still going great. Along with re-purchasing, I put in for a withdrawal request yesterday and got PAID Today! Nice $250 will help with my Christmas expenses. Thanks Admin!
And you FREE members out there, remember that you can "Buy Now - Pay Later" and get in on the Trial offer and see what it's all about!


e2ePay re-launch is 1 week from Today!
I'm pretty sure this one is going to be even better than 10dw. At least in the beginning. Then they will both taper off with a nice steady income stream.
I am definitely saving up for this relaunch. And you should too.


Just 2 days into the new FastProfitPro and I'm getting my 20% Daily like clockwork.


SandellandPartners - still getting the glitches out of the new site and it's coming along great. In the meantime, my spends are earning 2% per day and compounding 100%. It add's up fast :))


Been doing my surfing at SurfMargin and earning 5% daily as of late. My original spend went to pending on Dec. 8th. Now, the FAQ's read that those are paid within 7 business days. If I can count, shouldn't that have been yesterday? Well, I won't panic and hope to see it today. ya think?


That's all for now.
Only had time for a quick update.
You all enjoy your Wednesday Hump Day and I'll see you soon :)


Monday, December 17, 2007

FPP has launched ... and more just added

Morning everyone!

FPP / FastProfitPro has launched today right on schedule. I jumped in and made a small deposit and will report on my progress. Besides, what else was I going to do with that little bit of LibertyReserve money eh?

If you do decide to try it out, be sure to read their FAQ's ... especially the first one and the last one or two. They tell it like it is so none of us should be surprised or disappointed.

Also know that your deposit is set on a 24 hr clock. So if you deposit today at 3 PM, don't look for your 20% until tomorrow at 3 PM. Got it?


Need to shop today. eck :(


Back from shopping and survived, barely. Spent way too much money but have a new vacuum cleaner, so that's a plus. And a few Christmas gifts for the kids and critters. ha! Of course, I'm not done. So if I get a little testy this week, bear with me, ok? Thanks


Holding off on buying new positions at e2ePay. You might want to consider doing the same. I have a feeling that I'm going to be much happier if I wait for the new re-launch on the 26th of Dec. Trust me, I'm psychic, ha!


Checked my account at SandellandPartners today. The money was right on!
I had originally put in a measley $50 on Oct 13th and set it to 100% compounding. Happy to report that I now have over $180 in my account. Nice! Jimmy Sandell, you rock! Can't wait to see what the new year brings :)

Oh and has anybody wondered WHY I always put the S&P link in brown? Think about it. What's a normal color of horses, eh? huh? hahaha ok then.


Ok, enough fun for today.
See you guys tomorrow :)


Sunday, December 16, 2007

10DollarsWonder FREE "Trial Position"

If you're already a member of 10DollarsWonder, then you have received the News Update last night offering FREE members a Trial Position!
That's right! It's a "buy now - pay later" offer.
If you've thought about purchasing, but hesitated (for whatever reason), here's your chance to Try it Out ... For FREE with absolutely No Obligation.
Here is a clip from last nights news:

Absolutely no obligation "trial position" offer:
We are now offering a trial position. If you are a new member, you can get started immediately and do not need to wait 7 to 15 days for your Alertpay or/and e-gold funded. Or, you are burned out by many others and would like to try out before you buy anything. You have absolutely no obligation.

So you FREE Members out there ... go now, log into your member area, and click on the "Claim trial position" button at the top of the page.

If you haven't joined yet, why not? Now is a great time to Join for Free and try it out. You've got nothing to lose :))

Oh and for more info on my history with 10dollarswonder, see Fridays post.


I have heard that ShareintheWealth is back. The last time this program ran, I did make a little money there. But for personal reasons, have decided not to promote it again. My good friend and fellow blogger js has a link to it in his blog. And I urge you to
go there and check it out if you're interested. ok? ok.


Have decided to join the New FastProfitPro and test it out.
Officially launching on Dec 18th (which I think will be tomorrow, at Noon EST) and being run by the same Admin. as BPP/BusinessProfitPro.
This is going to be a Fast HYIP type program paying 20% daily for 6 days.
All upgrades will expire after 6 days. 20% daily ROI goes to cash balance and requests are paid within 24 hours :)
Minimum deposit is $10. through LibertyReserve or SolidTrustPay.

