Friday, December 28, 2007

My Skunks are Freezing!

My friend in Hawaii sent me this pic in an email. This little guy was winking at me but I can't seem to get the pic to move. Oh well, you get the idea. It's freezing cold here!

Good Morning and Happy Aloha Friday,

Freezing cold and the sun just came up. Will not be warm enough to melt anything today, just bright enough to make you squint, you know?


Holy Cow! 800 emails from 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay since this time yesterday? I'll be right back ... need to clean those out.

Fantastic Update in e2ePay Today:

News update 12/28/07 - trial position offer.

We launched the new Accelerate Cycle System on 12/26 (the day after Christmas). It was a very quiet day. But, the participation is phenomenon. The total times cycled are over 36,000 in less than 2 days!

We are now offering a trial position. If you are a new member, you can get started immediately and do not need to wait 7 to 15 days for your Alerpay or/and e-gold funded. Or, you are burned out by many others and would like to try out before you buy anything. You have absolutely no obligation. "

So those of you who don't believe that I've made several hundred dollars here since the re-launch on the 26th ...
Try it Out for Free with a Trial Position!
Then once you see the potential to earn some very easy money, you'll get on board with the rest of us and will be laughing all the way to the bank :))

More Good News!
Admin for both 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay is working on setting up STP as a payment processor. Do you guys realize this will create Another explosion of members buying positions when this is announced? Makes me tingle just to think about it :))


Blondie having a Think Drink:

You know what I can't figure out?
Why someone would join a program (like these 2 above) and then just sit there and watch.
Even when a 'trial position' is handed to them for free on a silver platter.
Does that make sense to you?
I have so many free members in both these programs that I'm just sitting here scratching my head.
No ... I'm not thinking about getting ref. comm's.
I'm thinking about how much fun they could having if they would either purchase a spot or take the trial spot.
Aww heck. I dunno. Maybe I just think too much.
Or maybe I just like to see others doing well also?
Kinda like the song ...
"When you're smiling, when you're smiling ... the whole world smiles with You"


Okie dokie then ... Just checked my BPP and FPP accounts. They're both doing quite well. FPP a little better but it's High Risk. BPP is getting better from a recent slump. They both take Liberty Reserve and SolidTrust Pay. I've actually made a few bucks in both of these now.


I'm back home. I did not freeze to death.
Even shoveled some snow in my back yard so that I could walk out to feed the birds without being knee deep in it. They appreciate me too.

Ok, I need to go and warm up now. See you tomorrow :))



HermitJim said...

Good morning, Blondie...I think your skunk is frozen solid cause he ain't winking at me, either! But I forgive him with the weather being so cold there! Besides, his tail is up in the air and here in Texas that's a danger sign, so don't want to push my luck! Stay warm...


blondie said...

OMG Jim,
You're so funny!
It's great to have readers like you that are keeping an eye on me and my freezing cold skunks :D

Tail up is a warning.
They also stomp their little feet and make funny noises.
Oh and they 'body check' each other too for their food. (kinda like in ice hockey when the Red Wings play the Avalanche)
It's interesting to watch them, from behind the patio door that is!

You stay warm,