Now we all know programs that pay 20% per day usually do not last long. So could this one be the exception? I really don't think so, but am willing to give it a shot myself with a small donation :) I say "donation", just in case.
So if you do decide to play, play smart and don't bet the farm.

And you can bet your boodie that I will be reporting my progress here. ok?


I just received another $8 in commission from e2ePay while I was updating my blog here, which brings me to well over $100 since the re-launch was announced! Nice to see that so many members are getting ready for the big day on the 26th of Dec. I'm sure we're going to have a Great time!


Well my "day of rest" isn't working out that way.
But it's OK cause ...

Just received another referral comm payment from MichaelBadger! Remember although the site is currently closed to new members, you can still sign up for the 'waiting list' and be notified as soon as he re-opens. Cool.


Ok one more thing and then I have GOT to get outta here!!!

SandellandPartners (horse lay-betting) new site is looking better every day! Jimmy has hired folks to help him with both the Forum and the Database. And soon we will be able to log in and actually see how much we've made during the downtime AND do a withdrawal! Whoo Hoooo!


Ok, I'm all talked out.
Enjoy your day, your Sunday and your weekend,

ps: lookie there. already getting comments and I'm still typing.
Thanks Gene :))

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This is Your Brain:

This is Your Brain on Overload:


Seriously, not feeling quite as stressed as this poor lady, but am feeling in a bit of a frenzy with waaaaay too many things in my poor blonde brain right now.
So will try to get myself in order and be back in a bit.

Wait for me, ok?


Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm baaaaaack!

Good News!

Many of us have hinted to the Admin of 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay about adding SolidTrustPay as a payment option, so he is going to look into it soon.
In the meantime, for those of you who want to play, but need to wait for your e-gold or AlertPay to be funded ... there will be yet ANOTHER option.
The advantage?
You won't lose any commissions while waiting on your pay processor funding.
What is it?
It should be announced in the next update. Read it closely when it comes.


Am surprised to be getting referral comm's and position cycles at e2ePay. I thought I would wait to purchase more until the new re-launch, but it looks like other people have a different idea. Well it's true that the more positions you have, the faster you will cycle. So they could be right and in for a real treat on December 26th.


10DollarsWonder keeps chugging along nicely. I've averaged $20 per day income since the relaunch on Nov. 23rd. Yes, some have made a lot more, and some a little less. It all depends on the number of positions you have and referrals (if you have any). Looking forward to this one going well into 2008!
Long Live 10DollarsWonder!


Finished all my Catalog Order Shopping for Christmas! Yay!!!
Now I need to get out to the local stores. Not so yay :(
(yes, a woman who does NOT like to Shop. Unbelievable)


Have been painlessly doing my daily Surfing at SurfMargin. Wish their profit share was a little higher, but I'm sure it will come back. I so enjoyed the 15% days! That's ok. At least we don't lose anything, it'll just take a little longer to get to your payout amount. I can wait. I ain't goin nowhere.


SandellandPartners (the horse lay betting site) should be back very soon for new members. I don't think he's giving referral commissions so I'm not telling you because of that. I'm telling you because I think it's going to be a real nice way to earn some money with the Horse Racing crowd.


You know ... some of you may think I'm repeating myself. And I very well could be. But the truth of the matter is: I don't have tons of money to throw into every program that comes along. I'm very picky with what I choose, and I will play it and promote it as long as it is working. If it stops working for me, I will tell you to stay away, plain and simple!

The two I mentioned at the top, 10dw and e2ePay have been around for a while now. 10dw launched on Dec 26, 2006 and e2ePay (the advertising part) launched on March 30, 2007. Both of these programs have made me some good money. Plus I've known the Admin for 3 years and will vouch for his itegrity. He likes nothing more than to see these programs running well and keeping all the members happy. Shoot, any program that can keep ME happy for a year definitely has my Seal of Approval :) ha!


That's all for now. I need to get out and shovel snow again.
And it's still snowing. Where's my hooded jacket? hmmm

Oh and I'm feeling much better today.
Plenty of sleep seemed to work wonders.
Happy Aloha Friday!


and don't forget what we learned in kindergarten:

"Always treat others how you would want to be treated yourself."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everybody has bad days, right?

Sorry that I didn't post here yesterday.
That's right. I took the day off.
Have had the feeling for several weeks that something good or bad was going to happen on Dec 12th.
That's what the clock said every night when I woke suddenly: 12:12
And did it mean something?
I don't really know for sure, and never will.

However, 2 of my friends were hospitalized.
My friend Paul in Hawaii who was struck with Pleurisy (google it) on 12/11.
Then my new daughter-in-law Jessica, fell while shoveling snow and fractured her wrist.
I was afraid what was going to happen next.

So I kept quiet, kept to myself, and hoped that nothing else would go wrong.

Did it? Yes. But I don't wish to talk about it as it was my own fault :(

Oh and I did NOT win the Lottery or PowerBall last night.
boo hoo maybe next time


So not much to update today.

Although I am happy to say that I became "Verified" and then "Bank Verified" at STP / SolidTrustPay in a matter of 30 hours or so. Great Customer Service in my opinion!

A lot of sites are using STP now as their payment processor.
I have put a "bug" in Admin's ear (10dollarswonder and e2ePay) that he should consider using the same. Let's see if he listens to me or not.


That's all for now.
No problems with anything. All is running fine.
Well, maybe except me :( ha

See you tomorrow for sure,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scams, Snow and more ...

Good Morning Everyone,

I heard there's a new Scam in town. Run by Phil Piccolo no less. Anyone remember him? If you don't know him, you're better off. The name of the program is called DubaiMLM, and I thank Gene for alerting me!

I am not going to clutter my page here with Phil's crap, so will place more info in the comments section. Feel free to click there to learn more.


Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow
Expecting 3-4 inches of more snow today.
I will NOT be going out anytime soon.
(well, except to shovel, maybe, we'll see)


Just when we thought Jimmy at SandellandPartners threw in the towel, he changed his mind and is coming back in full force. He's in the process of updating our deposit and interest info, has hired staff to moderate his forum, and will hire someone to go through the database of members to get it all straightened out. Nice Jimmy :)) Will be fun to get back into the swing of things. Giddy Up!


What fun it was to check my email and see Another 200+ "You've Cycled" notes from 10DollarsWonder. Oh and did you notice there is a new Banner available? Go see. It's in the member area.


e2ePay re-launch will be Dec 26th at 5:00 PM EST, USA. Very cool! Plus I've noticed some folks are already buying or repurchasing positions. I suppose they're getting ready to 'catch' those commissions as soon as they can. Not a bad idea, you know? I might have to do the same.


The SurfMargin surfing program is still going very well. Expecting my 'payout' in a few more days. Despite what's in the FAQ's, payouts are sent automatically after 7 days. He has discontinued the 'fast payout for a fee' but hasn't removed it from the site yet. ok? ok.


Guess that's all for now.
Which means I should grab a snow shovel and get my butt moving.

PS: one more thing that I hesitated mentioning, but think I should.
I appreciate ALL of my readers. I really really do!
If you have something that you'd like to promote to me, please send an email to, rather than posting it here in my blog.
Please? Thanks :)

Luv you guys!
Talk to you later,

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blessings to Colorado Families

I can't bring myself to say much about the recent shootings at Churches here in Colorado. One of them happened very close to where I live.

My Heartfelt Thoughts and Prayers go to the Victims and their Families.

What a sad time of year to lose a loved one. How painful it must be.

We must always remember to be thankful for as much or as little as we have, as there is always someone else who is less fortunate.

May Peace Be With You Always.


Snow snow and more snow!
We've had snow and cold weather for 3 days now. The nighttime temp was 18 F, that's -7 C for you Canadians. I just heard another 3-4" of snow is coming my way.
Guess it's Snowman Time in the Rockies!


The re-launch of e2ePay will be postponed
(which is a bummer since I've had dreams about that 12/12 date). Well maybe PowerBall will come through for me this Wed.

In any case, Admin will place a Countdown Clock on the site and once he does that, he said "No more delays". So we've got a week and a half (or more) to get ready. I'm ready. Are you?

UPDATE: I heard the launch will be on Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas. Good timing as the "rush" will be over for some. Plus the fact that 10dollarswonder launched on the 26th of Dec. 2006 and did extremely well ! I can vouch for that!


Speaking of 10DollarsWonder, yesterday was a bit slow. Today however is kicking butt once again. Have received almost 150 'you have cycled' emails in the last 4-1/2 hours. Now that is based on quite a few positions. If you're building, keep building. The more positions, the more cycles. You see?


The kids (children not goats) stopped by yesterday and brought Lou Dog. She has a toy here from Halloween that is a stuffed Witch. Lou is a puppy. And puppies like to tear into things. So the stuffing from the witch is ALL OVER my carpet. And ME with NO Vacuum. (deep breath) Guess I need to get my butt in gear and buy a new one, eh? At least before the Holiday's. I like to shop about as much as some men do.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tips and News

Surf Margin is going extremely well and my first deposit has already gone to pending! Yay!
I did have a problem with the bonus cash link the other day and here's what I have learned from my sponsor (thanks Nina):
Here's a TIP if you have trouble getting the Bonus Cash from SurfMargin:
If you've been thrown out after clicking on the $2 cash bonus link, please logout of your account and bookmark that link. Only use that link when accessing (logging back into) your account and the problem should be fixed. It has something to do with 'cookies'.


e2ePay News:
- a countdown clock will be added to the site prior to re-launch
- just like 10dollarswonder, everything happens in Real Time. As soon as you cycle or get a referral commission, the 'cash' will show in your Member Area immediately
- launch time could get a bit wild and folks will be cycling Fast! I would suggest sticking around your computer after making your purchase.
- cycling method will be the same as 10dw with a "little twist" (don't know what the twist is yet, but we all like surprises, right?)

I was fortunate enough to be there when the original launch happened the end of March. Going in with only a couple of positions, I repurchased from earnings until I had 58 after the first 3 days AND had a few nice withdrawals as well :))

If you're not a member yet, sign up for free now so that you don't miss out!


Oh and Brownie III is here making noise in the kitchen. Dang mice. You know, I like mice and they don't scare me. I just don't like them running around and pooping all over my cupboards. So the trap is baited again (or should I say still?) I just hope I catch him before my Fat Cat does.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Can You Dig It? Yes I Can!

"Saturday In the Park
I think it was the 4th of July"

Well, it doesn't look like the 4th of July here. Cold weather and snow on the ground from an overnight dump. I heard the Colorado mountains got a nice foot of snow which means skiing will be great today. I'll just stay here where it's nice and cozy :)


Michael Badger
did in fact close the doors to new members last night. You can still sign up and be on the 'notification list' when and if he decides to accept new members in the Spring of 2008. So put your name in and get notified! Doesn't cost a thing!


Jimmy Sandell of SandellandPartners is giving up. He said there were too many problems with the site and the payment processors ... and that his brain hurts. (giggle) But also mentions that we WILL receive all of our deposits plus interest, which could be triple the amount deposited. Next week we should be able to withdraw. Won't that be nice :)


10DollarsWonder is still kickin ass!


e2ePay will be kickin ass starting next Wed, 12/12 at 5 PM EST! Be There or Be Square.


Gotta go check something.
Be back in a flash!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Good Morning!


Just completed my surfing at SurfMargin and was paid a nice 11% profit share today. When I got the '$2 Bonus' notification, it wouldn't click through so I've sent in a support ticket about that. This is the first time I've contacted support so it will be nice to see how responsive they are. Will let you know.


Last Chance to get into Michael Badger's new service when it opens!!! Michael says:


I want to give you a free monthly income.

Yes, I mean you can EARN FREE MONEY!

We will be closing our doors to new members at midnight on December 7, 2007 (eastern time)
This is your last chance to join us before we close the doors!


I lied about not mentioning this again. BPP removed the new 'qualifications' they started yesterday. So is it back to normal? I think so. Yet I still need to figure out how to make my money back :))


Was happy to delete over 200 emails from 10DollarsWonder today that said: Congratulations! You've Cycled!
Over 200 in 1 day !

And that wasn't even a record day for me. Hope you all are playing and enjoying this as much as I am.


Which brings me to e2ePay and the fact that I'm really starting to get excited about it! Re-Launch date is getting closer, only 5 more days!

Remember the site will be down for 2 days prior to re-launch. So you might consider getting signed-up ahead of time so that you're ready on Wed the 12th.

Remember if you don't receive your activation email, just go ahead to the member login, and login. It's that easy ;)


Need to do some Christmas shopping online. Hope I haven't waited too long. A-oh. Wish me Luck!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Posting Twice in One Day :)

We're Here ... Because we're not all There :)

Two more things of interest for today ...

Just received an Update from BPP aka BusinessProfitPro.
Yes I know ... I promoted them awhile back and I'm glad now that hardly anyone responded. The update tells me quite a sad story. If you're a member, you've received it too.

From what I can tell, they are going downhill and trying to save themselves. Can't blame them for that.
And if I had ever been able to figure out the best way to "play" their system, I might have gotten my money back by now. But I didn't.

Needless to say, if you're not already in the program, it's too late now. That's just my opinion.

As for me, this will be the last time that I mention them.


Brownie Jr has been caught!
Just got home from PetSmart with lots and lots of cat food and some Christmas presents for all my critters.

Heard a clicking sound under the sink.

It was Brownie Jr trying to chew his way out of the metal cage. Yeah!!!!!

I quickly took him outside, opened the door, and boy did he jump! Boing Boing Boing across the field out back.

Now ... where are the cats ???


Was up at 5 a.m. today ... yawnnnnnnnn


Just completed my surfing at SurfMargin and happy to report that todays profit share was 12% plus I got an additional $2 bonus for surfing more than 10 sites! So far, so good :) I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.


You have less than 2 days left to decide if you want a share in the Profit Pool of Michael Badger's new service when it launches. You may earn money as a free member if the new service is profitable enough. And I'm pretty darn sure you WILL earn money if you're an upgraded (paid) member when the service launches.
There's more detail in yesterdays post so I won't repeat myself here. I do have several referrals that are currently at free status. So don't wait too long, or it will be too late :( ok?


Remember Brownie the Mouse?
Well the Cat was right!
I just fed Brownie II, or Brownies Buddy or (hopefully not) Brownies offspring. Let's see is a little cooked chicken can get him into that nice warm house I've set up for him (as I patiently wait to hear the cell door slam shut). a-ha


Speaking of me ...

Blondes have more fun! What?
Not when their hair is 4 feet long and the vacuum cleaner decides to poop-out due to overload.

So I took it all apart, cut and pulled all of the hair out of the roller thingie, put it all back together, but the roller thingie still wouldn't roll. Now what?

Being the brilliant blonde that I am, I thought putting a little household 'motor oil' in the roller would do the trick. Now, the dang roller is banging and clanging so much that I'm afraid it'll start on fire if I run it.
Anyone have a suggestion? or is it just time for yet 'another' new vacuum cleaner? Yeah, I go through a lot of them. Maybe I should get a hair cut eh?


Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Lot of Updates Today and More Just Added

Helpful hint before you read more ... (added at 12:45 pm mst)

If you've recently joined 10dollarswonder or e2ePay and did NOT receive your activation email ... just go to Member Login and enter the Username and Password that you selected when you joined. You should be able to log right in!
(thought I'd better say something since I have gotten a few new referrals today and I am aware of that problem) Thanks :)


Good Morning,

Let's start with 10DollarsWonder!
I received a whopping 163 emails during the last 24 hours telling me that I've CYCLED! WhooHoooo! This program is not slowing down at all. Just the opposite. Still picking up speed and going strong!
A new referral of mine bought her first few positions yesterday and was "tickled pink" this morning to see that she had already earned $10.00.
So are you in? No? Why not? Easiest Christmas money I ever made :))


Don't forget something similar (I think) will happen at e2ePay ONE WEEK from Today. Yes, 10dw and e2ePay have the same honest Admin, so no worries of being scammed or misled. Join for FREE and watch your email for the 12/12 re-launch. If this is anywhere close to what's happening at 10dw, we should all be in for a real treat.


Just read that is closing his doors to new profit sharing members this Saturday. If you've joined for free, this is your last chance to upgrade to premium status and be eligible for all the benefits he has to offer. If you haven't joined yet ... you best Hurry and get in before it's too late!
Here's a portion of the email I received:

Closing Our Doors!

As I said all along, joining in the profit sharing was
going to be limited to only a certain number of people.

Well, the time has come to stop taking new members. I
don't want the number of people to get so big that I won't
be able to make good on the promises I have made to you.

So, on Saturday, December 8th people will no longer be
able to join the profit share pool. Make sure to let
anyone who has been "on the fence" about joining us know
that there is now a specific deadline to join Michael
Badger, and that deadline is midnight, Eastern time, on
December 7, 2007.

I may decide to open the profit share again for a short
time just before the launch of the new service that you
will be sharing profits from. This would be to benefit
all of us because it will drum up excitement and interest
for the launch of the service. However, the price to get
the Premium Member Upgrade will be raised at that time.
If you are a Premium Member now, you have gotten in and
secured your spot at the lowest price it will ever be
offered at!

Last Chance to Upgrade at the Current Price

Along with shutting down entry into the profit sharing
pool after Friday, the price to upgrade to Premium
membership will be increasing that day as well.

If you have still not yet bought the Premium membership
package, this week is your last chance to upgrade at the
$37 price. Premium membership will never again be offered
for $37.

As a reminder, here is what you get when you upgrade:

1. $5 off your monthly Pro membership to the new service
once it is launched if you decide to join
2. Easy Organizer Plus Software
3. Quick Cash Secrets Ebook
4. eWriter Pro Software (to help you easily create PDF
ebooks and articles)
5. A report on How to Rewrite Articles for $20 per hour.
6. A report on How to Earn Some Money Fast to Build Your
7. Million Dollar Copy Writing Secrets
8. Ongoing Premium Member bonuses, to be announced

The $37 price is still currently available in the members
area. Just login to your account at and click on upgrade to
find it.

The price to upgrade will be increased on Friday December
7, 2007 at midnight Eastern time.

If you think you are interested in the Premium member
package, I would suggest you go and grab it right now.
That way you won't forget and miss out on this lower price."

So there you have it :))


I need to surf. I'll be right back


Just completed my surfing in SurfMargin and received the nice chunk of 14% profit for surfing 10 sites AND an additional $2.00 Bonus while surfing sites 11-29! That Rocks! I think I'm really going to like this program!

And I met my sponsor, Nina who lives in Germany. What a nice lady she is! It's days like this that really make me appreciate the internet, what we can do here, and who we can meet. Yeah, I feel pretty good right now ;)


Oh and js, I just took my L-Glutamine. I get a feeling I'm going to need some extra strength today. har!

My cat is still staring at the cupboard. Does he NOT realize that I caught the mouse? Or is he trying to tell me there are more?? a-oh

Monday, December 3, 2007

$3.99 Report - Surfing - and My Freaky Experience!

I've updated my freaky experience below. Just now at 7:30 pm MST, USA.
Comments are very welcome. What is wrong with me?


Thought my surf days were over, but maybe not :))
Just signed up to a Surf Site that has been around almost a year! That's a long frickin time for a surf site. It's called: SurfMargin. I just joined, upgraded and surfed my required 10 sites. It was a "piece of cake" and already there is some nice money in my account. 15% actually. I earned the Max Today!
Check it out. I'm still reading about it but wanted to let you know ASAP! Thanks and I'll update more on it later, or tomorrow. I promise.
A bit from the FAQ's:

How much can I make viewing ads?

Your daily bonus percentage is always based on the previous days ad pack purchases. The daily bonus credited to your account balance will fluctuate every day until you have made your target 136% of your Ad Pack purchase. The daily bonus percentage has never fallen below 5% but depending upon the previous days ad pack sales could be as high as 15%"


I've heard this is a very Good Report and have just purchased it myself. Heck for $3.99 how can you go wrong? Easy to buy through PayPal. One suggestion: I had problems trying to purchase through an aol browser. Used FireFox with ease. Enjoy :)


Remember Brownie the Mouse from my last post?
He's been around here for about 2 weeks and TODAY he couldn't resist a piece of Pizza Hut sausage. So Finally Brownie's been Caught! Whoo Hoooo!
He looked really happy when I opened his cell door and released him into the farmland behind my house. He ran like a little mouse running from a cat. (Noooo, I kept the cats inside. He needed a head start and a chance to find shelter.) So Good Luck to Brownie :)


Something strange has been happening to me lately and I haven't decided if I should share it or not. Some of you might give me an answer or idea that I don't want to hear so ... I'm going to give this more thought before I tell you what's been going on, ok? And yeah, it's kind of freakish.

Ok, here it goes.
I have been dreaming nearly every night. Most times about work here on the internet. Then something in my dream frightens me ... and I wake up.
When I look at the clock ... it's 12:12 A.M.
12:12 A.M.
Why? What is going on?
Is something going to happen on 12/12/07 or at 12:12 am or pm on some given day? What's up with that? Am I dying? Will I win the Lottery? I can't figure out what this Time is trying to tell me. Anyone have any ideas???



Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brownie the Mouse

Since the little mouse still lives here and refuses to be caught, I might as well name him eh?
So let's call him Brownie the Mouse.
I have tried everything to catch this mouse ... alive of course. I don't believe in those nasty mouse traps that you buy for .69 cents, so I have one of those fancy ones that traps them so that I can put them back outside where they belong. Unfortunately Brownie is pretty darn smart and is still living under my sink. Well, at least he's eating well.


Received a nice email from MichaelBadger just a few minutes ago that Today is another Pay Day for the referral comm's in the program and I have received some money to my PayPal account! To the best of my knowledge he's still looking for 'founding' members so if you're not there yet, go ahead and sign up for FREE and you will make money later. If you choose to upgrade when you join, you will make MORE money later and earn MORE in referral commissions if you promote.


Had a rockin good 24 hours in 10DollarsWonder. Yesterday was the last day for the Buy 1 - Get 10 old positions Activated Promo. Starting today any new or repurchases will activate 5 of your older ones (if you have them). Plus he's added something to the FAQ's that will keep the program running healthy. See number 4 if you go there. I personally think it's a good idea, don't you?


I won't mention SandellandPartners cause he's not ready for new members yet. But I did read ...
and im also working on something new that gives around 25% daily AND IM NOT JOKING Smiley
here are the result for the last 3 days
17% "
and that came directly from The Horses Mouth! So stay tuned for more later.


Oh and one more thing ... I've opened up the Comments section again. Let's hope I don't get another spammer trying to promote his own program in MY blog. Geesh! Why did I open it up? Well, I did feel bad having to approve js's comment yesterday. har!

Have a good weekend and keep in touch!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Aloha Friday!

WOW! yahoo.gif Look what I got last night ...

"Congratulations Blondie!
Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!
Your direct referral xxxxx has spent $ 100.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 10.00!
Great job and thank you!"

I love my referrals !!!

Hey everyone just a reminder that TODAY is the last day to activate 10 older positions with each $10 purchase. Starting tomorrow, 1 new or re-purchase will only activate 5. ok?

I hope you are enjoying all those 'pesky' email notices saying that you've CYCLED! I received 178 of them since this time yesterday. WHOO HOOOOO !!!
And Yes, All of my positions are Active!


You know what really stinks?
Making a Sale but not getting the referral commission.
Why didn't you get it? you may ask.
Well, seems the buyer saw the program somewhere else first and clicked on it. Then deciding to Buy (hopefully from my sales letter), clicked on my link, bought it, but I didn't get credit. Why not? "Cookies".
Now I normally enjoy cookies, the edible kind, but in this case I'm not so happy about them. So I lost a Sale because the Buyer didn't Clear her Cookies before buying. What a bummer that was :( So just beware of that.


Supposed to Snow in our mountains tonight through Sunday. They are expecting an average of 1-3 Feet with some areas getting up to 4 Feet. Holy Cow! The skiers should really enjoy that! As for me? I'll stay down here where it's a little warmer :)

More later

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Cash Released Today

Good Morning,

Don't forget the QuickCash e-book will be released TODAY at 12:00 PM (noon) EST. It will show you Five Ways to Make Quick Cash! (and I've heard it's very good from a friend/blogger who got a 'sneak peek' of it).

Did you get your FREE Report yet or watch the Video? Go to the site and do that now. I could sure use some Quick Cash for the Holidays. How about you?


WOW!!! Just checked my other email account and I had 220 NEW Emails from 10DollarsWonder telling me that I have cycled! Whoo Hooo! And they were NOT all for a dime. Some were referral commissions for $1, $5 & $7. Good to see that others have realized the value of the new system and buying 5 or 7 positions at one time. You guys rock!!


Looks like something similar at e2ePay will be launched on Dec. 12th. Here's what's on the site:
"News update 11/28/07 - Major improvement on 12/12/07
The exciting major improvement will start on Wednesday 12/12/07 5:00pm EST USA."

I did very very well the first time this program launched with it's "advertising" offer. Pretty sure I'll do well again. History repeats itself, right?
If you're not a member already, go ahead and join for free and you'll be reminded of the launch. Or you can come back here and I'll remind you :))


SandellandPartners, the horse lay betting site has yet another new website. Jimmy sure had problems with the old one so let's hope he has finally found the right mix.
If you're a member already, go ahead and sign up again with the SAME username and password that you originally used.
If you're NOT a member yet, I would hold off a couple of days and/or check back HERE to see when it's safe to join. I think he'll be busy transferring all current member funds before he starts accepting new members. ok? cool!


Need to go check a few other programs. brb

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cycler Junkies

For you cycler junkies out there ...
besides 10dollarswonder doing great since it launched the new promo on 11/23, I do believe the old e2ePay will follow in it's footsteps shortly. From what I can figure out, the cycles will be paying .50 cents as opposed to 10dw's .10 cents.
The site says it's launching tomorrow, so I have written to Admin. to see if it's still on schedule and will let you know. It also takes e-gold and AlertPay.


Finally finished reading the
e-book that I received from GoogleAssassin. phew. Now I need to put the information to work for me. Wish me luck!


Project QuickCash is being released on Thursday, 12 Noon EST. That's the new e-book that will reveal to you Five Ways to Make Quick Cash. It will benefit you faster if you're already familiar with AdWords (you can create an account at to make some quick cash for the holidays.


Having spaghetti tonight with salad and garlic toast. Sounds good, doesn't it?
And my cat is still staring at the spaces beside the dishwasher waiting for the little mouse to come out. I haven't been able to catch him and I have one of those nice mouse traps that doesn't kill them, just catches them. I set it with some left-over turkey, but he grabbed it and ran. I just hope that I catch him before the cat does.


Monday, November 26, 2007

still studying and ...

I just signed up for the Free Report for Project Quick Cash. Their official launch is set for Thursday at 12 PM (noon) EST. Sounds interesting and thought you might like to take a peek as well.

Also, here's a note written from the developer of QuickCash (the system that will show you five ways to make Quick Cash) to a friend of mine. Oh and if you have seen the pages already, I urge you to visit them again
as the Author has now placed a very interesting video there. He talks about it in the note below.

"A quick update on my latest project - yes, the same project that I
know will give the common man the power to earn hefty profits online..

We're still 3 days away from launch, but right now I have assembled
an eye opening video for you to watch:

Click to watch =>

I guarantee that this video will change your perception towards
Internet Martketing
. You will get to see proofs of income I have made using some quick, very easy and zero/low cost techniques known to very few people..

One of the techniques took me just 2 hours and $30 to implement. Yet I earned a whopping $13,150 from it.. It's mind blowing.

You must hurry and watch the video now.. I am going to take it down pretty soon..

To your success,



I have some news about the GoogleAssassin program. I stole this from my friend js's blog page since I did not receive this note in any form. So ...

"At 11 AM EST today Chris of Google/DJKassassin announced that the price of the package will go up within 24 hours of the announcement. To lock in the current price you ought to
buy it now, rather than wait. But you know? If you do wait, and buy it later, I’ll just make more money!"

So yes, you'll make more money if you can sell it for more money. So he's got a point but if you want to get it now, at a lower rate, then get it now. And it does come with a money back guarantee.


Still making lots and lots of dimes over at 10dollarswonder :)


Ok, back to reading and studying.
I should be back in full swing tomorrow.
(guess I'm a slow learner, (no wise-cracks))


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let's start with: Alive Worldwide Inc.

Received a postcard in the mail from Alive Worldwide Inc. and thought I should share it with you. If you are an affiliate of Alive WW and do not live in the United States, chances are the postcard would have been delivered to the address you used in your profile. Here are the contents:


We are Re-Launching our Business Opportunity in December
with an amazing new business concept that is going to rev up
the way you get paid! This new concept is going to make
it possible for some people to make $1,000, $2,000 or even
$5,000 in 30 days!
This is your OFFICIAL and ONLY notice that we are beginning this
Re-Launch. What this means is that if you ARE interested you will
need to show it by having a minimum of a 25BV order in the
month of November. If you do not have 25BV in November
we will assume you are not interested in doing business with our
company. Therefore we will assign personal sponsorship of the
people you introduced to our company that DID have 25BV
to a new sponsor, and cancel your membership effective
December 1st, 2007.
If you would like to learn more about the fantastic new going
on's to go, or call 877-377-0027
to secure your place in this fantastic opportunity!"

Comments are welcome :)


Nice to see another 57 emails from 10DollarsWonder last night telling me that I've cycled. Never get tired of seeing those :) So once again I've repurchased with my earnings and now almost ALL of my older positions are Active in the new system. Looks like the new idea has caught on.
Nice job Admin!


Reading an e-book today so that I have a better understanding of What to Do and How to Do It in DJK/GoogleAssassin. The faster I learn, the faster I earn. haha! (can't believe I just said that) Anyway I like the book, it's easy to read and comprehend And it came FREE with the GoogleAssassin package.


Can you believe it's Nov 25th Already? Where did the year go? And only 30 days till Christmas. Are YOU ready? I'm no where close :(